Posted by: Dr Churchill | January 5, 2018

We must get back to the Moon — even if only to appreciate the Earth we call Home.

Seeing this beautiful full moon that we all saw these last few days, I was reminded of my speech a decade ago in front of the young future astronauts from the NASA AeroSpace students, in an event in Seattle’s Museum of Flight where I said to considerable applause that:

“We must get back to the Moon — soonest — even if only to appreciate the beauty of this Earth we call Home.”

To this day, I still strongly believe that we are best able to see the true beauty of the Earth from afar.

We can truly feel the longing for this eternal home of the Human Race, from far out in Space.

And maybe we can also define the purpose of our existence better when we are far from Home…

So onwards Christian soldiers, to the Moon we Go…

Screen Shot 2018-01-05 at 8.33.02 AM

As the legendary Moon shot mission brought us so much to be grateful and to recall:

“When I was the last man to walk on the Moon in December 1972, I stood in the blue darkness and looked in awe at the Earth from the lunar surface… What I saw was almost too beautiful to grasp. There was too much logic, too much purpose — it was almost too beautiful to have happened by accident.”

–NASA Astronaut Gene Cernan


Screen Shot 2018-01-01 at 10.11.33 PM



Dr Churchill


Surely the New Space Council will help us put the assets in place and maybe assist the process to help us get there, but Project Ptolemy will truly be the ones that will fully materialize the means, create the support infrastructure, and fulfill the Purpose to get there.

And that is our Vision today as is encapsulated in my Mission & Vision Statement for Project Ptolemy hanging up behind my desk on the deck of the USS

“Go back to the Moon and built our launchpad, & stuff, because that’s how we will bring Human Civilization to Space.”

I feel it in my bones for a long time now…

And it all started when as a child, I read this quote bellow from the legendary astronaut and navigator celestial Gene Cernan, who said this:

Screen Shot 2018-01-05 at 8.26.24 AM


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