Posted by: Dr Churchill | November 4, 2017

Twitter’s Trump Shut-down, is a Free Speech Issue..

Twitter is a sad messed up company that is full of Hillarites pissed off about America not following their faulty and cannabis addled view of the world.

Yesterday it went even further than that because apparently the Twitter employees cannot even read the official MEMO from the CEO about banning the President’s base from the network.

Am saying this because it actually seems that one overzealous Twitter employee misunderstood the memo that only Trump *supporters* need to be banned from Twitter — and he actually banned the President himself…

This is of course not a new story of Free Speech infringement, coming from the daft sex fluid Twitter San Francisco bro-romance with Hillary boys.

Actually more than a year before the US Elections of 2016, Twitter who had been flagrantly violating it’s own policies, and all of it’s high fallutin pretend ideals, by banning whole bunches of people from their Service based on their Political dogma — made an even greater push to prop up Hillary.

The CEO and the C-level leadership team, made a concerted effort to support the lackluster Candidate of the Democratic party, that they seen as a shoe-in for the Presidency of the United States — by banning all other opposition voices from the network.

Of course, since everyone in the Left Coast fully expected Hillary to win, as they drank the Cool-Aid and then saw the world through their rose tinted glasses, they thought that they will do this and go unnoticed, while carrying favor with the mean alcoholic lady, and in turn she would help them increase their valuations by a few more billion dollars in government deals. She was already well known to be a Pay-For-Play politician, so the wise heads of Twitter thought that by eliminating all of her opponents from their platform — not only Hillary would surely win, but she will also reward them in return, by making their broken company great again….

So these Twitter morons, actually instigated a Stalinist policy of sending anyone who disagreed with the Media narrative to the equivalent of a Siberian Gulag of cyber space. Like new-age Communist commissars, they started banning people who opposed the Clinton regime from all political spectrum sides of left and right. They actually banned Sanders and Trump supporters alike. And they banned basically any American who dared speak the Truth, and especially anyone who had high visibility and happened to disagree with the prevailing narrative of Hillary Clinton being the inevitable winner of the 2016 Presidential Elections, because these people like myself, potentially posed a threat to Twitter’s and the corrupt Twitter Democrats’ dystopian, Orwellian, and very much totalitarian 1984 type of Worldview, and power operation.

From personal experience I know that the leaders of Twitter are angry bro-culture hipsters that hate to be proven wrong, or to be challenged, and need a safe space to express themselves. And that is what they have created in Twitter’s singular world view, that they seek to enforce at any cost. A monopoly of ideas and dogmatic ideology is what they seek to enforce.

They act like the Holy Inquisition of the digital era, and burn at the stake anyone who disagrees with their Flat Earth ideology. Sad bastards but there you have it. This uniformity of Twitter culture comes with a very clear message like the one people got from KGB of the old Soviet Union when the black guards broke into people’s homes at the darkest hours of the night and kidnapped and sent the families of the dissidents, to Lubliana street massive jail, to be tortured and interrogated before they were ushered to the back lot for execution, or herded to the cattle cars, on their way to extinction from hunger, cold, and deprivations, at the Siberian Gulags.

That what Twitter has become today.

The intolerant rabbit secret police, the KGB of Americas’ collective voice.

Indeed they are out of control.

But how can you control the KGB of the Social Media?

Not easily…

So when the Twitter leaders were asked to curtail their violations of the constitutionally protected Free Speech of the people who were using Twitter to communicate with each other, and to create a layer of oversight accountable to the World outside — they laughed.

Screen Shot 2017-10-26 at 10.40.07 PM

Of course, some of you might remember that Twitter had actually a professional Comedian as the CEO, named Costello, because apparently he was the son-in-law of one of the Big Name investors of the Company, before it’s IPO. Obviously when Twitter was asked to seriously consider requiring some oversight and security clearance, and a layer of review, before random employees or even management, could access, delete, or otherwise mess with People’s Twitter accounts — he cracked a few jokes about it.

Yet now we all know that in order to offer some semblance of Integrity of the Social Communications Service of Twitter, and in order to especially protect the critical communications impact of the Official high-profile accounts — the Twitter leadership should not have laughed it off.

They instead would have instituted some measure of serious and accountable oversight, because with what happened to the President’s Twitter account this is not a joke any longer. Still Twitter’s CEO and the rest of the C-level team members, decided that instituting oversight was not worth doing — and that as far as they were concerned, it was a laughing matter.

Ostensibly one could venture that this response was so callous, because they wanted to have the plausible deniability of doing whatever the hell they wanted with People’s accounts — and never be called into account. Very much lie their erstwhile Leader, Hillary Clinton who seems to be made of Teflon and whatever crimes she might have done — no prosecutions is forthcoming.

So the bright young lads of Twitter continued without any kind of oversight and they kept on depriving people’s rightful Free Speech, as they took away people’s data and lists of followers. Nobody minded that the data and the followers were the people’s property, or that the people had invested millions of man hours, over the long time they were working on their Twitter feeds, profiles, friendships and follower building — essentially building up this communication platform for hipsters, Jack and Evan, and their comrades in crimes and dark deeds of suppression of Free Speech…

Since Jack, Joe, Evan and whomever else was involved in these decisions, had decided to operate Twitter like a Comedian’s joke cabinet, without any oversight — they further had decided to keep it that way for ever, since it fits with their political interests, as well and with the Modus Operandi of crooked Hillary Clinton and of the election rigging DNC that they were slavishly supporting.

However, now might have come the time to rethink Twitter’s “Modus Operandi” because methinks that Twitter is now ripe for a Free Speech security change. Mainly, because of the deactivation of President’s Trump’s Twitter account yesterday… but most importantly of the millions of other accounts that they throttle, mess-up, and generally suppress, as if they are the KGB of the Social noosphere.

Twitter’s exclusionary policies and Siberian gulag for all resists of the main mass media narrative, further aggravates the politics of contempt that Hillary Clinton instituted with her separating Americans into her followers and the rest as being despicables and deplorables. Sadly this is what the Twitter cognoscenti also believe and their view has taken hold, in the United States Social Media Left Coast world at least. And because different sides see different facts, the actions of limiting Free Speech that Twitter engages into not only limit the sharing of empirical knowledge of the individuals, but it also magnified the hatred and causes further contempt that is the antidote for reaching any type of compromise. And because the Mainstream Media Twitter side drinks their own Cool-Aid massively, and always hears time and again that the other Americans who don’t live in ridiculously overpriced San Francisco and are not hairy faced and spectacle wearing moneyed hipsters — are good for nothing. Actually Twitter’s leadership believes that the Americans who don’t like Hillary Clinton are but a mass of deplorables, and despicables, who are all bible and gun totting lunatics, and flat earth farmers, always slandering and thumping the system of Big Government that the Democrats have built with so much zeal.

So the Democrats and Twitter have made an extraordinary effort, in order to control these people with force, and religious police tactics, that gives the Twitter bossy boys, even less room for empathy with the downtrodden Americans that have to work for a living. And because these haughty and scheming rich people of Twitter’s windfall IPO, are sucked into a maelstrom of pettiness, scandal and outrage, they lose sight of what matters for the society they share with the rest of us — the ordinary Americans. So it is rather easy for them to objectify us and cola us Losers and then to enforce that epithet by losing our Twitter account, that they control.

Their blocking of our Freedom of Speech rights, of course tends to discredit the possibility for any compromise and subtlety of the liberal democracy that our Republic enjoys, and thus it only tends to boost the politicians who feed off conspiracy theories, like the Russia collusion that Hillary was engaged into when she was selling the United States strategic reserves of Uranium to Russia and instead to cover her tracts in an act of propaganda that Hitler himself would have admired — she blamed Donald Trump for Russia’s involvement in our midst. She certainly hopes that Mueller and the Media will cover her tracks and hide the real treason against our country that these people performed, by getting us to chase our tails like a kitty on catnip.

Screen Shot 2017-11-03 at 7.01.29 AM

Mind you, this is no Comedian’s joke, nor is it a laughing matter, that would cause mirth and merriment to anyone. Because anyone serious enough to understand the repercussions of such a move, is already firmly behind the idea that Twitter is in serious need of outside SUPERVISION to at least keep up with the Ethics and the Free Speech Rights of the American People.

And if you agree with this premise — I shall give you the email of Twitter’s CEO to drop him a line and tell him what you think of his tactics. Look for it at the end of this block. The email of Twitter’s CEO, little Jack will be there…

Yet aside from all that the very fact that this thing has happened also to the President of the United States and the Leader of the Free World — is telling. It is rather telling, that the hipsters of Twitter, do not even take their own job seriously.

If anything, this instance of violation of the President’s Right to Free Speech, is probably the greatest manifestation of how cavalier Twitter is about the Constitutionally sanctioned Right of Free Speech, and about how often they violate this Constitutionally protected Right, each and every day, fully knowing that they will get away with it… These losers must be smoking some high powered weed in there and the cannabis contact high has permeated everyone at Twitter’s leadership suite…

They are serious and repeat offenders, because as it turns out, Twitter shuts down people’s accounts daily and regularly, without any real reason, except their perceived political leanings. So since the only caveat for Twitter to shut down someone’s account must be a significant deviation from Twitter’s massively mainstream media political orientation. So Twitter’s Free Speech policy is determined by whether the Twitter Religious and Ideological Police do or don’t like the content of the Twitterer and thus they can decide to block anyone and everyone that dared to vote against Hillary Clinton.

So if you are within the community of Twitter contributors and you are not outraged by all this — you must check your pulse to see if you are alive or not…

Because although this is a regular practice for Twitter, it would appear that only in this instance of shutting down the President — people think that they might have gone too far. Not only, because of the length of time, that for more than ten minutes on Thursday, President Trump’s Twitter account had disappeared, and it was under the control of an unarmed employee — but because it proved that anyone within the company of ultra leftist Democratic dolts, and tools, could shut-down, or twit any inanity, on behalf of the President of the United States … and we would be none the wiser.

Just imagine, if the rogue Twitter employee had announced the launch of a nuclear ICBM missile attack against North Korea — what would have followed. In any reasonable mind this would have certainly caused a retaliatory ICBM nuclear missile strike from that increasingly paranoid regime of little Kim and the North Korean generals, and then the real nuclear war would have started in earnest. All that because the nincompoops of Twitter wanted to have a spot of fun…

Indeed wars have started with a lot less misinformation being released accidentally, or even intentionally, by a traitor, an idiot, or by a disgruntled terrorist, a nihilist or by a regular type of unfettered uber-leftist moron Twitter employee, or hipster-boss-bro of that broken company.

Yet in the land of the cannabis smoking Twitter leadership, apparently nothing serious happened. The official communique was that this was a “move” made by a customer service employee, who was having “a-bit-of-fun” on his last day at Twitter. He thought of deactivating President Trump’s personal Twitter account, as another funny joke…

It took the whole world about eleven (11) minutes to realize this, before contacting Twitter, who then “discovered” that “mistake” and reactivated the account of the President of the United States soonest…

The President’s Twitter random shut-down “move” by Twitter, of course prompted a lot of high-fiving, and backslaps inside Twitter, and plenty of joking in they San Fran princely digs, with the rogue employee being celebrated like a jihadist martyr — but this malicious acts of Sabotage against the Free Speech of the President of the United States of America is actually not a laughing matter… and am fairly certain that the Twitter moron who did this is not going to some Muslim paradise where there are 72 Reubenesque virgins waiting for him lounging inside giant platters of rice pilaf.

Seeing as the account of the US President being temporarily deleted by a single rogue worker is actually even more troubling — when you think of the integrity of the Medium of Communication that Twitter aspires to present itself as being. Seeing that Twitter likens itself to the Town-Hall of the Digital Speech space — now that’s laughable as a good joke. Same as the fact that President Trump uses Twitter as his primary means of direct communication with the public.

Yet in all seriousness — this is making the case for serious repercussions against Twitter, a reality.

Just imagine if this had happened in the midst of a war, or related crisis, or in the middle of a Civil Disaster, or a Catastrophic storm, that demands leadership in our Nation.

Many people were already worried that an ill-conceived Trump tweet could spark World War III, but last night reminded us that we could also be one disgruntled Twitter employee away from a similar fate, since apparently all Twitter employees can place a Tweet on the President’s Twitter stream.

Twitter has become a force for Evil as they seek to divide us and not unite us, and they should have known better than doing that.

Screen Shot 2017-10-31 at 5.41.36 PM

But what is Twitter going to do now?

And who will be the adult in the room to provide some oversight to this group of truant elementary school weed smoking kiddies?

This is the timely question that Twitter should answer, because there is a pretty good answer already for that question that was asked of them before this dastardly event: “Do you have policies and protections in place that can limit employee access to sensitive systems, accounts, and from accessing and mimicking people’s tweets?”


But the answer should have been a simple:


Yes, because we need serious accountability for Twitter as the primary social media communication site, since their employees, including the CEO and the whole of the C-level suite are unrepentant Crooked Hillary donors and passionate supporters, and love to stick it to President Trump and his followers or friendly Twitters at any opportunity.

Since we all know that deficiency of Twitter’s political make-up — at least the employees shouldn’t be able to change statements from the President’s Twitter account or disable anyone’s account at will.

It’s an especially important question for Twitter, because although Facebook and Google make a lot more money — Twitter is the only place where news breaks, and where official proclamations are made from the highest office on the land. This is especially the case in the Trump Presidency era.

Twitter at times, seems to be the only place to find official policy statements, early on – so it is Twitter’s burden to ensure that its platform can live up to that responsibility.


Dr Churchill


But what can anyone expect from the Scofflaws of Twitter’s leadership and rank & file?

Apparently, with these jokers, not Free Speech, nor the Constitution, nor the legitimacy of the President’s Communications, nor anything else in our Republic seems to be sacred…

Necessary Disclaimer:

I am one of the far too many truth telling patriots whose account has been disabled.

Before the 2016 US Elections, I had over a million and a quarter followers on my Twitter account, and three days before the Elections, Twitter dismissed all of them from my account and left me with 777 followers.

They kept my account at close to that level of 777 followers to this day, by using a technique known as “Throttling” that they use quite often agains those that Twitter and the crazy malignant Dems, see as agitators for Free Speech.

You see the Twitter bosses, like Hillary crooked Clinton, only like their sheeple — but they don’t like free people.

So perhaps I ought to be Grateful, that at least my account still exists. And I am in a humorous sort of way, but what good it is, when your Twitter voice can’t be heard further than the few hundred people that Twitter decided it was appropriate for me to have. And who decided to take down my Million and a Half followers, away and to keep them away by throttling my account?

That I would like to know.

Isn’t that a blatant violation of my Free Speech Rights?

If there is a legal eagles out there that can help — give me a call…

As for the rest of You — Free Speech warriors and patriots — here is little boy Jack of Twitter email account to drop him a line and tell him how You feel about his behavior and his active shutting down of our collective and constitutional Free Speech rights.

Jack Dorsey, is the current CEO of Twitter and the architect of the Clinton Twitter support train of Twitter.
His company’s official email address is:
His cute mag is here:
Screen Shot 2017-11-05 at 12.11.09 AM

Drop him a note and wait and see what happens.

I hope this brings some resolution, otherwise I will give you his private mobile phone next time to ring him up at night and let him know how you feel…

And if you want to Thank me for the good services I offer to Free Speech, to this Country, and to You — just join me at Twitter and follow me. Not to rebuild my Million and a half followers base — but to prove beyond any doubt the “Throttling” of the number of my followers, by the Losers of Twitter’s leadership team, who will inevitably succumb to the Tsunami of popular angst run to hide in their hilly homes and their safe spaces in the Castro district…

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