Posted by: Dr Churchill | August 22, 2017

Today’s Cultural Revolution…

Today I want to coin the term CULTURAL REVOLUTION for the rebellion and the culture wars that defile America’s heritage and bespoil our Union.

And this cultural revolution, has been started by the losers of the Oligarchy, seeing their electoral peon failing the rigged elections, and instead of their receiving the White House they found out that they had won the Outhouse.

So they decided to go on the rearguard offensive and are now orchestrating their shock troops violence through their blackguards, the well paid Antifa demonstrators, and through their Mass Media that is controlled by five Corporations and there major banks that are all controlled by the same corrupt and slave owning elite that owns Hillary Clinton, same as they own the plantation policies of the Obama-DNC devil’s triangle. This is all verbatim, according to the very words voiced by the current President in private….

And indeed President Donald Trump fully understand this Cultural Revolution and it’s instigators, same as he understands the fact that the defining characteristic of his Presidency, would be to win this Culture War, because since he is an outsiders and a rather unlikely President, he can also be the unlikely Savior of our Republic, because he is not beholden to the lobbyists or to the star money crowd, and he is also the most unlikely cultural warrior hero — the people Love and trust.

So the Left, the DNC, and the corrupt denizens of the Hill both the GOP & the Dems, besides throwing American politics into a tumultuous Cultural Revolution, they have polluted our Public Mind, and have poisoned the well of our Political discourse. Indeed it is not just the Left and the corrupt election rigging Hillary-Obama-DNC mafia, that is responsible for this mess, but also the RNC and the GOP members that have for too long enjoyed the benefits of the palatine Hill. Mark my words: This will not end well, because there is bloody conflict in the near future, and although we all see it — nobody bothers to make a move to stop it — even though it pits one brother against another and threatens to tear apart the fabric of our Union.

Thoma Jefferson once said rather prophetically: “I know not who are those that cause tears in our Union, but I do know what they aim to achieve…”

Thankfully, U.S. President Donald Trump, also knows, and has now reoriented & reinvigorated the unapologetic strength of the American culture, with his unbidden and unheralded arrival into the scene. Lucky for us — he has firmly taken the reins of this cultural revolution and turned it on it’s head. Indeed he has turned the whole thing around. So much so that he appears to be doing all that an Alpha male leader of the pack, is expected to do, when he assumes control and responsibility of the Leadership of a pack of bathing Apes, and Humanoids, seeking safety, shelter and simple kindness in the storm of emotions that swirl around the field of honor the modern elections represent. Indeed President Trump has declared that he will spare no effort, in order to defeat the deluded Democrats and the Left’s blackguards, that are acting like the masked men of ISIS marauding deep inside the United States we call home, and destroying our Cultural Heritage like those crazed men demolishing and breaking up the ancient statues bearing proof of Babylonian civilization as they are found destroyed inside the museums of Mosul in Iraq, and Raqqa in Syria.

Indeed President Trump has wrenched the cultural revolution away from its decades-long focus on issues related to religion, race, and sexual morality, and has instead created another axis around populism, nationalism, and cultural awareness — that the people of “Middle America” are all ready to fight for and even die for, in order to preserve.

So today, the issues involved in this new culture war – anti-elitism, political correctness, immigration, national sovereignty, multiculturalism – are every bit as charged as the ones that animated the old one. They involve the symbolically and emotionally fraught questions of how we should live, and who we are as a people.

Other advanced countries don’t have culture wars and cultural revolutions, going on right now. Or at least they don’t have anything quite like what it takes place in the United States today. Because these frequent and “shaking things up” Cultural Revolutions, resemble the particularly American music genre of “Chicken Scratch” and are truly something that distinguishes our Democracy as one that is still alive and kicking, and in constant need of nourishing with fresh patriot’s as well as tyrant’s blood. So this cultural revolution fight that has raged here since the 1970s, over such diverse issues as abortion, school prayer, traditional sexual mores, gay rights, religious displays on public property, pornography, graphic content in television shows and movies and school curriculums — will surely go on for a long time. And we have got to win this battle, because the combatants are starkly representative of the Darkness VS the Light. Roughly speaking, the oligarchical rich & secular elites, on the one hand, and on the other, the middle and largely forgotten Americans, and their underrepresented American heartland as is found everywhere across this great land — once you scratch away the superficial surface veneer polish…

Guess who is going to win? .

Perhaps the other high point for the Conservatives of the Right, winning the cultural wars of the day, aside from the election of Donald Trump — came in 2004 when George W. Bush, touting his support for a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage, won re-election on the strength of his support among evangelical Christians. Worried Democrats wondered how they could make inroads among these “values voters”. They haven’t had to worry since. Barack Obama’s election in 2008 heralded a new day.

If the old cultural revolutionary war wasn’t quite lost for the right, it was slipping away. Traditional marriage continued to decline, the entertainment culture got more coarse and old-fashioned sexual morality became the stuff of mockery. The rout on gay marriage has been so complete, with the supreme court making gay marriage legal throughout the land, that the left has moved on to the new cause of transgender rights.Because back in the day, the assorted fatalistic and corrupt Democrats, felt it necessary to play defence on social issues. No more. In an act that would have been unimaginable just a few years prior, the Obama administration got embroiled in litigation with an order of nuns – yes, nuns – on the question of whether they should have to technically abide by a federal contraception mandate or not.

In this context, Donald Trump is extremely ill suited as a culture warrior. The cliched charge against conservatives was always that they wanted “to impose their morality” on everyone else. A proxy battle of epic cultural proportions kicked off at the National Press Club on Tuesday with themes that will no doubt echo throughout official Washington over the next eight years, because there’s a new culture war in this revolution taking place in everytown USA and in every home seeking to render hostage the hearts and the minds of the American people. And as the one side says in overly dramatic tones that the other side embodies racism, sexism, and xenophobia of such potency that our democracy is in jeopardy, the other side fires back, that the serious political correctness, more than any of those other deplorable “-isms” endangers American lives and the livelihood of the Nation itself.

And this will be the central tension over the next eight years of the Trump Presidency and for the next century to boot.

At issue are the basic questions of what kind of “Rights” the Constitution protects and what it means to be an American, living at LIBERTY, in the home of the FREE, and in the land of the BRAVE.

And on top of that, one of the groups—which could have substantial influence on the Trump administration—argues the other should lose its tax-exempt status. If Donald Trump’s IRS commissioner takes on this task, then the ideological cold war could get hot, fast. Because it’s obvious to anyone with a pulse, that elected politicians in the Republican and Democratic parties will be at each others’ jugulars as Trump unrolls his agenda. But some of the most consequential fights will happen off the Hill, between groups vying to dominate media narratives and shape how Americans see their country.
In the First Amendment Room was Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), an organization that for decades has pushed for less legal immigration and tougher enforcement of existing immigration laws. Still, around the corner, and just a few hours earlier, in the 4th Estate Room of the Conference Hall, there was a press conference hosted by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), which documents groups and individuals, it believes are covertly pushing extremist agendas antithetical to civil rights and it also levies law suits against them at will…

The two groups are personified by these two diverse and conflicting ideologies, as the very people who are seen as fighting the Cultural Revolution of American today, and are skirmishing in a simulacrum of everyday life, within few feet of each other, and within the same building. They fought with words and threats, but during those hours the opposing group talks, both the FAIR group people and the SPLC group people might as well have been speaking and describing two different realities in existence in two different planets.

Starting at 9:30 AM, the SPLC rolled out a report titled: “Ten Days After: Harassment and Intimidation in the Aftermath of the Election”. Trump’s election, they argued, has emboldened violent racists and weaponized their prejudices, resulting in 867 of what they call “hate incidents.” A few hours after the SPLC event ended, FAIR President Dan Stein kicked off a talk on immigration—also to a full house. But while the SPLC argued Trump’s election meant immigrants are in danger, Stein suggested the president-elect may be too soft on them. The next administration, Stein’s report said, needs to secure the border to the north as well as the south. It needs to eliminate birthright citizenship (which, it said, is “based on a misinterpretation of the 14th Amendment” and is a “magnet for illegal immigration”). And it needs to direct Immigrations and Customs Enforcement to hold surprise inspections of worksites that might employ undocumented immigrants.
But these groups don’t just disagree on ideology and policy; to the extent that a fight between organizations can be personal, theirs is. The SPLC puts FAIR on its list of extremist groups, right up there with the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, and Stormfront, pointing to the population-control and racist inclinations of FAIR.
The SPLC has long faced criticism from the right for using what many argue is an overly expansive definition of extremism. For instance, Maajid Nawaz, a Muslim who writes about the dangers of radicalism, recently made the group’s list of Anti-Muslim Extremists, in a move that generated substantial backlash from all liberal groups and conservatives alike.
But FAIR has gone further than just criticizing the SPLC, becuase the group announced that it plans to push the IRS to revoke the opposing group’s SPLC tax-exempt status claiming that the: “The SPLC continues to state that FAIR has ties to people it has no ties to, is interested in things it’s not interested in, and is working for ends it’s not working toward,” said Stein in a statement released Nov. 23: “For a huge range of reasons, the SPLC deserves to lose its tax status as a 501(c)(3) operation,” he added, promising to list a 100-page complaint arguing the group is “a campaign operation for one political party and nothing more.”

The SPLC, of course, disputes that by saying that: “FAIR is threatening to file a complaint against us with the IRS for one reason and one reason alone—it’s upset that we’ve exposed it for the hate group that it is, and it wants to silence us.”

Under normal circumstances, threats to complain to the IRS about a despised group wouldn’t be particularly newsy. But FAIR has allies in the highest ranks of Trump’s incoming administration, particularly Attorney General nominee Jeff Sessions, who is a fixture at the group’s annual “Hold Their Feet to the Fire” talk-radio event. (For what it’s worth, the SPLC also dubs Sessions a “champion of anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant extremists.” And Trump himself has cited FAIR’s research to defend his calls for more deportations. The group is likely to hold significant sway in the Trump White House.
So the dispute between FAIR and the SPLC is a proxy fight between Trump’s most hardline supporters and most dogged dissenters. It’s a fight that will play out in countless ways over the next four to eight years.

Indeed here is the tail wagging the dog, but still we might need to clearly state that President Donald Trump is not threatening to impose his morality on anyone else, because he doesn’t have any reason to impose such a Cultural Prison shackles on people and mentally enslave them s the Left always has done and seeks to do today by imposing Political Correctness standards of Speech, Actions, and Thought. The Thought crimes Police of the Left and that intellectual corruption of the Democratic party has been working hard  and been going strong, since the time that the Democratic party was running the Plantation Slavery platform for the Confederacy and it continues the Orwellian brainwashing, the doublespeak, the groupthink, and the thought-tcontrol operation of it’s origin amongst Southern the plantation owners, to this day. Indeed the Southern Poverty Law Center has its root sin the Ku Klux Clan and by always observing their enemy, they have become just like them today.

Five or 10 years ago, a Republican could have been forgiven for thinking that if Donald Trump jumped into the culture war, it would be on the other side. But Trump has changed the terms of the nation’s cultural contention and is right on spot with Middle America as the defender of the forgotten men and women that make America Great Again each and every day, through the sweat of their brow, through their toil, through their blood, and through their tears.

Trump accepts them and they accept him in return. But they go a step further and they Love and Adore him as their Hero. And if the gay marriage proponents have a hissy fit, and if their socialist friends and the BLM jerks and the Antifa fascists have no interest to discuss American values — let them get lost in wading the shallow waters of hate and racism, and let them get lost in fighting over what bathrooms transgender people should use. Because this President don’t give a hoot about bathrooms and related building and human plumbing operations.

And rightly so…

On the other hand, Trump cares for what truly matters. Human Life. Indeed he has been steadfastly anti-abortion, a function of coalition politics for him and he knows that he never would have won the Republican presidential nomination if he had remained pro-choice and he also clearly remembers, that the evangelical Christians were a key Trump voting bloc in the general election.

Trump is of course vested in different battles, but he fights mainly against the swamp of DC politicos, against the Oligarchy, against Corruption, and against a Mass Media owned establishment and a north-eastern banking-wanking elite, that he considers overly insulated and self-interested and due to be taken down a notch. Especially in their PC double speak and in their wanting to own America outright and let the rest of the Americans be relegated to Serfdom and Slavery like in the Good Old Days when the Democratic party owned the country through the power of the Slave Holders and their Plantation Politics…

And that is why Donald Trump is a hero to all true patriotic Americans, and to the forgotten Middle America, because all during his campaign, he inveighed against political correctness, whose enforcers on college campuses and in the elite culture have had the upper hand in establishing the agreed-upon rules for public speech. They had the power to make transgressors against their rules grovel, cry and apologise. To deny them their jobs. To make them worry about telling the wrong joke or posting an impermissible thought on Twitter. To scare people away from Free Speech, and to violently attack and destroy all those that dare to have ideas that were ever so slightly different than the Stalinist main line doctrine of the Democratic party…

This shit-faced politics of intimidation came to an end the day Trump won the election, and the Obamas moved out of the White House, amid a suddenly erupting racial violence that we now know, was orchestrated by DNC and the Clinton/Soros paid protest mafia, after ringing the election ad still losing it. Indeed the Democrats, being the sore losers of this Election of 2016 — decided to burn down the country proving who they truly are. This time around the Democrats proved to be both un-american and un-patriotic. And today, we still suffer the violent attacks against out Right to Free Speech, as yours truly can testify here:

We still have a lot of fighting t do, because despite the Democrats themselves rigging the Election and violating almost every rule set down by political correctness – they lost. And they are now claiming the higher ground by daring you to believe that they represent a step toward the People’s Power, towards Social Justice, and towards the Citizen equity that the disempowerment of the Elites represents, as they dreamily dare to say with an open face to the believing this shite, disenfranchised, powerless, pot smoking and all believing young millennial, and the silly paid snowflakes that show up as protesters that listen to the DNC’s silly sallying, and allow the brainwashing harpies of the Mainstream Media like the CNN and the other major Fake News outlets, to occupy, brainwash, destroy, and pollute their feeble minds.

Few are waking up from the marijuana induced slumber and start to understand the ongoing war of the Liberty brigades and of the President Donald Trump against the major mass media, as a war of Civilization that has to be seen through the same prism, as a tug of war for cultural power against the angry and very powerful establishment. It is not unusual for Republican presidents to disdain, and complain about, the media, but the ferocity of President Donald Trump’s daily fight with the press is far different than what we have ever seen before, because the stakes are far higher.

Indeed this Cultural Revolution is a far more tribal and raw cultural clash than even President Trump and his team were expecting. But he is the Chief and a Fighter and as a warrior hero, he welcomes conflict and and intends to win this war same as all other wars he has engaged into in the past. Indeed we’ll get tired of winning all these wars as he often says.

Trump’s nationalism is another front in this war. A nation isn’t just a collection of people. It is a cultural expression – it has founding fathers, patriotic rituals and symbols, inspiring legends, traditional poetry and songs, a historical memory, military heroes and cemeteries.

In the United States, what the late political scientist Samuel Huntington called a “denationalised” elite has undermined these patriotic pillars. This elite has worked to submerge American sovereignty in multilateral institutions and treaties and undermine its national identity through multiculturalism and mass immigration.

President Trump’s unapologetic nationalism is a slap in the face to those political and business leaders who thought we were living in a “borderless” world. It is no accident that in his first week, Trump authorised the building of his famous border wall, an emphatic statement of American sovereignty, and prepared the way to begin enforcing the nation’s immigration laws more vigorously again.

Immigration is so central to Trump because it involves the foundational questions of whether American citizens get to decide who comes here to live or not and whether the interests of American workers or foreign workers should be paramount.

The cultural revolution war or cultural conflict in the United States, refers to the conflict between traditionalist or conservative values and progressive or liberal values. Beginning in the 1990s, culture wars have influenced the debate over public school history and science curricula in the United States, along with many other issues.

The expression culture war entered the vocabulary of United States politics with the publication of Culture Wars: The Struggle to Define America by James Davison Hunter in 1991. Hunter perceived a dramatic realignment and polarization that had transformed United States politics and culture, including the issues of abortion, federal and state gun laws, global warming, immigration, separation of church and state, privacy, recreational drug use, homosexuality, and censorship.
In American usage the term culture war may imply a conflict between those values considered traditionalist or conservative and those considered progressive or liberal. It originated in the 1920s when urban and rural American values came into clear conflict. This followed several decades of immigration to the States by people who earlier European immigrants considered “alien”. It was also a result of the cultural shifts and modernizing trends of the Roaring 20s, culminating in the presidential campaign of Al Smith[4] in 1928. However, James Davison Hunter’s 1991 book Culture Wars: The Struggle to Define America redefined the “culture war” in the United States of America. Hunter traces the concept to the 1960s. The perceived focus of the American culture war and its definition have taken various forms since then, to describe the dramatic realignment and polarization that had transformed American politics and culture.

Indeed an increasing number of “hot-button” defining issues—abortion, gun politics, separation of church and state, privacy, recreational drug use, homosexuality, censorship—there existed two definable polarities. Furthermore, not only were there a number of divisive issues, but society had divided along essentially the same lines on these issues, so as to constitute two warring groups, defined primarily not by nominal religion, ethnicity, social class, or even political affiliation, but rather by ideological world-views.

This polarity as stemming from opposite impulses, toward what he referred to as Progressivism and as Orthodoxy. Others have adopted the dichotomy with varying labels. For example, Fox News commentator Bill O’Reilly emphasizes differences between “Secular-Progressives” and “Traditionalists”. In 1990, commentator Pat Buchanan mounted a campaign for the Republican nomination for President against incumbent George H. W. Bush in 1992. He received a prime-time speech-slot at the 1992 Republican National Convention, to give his speech on the culture war. He argued: “There is a religious war going on in our country for the soul of America. It is a cultural war, as critical to the kind of nation we will one day be as was the Cold War itself.”[8] In addition to criticizing environmentalists and feminism, he portrayed public morality as a defining issue: The agenda Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton would impose on America is simply a policy of abortion on demand, which represents a litmus test for the Supreme Court, homosexual rights, discrimination against religious schools, transgenders and women in combat units, and free bathrooms for all and sundry, and that represents major change, all right.

But it is not the kind of change America wants.

It is not the kind of change America needs.

And it is not the kind of change we can tolerate in a nation that we still call God’s country.

A month later, Buchanan characterized the conflict as about power over society’s definition of right and wrong. He named abortion, sexual orientation and popular culture as major fronts—and mentioned other controversies, including clashes over the Confederate Flag, Christmas and taxpayer-funded art. He also said that the negative attention his “culture war” speech received was itself evidence of America’s polarization.

The Culture war had significant impact on national politics in the 1990s.[6] The rhetoric of the Christian Coalition of America may have weakened president George H.W. Bush’s chances for reelection in 1992 and helped his successor, Bill Clinton, win reelection in 1996. On the other hand, the rhetoric of conservative cultural warriors helped Republicans gain control of Congress in 1994.

The culture wars influenced the debate over state-school history curricula in the United States in the 1990s. In particular, debates over the development of national educational standards in 1994 revolved around whether the study of American history should be a “celebratory” or “critical” undertaking and involved such prominent public figures as Lynne Cheney, Rush Limbaugh, and historian Gary Nash. The liberal tide that marked the 1990s briefly died down in the early 2000s, with the 9/11 attacks changing priorities towards more social cohesion, but resurfaced once the Iraq War began. Peter Beinart in January 2009 said that the election of Barack Obama as President could be the beginning of the end for the American culture war. He wrote: “When it comes to culture, Obama doesn’t have a public agenda; he has a public anti-agenda. He wants to remove culture from the political debate. He wants to cut our three-sided political game back down to two… Barack Obama was more successful than John Kerry in reaching out to moderate white evangelicals in part because he struck them as more authentically Christian. That’s the foundation on which Obama now seeks to build. He seems to think there are large numbers of conservative white Protestants and Catholics who will look beyond culture when they enter the voting booth as long as he and other Democrats don’t ram cultural liberalism down their throats.”

In response, author and writer Rod Dreher stated that the rhetoric of a culture war disguises the fact that American society truly is deeply divided on some moral issues, which is not an artificial creation of political parties seeking to drum up support. He wrote that the economic positions of the Democratic Party are generally popular enough that, if it chose to drop polarizing social issues, it would become a majority party in ongoing control. He describes the culture war as “inevitable”. Columnist Ross Douthat, then with The Atlantic, wrote that he had “a lot to agree with” Beinart, but depicted Obama and his supporters as striving at “winning” the culture wars for their side rather than coming to some kind of compromise.

In a February 2009 column in The New York Times, William Saletan stated that a holistic mix of left-wing and right-wing ideas would come out of the culture war. He wrote: “morality has to be practical, and that practicality requires morals”. He concluded that conservatives should embrace family planning as a way to reduce abortion and government assistance while liberals should embrace personal responsibility, which means that unprotected sex is criticized “bluntly”. He also advocated same-sex marriage as a way to lead LGBT Americans to an “ethic of mutual support and sacrifice” involving stricter personal responsibility.

The left had thought most of these questions were settled, or at least were inevitably bound to be decided in its favour. It believed, in the cliche it repeats over and over, that “history was on its side”. Well, Trump shows history is much less predictable than those who profess to speak in it’s name realize.

The great and the good assumed that Trump’s working-class supporters were dying off and would have a steadily declining influence in American politics. No one had to pay attention to them any more, as the world steadily became more cosmopolitan and integrated. These voters picked up on the disdain with which they were held and their instinct to hit back propelled the billionaire populist Donald Trump all the way to the White House.

Still not recovered from its shock, the left has had to grapple with the fact that it is living in a different country than it thought and that it is on its back foot in a new culture war it didn’t expect to have to fight.

After all they are not fighters of any note but rather victims to the mass media Clinton Obama corrupt narrative of the grievance collectors that seek to divide our country by starting a Cultural Revolution the likes of which we haven’t seen since Chairman Mao sunk China into a decades long Cultural Revolution that killed millions of people and destroyed everyone’s life by pushing the country back literally to the stone age of intellect.

Perhaps this is what the DNC and the corrupt Left wants to accomplish in this country today as they exhibit their affinity to ISIS by toppling statues and destroying out cultural heritage and all the reminders of our History…

Who is ready to fight & who is going to stop them?


The Donald.


Dr Churchill


Indeed Donald Trump is an unlikely cultural warrior, but if he can harness a sense of national solidarity and speak persuasively for ordinary American workers – while restraining his worst instincts – he may prove a powerful one.

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