Posted by: Dr Churchill | January 1, 2018

Que Sera Sera + 2018 => What’s meant to be, will be…

Letting go of the past is a choice…

But that exactly what we have to do if we are to face the future.

Let Go.

Let go of the past and take the fork on the road that leads to the Future.

That’s the trick and it ought to do it again this New Year of 2018.

Let’s do it.

Take the path less travelled.

Screen Shot 2017-12-31 at 7.34.13 PM

And the key here on this New Journey, is to be able to let go of all the junk, that we carry around on our back as if we are pack animals.

It is this junk that is weighing us down that we need to leave behind, if we are to propel ourselves forward.

And now that the Christmas holidays are over, and 2018 is starting — gives me a chance to reflect on all that transpired in 2017, and all the great learning “experiences” that I’ve been through this past year.

Indeed this past year 2017 — I was tested far more than I would have preferred. Yet here I am to report that I was not broken… and I have survived and recovering from this political assassination attempt against my Life.

Good morning people.

Good morning world.

Good Morning…

Screen Shot 2017-11-29 at 1.26.24 AM

It was a Great Year because we started and continue to do everything in our Power to Make America Great Again with a President that believes in Liberty and the Constitution.

But it was also very much an “Annus Horribilis” because I was almost killed in 2017.

I was attacked and left for dead by my attackers early on in 2017 at the very end of the month of February. Tha was on the evening of the 28th  when I was attacked by some Islamic and leftist hooligans inside the Microsoft corporation Global Headquarters where I was giving a speech.

Sadly the Microsoft employees who organized this “Speech” not only did not provide security, but they assisted my attackers to escape the rightful justice from the Police, by not giving testimony to the Police and hiding behind the many layers of lawyers and phony Policemen that Microsoft employs to cover up their culpability…

Yet I remember clearly that at the time, of my attack —  I received several blows to the head from a bunch of thugs, that attacked me in the corridor after I left the lecture hall, but a particularly nasty criminal used Chinese Kung-Fu sticks to hit me on the side of the head, and we believe that the accumulated impact of the blows is what caused the massive hematoma and the severe blunt trauma to the left side of the head that in turn caused the total left side paralysis of my body and head. And all of my left side motor functions failed and my facial paralysis became unbearable to handle, and the overall Brain trauma almost killed me.

It was a nasty revelation to discover that the Redmond Police department is full of corrupt criminals pretending to uphold the Law, whereas in reality, they act like the old Pinkertons that worked for the mine owners and shot the miners dead…

Today the modern day Pinkerton detectives of the Redmond Police Department are working for Microsoft and they are not interested in the law and that is why they haven’t prosecuted my attackers to this day.

Thankfully there Department of Justice is  investigating the Redmond Police Department and the FBI is going to hand some well deserved indictments all around soonest…

The rewards of crime are still the same: Karma is a Nasty Bitch and is always available for a date with the scofflaws, like the bastards of the Redmond Police Department and Microsoft Security, that revolve through the same door and just change the uniform but in reality they are all the same…

Just keep in mind that an attack against a Politician is a serious crime and considered as domestic terrorism.

Screen Shot 2017-12-19 at 11.36.00 PM

After that assassination attempt, seeing as the local Police is corrupt and not wishing to guarantee my safety in light of these attacks, and especially since they were not even prosecuting my attackers during that time of “TII” [“Trump Induced Insanity” amongst all the fascists of AntiFa and Islamic alliance of Leftist Democrats] — I  sought refuge to the UK in London, and had the vital operation at the special Brain Surgery Imperial Research Hospital in Hammersmith, where I underwent surgical care for serious brain injury, and continued treatments that are still ongoing. And once back in Seattle I still receive care and brain injury rehabilitation, and although I suffer from the pain and serious migraine headaches to this day and PTSD, and I am still doing rehabilitation therapy for Brain trauma — I am finally able to come to terms with the reality that I SURVIVED and thus I can now conduct my life again from a place of strength.

Still, throughout my ordeal, I had to settle my affairs and even had to choose the music and the flowers for my funeral, in preparation for the brain surgery that only gave me a 33% chance of survival. Still throughout it all — I kept reaching for the light, grateful for my temporary survival and the expected successful surgery.

Surgery succeeded and I survived, and now even have a partial recovery, that I attribute wholly to God, the great English Brain Surgeons, and to the daily constitutional regimen of walking with the dogs, in the open air, in the beach, among the trees, and under the sun.

As I slowly regained motor skills on the left side, I also regained mental strength…

And as my body healed, and as I slowly regained corporeal agency, the slow healing process, permanently imprinted my mind with a new consciousness. And like all of our unexpected brushes with mortality, the assassination attempt thrust into my lap a ledger and demanded an accounting of my life — for who I am, for what I stand for, for what I have done for the world so far, and for what & how I wish to be remembered when am gone.

Yet, as nature nursed me back to life in her embrace, I found myself reflecting on the most elemental questions of existence, such as the big Questions that follow:

What gives Life a purpose?

What makes a life worth living?

What makes a Life, worth remembering?

And although I have not yet found the answers to any of these — I found another big answer that allows me to live more fully, and to hope for the future, each and every day…

Because I have survived this assassination attempt and I am not dead.

Because I survived and I am not broken.

Because I survived and I am not full of Malice.

Because I survived and hope to find the strength to Forgive…

And because I can clearly say that I AM A SURVIVOR.



To be a survivor and to not be dead is a Great Thing.

Think about it…

Screen Shot 2017-12-31 at 7.41.11 PM

Check this out:

And although pain is a constant reminder and has become a companion in my Life — I believe that in 2018 things are gonna start looking up.

Because critically both my faith and my patience were severely tested, along with my ability to live free of pain, and thus I was made to see my self-worth being tested too — but I survived.

And on the upside — I also found out that pain can be didactic as well. But the greatest teacher ever is to be a survivor.

I am a SURVIVOR of an assassination attempt and that is what matters more than anything else n my Life right now.

Are you feeling my passion for living?

Screen Shot 2017-12-29 at 7.38.03 PM

Yet, my ability to continue to choose God, faith, and love, when all I wanted to do was give up and let it all go — was tested. But, it taught me to continue to choose love even when some people don’t deserve even a smidgeon of it.

This year 2017, also taught me that waiting for the RIGHT thing is so much more rewarding than forcing the WRONG thing. God will lead you to the people who are deserving and waiting with wide open arms and a wide-open heart ready to love you for what you are, flaws included.

A positive attitude goes a long way and if you work hard, you will be rewarded. Though I had both my head and my heart broken, and I’d never wish that pain on my worst enemy, and although I was disappointed by people I never expected to be disappointed by, and though I struggled in more ways than one to wake up, and make it through the day sometimes — I’m here today to say that I’m so grateful to be blessed with so much.

Screen Shot 2017-12-31 at 7.38.21 PM

Because, I have an amazing life, a great group of people that I lead, a dispersed and non intrusive family, children who do well, and a very beautiful sexy woman who loves and supports me through everything. Of course I also have amazing friends, both near and far, that are a phone-call away, if I ever need them and they are always good for a getaway to adventure, to the Amazonas, to SE Asia, or to the tropic islands around the world…

Sometimes we visit the Arctic sea ice to see the state of affairs there and look for the shy polar bears — but mostly just Greenland and Tromso in Norway, that are the gateways to the Arctic Council, where the meetings of the Environmental Parliament always seek to create successful Environmental policies that balance the Earth, the Environment and the Economy, so that People, Planet, and Profits are all looked after.

Screen Shot 2017-12-30 at 7.57.30 PM

I have a great job and see great results, that are coupled with an amazing work family that has brought me friendships that will last a lifetime, and God allowed some amazing people to come into my life when I least expected that have made me feel a way I never had before in the weirdest (but amazing!) circumstance. I reconnected with friends from the past and built strong relationships with them again.

I’ve began focusing my energy to make a positive difference, since I decided that 2018 will be the year of mission LOVE, and to show my purpose that GOD works in crazy ways if you cast all your worries on him.

Screen Shot 2017-12-31 at 7.44.06 PM

And of course I am grateful that all of 2017 has been full of my campaigning near and far for the Lincoln party and the Centrist Independent Politics that are so much needed in our Republic….

Lincoln Party Solves Human Slavery, Trafficking, Child Soldiers & Exploitation

Especially when you see the enslaved people all around the world, and I am not just saying about the mental slavery that the plantation politics of the Democratic party is still exercising for all those bondaged minorities and illiberal poor people, but am mostly concerned about the victims of the Muslim ideology that are suffocated under the yoke of that neurophobic cult.

Think about all the women that are treated as property and chattel, or as nothing more than barnyard animals for the males that “own” them.

And maybe on this day the 2nd of January that is the anniversary of President Abraham Lincoln’s Emancipation proclamation of 1863, when he issued the proclamation that hereafter “Slaves Shall Be Forever Free” — we might need to rekindle our interest to free the females of the species and all other enslaved people that suffer under the Muslim yoke.


And am certain that 2018 will be a catalyst year for that magnificent work of Liberation of these modern slaves… through the Lincoln party that to this day carries the tradition of the virtual founder the 16th President of these United States, Abraham Lincoln.

And make certain to make a list of all the things you want to accomplish this New year, starting form the big things and leading to the little things.

Choose your goals carefully. Have a notebook handy and write them down immediately. Do this before you forget them. No matter how big, small, simple or complex your goals are, get the list of all of them in writing. It doesn’t matter how you do it, but get a record of all your goals, because you’re more likely to remember them and maybe make them happen over the course of this New Year.

It is always good to have a mix of short term and long term goals, and to not be afraid to set big goals that seem outlandish, because if you set daily goals, and work through your list every day, you can mark off every completed task with a satisfying tick. This helps keep you motivated as you aim for the big hairy and difficult goals.

Cheers to the best life has to offer.


Dr Churchill

Screen Shot 2017-12-30 at 9.46.38 PM


And as 2018 comes along, it also serves as a reminder of how blessed I truly am to live the life of purpose and public service, and full of meaningful goals that will elevate people all around me.

So as the year unfolds, I’m going to work harder at my job and make sure I learn everything I possibly can from those around me, to not only grow as an individual, but as a member of this much maligned Humanity…

Of course, I am excited to see what this year has in store for me, and to not only grow in my faith, but grow as a person and grow on the path that GOD has intended for me, even if I don’t understand it and I don’t want the suffering, but I ought to accept it, instead of constantly trying to control and guide everything myself, and of course failing to alter anything from his divine plan.

Those of you who know me, know that “letting go” won’t be easy, but it serves me well, as a richly rewarding New Year Resolution.

“What’s meant to be, will be.”

–Ecclesiastes 3:1-15

Or in a ore modern interpretation…

Que Sera Sera

Enjoy and don’t forget to be grateful for the bullet we dodged together this past year…

Screen Shot 2017-12-30 at 8.34.10 PM

And as the New Year evolves — please remember that after you have exhausted what there is in business, in politics, in conviviality, in love, in family, and so on, I have found that none of these things finally satisfy the void in our hearts.

All these things fill the void in our minds, but fail to fill up our hearts.

So I ask this: What is it that remains?

God remains.

God and his natural world are ever-present, and bring out the affinity of a man for his dog, for the open air, for the trees, for the animals, for the surrounding sea, for the swimming lakes, for the fields and the horizon, for the changes of the seasons, for the snowcapped mountains, and for the elusive sun of the Pacific Northwest…

God bless you all.

Screen Shot 2017-12-31 at 7.40.11 PM

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