Posted by: Dr Churchill | December 5, 2017

This was the day…

I have walked a quiet path today.

I have done no great good, no great harm.

I might have wished for more — some dramatic occurrence, something memorable.

But there was no more.

This was the day I was given, and I have tried to meet it with a humble heart.

How little it seems…

Seems little because we always seek perfection in our days, always wanting more for ourselves and our lives, and striving for goals unattainable. We live between the vast infinites of past and future in the thin shaft of light we call ‘today.’

And yet today is never enough.

Where does it come from, this strange unquenchable human urge for ‘more’ that is both our blessing and our curse? It has caused us to lift our eyes to the heavens and thread together pieces of the universe until we can glimpse a shadow of the divine creation. Yet to gain this knowledge, we have sometimes lost the mystery of a cloud, the beauty of a garden, the joy of a single step.

We must learn to value the small as well as the great. […]

Jesus told his followers this: “Go, walk in the world, and bring peace to the old, have trust in your friends, and cherish the young.”

“Ahhh, and don’t forget to love yourself and each other.” This he also said and admonished sternly.

And that’s enough…

It’s all we need.

Do we really need much more than this?

To honor the dawn.

To visit a garden.

To talk to a friend.

To contemplate a cloud.

To cherish a meal.

To stroke the head of or fury friends and our little human friends…

To bow our heads before the mystery of the day.

To offer justice to all.

To give a measure of compassion to all living things.

To share your bread.

To spread the Love.


Are these things not enough?

The world we shape is the world we touch — with our words, our actions, our dreams.

If we should be so lucky as to touch the lives of many, so be it.

But if our lot is no more than the setting of a table, or the tending of a garden, or showing in a child a path in a wood, our lives are no less worthy.

Sometimes, we ought to be ready to declare that it is enough…
Is enough to live fully by doing right.

Offering mercy, and walking humbly with our God — is enough. As a matter of fact it is so “enough” that this way You can come to live or at least to be, even for a moment — in a State of Grace.

And in my mind this is as close as we get to Heaven, this side of the grave…

This is as good as it gets.

Yes it is.

Are you feeling it?

Dr Churchill


It is all rather simple really…

To bring peace to the old, to have trust in our friends, and to cherish the young.

Sometimes, it seems, we ask too much.

Sometimes we forget that the small graces are enough.

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