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MLK for breakfast…

Early morning Monday the 15th of January, I gave a speech at the University of Washington, and reminded the students that our Life is only as good as the Service we offer to others…

Many students in the audience agreed, and joined the Lincoln Party in order to serve the poor, the infirm, and those enslaved in mental or physical slavery, and help them liberate their life.

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And in the process I spoke about how when you serve others, you really serve yourself first and foremost. Especially when you do not stop speaking in the face of evil as Dr King reminds us every year through his Life’s example…

Martin Luther King, Jr life’s example was his vision for All Americans to reach the state of equality of Civil Rights, where “Equal protection under the law” could be enjoyed by all. Indeed since “All Men Are Created Equal” as out Constitution claims, Dr King explained brilliantly in his “Letter from Birmingham Jail” the cause for equality in front of the eyes of the LAW.

It is this letter from the Birmingham City jail, that I studied again, these past few days, as I was preparing for my speech at my Alma Matter, the University of Washington, that I had to deliver on MLK day, to complete my humble and small contribution to the “Day of Service” and to the nationwide effort to teach the young People of America to live in harmony with each other, and to do this through the way of service to each other. And the way of service to other people, as it turns out, it also leads to the Lord, whose people rejoice, as Dr Martin Luther King worked, preached, and enjoyed, living in Grace filled Life, in the eyes of the Lord.

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Dr King asked for a simple thing: “Equal Protection under the law for ALL Americans.” And this has largely been delivered to all Americans today. But as a Society we are far from perfect, yet we have to keep united.

E Pluribus Unum… and Equality Under the Law for All Americans… that will surely make us a more perfect Union.

Heavy words, coming from a heavy man, representing a heavy legacy, that to this day carries us forth. And that is pretty much the essence of my remarks that I delivered on this gathering of young minds on a wintry yet sunny day in Seattle’s most beautiful University Campus at the UW.

Yet, for Dr King and the same for this writer, public speaker, and ethical politician — as we all know — “No Good Deed Goes Unpunished” in America, and as Martin Luther King was assassinated for his labors to free all of us from the bondage of racism and inequality, so have myself suffered grave hurt, pain and brain damage from an enraged group of leftist Antifa mob, that attempted my assassination, inside the headquarters of Microsoft where I was delivering a speech.

See it all here:

This all happened on February 28th of this past year 2017, and I am still suffering from the blunt head trauma, abut also from the lawlessness and there corruption that permeates the Redmond Police Department that has not to this day interviewed or charged my attackers with this dastardly crime, right in the heart of this wealthy suburb of Seattle, the little company town named Redmond, WA, that is made up of ultra rich liberals, the MicroSerfs, that disdain Liberty, Free people, and the Law. And by the way, they also really hate our President, our Republic, and anyone who thinks differently than their little weed addled minds can fathom…

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So when I see how my work has suffered this past year, I recall the words of the wife of the slain civil rights leader Dr King, Coretta, who plainly said that her main concern was that her husband’s work would be carried on, after his death, and she advised all the people to hold the peace. Against her advise and against the peace marchers and the words of Dr King, sudden and spontaneous rioting erupted in most all major American cities. Following Dr King’s assassination, all hell broke loose in America, as Coretta rightly feared that the nonviolence King had preached, would be lost in the embers of the fire-breathing looters, vengeful attackers, and rioters.

It was a bad time for America, and yet the only city that kept the Peace, amongst the major cities, it was Indianapolis, where no riots were reported. maybe this was simply because another enlightened person spoke to the people and that was the brother of the slain President JFK, who went in the midst of the African-American’s ghetto defying the Police advise for his safety, and spoke about King’s assignation more eloquently than any other time he had spoken about anything in his Life.

And that’s how the Peace held, that night in Indianapolis…

You can see and hear RFK speaking in Indianapolis about Dr King’s assassination here:

The Sunday following M. L. King’s assassination, his wife Loretta spoke to the congregation of the Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta, where she implored the people to continue the peaceful movement for civil rights, and to continue to act as he would have done, for all the causes he believed in.

She said this: “Our concern now is that his work does not die. He gave his life for the poor of the world — the garbage workers of Memphis and the peasants of Vietnam. Nothing could hurt him more than that man could attempt no way to solve problems except through violence. He gave his life in search of a more excellent way, a more effective way, a creative way rather than a destructive way.”

“We intend to go on in search of that way, and I hope that you who loved and admired him would join us in fulfilling his dream.”

“The day that Negro people and others in bondage are truly free, on the day want is abolished, on the day wars are no more, on that day I know my husband will rest in a long-deserved peace.”

At that time, King’s activism had taken a turn from his campaign for civil rights in the American South — to a much more radical PEACE stand, one aimed against the war in Vietnam and against inequality, and vast poverty.

King at the moment was refusing to choose between Civil Rights for African-Americans and Peace for the American and the Vietnamese people, and that alienated all the Democratic party Politicians who were complicit in the war along with the Southern Democrat the President LBJ…

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Yet this Dr King did, in full conscience that he will be blackballed because for years, M. L. King had been troubled by the war in Vietnam, and had raised the issue privately in all his conversations with the Democratic President Lyndon Johnson, but he realized that nobody heard him. And as the conflict dragged on, and as American men came back in body bags, or broken to bits, Dr King felt he had no choice but to publicly denounce the war.

So in an April 1967 speech at Riverside Church in New York City, Dr King, the renown civil rights leader didn’t speak about Civil Rights, but he spoke against the War in Indo-China, and publicly denounced the American involvement in the Vietnam war and its extensions in Cambodia, and Laos.

He had this to say: “This business of burning human beings with napalm, of filling our nation’s homes with orphans and widows, of injecting poisonous drugs of hate into the veins of peoples normally humane, of sending men home from dark and bloody battlefields physically handicapped and psychologically deranged, cannot be reconciled with wisdom, justice, and love,” he warned. “A nation that continues year after year to spend more money on military defense than on programs of social uplift is approaching spiritual death.”

Naturally many advisors and friends, and all of his colleagues in Dr King’s inner circle, warned him against making that speech, and against publicly campaigning to Stop the war in Vietnam, but he wanted to go on. Their argument was that Johnson had risked his neck for the African-American community on issues like civil rights, health care, and welfare, and for Dr King to now start publicly condemning LBJ’s foreign policy — would irreparably harm the relationship between the Civil Rights activists and the President of the United States.

Yet King was adamant by saying: “We are called to speak for the weak, for the voiceless, for the victims of our nation, for those it calls “enemy” for no document from human hands can make these humans any less our brothers.”

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King reserved a section of his remarks to also address his friendly critics who wanted to preserve the relationship with LBJ, because Dr King labeled the war an “enemy of the poor” saying that its budget was draining anti-poverty programs; and he also pointed out that it was hypocritical for him to preach nonviolence to activists at home, while watching his government reject that principle abroad.

But ultimately King said, that his stance came from “personal moral conviction” and from his “devoted Christian beliefs.”

As he explained: “Beyond the calling of race or nation or creed, there is this vocation of sonship, and brotherhood. Because I believe that the Father is deeply concerned, especially for His suffering, helpless, and outcast children, I come tonight to speak for them. This I believe to be the privilege and the burden of all of us who deem ourselves bound by allegiances and loyalties, which are broader and deeper than nationalism and which go beyond our nation’s self-defined goals and positions. We are called to speak for the weak, for the voiceless, for the victims of our nation, for those it calls “enemy” for no document from human hands can make these humans any less our brothers.”

And that is when Dr King was vehemently attacked form the Democrats whose leader was the sitting President LBJ who had enlarged the war in Vietnam. The virulent backlash from the liberal establishment that had once praised King for his civil rights campaign, came as hard, and as fast, as King’s friends & allies had initially feared, when they advised him to keep quiet about the Democrat’s dirty war in Vietnam and Indochina.

Among the first, it was the New York Times editorial board, and the NYT journalists, who lambasted Dr King, for linking the war in Vietnam, to the struggles of civil rights, and poverty alleviation, within these United States… The NYT the Democrat establishment voice, attacked Dr King, by saying that it was “too facile a connection” and that he was doing a “disservice” to both causes. It concluded that there “are no simple answers to the war in Vietnam, or to racial injustice in this country.” The Washington Post another Democratic mouthpiece, attacked the good Doctor through their editorial board by writing that Dr King had “diminished his usefulness to his cause, his country and his people.” A political cartoon in the Kansas City Star, depicted the civil rights movement as a young black girl crying and begging for her drunk father Dr King, who is consuming the contents of a bottle labeled “Anti-Vietnam.”

In all, 168 newspapers denounced him the next day. Johnson ended his formal relationship with King. “What is that goddamned nigger preacher doing to me?” Johnson reportedly remarked after the Riverside speech. “We gave him the Civil Rights Act of 1964, we gave him the Voting Rights Act of 1965, we gave him the war on poverty. What more does he want?”

The whole of the Mass Establishment Media, and the Democratic party, starting form the President Lyndon Johnson and going down to the state level and even amongst the Dixiecrats and the Southern Democrats, all aligned with the Northern Democratic party to smear Dr King as a disturbing anti-war agitator and as someone to be “done with” as they often described him…

Even the African-American establishment, fearful of President Lyndon Johnson’s reaction, and also aligned with the Democratic party also distanced itself from Dr King, and attacked him as a Fool on a Fool’s errand…

The NAACP under the leadership of Roy Wilkins refused to oppose the war and explicitly condemned Dr King’s effort to link the peace and civil rights movements into a powerful alliance, and instead they disowned Dr King…

Whitney Young, the leader of the National Urban League, warned that “Johnson needs a consensus. If we are not with him on Vietnam, then he is not going to be with us on civil rights.”

Jackie Robinson, the celebrated African-American baseball player and civil rights advocate, wrote to Johnson two weeks after King’s speech to distance himself from the civil rights leader by saying: “While I am certain your faith has been shaken by demonstrations against the Viet Nam war, I hope the actions of any one individual does not make you feel as Vice President Humphrey does, that Dr. King’s stand will hurt the civil rights movement. It would not be fair to the thousands of our Negro fighting men who are giving their lives because they believe, in most instances, that our Viet Nam stand is just.”

Additionally most all of the Christian and people of faith, who were donors to the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, wrote to Dr King in order to announce that they were pulling out their support, and will never support him in the future, because of his dangerous path to oppose the war…

Screen Shot 2018-01-14 at 6.59.44 PM

Imagine all the News Media, all the newspapers, all the television stations and Channels, all the Powerful Democrats, the President and the Vice President of this country, the whole of the Democratic party, all the Governors and the legislatures, and all those powerful establishment figures and financiers — all being arrayed against Dr King because he dared to oppose the War in Vietnam…

No wonder I truly believe it is their culpability that led to his death. It is as if they all collectively put him on their gun sights, then pulled the trigger that struck the cordite, that caused the explosion that released the bullet that struck Dr King’s heart and pierced his body through and through.

Dr King was killed by a Mass Media and Democratic party execution in public. An otherwise described as an “Assassination by Smear” following a tremendous character assassination, the likes of which we hadn’t seen until the current frenzy of the Media seeking blood of this new champion of the people that sits in the oval office today…

History repeats itself, except every time it gets a little worse for wear.

Yes, Dr King was literally and figuratively assassinated by the Democrats who wanted to continue the war in Vietnam and Indochina, in a wholesale way, for their own continued corporate profits of the military industrial complex machine, and for the personal interests that satisfied the Agenda of the Democratic party and the bloody Texan and Democratic party Machiavellian operative LBJ, who already had the blood of the most popular President Jack Kennedy, on his hands.

And that is why Dr Martin Luther King also “had to go” because not only he spoke eloquently against the Vietnam war, but he was a great leader, and intellectually strong and able to connect the dots for all the people to understand the corruption of the Democratic party and the evils of the War since as he said: “Injustice anywhere, is injustice everywhere.”

Dr King was a man of peace, and when he saw Peace destroyed in Vietnam, he understood that Peace was destroyed back at home in the United States too. And since he took it upon himself to speak everywhere, and anywhere, and because in his talks to thousands of young demonstrators, he stirred up amazingly vivid passions, he had to be silenced. He “had to go” lest the Democrats lose the next elections.

Indeed, the evil and calculating people amongst the leadership of the Democratic party, sought to assassinate Dr King several times. Assassinations were ordered and held back, such as the one time when he spoke on the United Nations Plaza on April 15th of 1967 in New York City and was sighted by the assassin’s gun scopes. At the last moment this plot was foiled, and the Democratic assassins thought better of it, and rehashed their plan, for when the circumstances appeared better. They determined to kill Dr King in the South, in order to shift the blame to others, and they did just that — playing the peace card all over again, and causing division and discord by employing the race identity card in Dr King’s assassination, and then causing there mass riots in all American cities that burned down the ghettos of the Black American  communities, and further inviting oppression by the Police…

But that’s another story of why the Democrats are still exploiting the Black Americans and the Minorities in the same way as the days of plantation and by always sowing the seeds of fear in their hearts — they maintain their control over the “Slaves” and their descendants.

Yet as Dr King always said: “It Is the Truth that will set us All, Free”

Screen Shot 2018-01-14 at 7.09.46 PM

Dr King was well aware of all the Democratic party Evil and their involvement in the creation of the KKK, and their desire to continue the plantation politics of the days of Slavery —  and that is why he was a staunch Republican.

And because Dr King would never submit to the Democratic party’s plantation politics, he identified fully with the party of the Great Emancipator Abraham Lincoln. And indeed he was hated by the Democrats for that, and as the anti-war demonstrators all over the country were brewing up, with all the young people who were protesting the war in Vietnam seeking new uncorrupted leaders, and splintering away from the corrupt Democratic party of LBJ — Dr King became one of the Leaders of the March called the “Spring Mobilization against the war in Vietnam” and thus the race to kill him intensified…

And as he further alienated the Democratic party, the Democratic liberal establishment became vengeful, and more and more sought to silence him for good, because Dr King had become a serious threat to them when they found out that he planned to mobilize mass demonstrations, and civil disobedience, aimed not only at his old foes in the segregationist Democratic party and KK weaponized Southern Dixiecrat States, but also against the Democratic party politicians north of the Mason Dixon line, who he correctly believed were failing to act to stop endemic poverty. And because through his campaign against the Vietnam War, Dr King had already become the most hated person by the Democratic party, he now became their assassination target, because they wanted to shut him up for good, as they saw that there was not another way to stop him, or corrupt him, or even embrace him. Of course as we saw, they attempted to discredit him, they smeared him, they slandered him, they painted him as a dishonest stupid man, as a philanderer, and in general, they painted him “black” in their evil ways through a vast campaign of character assassination that predated the physical assassination of Dr Martin Luther King, by the deep Democratic State, the Mass media, and the Establishment, that had earlier killed the most popular President too…

As it turns out, he didn’t care too much about his Life, because he was not a fearful person as all the Lord’s servants can be rather brave. And indeed in August of 1967, Dr King told the SCLC that he was calling for activists to “dislocate” northern cities with nonviolent civil disobedience campaigns, demanding action on federal aid. He said he would consider tactics, such as school boycotts, blocking plant gates with unemployed African-Americans, and mass sit-ins in federal buildings — and that although this was a dangerous policy that would elicit a strong response from the Federal government — he was willing to take the risk associated with that campaign.

It was then that all hell broke loose, as the New York Times, that was in the past, a seeming ally of King’s during the time of his civil disobedience campaign in the South — now was furious and turned against him in a violent way and they denounced him as a dangerous agitator and a Communist sympathizer. Two days after King’s SCLC address, the New York Times editorial board called King’s ideas a “formula for discord” that will bring the country to the brink of Civil War. The so called “newspaper of record” the Democratic Establishment New York Times, also complained that there is an “inherent contradiction in Dr King’s summons to the Negroes to act “peacefully but forcefully to cripple the operations of an oppressive society” and that he aims for Civil War. The Editors also falsely wrote at the front page of the New York Times, accusing that “Dr King himself has acknowledged that nonviolence is losing its appeal” and that “Once the spark of massive law-defiance is applied in the present overheated atmosphere, the potential for disaster becomes overwhelming” but that is apparently what King wants to do…

This inflammatory character assassination and slandering against Dr King was completely false, because MLK was absolutely never, an advocate for any kind of violence. He studied, practiced, and believed in the Ghandian form of Non-Violence called Ahimsa. He was a man of pure Peace, and he preached Love, not hate, first and foremost.

Screen Shot 2018-01-14 at 6.40.23 PM

And although the Democrats, and all those on the left, both during King’s time, and more so today, used and continue to use violence — Dr King spent all of his life trying to prevent the rioting, and the violent unrest. That proves that his very nature was exactly the opposite of what the New York Times falsely claimed that they were so concerned about in Dr King’s pivot of the civil rights movement, against poverty, and against the war in Vietnam. To back my point, we see that back in February of 1968, Dr King, warned the people in his speeches, during his tour of the South, and in his tour through Alabama, that “increased rioting could lead to a right-wing takeover” of our country and that the movement has no right to give them that excuse, so they should always stay peaceful and peaceable. In his speech, he also pointed to the segregationist governor George Wallace, and his Presidential bid, by saying this: “Every time a riot develops, it actually only helps George Wallace” to become President.

Later, when Dr King was speaking about his plan to take the poverty protests to the doorsteps of the Democratic National Conventions — he portrayed his path of Ghandian nonviolence, as the golden middle path, of salvation, between acquiescence, and violence. He went on to say this: “We need an alternative to riots, and to timid supplication” and the “Middle Way” is Civil Disobedience and NonViolence.

But at that moment, any kind of tolerance for Civil Rights Disobedience, and peaceful assembly, had ended at the Mason-Dixon Line, because of the Establishment Democrats that by now really hated Dr King, and saw him as enemy Number One.

MLK understood that, and he launched the Poor People’s Campaign, aimed at providing good jobs, housing, and a decent standard of living to all Americans, and in his Mountaintop speech he correctly forecast that he will not be amongst the living for very much longer, but he was planning a path for his people to follow even after he would be gone.

He was indeed a prophet and he knew the hour for him to rejoin the Lord had come.

Screen Shot 2018-01-14 at 7.50.51 PM

Indeed I am reminded of Dr King today, because more than 40 years before American protesters took to the streets of New York City, and Washington Square, and Wall Street, and many other locales and city centers, to “occupy” spaces in order to protest inequality — Dr King had proposed a massive tent encampment in Washington, D.C. to demand action on poverty.

That was the heart stoping moment, and when suddenly Dr King’s Life came to an end, from the bullet of a crazed Democrat who was whipped up into a frenzy from all the hate mongering against Dr King from the popular Mass media, the all powerful newspapers, and all the TV channels. Identity politics and the race card played by the Democratic Party killed Dr King directly and indirectly.

This indictment stands firmly as we have observed how the Democratic party deals with it’s enemies, time and again, and we see this old story playing out again today, in a similar way, when we observe what the Democrats and the Mass Media Establishment, attempt to do today by turning the fragile minds of the deluded Democrats and those foolish enough to believe them, against a popular People’s President.

Back in the Day of Dr King, all his process of fighting poverty, ended when Dr King was assassinated during his campaign to organize the garbage & sanitation workers in Tennessee, to protest poverty, and inequality. It all stopped, because in April of that year, and just before he was able to set up the encampment of the garbage collectors, and well before he had organized his fellows and his leadership team — he was felled by a registered Democrats’ assassin bullet at the door of his motel room.

Screen Shot 2018-01-11 at 12.26.56 PM

His widow Coretta Scott King, along with the simple people of the whole nation — cried and mourned him, and when she along with civil rights leader Ralph David Abernathy, finally gathered their wits — they attempted to go ahead with the plan to create what they called the “Resurrection City” for the garbage haulers, the homeless, and the destitute poor…

It was not to be.

The only camp that was created, was the “Resurrection City camp” that was already planned by Dr King, and that alone lasted only six weeks, until the time that the police under Democratic controlled administration, attacked the camp, and then moved in, to shut it down, and with harsh violence evicted all of its inhabitants, burned their possessions, and they covered their ugly acts, by pointing to three sporadic acts of provocational hooliganism, as justification for their violent war on the homeless people. This was similar to what the Democratic Mayor of Seattle did to the homeless city of Seattle under the pretense of law and Order. Of course this was the pedophile Mayor of Seattle enacting this ugliness in 2017, but the facts are the same.

People were horrified, saying that the crushing of the “Resurrection City Camp” was worse than any of the police violence they saw in the South: “It was worse than anything I saw in Mississippi or Alabama,” he said. “You don’t shoot tear gas into an entire city because two or three hooligans are throwing rocks.” is what Andrew Young said at the time…

And that is how Dr King stopped speaking against the duplicity of the Democrats in their search for votes…


Dr Churchill


Following King’s assassination, the mood in America shifted quickly, and Dr King was remembered fondly once again…

President Johnson, who had terminated all communication with Dr King, after the latter spoke against the War in Vietnam — praised him.

Indeed LBJ, who had cursed King’s name — now went so far as issuing a statement saying the “Heart of America is heavy, the spirit of America weeps.”

Following Dr King’s death, Georgia’s segregationist Gov. Lester Maddox, a frequent critic of King, even begrudgingly allowed Georgia’s flag to fly at half mast.

Bobby Kennedy, who once authorized the wiretaps of Dr King’s phones, attended the slain Civil Right leader’s funeral and he spoke eloquently and bravely in a eulogy to be remembered for ever, by saying: “He gave his life for the poor of the world — the garbage workers of Memphis, and the peasants of Vietnam.”

And that’s how Dr King’s vision, his purpose, and his work, were reconciled for the rest of time for All Americans…

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