Posted by: Dr Churchill | November 27, 2017

The Aftershocks of the Sexism Earthquake…

Seeing something on the news today about the Miss Universe pageant — I was reminded of the other side of the coin of willing and thriving female objectification and it’s counterpart, masculine macho culture.

And this international pageant of beautiful and scantily dressed women leaves no doubt about this Society’s idolization of Sex and Sexual Beauty. But let’s also recall that this is the Society of the Spectacle and all these beauty pageants are spectacularly entertaining events, more akin to a dog and pony show that to real women competing on their looks alone.


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And as this past couple of months have reminded us of another beauty pageant of powerful men and women getting it on in the lurid details of the tabloids — it has been a pageant of whirlwind allegations and accusations of sexual assault and misconduct and we are called to judge, which one has merit and which one does not.

Because the allegations of sexual misconduct come agains those denizens of the dizzying heights of Hollywood, and the halls of the US Congress, to the boardrooms of the Big Media, and the Venture Capital Finance industry offices, to the casting couch of the Producers in our entertainment industry, to the newsrooms and the back rooms of the Mass News Media, and beyond. Accusations erupt each and every day,

Oh, how the powerful have fallen…

Mighty Men, and Mad Men, from all walks of life, political beliefs, economic status, and social class, are all losing their minds, their marriages, their positions, and their livelihoods, not the mention their reputation — due to the offensive sexual assaults and unwanted heterosexual attention they have bestowed on women, and in some cases even perpetrated on men in their lives, or in their circles of power & influence. We will not speak about the Homosexual group of offender because these folks are so far out there, that they are not even surprised by the antics of the Pedophile Mayor of Seattle, Democrat Ed Murray, or the uber-Democrat George Takei, or the Clinton friend Kevin Spacey. Instead, we will concentrate on the more regular male heterosexual powerful person that uses their position of Power to extract sexual favors from his inferiors…

The power dynamic is unbalanced on all of these cases because as the old Machiavellian saw goes, “Power Corrupts” and absolute Power corrupts absolutely. And amongst these powerful persons, the irony is that in most of these situations the ones being exposed, happen to reside within the warm cocoon of the liberal cultural elite that pretty much governed this country for the last fifty years, largely unopposed in pursuing its globalist agenda, that included a “Free For All Freaks” ideology of permissible behavior ala Bill Clinton and Bill Cosby. This is an enjoyable turn of events, because most of these people have spent a lifetime, and a great deal of effort and money, sneering at and debasing the culture of faith, respect for women, and respect for the institutions of traditional marriage and family, and the practice of being a Man and a Father. In shoe the Clintons of this world made fun of the Common Folk by portraying men they disparaged, as religious freaks, unenlightened peasants, deplorables, despicable, and akin to being uneducated felt earth barbarians.

Yet, now it appears that these powerful men who mounted these cultural assaults, both literally and figuratively, and who espoused and promoted identity politics, were nothing but exploiters of the Power Dynamic that favored them, and thus placed them in a pedestal position, to be able to demand and receive sexual favors from women, and even from children. And all of this going on for fifty years while they remained in Power unopposed and unpunished. And whether you believe in Pizzagate, or not, this is what they mostly did, and all the Democratic women obliged, them and covered up for them, in order to have them help advance their careers or worse. Just look at Hillary Clinton enabling Billie the dick, just so that he can satisfy his lustful loins and that she can satisfy her lust for Power and worse. Indeed this perverted power couple, gave us the essence of the dynamic that has existed for a long time.


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Much like Kevin Spacey’s House of Cards, the Clintons, and Al Franken, define this practice of enablement and corruption with the cover ups, and the terror against women that dared to speak up. And all these Democrats cover up for each other as Senator Patty Murray offered patronage and protection for her nephew, the Democrat blue dog Pedophile Mayor of Seattle Ed Murray.

This cover-up thing has been going on for so long and it has gotten so bad, that today it is the normal Men who complain about these other perverted and power hungry Men — who are actually the true deplorable and despicable barbaric troglodytes living like the Cavemen of the Stone Age. Because these power hungry Democrats, are so deprived, and depraved, since the only women they can get, are the ones, they have to beat over the head with the wooden mallet of Power, and then drag them into their man-cave to devour — methinks, that, as a Society, we could somehow come to an agreement to ban these folks from the Modern Era, and allow them to reside alone in a Flintstones cartoon.  But, you and I both know, that this is not going to happen. At least let’s get them to wear the scarlet letter for good, so that the children and the fragile women will recognize them.

Unfortunately instead of doing that — we take the big brush today, the brush of infamy, which is extra wide, and tars all the Men as misogynists or worse. That is why we’re seeing major CNN commentators, and many important women, including ethical and powerful women such as Michelle Obama, who actively enabled the likes of Harvey Weinstein, Charlie Rose, Al Franken, Bill Clinton, and John Conyers, as long as they were fellow Democrats — now pinning their problems on the prevailing “toxic masculinity” as if all men are responsible for, and capable of, abusing the people around them in this crazy way, on a serial basis.

Comme on now Michelle, that’s all bogus bollocks, and You know it, because while there is delicious irony in seeing those individuals who treated traditional culture like their personal scratching posts being run out of town on rails feathered and tarred — there remain in their places those who share these hateful views about the “rest of us” and who are seizing upon this time as an excuse to launch a modern day Salem witch hunt, and attempt to lynch all the rest of us, especially all the “whitemen” as if we are all called Harvey or something crazy like that.

Of course we all know that people like Michelle, the many permanently enraged feminists, and the CNN talking heads — all suffer from “Daddy Issues” or as Sigmund Freud diagnosed, they suffer from a strong “Oedipus Complex” and this is why they deeply hate “all things masculine.” And of course this has been the rallying cry of the left over the last 50 years, of globalization against the Patriarchy, or anyone reasonably sane, as the forces of radicalism and socialism rally on behalf of the equality, feminist, transgender, LGBTQ movement and all the other assimilators and collectors of grievances. Indeed, the movement for women’s equality under law, was and remains a good and just endeavor, yet it should also be acknowledged that there remains much to be done, due in no small part to the actions of the various weirdos, such as Conyers, Clinton, Cosby, Franken, Jurvetson, Weiner, Weinstein, and so many other, who clearly did not practice what they preached, but instead hid behind a facade of wanting to be helpful to women with their careers and their mentorship, and along the way took advantage of the situation to literally expose themselves.

And now, all the rest of us have to suffer the price of infamy and mistrust, in all of our encounters with the other half of the human species. As for flirting and engaging in the lost art of “Cherchez La Femme” forget about it. Flirting and Coupling are not allowed in the politically correct, Neo-Puritan age, of Liberal Hypocrisy. Am already looking out to other men as I walk in the street, just to see if there are any men wearing the infamous scarlet letter “A” on their suit lapels.

But how in hell’s name did we get here?

Is it because we abandoned the inner Search for Meaning, or lost our Purpose, or forgot how to be Real Gentlemen, and missed the Memo about the virtues of proper Manly conduct?

Or maybe it is because we relaxed all of our gentlemanly standards?

Maybe both, because when you consider that the “sex positive” culture of the 1960s and ’70s turned sex from a function of emotional love and committed relationships working towards the goal of procreation into a casual, transactional exchange at the whims of the participants, it’s not hard to understand how the likes of Clinton, Spacey, and Conyers “evolved.” The former put the emphasis on the other, the latter on the self. Five decades of Hollywood and the media assaulting the institutions of marriage and the family, culturally objectifying women in print and in film, and normalizing abhorrent behavior and lifestyles can do that.

Beyond mainstream Hollywood, we have another serious problem: easy access to pornography for young men online who are conditioned thereby to view women as objects. After years of conditioning, we are “shocked” to find their behavior in line with their conditioning? Are we not being irrational to think there will be rational behavior in the face of such conditioning?

Moreover, as we have embraced the worthy effort of opening up all doors to women—and by extension girls—the culture has also embraced what I think is an unintended consequence of taking the “boy” out of the boy in our educational and organized activities systems. Christina Hoff Sommers’s almost two-decade-old research looks downright prophetic on the effects our culture wars have had on the next generation of men. What’s even more disappointing is that this campaign, given the recent news cycle about bad male behavior, appears to have accomplished little.

So, how do we continue to empower women while ending the campaign against masculinity that has, in part, created this crisis in our culture?

We all make choices every day: to objectify or not, to harm or not, to respect or not. Whatever happened to self-control and dignity? While we’re at it, whatever happened to being faithful and being true to a promise? Whatever happened to being virtuous? The Latin root word of virtue is “vir,” meaning man. Definitionally, to be a “man,” means to partake in virtue. “Manly” does not mean showing off with Gaston-like bravado, boasting about one’s power over others, but instead possessing strength of will, honor, and compassion.

The “masculine gentleman,” focused on self-sacrifice, self-discipline, honor, and gentle strength was a character Hollywood used to embrace—with Jimmy Stewart, Gary Cooper, and John Wayne filling the roles. But somewhere along the line, in an effort to “equalize” the sexes, these values became deficiencies. Service for others, using strength to sacrifice for families and communities—once paramount to being a true and good man—became demerits that undercut the standing and role of women.

But these are the very values that required discipline, holding back passions and base desires, and building out of self-control some dignity and respect. Isn’t self-control what in many ways sets us apart from the beasts?

Toss them out, and it’s not a surprise that we become more like beasts than men.

We ought to always seek to set a Noble Course, because without the gentlemanly virtues, of self-sacrifice and self-discipline, the world in many ways devolves into nothing but a collection of objects.

And then, when objectification occurs — whether it is men or women doing the objectifying, a human being, an eternal soul of unfathomable value, is reduced to nothing but an object for selfish pleasure. But then again, if the teaching is that we are nothing but products of chance, with no particular value beyond, say, a tree or a light bulb, then perhaps all of this was inevitable. Is it possible that this really does come back to what we believe about who we are as human beings, the immortal soul, and what our purpose for existence really is?

I am trying to teach my sons to be noble, to be magnificent, to be epic, to be courageous. The word noble is an archaic one, but it’s one that should come back into fashion because it captures the essence of everything we seek in men; the ideas of self-sacrifice and discipline and courage and gentle strength. So we must seek to be noble in a world that wants us to be anything but a world that wants us to conform to it. A quarter of a century ago, the nonconformists were the likes of Weinstein, the Cosbys, the Clintons, and their ilk, but today it is all the rest of us normal red blooded males that seek to do the Right thing, regardless of the fads of Society, Mass Media, and the Kardashians.

Dr Churchill


How ironic that today, I am raising boys to be the nonconformists, pushing back, making the right choices every single day. Divine spirit, just like the Devil both reside in the details. Little small things matter a whole lot. Little choices make the man, and by degrees, people shift with daily decisions to find themselves years later miles off course.

The world is a better place with masculine gentlemen in it, who as Atticus Finch carry forth their solemn duty and humbly do what they are expected to do to keep our Society upright and bring up the family at the same time that they work hard enough to put food on the table.

We still have some of these Great Folks, but methinks, that we need more of them.

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