Posted by: Dr Churchill | December 24, 2017

Undiplomatic diplomats playing fetch, and Susan Rice’s naked ambition to be the next pantsuit representing corruption in the DNC…

The DNC, the shadow government, the deep state, the Oligarchs, the Globalists, the Big Banks, the moneyed liberal elite, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and the previous Democratic adminsitrations’ inner circle of intrigue, corruption, and ideological malevolent dogma — have all come home to roost. And indeed like good “chicken-little” crying the “End of the World is Near” they’ve together and formed a shadow administration in exile, in order to scream & cry foul, and thus combat any progress this country is making, away from their Socialist Utopia.

It’s a train wreck in the making. Or more like an airplane crash before the takeoff procedure has even gotten started:

Screen Shot 2017-12-22 at 5.46.40 PM

Amazing, how the depressives, how the broken-downs, and how the mental asylum internees — have moved quite fast in this past year since their wholly unexpected loss of Power, and have have gone through the five stages of grief coming now, out of the other side, with their grievance collector sack spilling out their spleen.

Indeed the Dems have now come back swinging their foam-bats wildly, albeit without any real target, like debutantes vying to catch the bride’s bouquet, by jumping higher and higher, while competing to scream the loudest, and scare the others who are competing to catch the bunch of daisies, and then fall down in a heap, crying like a bitch — hoping that somebody will take pity on them, and marry them, at their seemingly most vulnerable, yet manufactured moment of deceit.

In short these unreformed mental cases, have gone from crying in their cups, to becoming noisy conspirators, agitators, and in some cases treasonous criminals, in order to turn back time, like Mao Ze Dong tried to do with his Cultural Revolution…

And they are using their crying signal: “Russia-Russia-Russia.”

Screen Shot 2017-12-20 at 11.57.57 PM

And these Democratic dogs lusting for power they have borrowed a page from the Great Steersman’s little red book, and have started their own version of a Cultural Revolution, right here in America, calling the threat “Russia-Russia-Russia.”

Seems all those “all expenses paid” junkets to China have finally paid off. The Dems learned how to harangue their opponents with propaganda, innuendo, and hatred filled speech. And they have also been schooled on how to destroy our Country in order to please their Chinese puppet masters, so that their Beijing controllers can now retire in comfort in their Confucian garden — because they have trained their vassals so well…

As an example the former national security advisor Susan Rice attacked the President and his Republican administration with fangs and nails outstretched, as her barbaric swipes against the fabric of our Republic, against the flag of our country, and against the President of the United States show.

This reptilian behavior from someone that enabled the Iranians (Chinese proxies) to have their pursuit of nuclear weapons (cake) and to eat America’s money too (cake 2) — signaled the end of the period of “playing nice” by the Leftist wing of the Red Dems, because her attacks are plainly naked incendiary accusations. And as fire bombs go — Rice’s venom represents the very worst of the cocktail Molotovs coming over the parapet that separates civility in Politics, from the verbal bombs lobbied in these early stages of the looming Civil War.

Screen Shot 2017-12-23 at 12.02.09 AM

Indeed even the former Democratic president’s foreign-policy professionals were aghast, as a whole class of Diplomats were outed, and forced in the public eye, to participate in the conversation smack-dab in the center of New York Times, by Obama’s national security advisor Susan Rice’s horribly stupid accusation against our nation that, “America has abdicated her role as a force for good in the World.”

Perhaps this sad commentary was prompted by the review of her evil-doing since Donald Trump recently released a new national-security review, that paints a “dark,” “almost dystopian” vision of the world — or so Rice contends, when saying in the New York Times, that “this world is full of hostile states and lurking threats.” Rice further claims, that in her mind,  she sees “no common good” in Trump’s worldview. What’s more, (again in her mind) there is no “international community” and no “universal values.”

“These are just American values.”

Yet Ms Susan Rice disagrees, because to her it seems that these “American Values” are NOT “Universal Values.” And that is at the center of what is wrong with the toxic Clinton, Obama, Jared, Rice, and their corruption cabal that denies the value of Western AngloSaxon civilization in favor of some pagan barbaric non belief and Muslim islamic nihilism.

We like Christmas, and yet, they do not. Sadly these disturbed and triggered by religion leftists, detest Christmas and are not happy with celebrating the birth of Jesus and the symbolism this whole thing entails for all of us looking forward to the advent of redemption, and rebirth.

Yet we persist by wishing Merry Christmas to everyone — even to the unbelievers amongst us…

Screen Shot 2017-12-24 at 6.49.40 PM

Further, it seems to me, and also to most other intelligent, diplomatic, and philosophical Statesmen out there, that sadly this ex-Nat-Sec advisor Ms Susan Rice is depressed and that is why she takes a really dim view of herself, of American Christmas, and of what is essentially a restatement of the bedrock principle of all international-relations theory that “The international environment is anarchic.”

There is no “international community,” because there is no enforceable “international law.”

To the extent that such a thing exists, it is dependent upon the willingness of nation states to subordinate their sovereignty to international institutions.

Yet, there’s no mechanism to make them do this, save for the threat of force.

And she further fails to see that Donald Trump is a good “Mechanic” in that respect…

Or is her lack of clear vision, just further proof that she actually works for the Chinese whose enmity of the Russian bear, is well represented in the Democrats rallying cry: “Russia-Russia-Russia.”

Do you see the connection here?

Do you see that the recognition that nation states exist in a state of perpetual competition is not some grim surrender to the darkest of human impulses. It is reality, the acknowledgment of which only conveys to other nations firm parameters, in which they can operate, without accidentally triggering a conflict with another sovereign power.

Seems that mentally deficient, and intellectually poor, Susan Rice, not only pushes the idea that Moscow central Command, is a threat to global stability, peace, “Western values,” and U.S. sovereignty, but she also implies that President Trump is a peon of the Kremlin.

Again, please repeat after me: “Russia-Russia-Russia.”

“Russia-Russia-Russia” this is the cry of the lost soul of the Chinese Democrats.

“Russia-Russia-Russia” is the reason why President Trump is the threat to the United States, and that the proof according to the latest stuffed pant-suit tirade coming from Susan Rice, is that because the Donald declines to recognize that Russia, Russia, Russia, all over again is the ultimate existential threat of these United States.

“Russia-Russia-Russia” … cried “chicken-little” named Susan Rice, and acting in lieu of Hillary Clinton’s pant suit, that is currently resting at the Costco floor next to the hot dogs, where the book “What Happened?” sells for $1.50 along with a hot dog & bun.

Not surprisingly, Hillary’s book points at the same conclusion: Russia happened.


Screen Shot 2017-12-24 at 6.53.54 PM

Yet, now I must answer the question stated in the title of the book “What Happened?” with a different yet simpler answer: “Hillary Happened.”

No, Ms Hillary, no Ms Susan, and “no” to any other delectable, deluded, and crazed pinko Democrat … no, it wasn’t the Russians that made you occupy the Outhouse, instead of the White House. It was You. The lot of You. You and You and you…

It was Hillary and her band of 40 merry thieves of elections.

It was Hillary that happened.

That’s what happened.

For the first time n History there is a book that contains the whole knowledge of it in the cover, where the Question asked is also answered. “What happened?” “Hillary Clinton”

That’s what happened and that’s why the book comes for free bundled with the cooked hotdogs & the buns at the Costco wholesale stores.

Hillary happened, and in fact, it was your own Chinese Democratic policies instituted under Hillary Clinton and Obama, that caused so much damage in America’s standing, prestige, and power, all around the World. It was the loss of both soft and hard power that our nation lost during the Clinton, the Bush, and especially during 8 years of the Obama administration, that when President Trump came along, he saw the obvious disarray, the looming disaster, and the loss of face of the America we knew all around the World — that he had no choice but to start repairing the breach right aways.

Still, the Dem’s ex-government wants to fight this re-newed America as is shown by CIA Director John Brennan who intrigued and lied repeatedly under the tutelage of Obama and his Chinese Masters, and who had the gall to recently accuse Donald Trump and this most American administration, of engaging in “outrageous,” “narcissistic” behavior typical of “vengeful autocrats.” Poor Brennan said that at the aftermath of the UN vote to recognize Jerusalem as the center of Israel, and the US stood her ground alone and simply took the time to record the name of the countries that voted to condemn the United States.

If any of you understands Diplomacy within the United Nations — You know that this soft power pressure is how things get done. This step is the most common measure of friends and allies in the International community and it is certainly not an outrageous step to take, but rather a common occurrence. Yet Brennan talks as though that US step, was an unprecedented one…

It is not.

James Clapper, Obama’s director of national intelligence, and not the brightest bulb in the box, all but alleged that the president is a Russian “asset.” “Russia-Russia-Russia.”

“Russia-Russia-Russia.” All over again. Serial liar in front of Congress and Senate James Clapper, the guy who tapped your phone and your emails wants to tell us now that his Chinese Masters are telling us: “Russia-Russia-Russia.”

Yet reality is surprisingly different.

“Russia-Russia-Russia” Barack Obama and his cronies, were the most Anti-Atlanticist Presidency since World War II, when Churchill and Roosevelt fashioned the Atlantic Charter ion top of a gunship in Nova Scotia.

And I’m not saying that because Obama’s first act as President was to throw away Grandpa Churchill’s bust out the Oval office and into the trash — but because not only Obama and his administration that are all going like piglets crying “Russia-Russia-Russia” today — they didn’t bat an eyelid, nor moved a muscle when Russia annexed the whole of Crimea and the Eastern part of Ukraine.

And it was still the “Russia-Russia-Russia” Clinton-Obama cabal, that during the same year of Russia’s brazen invasion and dismemberment of the former Soviet Republic of Georgia — scrapped all agreements to move radar and missile interceptor installations from Central Europe. It was “Russia-Russia-Russia” Clinton-Obama, that during 2013, the last of America’s armored combat units left Europe, ending a 70 year long history of a strong security presence on the European Continent.

And with Obama-Rice, by 2014, there were just two U.S. Army brigades stationed in Europe. The folly of this demobilization became abundantly clear when Vladimir Putin became the first Russian leader since Stalin to invade and annex territory in neighboring Ukraine.

So, please tell me now: Who is enabling Russia to be a threat to Europe all over again?

Screen Shot 2017-12-23 at 12.11.40 AM

Because naturally, once the Americans left the Continent, Putin intervened militarily in Syria, (where U.S. forces were already operating), resulting in the most dangerous escalation of tensions between the two nuclear power adversaries, since the end of the Cold War. Putin’s move in Syria should not have come as a surprise, because Susan Rice and Barack Obama, by default, outsourced the solution to the Syrian conflict to Moscow in 2013, in order to avoid making good on his self-set “red line” for intervention in that conflict. This, despite the constant use of WMDs on civilians.

Even Rice’s chief complaint about Trump, his failure to condemn Putin’s brazen intervention in the 2016 election, didn’t elicit a reaction from Barack Obama until the final month of his presidency, when Trump had won and the Dems needed to explain the unexpected loss away from “What Happened? Hillary” to the outrageously McCarthy era anachronism “Russia-Russia-Russia.”

By contrast to the “Russia-Russia-Russia” rallying cry of the plantation politics regime of the Southern Democrats, and to the surprise of just about everyone else — the Trump administration has actually been tough on Russia, because President Trump has ordered harsh sanctions on Moscow’s Iranian allies for violating United Nations resolutions. He also has attacked the Syrian allies of Russia, and their enemies the Iranian backed Hezbollah and their ISIS puppets.

And unsurprisingly, this is a course the Obama administration declined to take even if it allowed Hezbollah terrorists with direct links to Putin to operate with impunity. As a matter of fact Susan Rice and Obama, pulled back the DEA from grappling with the Hezbollah that made million from illegal drug sales, because they didn’t want to upset their Iranian you counterparts in the sinister nuclear weapons deal with that faithless and ruthless bunch of extremist jihadist Shia Muslims.

Contrast that with President Trump’s long overdue airstrikes on Putin’s vassal regime in Syria, that halted any further use of chemical weapons in the process.

Add to it, the fact that President Trump not only declined to lift Obama-era sanctions on Moscow, as many feared he would, but he actually expanded them, and increased them.

And it was his administration that closed the Russian consulates, and their annexes, in the United States.

It was Trump’s White House that targeted Putin allies like Chechen strongman Ramzan Kadyrov under the Magnitsky Act — the same act that Kremlin cutout Natalia Veselnitskaya lobbied the Trump campaign to scuttle. Trump has even gone so far as to open U.S. arms sales to Ukraine, representing a significant blow to Putin’s ambitions in Europe.

So today, it is without any doubt that Trump has the strongest record of being tough on Russia than, Barack Obama or his predecessors, ever did.

Screen Shot 2017-12-23 at 6.39.10 PM

No wonder stuffed pant suit, Susan Rice is so angry….

And to top herself, Susan Rice revealed he Chinese sympathies, by alleging that Trump recklessly accused China of being an “avowed opponent” of the U.S. rather than just a competitor, and then insisted that China has not “illegally occupied its neighbors.”

Hey Susan: “Go tell that to Brunei, Malaysia, the Philippines, Vietnam, Myanmar, Singapore, or Taiwan — each of which lay claim to strategic territory in the South China Sea that the People’s Republic has seized and turned into forward air and naval bases.

Yet in light of the aggression that Rice’s Chinese Masters exhibit — she suggests that Trump’s “realists” decided to “lump” Beijing, in with Moscow, not because it is a rising military and economic power, but because they wanted to “placate” American nationalists.

This White House declined to defibrillate the Trans-Pacific Partnership free trade agreement back to life when it inherited its corpse, and it has done a far more comprehensive job of working with Beijing to isolate Pyongyang than Obama did, as the North Korean nuclear crisis intensifies, China has backed fresh sanctions on North Korean financial institutions, cut off all access to Chinese iron, lead, and coal, and may even scale back petroleum deliveries to the Stalinist state by as much as 90 percent.

And all that stuff, has happened in the space of a single year. Trump moves fast and his Art of the Deal benefits America mightily…

Of course Rice is a serial bemoaner, a grievance collector, and a “Russia-Russia-Russia” songbird, but claiming as fact that Trump’s national security document contained no nods to America’s core ideological principles, such as freedom, democracy, and human rights — is a blatant LIE.

A huge LIE, because it does contain all of that and it has Liberty at the top of it all. And that’s why we true Americans, real Patriots, and Veteran Warriors, really like Trump and his National Security Platform & Policies.

Doubling down on what works is a smart policy….

Screen Shot 2017-12-22 at 12.41.00 PM

And indeed because the recent national security strategy review, we spoke about earlier, did declare perfunctory fealty to the idea that America cannot “impose its values” on others, but it criticized nations like China and Russia for making their economies “less free and less fair” and for censoring information “to repress their societies” it professed America’s intention to oppose “rival actors” who “use propaganda and other matters to discredit democracy.” The document added that this administration intends to “support the dignity of individuals” who “live under oppressive regimes and who seek freedom” and “rule of law.” The U.S. will use “every tool” to “isolate states and leaders who threaten our interests and whose actions run contrary to our values,” including “repressive regimes and human rights abusers.”

After all, we need to remind Ms Susan Rice, that American values, are truly universal global values.

Screen Shot 2017-12-22 at 5.47.05 PM

Still Ms Susan Rice contended that the national review document failed to itemize the discrete identities on whose behalf the U.S. should work for: LGBT people, people in poverty, people with AIDS, people under 30, etc. However the truth is that the review document insists that all mankind, regardless of conditions or accidents of birth, are objects of U.S. interest, care, and control.

Ms Susan Rice further complained that climate change is no longer viewed as a threat to national security. Indeed that was her only true and good point so far.

Because YES, climate change is not in and of itself a threat to American national security, but perhaps it might be a threat multiplier, as inclement weather has always been. And long term weather forecasting is improving vastly the viability of our capacity to respond efficiently ahead of the landfall of hurricanes and storms.

So save for some valid concerns about the prospect of an overly restrictive immigration policy and the precariousness of U.S. free-trade obligations, Ms Susan Rice has painted a picture not of a radical administration, but maybe of one that is returning to a familiar status quo ante dating the ideological extremities that the Clinton-Obama administration had engaged in. Because in nearly all respects, it was Clinton-Obama’s White House, not the Donald Trump one, that adopted a unbending and severely ideological foreign policy that rendered the United States of America, it’s Allies, and the rest of the world quite unsafe as a result.


Dr Churchill


But sour grapes are hard to stomach and we see that with feeble minded Ms Susan Rice, serial liar Clapper, and reality refusing Brennen, who as early as March of 2017, had started undermining the New president in concert with all of Clinton-Obama ex-white house administration and his foreign-policy professionals who were quite insecure about how posterity would remember their stewardship of American interests abroad. They had every reason to be, because they will be remembered as amateurs truing to professional jobs and failing badly.

Screen Shot 2017-12-20 at 1.12.13 AM

And as moderate Independent Politician and Head of the Lincoln Party — I must admit that for now, at least, am glorying in the fact that the Trump administration which we have supported from before the Republican primaries — has declined to govern as crazily as someones within the Trump team had campaigned. We are gratified that even the President Donald Trump it is not governing, nor directing our international affairs as a populist firebrand, but as a conventional long term seeing Republican, and this relative pragmatism wins over our friends and foes alike.

Yet it is this pragmatic approach to national security that it sows fear and hatred in the hearts of the Islamic Muslim mafia and the Chinese-North Korean missile shakers, and even to the “Russia-Russia-Russia” Chinese motivated Dems, the atheist Leftists, and their puppet Masters in Beijing and Wall Street…

And that is a good thing, because they have all got a serious case of indigestion and tremulous colon with President Trump calling there shots from the Resolute desk of the Oval Office in the White House.

So, after this spectacularly successful Tax overhaul and the amazing year of growth and prosperity, we’ve had — please, pray-tell, how’s that “Russia-Russia-Russia” baby cry, is working for you so far?

Make its lullaby and we’ll all be signing it to pout ourselves to sleep. Methinks that’s a far  better use of hot air and noxious gases coming out of liberal leftist commie mouths.

And it seems to me that right about now, Ms Susan Rice, and her former White House errant colleagues have every reason to worry…

Except, please do not worry for the United States.

Yet you can abundantly and justifiably start worrying for your reputations and for not spending the rest of your life in a birdcage.

Since it’s no coincidence that these overheated condemnations accompany abundant evidence that the Trump administration is finding its legs, and the Sessions DoJ starts looking into the sinister Russian “Uranium One” deal, that Secretary Clinton and those around her, including Rice and Obama, vastly enriched themselves…

That’s the “Russia-Russia-Russia” we’ll be examining in the months to come…

And as the last administration’s undeserved reputation as sober-minded foreign policy rationalist, freely unravels, as is dismantled by reality setting in — one retrospective report at a time — its jilted members are lashing out, as the other shoe is also dropping now that their abundant corruption is unearthed, and coming to the corrosive light of day, where the Real Cultural Revolution is taking place: “The Revolution of the Waking up of the American Mind.”

And that is the “Real Giant” that the Dems fear that they have now woken up.

That is what keeps fear in their hearts, more than anything else…Merry Christmas everybody.


Screen Shot 2017-12-24 at 6.51.11 PM


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