Posted by: Dr Churchill | December 19, 2017

Merry Christmas and a gift of schooling in Liberty, for You: Go watch the towering effort of Gary Oldman in playing Winston Churchill … in the film “Darkest Hour.”

The new film “Darkest Hour,” in it’s American shorter version, is the best Churchill film yet, as we see Gary Oldman embody Winston Churchill.

This is a film definitely worth seeing…

Oldman himself says that playing Churchill was a “towering’ undertaking” not just for himself, but also for the people that created and build this epic movie.

And it is this giant required undertaking, that is also reminiscing of all of us, wishing to watch this film with an open heart and mind…

Because in a West under siege, particularly the European West, that today it often seems lost, and almost eager to capitulate to a new foe, and to a diminished dystopian future, the “Darkest Hour” isn’t merely a good film — it is required material for the education of the leaders, the princes, the knights and the soldiers that will need to fight the War of Civilization that is sure to come…

It is also a stark warning, and a wake-up call, for all of us get us the courage to address the looming battle for the future of the Western Civilization. As a matter of fact, it is a necessary film, and a book of instructions on what we need to be doing from here on…

Because this Churchill movie reminds us that real heroes are quite simple men, that don’t require magic swords, superpowers, spandex costumes, capes, or comic-book inspirational and snappy dialogue.

As a matter of fact, heroes are quite human, even ordinary, dumpy, and disappointed old men. And in the case of Winston — they might even be perilously fat, albeit smartly and classically dressed, egotistical, and perhaps a bit self-indulgent — as all the stereotypes seem to apply to his Victorian retro look and feel.

Screen Shot 2017-12-09 at 2.42.31 PM

Heroes are normal people who choose to fight when the moment arises, and although they may have lived lives of quiet desperation, insignificance, and political intrigues, which is to say Winston lived a life or unrequited ambition, and was shunted aside because he was always warning the nation about the German fascist threat that he alone foresaw, as he suffered his decade long exile from Society, as he fought his political battles, as he led his family, as he painted by his duckpond, as he ate drank and fornicated, as he demagogued, as he smoked his fill of Cubans, as he had thunderous rows with anyone within sight, and as he then slept it all off in the afternoon, just in order to catch up with himself and continue his work deep into the night…

And at times, the man was downright grumpy to all those around him, including his beloved Clemmie, to his children, and to his King — simply because he had a wildness of heart & temperament that made everybody fear him. Even the King of England, was afraid of Churchill — not knowing what is going to be coming out of his mouth next. Whether a rant or a rave, or whether Winston will speak words of encouragement & approval, or whether he will offend and appraise…

Yet all that fades away when the time comes to do battle, as it comes for everyone, when the core is revealed, if only to yourself, when you are alone — and you have to take the large decisions to discover what kind of stuff you are made of.

And that is what became known as Winston’s hour.

Screen Shot 2017-12-17 at 8.52.08 AM

But those hard times come for every nation, too, and when it came for England with the British Expeditionary Force trapped and surrounded at Dunkirk, while Churchill’s own cabinet government was pressing him to kneel to Germany — it was up to Winston to find the epic hero within himself, and to rise up like another Leonidas, to carry the weight of the world on his shoulders, and to fight-on in the face of evil, certain death, and despairing odds.

And yet Winston did just that. He impersonated Leonidas, and Alexander the conqueror, because he had inside of him the required iron will, the epic stubbornness, the refusal to listen to reasonable voices that would reasonably help him bend the knee, and instead he carried the insane ambition to WIN … or DIE … fighting.

Therefore, if you want to see the film “Darkest Hour” in order to be entertained — don’t bother. Because in the end this film, same as few other films about Winston Churchill that I’ve seen, carry a small hint about where the Churchillian iron will comes from…

And it is not from wealth, prestige, or security. The Churchill metal comes from the severe and crystal clear expectations of the British aristocracy that places a great expectation on the young, to be like Spartan warriors, and to rear up lion hearted youth that through severe schooling, through punishments, through obligations placed on the young of the ruling class to serve their nation with their blood, and thus keep the empire, and like yours truly, to carry forward the willingness to fight & die for God & Country.

And as this was installed as brain software, early on in the heads of the pupils, at the British boarding schools, and at the public schools, it has served us well, so that to this day we are preparing the young ones to be Christian soldiers serving God, the Nation, and Western Civilization.

Screen Shot 2017-10-22 at 10.50.35 AM

Contrast that rearing of Leaders, to what we do today in America, where we infantilize our young ones, and where even in the best of schools — we give them the leeway so that some of them remain boys and girls until middle age, or we give them license to become gender fluid undecided snowflakes and buttercups, and instead as a Society — we make heroes of various vacuous celebrities, uneducated athletes, and silly entertainers.

And then, please contrast that tragedy of today, with Churchill’s upbringing, and you’ll see the pivotal difference that caused him to fight and thus save the Western World and our civilization from the ash heap of history…

Thank God that the modern American practice of the educational system mothering children to the point of turning all of them “girlish” — was not the practice of raising the young ones, at the time of Winston Churchill’s upbringing. Because if that had happened in the England of his time — today we would all be speaking German and saluting the Nazi swastika flags fluttering over Washington DC and London too, same as all over the World, where the Thousand year Reich would have pronounced long ago the certain Death of Human Liberty, and Free Will. For ever.

And the only reason this dismal fate did not come to pass in the World today, is because Winston Churchill held and stood firm. And he carried the very expectation that the English Aristocratic education had instilled in him, and the will to fight on at all costs. And the will to lead others to battle. as the undisputed leader of all the country’s young to be led as faithful soldiers, and as they were molded by the kind of schooling, literature, and history, they read and loved since infancy. And it is that History of unbending Heroism, that has helped shape the young men, and in turn helped shape the British society, the empire, and the ideals of Western Civilization, which, along with the British fleet, and its gunboat heavy navy, reinforced Britain’s role, in ruling the seas all around the globe.

And that’s what made Britain great, and how the sun never set on Britannia and it’s Commonwealth of Nations spread across this God’s Green Earth.

It was that very advanced and heroic Western historical literature that reinforced all this heroism in the minds of its ruling class, like good Brain software, as it was firmly installed in their necktie computers from early on, so that the young became the conservators of the inner sanctum of Intelligence, Civilized thinking, and Human Rights, that define Western Civilization still today, along with our belief in God, the Free Will, and Liberty, that comes to all the People.

And surely Winston Churchill carried that brain software reverentially in his head, because he was a most learned & literate man, and he had read all about it from early on…

As we ought to be doing today if we are to stand up and face the challenges that are stacked up against us today, because we cannot shirk our duty to fight on to preserve Western Civilization from those aberrant fools and tyrannical foes that seek to deprive us from our Liberty and want to take away our Free Will, and argumentative Democracy, that we’ve come to love & cherish as our Republic.

Screen Shot 2017-12-15 at 12.09.32 PM

And please do take this to the bank:

“We shall be called to fight our fascist enemies sooner than we might think.”

Because the big red snake has taken our measure and is ready to devour us — if we don’t put up the fight of our lives.

And to this day, many Churchill books, films, and anecdotes — including this one — rely on the writings of the old British Whig party statesman and historian, Lord Thomas Babington Macaulay, in order to illustrate the point of fighting for LIBERTY, because this classic British Historian was the one most admired by Churchill, as he modeled himself to become a writer when he started authoring his own masterpieces of multi-volume Historical books.

Yet in this movie, Churchill recites from Macaulay, when facing disaster during his darkest hour, facing enemies and allies who want the nation to kneel, because to them all, it appeared that would be the prudent thing to do.

Yet Churchill begs to differ and he goes on the record saying to the simple people he polls in the subway: “How can a man die better, than facing fearful odds, for the ashes of his fathers, and for the temples of his Gods?”

And the people hear him with tears in their eyes as Winston also sobs, and then the Citizens bear him out and help him stand firm, when asked if they would even consider surrendering to the beastly National Socialists of Hitler’s Reich.

One and all answer the Prime Minister, with a resounding thunderous answer “No”


“Never Surrender”

“Never ever surrender” arises from then on, as the default answer of Sir Winston Churchill to all calls for surrender and negotiation with the beastly fascist enemy.

He then went on to Westminster House of Commons, to deliver his famous address to Parliament and the nation of “We Will Never Surender” … “We Will Fight Them In The Beaches, and on the Streets … and on the hills — we shall Never Surrender.”

And that’s how Winston Churchill installed the much needed Courage in the hearts of his compatriots, his government, and in his countrymen, and led them all onwards to the Fight of their Lives, in the midst of that Darkest Hour.

And this is how he also installed fear in the heart of the beastly dictator Adolph Hitler.

And especially this is how he soldiered on and eventually managed to turn the tides around, after losing battle after battle, and placing himself at the front of indeterminate fights. And thus believing in his words, he soldiered on alone, finally turning the tables of fate, and winning the war by bringing home a Victory that defines Western Civilization today — when as he prophesied — the New World would come to the aid of the Old one.

This he did too…

Or at least he caused it to happen as he planned.

Cheers and Merry Christmas to one and all.

And let’s remember that we can still wish each other Merry Christmas today because of Winston Churchill defeating the Godless National Socialists of Adolph Hitler and allowing ourselves to fight on today all over again for our principles and beliefs…

Because, after all the dilemma is still valid today: “How can a man die better, than facing fearful odds, for the ashes of his fathers, and for the temples of his Gods?”


Dr Churchill

Screen Shot 2017-12-19 at 11.36.00 PM


Churchill reciting Macaulay while riding on the underground train, talking with the people about what they want to do, is perhaps a historical fiction — but the habit of Winston taking the temperature of the Citizens and the Commoners freely, is well established as his known particular habit, because he always turned away, when faced with the prospect of titles and knighthoods that would place him in the House of the unelected Lords, since as he said, he was a man of the House of Commons and wanted to always stay close to the people he represented all of his political Life.

Further, Winston’s admiration for Lord Macaulay’s writing was certainly not, a historical fiction, but a deeply held reality, since he had devoured all of Macaulay’s voluminous works as a young man, reread them often, and referenced them on pivotal points during his lifetime, as well.

Indeed Macaulay’s version of “Horatio standing guard at the Bridge” is the story of England in World War II, same as it is the story of Winston Churchill standing tall during the Blitz, as he weathered the terribly grievous bombing not sheltered in his London bunker scheming in the dark, with his whiskey and his cigar, but instead defiantly walking in the Green park, smoking on the roof, sleeping in his third story bed, and above all else walking about in the open air, visiting with his countrymen, women, and children, and daily experiencing their mood, while displaying that he suffers the same fate as his fellow citizens, as he exposed himself to equal dangers, with only his umbrella and the divine will of God, as his Protectors against the enemy’s airborne bombs & assassin’s bullets.

Now that’s something to take home with you, after watching this movie: Bravery & Courage borne out of the study of Heroes from our past.

That’s how you learn to be standing tall and guarding the Thermopylae of your destiny … when the chips are down.


And that’s what I spoke about, inside the Admiralty at London’s Trafalgar square this past week, when I gave a thunderous speech under Lord Horatio Nelson’s watchful eye.

I was honored to be speaking in Winston Churchill’s favorite place in the Admiralty, at the famous “Gun Deck” where the portholes of the ships’ cannons can still be seen, felt, and imagined.

Go see my remarks from the “Gun Room” and have a spot of Liberty for yourself here at the Churchill Society:

Screen Shot 2017-10-22 at 11.22.11 AM

And that’s how we fight the good battle today, as we give of our blood to water the Tree of Liberty even when the assassins are stacked high, against us, as we’ve experienced them here too:

Or see the Youtube of Dr Churchill speaking to You here:


And here is my Christmas Gift to all of You.

Screen Shot 2017-12-15 at 12.13.10 PM

Merry Christmas with Winston’s thunderous speech about Liberty and Courage to stand up to tyrannical fascism, in your Life.

Here is a shorter edited form of Winston’s speech:



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