Posted by: Dr Churchill | July 30, 2017

A Nuclear Pearl Harbor 75 years in the making…

It is standard and accepted military and diplomatic doctrine that in a war, nuclear powers with small arsenals, like North Korea, would feel strong pressure to fire quickly their missiles against American, Japanese, and South Korean targets — well before their weapons arsenals and nuclear installations are bombed and destroyed thus denying them the capability of causing any damage to their enemies. They reckon that they will do this, even if they believe that they will lose the war.  This is their inevitable course of action and the Damoclean sword upon our collective heads, because the North Korean leaders are acting this way, fully knowing, that they would invite catastrophic retaliatory strikes against themselves, and against their own people and home territory…

Indeed this is a long, logical, and reasoned attitude of sane leaders — yet on the face of it — it appears fully illogical and unreasonable. However this attitude exemplifies the North Korean mindset and the leadership’s resultant false bravado of goading the world towards a confrontational nuclear exchange. Because from all the complex decisions on anyone’s decision tree of complexity theory, this one is the no brainer for North Korea. Systems analysis  will alert you that while the negative outcomes of such an approach might not be part of the North Korean strategic ambitions — the new calculus that has now been introduced through the muscular policy of President Trump. Of course this policy shift inflates this risk, to the point of an explosive chain reaction, becoming imminent in the Pacific theater of war, but you know you can’t make an omellete without breaking some eggs…

Now this thing could go either way, because according to the logic that leads countries towards the warpath, and as military theory has evolved based on the “Thucidedes Trap” we are set for a confrontation with North Korea, because at this point, either the North Koreans will self immolate, and implode by themselves under the current strain of internal economic & social pressures, due to the unsustainable policies of decades of “public misery” policies of the North — or President Donald Trump is going to “solve” the “Korea Issue” by military intervention. Of crucial importance to this, is President Trump’s and his military advisors’ deep understanding, of dealing with the Korean problem, by creating a strong Alliance of nations based on the commonality of interests that the United States, Japan, China, the EU, and even Russia, all have in common in this matter. Indeed this alliance of the willing, armed with the “understanding” of the situation, along with the resultant application of appropriate “Soft Power” can be the Archimedean lever that will shift Pyongyang to a new equilibrium, of acceptable behavior.

Of course if that fails, then we have to “solve” the North Korean problem with the long gunboats, the subs, the airplanes, and the bombs, all flying in unison with the United Nations resolutions, and the requirements for Korean disarmament that the whole World is asking for…

I choose to advocate for the former, yet the later position is more akin to Realpolitik, because soft power means have been tried, and have been found wanting. Soft Power has been found to be ineffective over the course of the last few decades. Seventy five years after the first Korean war, we are embarking on a second one. Further proof of that is the current Administration’s position that is all about impactful results and not about maintaining a rotten Status Quo that that for the past near seventy five years, has destabilized the region and impacted the world adversely, both in our sense of Safety & Security, as well as in the nightmare scenarios of nuclear Armageddon. This impasse and the inactivity surrounding this second Korean War, has been felt throughout the World, because of our tendency to sleepwalk towards a looming conflict that seems intractable and yet full of unseen, unobserved, and unintended consequences — instead of choosing Bold action and resolute movement forward in order to accomplish our strategic goal of World Peace.

The thing that is different today, is that President Donald Trump fully understands the limitations of soft power, and also that it is in the best & selfish interests of China, Japan, Russia, and of the United States, and for all the Korean people, to be re-unified under a progressive democratic and representative governing body.

That is the new Calculus from the American side, and perhaps it offers a unique opportunity to bring about the best possible outcome and the only way that Korea will be a full and unified country again, in pursuit of Peace, Prosperity, and Progress. Of course all these things can only come through Re-Unification and Reconciliation of the two warring states…

Yet, we know that we can do this, because we’ve done the before and we have seen how this movie plays out. Let us recall, that we have effected the reunification of Germany, without a single shot being fired, when the old “Gipper” Ronald Reagan started working alongside the Pope, and the Soviet Premier Mr Gorbatchev, and together managed to reunify the East German terror state, with it’s Western Democratic counterpart. That was a watershed moment, when we saw the Soviet Union as the hungry “paper tiger” that it really was, and we put fear aside and brought down the wall. Great things followed. And in quick succession, we fostered a miracle of progress and prosperity in the heart of Europe. This was soon followed by other cavalcades of success and with the total and unilateral collapse of the Soviet Union — the Cold War was effectively declared to have come to a quiet End.

So perhaps in that vein of Thought, it is for us now, to see this as a worthy pursuit, and as a goodly reasonable goal, to reunify the Korean peninsula once and for all. And, if one was to separate the signal from the noise that is currently polluting our airways — one could discern that this is exactly which way we are heading. And whether we will succeed or we will fail is entirely up to us, and dependent on swift secret action, or in telegraphed and well publicized inaction.

And if we are going that way — why not go the whole way, and advance the cause quickly before the plan gets derailed due to the famous Washington Policy drift?

Methinks, that indeed the end of Pyongyang is near, and both Beijing and Washington, along with Tokyo and Moscow, will secretly agree that this is inevitable… and will celebrate it’s resolution and the lancing of this long festering wound on the body of global peace and security.

And if anyone looks for more justification, let us remember that we do all this because of North Korea’s belligerence and intolerable Nuclear missile threats of annihilation against anyone and everyone. Indeed this is a very unstable, unpredictable, totalitarian regime, that neither Beijing, nor Washington, and for that matter, Tokyo, or Moscow, nor anyone else, would ever trust… Pyongyang has been known to cause massive and fairly dramatic mischief, and mayhem, in displays of terror great and small, and it choses to behave as an assassination regime, just so that it remains relevant. The sad thing is that North Korea has a history of assassinations, terrorist attacks, blackmail, and war initiation, that make it a very bad candidate for having nuclear weapons, and at the same time being smart enough to not be using them.

North Koreans are not the smartest lightbulbs in the pack, and while Beijing doesn’t like to admit this openly — all high level Chinese leaders fully understand and embrace this reality. They know and talk about how North Korea is the biggest Nuclear Weapons proliferation threat the world has ever known, and that it is acting like a piratical failed state, very much like the Somali land or other black holes of evil that can be found around this Angelic world of ours… Indeed Pyongyang has a long history of nuclear deal making, and nuclear proliferation, by selling nuclear technology, know-how and materiel, and by transferring nuclear facilities, fissionable material and/or know-how to other terrorist states, like Syria, Libya, Iraq, and Pakistan. This list has been augmented over time, with North Korea selling nukes to non state actors of terror, like Al-Queda, and the proxies for the ISIS Caliphate, and to the deep Muslim actors of Saudi Arabia’s Wahhabis, and the virulent Muslim Turks, amongst others over the last few years, so that these untrustworthy enemies of Humanity can be empowered and emboldened to strike at the heart of our World. This list of crimes, surely makes the case for stopping the nasty boys of Pyongyang dead in their tracks — now that they are enhanced with precision nuclear weapons, and accurate ICBM missile delivery systems. Indeed the case for solving this problem, has now become rather imminent and terrifyingly clear.

As you might recall, in recent memory, it was the Israeli air force which prevented Pyongyang from finishing the nuclear reactor it had been building for Syria in 2007, through the massive bombing that put the Assad regimes dreams of nuclear weaponry into a cratered ash heap. That was a quick and successful resolution of that crisis. We can now study this case and learn whatever we can from it as we embark on a new attack to stop this viper’s nest from infecting the World.

Further to that, we have to contend with the nasty influence that the proliferation of North Korean nuclear weapons systems sales has caused all around the World. Mainly because their belligerence has sparked a new nuclear arms race amongst second tier powers and regional potentates all around the world and especially in Asia. This de-facto arms race begun with Japan’s turn toward a stronger military doctrine, the pursuit of Nuclear weapons systems, and even offensive strike capabilities — all commencing when the first North Korean missile flights started flying over Japan in 1998. Today the installation of the United States military’s THAAD systems in South Korea and the massing of border armies by China, and Russia, along  the perceived flash points demonstrate the heightening of that Arms race.

Mind you, this is only the beginning of the arms race in the region as Pyongyang’s nuclear weapons become fully operational, and capable of reaching and destroying all of the American cities and beyond. The abacus operators of Beijing and the readers of the tea leaves in Moscow, all see this as the red line that should not be crossed, since they don’t like to be at the mercy of the little man of Pyongyang…

Screen Shot 2017-07-31 at 2.24.25 PM

Of course the deductive reasoning will tell you that war is imminent, and very much needed. All right then. Let’s sleepwalk towards bloody conflict… Yet I have to ask this: War — hell yes. But on whose terms?

Of course there are alternatives, and if the world wishes to avoid these outlandish nuclear risks, it would need to confront the troubling explanations for North Korea’s nuclear armament, instead of continuing to ignore it, because North Korea has always and consistently, proclaimed its determination to unify the homeland at any cost, and they have behaved according to this long term plan.

Yet although re-unification is not the stated position of South Korea, who has achieved an economic miracle with help from the U.S. and the free economy system they have invited into their country — it is doubtful that any Korean would not want to see their country whole all over again. And although the logic behind the idea of reunification seems to be highly implacable, far away, and certainly patriotic, if not entirely selfish and self serving — it is still a bridge too far for most Koreans and international analysts to even fathom.

Yet, to me this is just what the good Doctor ordered. Because indeed reunification, in anyone’s terms, would be the only long-term solution to the Korean peninsula’s chronic and present security problems.

And although South Korea’s overwhelming prosperity and economic development, in stark contrast with the North — leaves Pyongyang with little reason to exist as a separate state, the militarized North feels certain that their nuclear arsenal will cause the South to capitulate to their wishes and unify lest it faced a nuclear Armageddon and complete loss of people and homeland. Indeed, this threat, not only legitimizes the strong solutions to the crisis, because it poses an existential danger for the whole Korea, just as real as the Nuclear Exchange with the United States might involve other Nuclear military powers in the region and indeed the World as a whole…

Screen Shot 2017-07-30 at 12.48.18 PM

Yet instead of addressing this economic disparity and striving to bridge the gap between the two Koreas — the North Korean leaders appear to have concluded that unification would not be possible because of a military disparity, and not because of an economic one.

In that skewed calculus the North Koreans have asserted that as long as the US and NATO troops remained in the South Korean peninsula — there will be no cause to join the two countries. This faulty assessment has lead them to develop nuclear weapons that could be used to force an American exit from the peninsula and the capitulation of the South, in a scenario seen by many as another replay of an earlier war in SE Asia, where North Vietnam overtook the South and unified the country.

Yet to the United States military, and to the serious Intelligence and Diplomacy analysts, these Security assessments are anathema, because the Korean war started well before the Vietnam war ever did, and then it ended and turned cold in 1953. The Korean War lasted from June 25, 1950 – July 27, 1953, whereas the Vietnam War went from November 1, 1955 – April 30, 1975.

This is the truth and history itself will tell us, that it will not be repeated ever again in exactly the same way.

But also because in all reality of historical proportions and serious long term study, we ought to admit that the Korean conflict has all the elements of an East Germany versus West Germany warring states situation. And if we are honest with history and ourselves, such North Korean goals of reunification might sound ridiculous to American ears and seen as outlandish to American eyes — they are still what North Korean dreams are made of.

Screen Shot 2017-07-31 at 2.20.58 PM

And it is here that the disinterested international observer could see this, as part of the Vietnamese unification model that has worked well before, in both Vietnam, and even Germany, and before that in China too.

After all, it is the basic long term, versus the short term, results sequence that divides the thinking between the Oriental historical victory model and the bi-annual orientated American electoral cycles of voter persuasion, and victory in the polls.

To see and understand this experience in depth, we also need to look at how the United States has now recognized the whole of Vietnam as an ally, whereas we had fought a bloody and long lasting war against them a few years earlier. And indeed, since we first started advising, training, and then stationing troops in the South, as the South Vietnamese government faltered between authoritarian extremism, and religious intolerance, coupled with the United States’ tacit approval and support of the South Vietnam’s veneer of anti-communism.

Of course that relationship flip-floped until 1975, when the United States finally withdrew by evacuating their Saigon embassy, as the last stronghold in Vietnam in April of 1975, when the North Vietnamese overrun the whole country and thus allowed the victorious communists to unify their country.

This event precipitated the thawing of relations with China and resulted in the renewed ties with Beijing and the economic alliance that created the Chinese market economy, and the industrial miracle of growth that followed for the next thirty plus years, after Nixon’s oriental bamboo curtain opening, led to establishing great relations with mainland China and relegating the relationship with Taiwan to a clutch…

Now, it is North Korea that may hope to use a similar “play” in order to drive the United States away from South Korea, hoping that the strategic break would be drastic as the only way to escape the current escalation towards war.

This might be a smart move on behalf of America’s long term strategic interests as a chess move that seems to fulfill North Korean goals today, through an official United States policy of Neutrality towards the Korean peninsula adversaries — but in reality as the case of Vietnam proves, it is a useful public good for the United States.

Because Peace is just that.

Peace is the highest form of Public Good there is…

Screen Shot 2017-07-30 at 9.22.15 AM

In a similar vein, the One China policy is Beijing’s stated goal of reunification with Taiwan, but this will not happen for many decades, if ever, but few doubt its sincerity, especially after the Hong Kong territory’s handover by the British, and the respect of One Country – Two Systems approach that manages a certain degree of HK independence and democracy.

In that strategic context, North Korea may similarly see reunification prospects as remote and generations away, but still as the essential historical driver for the country’s future.

However the biggest wrinkle in this map of inevitable historical progress of the ultimate re-unification of the Korean peninsula stands the North Korean Nuclear & Missile belligerence. It is the development of this nuclear technology and the nuclear bomb ICBM missile technology developments that cause global instability. Ultimately it is all up to Pyongyang, through it’s evident Nuclear Proliferation Risks, and the potential for a catastrophic nuclear exchange, if not a full blown nuclear war, that will make parts of the Korean peninsula uninhabitable for thousands of years to come if war comes tomorrow… Or not…

That consequential risk is maximized by Korea’s belligerent nuclear diplomacy which offers only one outcome, perceived in two parts interlocked and seen as a solution by every independent minded and fairly lucid historical observer:

First is the certain outcome that North Korea’s nuclear diplomacy strategy is destined to fail, and Pyongyang will get stricken and her nuclear arsenal fairly well destroyed, along with all of her ICBM capabilities.

Sadly the inevitable second outcome is already in motion, since the leadership of this militarized communist country, is definitely trying to cause a global nuclear Armageddon and thus will be seen as inviting and causing, this “hell-on-earth destruction” full of “Fire and Brimstone” raining upon their own country and upon the heads of their own people and their children.

They will soon come to learn that nuclear destruction is indiscriminate and one should not trifle with because it does not separate combatants from Non-combatants in any reasonable or safe way.

Screen Shot 2017-07-31 at 2.22.51 PM

Yet the irrationality of the North Korean leadership will persist in this doomsday path, because the convincing rationality of their path when compared to the Vietnam and even to the China scenario — seems quite plausible for their simplest oriental calculus of Statesmanship.

The Korean nuclear destruction is inevitable, because nuclear threats rarely succeed in extracting concessions from more powerful and better equipped nuclear adversaries, since nuclear threats are simply not believable when they are coming from the weaker man-at-war.

And when the belligerent combatants belly up to the bar, to drink in the blood of the others and to scuffle — the consequences of using nuclear weapons are still perceived as being far too great, in order to be a credible deterrent for a fistfight. And as a result of that simple analysis — we all know that nuclear equipped states are far less likely to successfully coerce a nuclear adversary towards a desired outcome.

It has been a strong deterrent during the cold war years as we saw that the non-nuclear adversaries credibly threatened war, and even engaged in vicious, bloody, and hugely killing wars — yet of a limited and of a controlled magnitude, such as the war between United States and Vietnam, or between Iran and Iraq, and so many others in our experience of the interwar years that we call the years of Peace during the Cold War Era.

But Korea is different, because nuclear weapons have already heightened the risk to both sides, and the first strike advantage here is magnificent, and in this scenario the victory will be total and the opposite of North Korea’s goal in their pursuit of intelligent policy design.

Of course in children’s literature, in North Korean propaganda, and in simplistic political conversations of snowflakes, Dennis Rodman’s friend Mr Kim Jong Un, has greatly enhanced his ability to deter the United States from invading.

And he might very well believe that, but in our estimation — he has instead just accomplished his own regime change, by inviting the proverbial “Wrath of God” to rain upon his head.

Well Done little man — well done…

But now the ball is n our own field and we have to decide what to do next.

Will we be bold or will we be gone?

That is the question that President Trump has to answer.

Screen Shot 2017-07-17 at 9.57.13 AM

Not only has the  North Korean military communist regime overestimated its chances, but it will also find out that new nuclear weapons are causing other to be far more prone to aggression towards the claimant that threatens the peace, because regardless of whether nuclear weapons actually work for extracting concessions, “new nuclear states appear to believe they do, at least for some period of time, and act accordingly.”

This may pose the gravest risk to both the United States and North Korea itself.

So, in conclusion, should Mr Kim of Pyongyang, miscalculate the resolute nature of the United Nations, of President Trump, and of his Administration — and instead opt to continue with his nuclear threats, and missile development, there is a terrible and credible price to pay. And that is followed by the major chance that he will blunder into a war of his own choosing, and will set in motion the sequence for his own doomsday scenario, because today the North Korean ICBM missile tests, have proven that Korean nuclear tipped long range missiles, have placed all of the US mainland and it’s major cities and population centers, within range of a nuclear strike by the North Korean evil doers. Prior to this test, the North’s nuclear-capable missiles were estimated at having a range of at least 9,500 kilometers (5,900 miles) — potentially putting Los Angeles within reach, but today we know that all of us are at risk of extermination and extinction as a nation…

And now just a day after North Korea tested a ballistic missile that it claims can reach all of the United States, US President Donald Trump ripped China for not reining in Kim Jong Un and his missile program. “I am very disappointed in China cause they do NOTHING for us with North Korea, just talk. We will no longer allow this to continue. China could easily solve this problem!”

North Korea’s test Friday of an intercontinental ballistic missile was its second of the long-range weapon in a month. The first on July 4 showed the missile had the range to reach Alaska.

Friday’s test was designed to show the Hwasong-14 missile’s maximum range with a “large-sized heavy nuclear warhead,” a statement from Pyongyang’s Korean Central News Agency said. It said Washington should regard the launch as a “grave warning.” “The whole US mainland” is now within North Korea’s reach, KCNA quoted Kim as saying. The North Korean leader called Pyongyang’s weapons program “a precious asset” that cannot be reversed or replaced, according to the agency.

On Sunday, North Korea said it will “respond with firm action” if the US continues to pursue sanctions against it, according to KCNA, quoting a foreign ministry spokesman. “The US needs to stop with its delusion of trying to harm us, by clearly understanding the strategic status of the DPRK which soared up as the world’s nuclear and missile power, and our military and peoples’ strong will to revenge our enemies to destruction,” the spokesman said.
“If the US continues to frantically cling on to the so-called ‘strong sanctions’ and military adventures against us, we will respond with firm action of justice that we had already made clear,” the spokesman added.

Screen Shot 2017-07-31 at 2.25.38 PM

Weapons experts say if Friday’s missile had been fired on a flatter, standard trajectory, it would have threatened major US cities. Los Angeles, Denver and Chicago would all be well within its range, with the possible ability to reach as far as New York and Boston, according to David Wright, a missile expert at the Union of Concerned Scientists.
US slams North Korea missile test as Kim claims ‘whole US mainland’ in reach

US slams North Korea missile test as Kim claims ‘whole US mainland’ in reach
However, early analysis of Friday’s test cannot determine how heavy a payload the missile was carrying in its warhead, Wright said. The heavier the payload, the shorter the range.

But if North Korea’s assertions about Friday’s test are true, Pyongyang may be even more advanced in its missile program than previously thought.
Earlier in the week, a US official told CNN the United States believed that North Korea would be able to launch a reliable nuclear-capable intercontinental ballistic missile by early 2018.

The official said that while North Korea can currently get a missile “off the ground,” a lot of undetermined variables remain about guidance, re-entry and the ability to hit a specific target.

It appears that China has been saying in a subtle and none to forceful way to North Korea to stop escalating the tension with the United States and the world, but to no avail.
Although China is the puppet master and the longtime North Korean ally, and has issued a statement Saturday condemning the missile launch, and asking Pyongyang to “stop taking actions that would escalate tensions” on the Korean Peninsula — the fact remains that China seems to derive a perceived benefit from North Korean actions against the U.S.

China and the US agree that North Korea is a terrorist state and a terribly militaristic war monger — they both have a detached attitude towards this anachronistic political system, although they signal that it needs to reform itself. Of course that will not happen without outside interference, as China’s state-run media and speeches by China’s leaders since 1994 (when Kim Il-sung died) make this very clear. The recent assassination of Kim Jong-nam, eldest son of erstwhile leader Kim Jong-il, and elder brother of Kim Jong-un, using a banned chemical weapon of mass destruction, inside a major international airport — just goes to show how dangerous and capricious the Pyongyang regime is.

Indeed both Beijing and Washington understand how dangerous a war on the Korean Peninsula would be, especially for the South’s capital city Seoul, given it’s dangerously close proximity to the DMZ of the North Korean border, and both desire to address North Korea’s provocations without resorting to war, but time is limited…

A reasonable observer would have already concluded then that this is China’s turn to get the chestnuts out of the fire. It is further obvious that if the Chinese leaders are unwilling to throw Mr Kim under the bus, then why can’t China and the United States simply cooperate and  rein in North Korea?

There are two main reasons for this. First, China and the US have different interests in and understandings of the problems North Korea poses. The countries differ over the extent to which China has influence over North Korea. US leaders often return to the mantra of getting China to ‘rein in its unruly neighbor.’ And while it is true that China could always do more, it has already done a lot over the years, from blocking oil sales, to lining the China-DPRK border with People’s Liberation Army troops, to, most recently, banning the import of North Korean coal to China for the rest of 2017.

Also China feels it has to be careful with Pyongyang, because they see North Korea as a potential torrent of refugees should the North Korea becomes a failed state and a bombed out nuclear dystopia. In that eventuality, what if North Korean refugees stream across the border with China? This is something the Chinese leaders fear greatly, but more importantly, the danger of a collapsed North Korea is much more dangerous for China than the US, because Beijing fears the US encroachment on it’s borders and that they would cheer such an eventuality. Beijing fears gravelly also the possibility of nuclear fallout form the inevitable nuclear theater war and loose nukes that might be lost or displaced near it’s borders. And even more important is the danger of nuclear missile proliferation from North Korea, which is much more dangerous and real for the U.S. than for China, given the global of the United States footprint and the ongoing US war on terror, and it’s responsibility for maintaining safety and stability for all the nations of this Earth.

Now, methinks, that both China and Korea are in error, and are sadly mistaken, in that they are building their own path to destruction, through their own foolish actions — and indeed, they are certainly digging their own grave…

With North Korea imminently being lost to China as a client state, and a puppet to play against America, China also loses it’s last opportunity to remain relevant in the North Korean peninsula. This is another wrong turn for them, since many in China fear that a resolution on the North Korean conundrum, and the reunification of Korea would simply be an invitation for US troops to remain present throughout Korea, rather than staying below the 38th parallel that they have chosen to see as their Rubicon since 1953. Lastly, China and the US have different priorities vis-a-vis North Korea, because once again, regime collapse in Pyongyang is high on the list of China’s fears but exactly the opposite on the US list. Indeed the US prefers that the Kim regime is finished once and for all. Still, while the United States greatest fear is North Korean nuclear proliferation, nuclear blackmail, and nuclear or conventional war which would include the destruction of Seoul or strikes on the US mainland – it is now this “Casus Belli” that also gives joy to the planners since the road ahead to destroy WMDs is now opened up wide and welcoming…

Mainly because now that Pyongyang latest attack ICBM missile test offers a strong “Casus Belli” not only to the United States and NATO, but also to the World community in order to act along with the United Nations — to stem the unilateral naked aggression of North Korea’s weapons of mass destruction their Nuclear weapons represent. This “Casus Belli” will surely legitimize all actions against North Korea, and above all else the need to effect rapid change, and to certainly institute regime change, and bring about the desired unification via muscular gunboat diplomacy, that President Trump favors.

This scenario of regime change in Pyongyang, of course will happen after a serious drubbing with theater nuclear weapons, that will destroy all North Korean nuclear and missile technology capabilities, and assuage the World that no more North Korean nukes are available to terrorist states, or not state actors.

That is the goal of this whole exercise, and if achieved — we can all assure that our children will not have to live in underground shelters, or sewers, and worse….

A welcome outcome any day of the week.

Screen Shot 2017-07-31 at 3.27.17 PM

And of course, all that can be avoided…

So my question to my Chinese leadership friends and to their North Korean equivalents is this:

“Do You remember Hiroshima and Nagasaki?”

Do you have any doubt that this is how this thing is going to play out if the North Korean militarism and naked aggression against the world goes unchecked?

And lastly: Do you think there is time now to do something about it?

Screen Shot 2017-07-31 at 3.30.17 PM

This is the outcome of rational choices made of militarized combatants disregarding complexity theory choices.

And indeed this scenario will be replayed, and we shall see Hiroshima & Nagasaki redux, and the world will finally relax after all this tension like when the festering wound is lanced and the puss runs out along with the infection.

Then were can all sigh a breath of relief, once it’s done, and it’s over.

Because only then we can truly help Korea reunify again into a normal country, with progressive economic and political aims.

And we can get on the job of helping the Korean people towards providing prosperity to all of it’s citizens, and to the whole of it’s territory, and population with an eye towards equality of opportunity for all, and a peaceful future of this much maligned country.

Screen Shot 2017-07-31 at 3.28.33 PM

That’s the breath of fresh air we are all waiting for, when the Korean question gets settled and we can get back to business of helping the Korean people rebuild their country, like we did with Japan after their own militaristic zeal expired in a hail of fire and brimstone from the sky….

Mark my words, this is what’s going to happen, because in addition to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation clause, the United Nations Security Council, has clear regulations against North Korea’s launch activities that use ballistic missile technologies, and how to use force if ned be in order to stop them.

Screen Shot 2017-07-31 at 3.28.46 PM

And because China is supposedly opposed to North Korea’s launch activities that are in direct violation of UN Security Council resolutions and against the will of the international community, as Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang said — they will not be able to stop war resolutions against their errant yet as of now nuclear weapons enabled puppet state that threatens the whole world with a nuclear conflagration.

Screen Shot 2017-07-31 at 3.29.31 PM

Indeed life will resume in North Korea after the resolution of this crisis and like the great cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, we will rebuild and restore humanity to it’s rightful place of Free Will and Sanity.

And let’s all of us pray for a positive resolution to this, so that Peace can be restored fully.

I am of course keeping in mind now, that the U.S. President Donald Trump has appointed a Marine General to be his Chief of Staff, and we’ll soon be able to see what that means for the relationship of the United States with North Korea and indeed what it might mean for the rest of us…

To make this clear and relevant to you — you must understand that just as the United States would not allow the sale of a gun to a person with a mental illness, or a felon, or even a person with history of criminality and aggressive compulsive behavior towards others, the international community has agreed that the North Korean regime cannot be trusted with Nuclear Weapons of Mass Destruction. Most importantly, China and the United States both agree that the North Korean regime cannot be trusted with any kind of Nuclear Weapons, so it’s time for the two of them, to put aside their fears, their uncertainties, and their doubts, that magnify their differences, and work together on the Korean nuclear issue, that has become the most intractable problem in international affairs, We need them to do this and solve the problem, once and for all, for their own good, for the good of the people of this much troubled region, and ultimately for the good of all the people across the Globe.

That is my wish… and if I had pixie dust, and could align the Stars the right way — I would have gotten President Trump and President Xi Ji Ping to agree to take care of the problem jointly…

However for now, my belief is that we ought to remain attentive to the realities of an incoming thermonuclear episode in the Korean peninsula, that will alter the political and economic landscape of this particular region for the better, and all the contiguous nations will fall in line with the prospects of this development towards Peace and Prosperity with a unified Korea in their midst, without nuclear weapons, and without safety or security challenges of any kind, to challenge their wellbeing for the foreseeable future…


Screen Shot 2017-07-18 at 6.51.40 PM


Dr Churchill


For further privileged, insightful, and unique knowledge and depth on this subject-matter, please see below the talk of Dr Churchill given on the anniversary of Pearl Harbor in the Pacific Club, in Pearl Harbor, for the benefit of the leadership members of the Pacific Command, the Pacific Fleet, and the Pacific Forum CSIS – Center for Strategic & International Studies.

Here is the distinguished lecture by Dr Churchill on Youtube, in it’s condensed and edited form, for the purposes of privacy of the high impact participants and for reasons of not revealing state secrets, and brevity:



And here is the Q&A part of the lecture, similarly edited so that the faces of all the distinguished and powerful participants, military or civilian are obscured:


Feel Free to give me your thoughts….

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