Posted by: Dr Churchill | November 10, 2017

Christmas Gift for All: New America Tax Plan for Middle Class Growth and Middle Income Tax Cuts…

With President Trump at the helm, the Great Recession which started in early 2007 it appears to have ebbed.

Yet the growth that the Nation needs, has not quite returned yet, and that is the purpose of the New American Tax Plan. The new simplified tax plan from the Senate, that was just now revealed – with the support of the President – has some measure of genius hidden in it. And that is the TAX-CUTS that represent the one thing that we need in order to stimulate generalized growth in our economy, and thus help get the recession firmly behind us, as our economy starts humming again.

Screen Shot 2017-11-03 at 6.39.44 PM

Of course we also have the House plan to consider, since both Tax plans are now out of the House and the Senate, and both are offering significant Tax Cuts for the Middle Class Incomes, and generous allowances for the Middle Class and huge help for the lower classes throughout the land. That is the great news for the Common Man, that we had been promised by President Trump, and they are surely in line with the rest of the Good News of Trump’s Presidency so far, Trump’s initiatives have helped the stock market gain four to five Trillion dollars in estimated increases of value – and the real economy is also benefitting throughout, although it is still lagging far behind the fat cats of Wall Street. And that inequity is what Prez-Trump plans to address with his Middle Income Tax Cuts, and the help to the poorest of the poor, to the lower poor and to the low Middle Class, that he proposes to help massively through the Tax Plans that he supports.

And as it turns out now, even the jobs numbers look great, and that is truly what represents the best news for the American Middle Class, for the Common Man, and for President Trump as well.

The GDP of the nation gets also more solid, because we don’t need Texas and Florida subsidizing New York city, or Chicago, or the other profligate and unable-to-balance their checkbook, democratic pill-boxes, and strongholds of economic mismanagement.

Prez-Trump’s agenda is further boosted with his grand tour of Asia, where he reviews the future battlefields of competing interests, war, and geopolitical realignments — all centered in declawing North Korea. This is the grand vision of this administration for the Pacific and for the World along with the better management of Trade and Defense deals, alliances, and responsible American leadership that will avert future Nuclear wars and Global catastrophes.

That is the Good News that I am awaiting for. Yet Prez-Trump will give also all of the American people a Christmas Gift that represents a dose of Good News that might be the best thing that the average American has heard so far, since the Elections of 2016 that threw the bums out of the office, and swept crooked Hillary and her rigged Dems to the dustbin of history…

And if you want to read the tea leaves, to divine the signs of which way the wind is blowing in this Nation — just focus on the fact that Republicans and Conservatives have won all six special elections for Congress in 2017. So now, that even the Tea Party has won a special primary for Senate in Alabama — the Democrats are seething, because they have won nothing, and still every day new revelations come out, of one of their own, like Donna Brazile revealing their Corruption and the rigging of the Elections. Add to it the downright shame of being in the company of famous pedophiles like Anthony Weiner, the husband of Hillary’s “woman Friday” Huma Abedin, or the Podesta pedi-ring, or the sex-mad Harvey Weinstein the brotherly friend of Hillary Clinton and huge Democratic fundraiser and donor, or even funny-bone CK Lewis the huge Clinton supporter, and all the other losers who are caught like Bill Clinton with their pants down, while playing with their pee-wee in-front of unsuspecting females, or even sticking that appendix into where it doesn’t belong, or not wanted, or far worse….

And now that we are in the season of after Donna Brazile’s naked admission that Hillary and the Democratic party actually rigged the primary election against Bernie Sanders — it comes as no surprise 1) that Bernie now runs again as Independent in Vermont, and 2) that Trump gains popularity each and every day.

The fact that President Trump each and every day wins more and more for AMERICA, brings a New level of Confidence, that comes across boldly, as our Power also increases globally, and the Newfound RESPECT for our Country rises up, all over again. It is only now that all the Potentates, Corrupt leaders, Totalitarian and Authoritarian regime heads, Prime Ministers, and Presidents, have finally started showing their respect for the United States of America.

And that is the biggest effect of President Donald Trump both at home and abroad — regardless of the fake news and the fake polls at home that try to destroy our power: RESPECT.

We all know that the Fake News and the Fake polls are produced by the same Mass News Media lying pundits who interview fake people and get fake results that feed their own biases. And as you might recall the fake polls have the same success rate, and the same failure to predict anything of real value, as they had in the past when they told all of us that Hillary Clinton is going to be the inevitable President of the United States. We all saw how that happened…

So now with all the Mass News Media, and the News polls — all being massively discredited, and all of their daily polls seen as worthless, the American people are gearing up for a resurgent Christian celebration. We are getting ready for a massively open celebration of CHRISTMAS and of the CHRISTIAN VALUES in this CHRISTIAN NATION, that we can go on with our lives, without fear of offending the ISIS muslims, or the Saudi funded Mullahs, or any other self hating nincompoop or deviant suffering from “daddy issues.”

Screen Shot 2017-11-03 at 11.29.00 PM

We are finally going on to pray FREE and BRAVE across the land in our Christian churches, unafraid of snowflakes killing the parishioners, praying for everybody’s salvation. These permanently offended snowflakes and their muslim or atheist perpetrators of their indulgence at the expense of all others — are now sidelined and screaming their heads off — because they cannot stand the story of the risen Christ giving up his Life to save all of us, and being remembered in the darkest day of the year as he starts his journey to bring LIGHT to this world, with his birthday in the end of December.

The symbolism of Christmas is too dramatic for those weak of heart, for the broken, the damaged, and the bent, as described in Paul’s epistle to the Romans; and as the corrupt Democrats suffer now through.

So for Trump to give a Christmas Gift of Tax-Cuts, to all Americans — this makes the divisive Democrats go nuts. Their heads are exploding now that their policy of “Identity Politics” has collapsed, as Trump has removed another Hillary-type-woman, from her role as Federal Reserve chairman. Thank God, he found a good conservative person of integrity, values, & intelligence, coupled with deep economic understanding. A person who is more likely to disrupt than continue the present day policies of the Federal Reserve…

Trump loves the applause and the accolades, and he deserves more of that — but there is a “rigged-fly-in-the-ointment” and that is the Democratic strategist’s manufactured accusation of in not having the Economic Collapse that they had forecast. Of course regular Americans know of the total and unequivocal stupidity of the News Media and of the Democratic strategists who now accuse Trump of not allowing the Economic Crisis to continue and for his stopping the Economy from collapsing — as they had forecast. Because along with the Fake News pundits, and the fake pollsters, the fake Democrats, have a huge problem with all of these positive news that Trump has brought in the Economy — instead of causing it to totally crash and burn as they didn’t when their little darling Crooked Hillary missed the boat to the White House and instead won the OutHouse in the woods.

The fund thing is that Trump’s boosting the economy early on and starting from the night of his electoral victory — is kind-of the opposite of what most all newly-elected Presidents are supposed to do. And that is to his Honor. He is unique to be toking of the people straight up. And not caring about his re-election above the interests of the People.

But of course all Dems and the other assorted reptilian swamp creatures out there, are accusing him of not doing what all the other Democratic Presidents like Clinton & Carter were doing. If that is not a giant ding-dong, I don’t know what is… Of course there is nothing wrong with Prez Trump doing it his own way, because Trump is a declared Contrarian. And contrarians do contrary things to what the “normal-thing-to-do-is.” This is what Trump always does, and time and again, History has proved him right.

Today the Trump economic bump, and the Christmas Gift of Middle Income and Middle Class Tax Cuts, are a solid reinforcement of positive Economic news both in the handling of the Economy, and in Trump’s heralding a New Era — and this is unlike anything that Trump’s predecessors have done in the past. Trump is unique, because in the past, Presidential Treasury appointees, like Clinton’s economic guru Larry Summers — actually used Macro-Economic policy as a battering ram against the Middle Class, and did “arrange” to have a recession in the first year of the new administration, in order to blame it on their predecessor President. Bill Clinton then, repealed the Glass-Steagal Act to let the Banks risk it all in a Casino economy, opened the floodgates of the Fed’s printing services, flooded the economy with easy money, lined everybody’s bed with digital dollars in the Banks and in the Big Corporates, and with Quantitative Easing, literally caused “inflation-on-demand” and many other unintended consequences. The Clintons, did all this in order to lift-up even further their well-to-do Wall Street friends, and their crony capitalists, and maybe hoping that some of that “gravy” will trickle down and sow some seeds of growth in the real economy too. So that when the general economy showed some signs of growth, and vitality, they managed to have perfectly timed “News” of Economic Recovery (of limited value & duration) in the summer prior to the “impeach-the-huckster-trickster-child-molester” President re-election. This is the terrible playbook of Clinton’s choice of Federal Reserve economic czar, and his ideas of Economic policy, and this is what the Democrats are pining for today. Yet, if anyone remembers the smoke and mirrors of Bill Clnton administration, with most of the smoke coming out of his well moistened cigars being smoked inside the oval office — we don’t want anymore of the same.

Thank God, we dodged a bullet, by sending Hillary in the outhouse, instead of the White House — because back in May 16, 2016, Hillary Clinton unashamedly said, that she would put her husband in charge of revitalizing the economy, which according to her, (and Monica Lewinsky & all the other bimbos), they all did very well during his eight years as president.

Methinks that the only employment that President Clinton must be credited with is that he single handedly increased the employment of call girls, bimbos, and whores, all around DC by double digits… And he also massively increased the prison employment through his incarceration of black men in massive numbers, but he doesn’t;’t get her credit he deserves for that spectacular “employment” in the penitentiary, increase.

Now the Dems are once again helping increase the employment of the community by hiring Special Prosecutors and well paid Democratic donor lawyers — trying their level best to get the Russian corruption story pined to their opponent, although the Clintons were the ones who sold America’s uranium to the Kremlin

Screen Shot 2017-10-31 at 10.40.09 AM

Thank God President Trump is doing something else entirely.

Prez Trump is doing what is a far smarter policy of steady same Growth for the long haul, in order to protect us from the rolling and frequent interchange of busts and booms. In fact Trump’s plan for the Economy is almost genius. He is taking advantage of the current stock market rocket, and of the good economic news from jobs growth and the general economy — to give the Middle Income American a good Christmas Gift of a strong Tax-Cut. in order to be sure of keeping control of Congress. And he doesn’t care with the potential downside is that he is increasing the risk of a recession in the summer of 2020, which would probably make him a one-term president.

Is this overconfidence or what?

Meanwhile, Paul Ryan’s tax plan has (finally) been released. In the beginning all I was expecting, was a Right-Wing-Nut, tea-party kind of tax plan, but instead I see that in front of us, we have a buoyant & peculiarly strong mix of Common Man and common sense tax simplification plan. This new tax plan when coupled with the economic growth interest driven tax code that is proposed – it appears to be a winer.

Yet somewhere in there, also appears to be hidden, some measure of frivolous, humorous, and slightly laughable political payback. A bit of karma and long deserving pause coming the way of the election rigging coastal Democrats. And to me, that is the most entertaining thing about the Senate tax plan. The funny thing about this plan is that it seems designed to raise taxes on the illogical people who voted for crooked Hillary, while at the same time, taking care of boosting Real Growth in the Economy, propping-up the Middle Class, supporting the Common Man, and propelling the GDP forward — all with plenty of Real Growth as we steam ahead.

You’ll read all about it in the next few days, but here is the levity lever, that arises out of the genie-in-the-bottle, that unleashes the karma-is-a-bitch payback. First of all, State and Local Income Tax will no longer be deductible. That is a huge deal for people who live in New York City (90% for C.H.), San Francisco, & Seattle (84% and 87% respectively for CH), and is also a big deal for people who live in California Los Angeles (71% for cH), upstate New York (75% for Hillary), or in the slimy swamp of Washington DC, where an overwhelming 91% apparently voted for crooked Hillary Clinton.

I wonder why Seattle actually appears to be the biggest Clinton-loving city outside of Detroit, and Washington, D.C. as seen on the big cities preference for Presidential candidate list bellow:
Detroit (Trump, 3% vs Clinton, 95%)
Washington D.C. (Trump, 4% vs Clinton, 90.5%)
Seattle (Trump, 8% vs Clinton, 87%)
San Francisco (Trump, 9.5% vs Clinton, 84.4%)
Chicago (Trump, 12.4% vs Clinton, 83.7)
Philadelphia (Trump, 15.5% vs Clinton, 82.2%)
Los Angeles (Trump, 23.5% vs Clinton, 71.45%)

My grandfather used to say that whenever You see any Politician getting more than two thirds of the vote — is a sure sign that the Election was rigged.

We know that from all the elections that the Soviets used to run and would deliver the next General Secretary of the Soviet Union, with percentages similar to those achieved by Hillary Clinton in these heavily Democratic cities where the Elections boards are stuffed by Democrats prone to rigging any election they participate into. Remember the percentages that Saddam Hussein or Gaddafi, or even head Commissar, comrade Fidel Castro used to get, and you can see that even those “fairly elected” individuals got percentages often times lower than those of Hillary.

Of course the Democrats would never steal an election.


Nor would Gaddafi ever do…

After all, what did my grandfather old Winston Churchill, ever know about politics — to make such bold pronouncements?

The Democrats won the elections with these amazing percentages fair and square — right?
Same as Fidel Castro would win all the Fair Free & Democratic Elections like a good Democrat, by rounding up all of the opponents and by having his own people stuffing the ballots — same as the Dems were caught doing against Bernie Sanders, and in many other times in the deep South plantation politics they like to operate in.

Screen Shot 2017-11-02 at 9.24.45 PM

But let’s go back to the Trump Tax plan now, because the Second, most important element of the Democrat’s Election Rigging Karma coming back to bite them in the ass, is the cap on Mortgage Interest Deductions that will be lowered to $10,000. This sounds like a lot of money in Biloxi, in Tennessee, in Louisiana, and in small to medium cities like Spokane, Allenville, Bellingham, Greenville, or Huntsville, but is nothing at all, in the cities of Silicon Valley, or in the Silicon Forest of Seattle and Bellevue.

Let’s do some accounting math, by imagining that you are a high-flier who bought a house in Palo Alto a few years ago for $1.4 million, and you now have a $1.0 million mortgage to service. This is a low-end house in Silicon Valley, where the average home is now around $2 million. Or a home in Seattle that the average now approaches a Million dollars. In the first instance estimating your Home-Mortageg with a 4% interest rate per year, your payments would be $40,000 per year, which means that the annual tax deduction is probably worth maybe $16,000. Under Ryan’s plan, your taxes go up $6,000 per year, which is worse than it looks. Given a 50% tax rate, the uber-wealthy people of Palo Alto, must earn an additional $12,000 per year (pre-tax) in order to pay for the tax increase. Same story in Seattle. But the rest of America will actually enjoy a windfall from Trump’s Tax plan. So sticking it to the rich Dems of the Blue wealthy enclaves and the Socialists with the Tesla automobiles, has never been so good…

The whole thing is brilliant … in a slightly and hilariously “pay-back-is-a-bitch” sort of way.

Somehow, I didn’t think that Ryan and his fellow Republican RINOs had any humor — but I stand corrected. They are doing a Democratic favor to our fellow Comrade Democrats by getting the Blue Dogs to pay their fair share of taxes finally.

And the Dems deserve to finally pay their fair share — even belatedly.

Screen Shot 2017-10-31 at 10.55.54 AM

Because after seeing what the Democrats are doing to accuse eery God fearing American of some sort of offense — they deserve to get all the negative Karma they’ve accumulated, unleashed and released to start coming back their way like a torpedo up their sizable “derriere.”

After all, their incessant attacks against President Trump always remind me of Wile E. Coyote’s unending efforts in going after the Road Runner — and always ending up with his own demise.

Indeed all of the attempts of the democrats and liberal media to take down Trump is now a giant comedy routine akin to Wile E. Coyote’s flawed machinations to catch the Road Runner.

Dr Churchill


So this year my Christmas gift to my fellow Democrats would be to find some peace and sanity, and to stop being like the Wile E. Coyote, because it doesn’t help them in any way to be so utterly ridiculous.

And another bit of advise to my fellow Democrats, leftist Liberals, and Socialists, comes from old Abe Lincoln, the Leader of our LINCOLN PARTY, telling them, that they are not gong to win any other fights from now on – if they keep on going down the wrong path of division and destruction.

Because back in the day, in 1860’s they didn’t win the Civil War, and they are not going to win the Culture Wars of 2017 either.

“Our progress in degeneracy appears to me to be pretty rapid.”
–Abraham Lincoln (Aug. 24, 1855)

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