Posted by: Dr Churchill | January 20, 2018

Vision 2020, and the “Russia Crying Game” of the unaccountable corporations, and their “serfing” class of slaves…

I have a rather personal experience informing my opinion, and have also been able to amass the necessary evidence that the election of 2016 was rigged.

You see, I ran as a Senatorial candidate for the State of Washington in the elections of 2016. And faced the barrage of Democratic party corruption and illegal game playing, so much so, that I was disgusted by that “crying game.”

I was utterly disgusted by how the Clinton leaning Patty Murray the incumbent sought to silence any and all opponents by dirty game playing done by her Moxie Media productions and her operatives that seek to empty the field in advance of her interests, and they do so ruthlessly gaming the system. In Washington state for example and in King County where we are certain that the majority voted for Bernie Sanders, somehow by “magic” Hillary Clinton was declared the winner. With no less that 97% of the vote, she rivals Gaddafi, Mugabi, Stalin, and Saddam Hussein, with these results that are mathematically impossible in a Democracy…

We all know how Hillary Clinton and the Democrats cheated Bernie Sanders out of the Primaries, and that unapologetic assault against our Democracy, by the Democratic party, further proves my theory that some of those cancerous elements of the monopoly, oligopoly, or duopoly, of the two party system, should have been put to rest long ago.

At least we should break up their exclusive stranglehold on power that allows the interplay between Democrats and Republicans, and force both of them to take the test of Democracy in public. That is, we ought to ensure fairness for our next elections and thus prevent what happened in 2016, from ever happening again. At the very least, we ought to gear up, and prevent all the kinds of abuse that we have identified from being pivotal players in 2020.

That is the “2020 Vision” of the Lincoln party now. No Corruption in Electoral Politics, in order to receive a Transparent and Fair Election in our Presidential 2020 elections.

To do just that, we have found that we need to isolate and prevent the undemocratic elements such as the whole powerful and yet unaccountable corporations of the Internet, from interfering with our elections.

We ought to stop the unaccountable and ungovernable Minnie-me elitist globalist corporations and their billionaire leaders, from making another run to steal our mid-term 2018, and our 2020 presidential elections.

We should also stop foreign billionaires from voting with their vast wealth in our elections, like prince Al-Waleed Bin Talal from Saudi Arabia, has famously done through his personal contact with Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. This sinful relationship with the Saudi billionaire, along with the Uranium One Russian relationship of Hillary Clinton in a pay-for-play-excahnge of illicit money transfers to the Clintons for approving the sale of America’s strategic Uranium assets to the Russians — marks the high water mark, of the tide of corruption the Clintons & the Democratic party have engaged into, and that guarantees their title as the Evil party to be good for ever. Seeing as Al-Waleed Bin Talal, a primary shareholder of Citigroup, Facebook, and Twitter, was arrested recently for corruption — it would seem that the Saudi monarchy is ahead of the United States in combating corruption.

Meanwhile back in America we now have discovered that the Democratic Party lobbyist Tony Podesta, whose brother John Podesta, led the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign, is a registered foreign agent on the fundamentalist jihad Islamic Saudi government’s payroll. We now finally know that the Podesta lobbying firm was created by Tony and John Podesta in 1988, and is still to this day receiving a retainer of $140,000 a month from the Saudi government. This is a totalitarian government that beheads nonviolent dissidents, uses torture to extract forced confessions, doesn’t allow women to vote, let alone to even drive, and bombs schools, hospitals, and residential neighborhoods in neighboring Yemen where it exerts it’s influence. But during the electoral season, the Saudis also wanted to exert their influence in America and thus they channeled billions of dollars though the Podesta group. They channeled billions of dollars in slush funds, in corporate funds, and in illegal PAC funds, that were “invested” onto the Hillary Clinton campaign aims, on behalf of the Saudi influencers and meddlers of the American elections. Yet, the Podesta Group’s March 2016 filing, as required under the Foreign Agents Registration Act of 1938, shows that Tony Podesta himself oversees the Saudi account, at the same time, Tony Podesta is also a top campaign contributor and bundler for Hillary Clinton. So while the one brother John Podesta, run the Clinton presidential campaign of 2016, the other brother Tony Podesta helped fund it, with capital that came from the Saudi elites, and helped guide billions of dollars in support of the Clinton campaign. A lot of that cash came from the corrupt Saudi Al-Waleed prince who was a personal friend to Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, and acted as their Saudi “Illegal Cash Bundler.” He is the man who now rests in jail in Riyadh, as due payment for his corrupt services to the losing candidate of the American elections, and along the way fostering corruption in his own country as well.

Whoever said that elections have consequences, must have been right about that…

Elections have consequences for the supporters of the loser too, especially in far away places, because these ingrates who have benefited from America should learn the lesson to not interfere with their globalist corruption in our elections. Consequences will be swift but in America John and Tony Podesta still remain at large. Maybe because they have been heavyweights in the DC insider swamp as politicos for decades, or maybe because American Lady Justice is blind and she takes a long time to get to her intended place — but that she will do in proper time. Now John Podesta, who had also served as President Bill Clinton’s chief of staff, also founded the influential DC think tank “Center for American Progress, and was special privy counselor to President Obama. Tony Podesta was dubbed by the New York Times as “one of Washington’s biggest players“ whose clients “are going to get a blueprint for how to succeed in official Washington.”

Screen Shot 2018-01-16 at 7.09.49 PM

The two willy Podesta brothers seem to have no problem mixing their roles into the same pot, and attempting to fix American Elections, as we see that Tony Podesta, a top Clinton campaign fundraiser, bundler of illicit money, and behind the scenes PAC steersman — also assisted his brother, John Podesta, who at the time was the Hillary Clinton campaign chairman for her 2016 presidential bid.

The Saudis hired the Podesta Group first in 2015, because they were getting bad press over the heavy children collateral damage, and civilian casualties, from the Saudi war incursions, the siege of towns, and the constant air bombings & aerial strikes into Yemen, all taking place amidst the Saudi crackdown on political dissidents at home that included sentencing blogger Raif Badawi to ten years in prison and 1,000 lashes for “insulting Islam.” Since then, Tony Podesta’s fingerprints have been all over Saudi Arabia’s white washing efforts in Washington DC. Efforts to paint the Saudis clean, such as when Saudi Arabia executed the prominent nonviolent Shia dissident Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr, causing protests throughout the Shia world and inflaming sectarian divisions, The New York Times noted that the Podesta Group provided the newspaper of record, with a Saudi commentator who defended the execution. The Podesta-Clinton-Saudi connection should be seen in light of the recent media exposes revealing the taudry pay-to-play nature of the Clinton Foundation. Top on the list of foreign donors to the Clinton foundation is Saudi Arabia, which contributed upwards of $25 million to the CGI, money that ultimately lined the Clinton pockets… But one must ask the important question: “What did the Saudis get in return for their largesse and access?” We don’t certainly know but we can surmise that access to the corridors of power is what they got, and a sympathetic ear from the Obama administration when the restricted armament sales to an Islamic terrorist sponsoring state came up for review. Wikileaks revealed a 2009 cable by then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton saying: “More needs to be done since Saudi Arabia remains a critical financial support base for Al Qaeda, the Taliban, Lashkar-e-Tayyiba, and other terrorist groups.” Yet in an apparent about face, Ms Hillary Clinton who was then Secretary of State, instead of sanctioning the Saudis, she did the opposite. Indeed it was right then that Secretary Hillary Clinton, authorized enormous quantities of advanced weapons systems, including bombs, F-15 airplanes, and missiles to be sold to the Saudi Arabian regime. The icing on this cake was the signaled tacit and quiet agreement given by the Obama-Clinton administration for the Saudis to finance and to built Ten Thousand mosques across America. And thus came the time that on Christmas Eve of 2011, Hillary Clinton and her closest aides including the Saudi spy Huma Abedin, celebrated a massive $29.4 billion sale to the Saudis of over 80, eighty F-15 fighter jets additionally configured for bombing raids, manufactured by Boeing, a company which coincidentally contributed $900,000 to the Clinton Foundation’s CGI black hole. In a chain of enthusiastic emails, an aide exclaimed that it was “not a bad Christmas present.” However, methinks that the Yemenis at the receiving end of the Saudi bombings from those F-15s, the “Madame Secretary” gave them, would not be so enthusiastic about the Christmas message that Ms Clinton hand delivered to them, and to their dead children.

Yet in the aftermath of this disclosure, the Clinton foundation said that if Hillary Clinton were elected, the foundation would stop taking foreign donations. But they never said anything about no longer taking campaign contributions from people who are paid by the Saudi government to whitewash its image, like the Podesta Group receiving money from prince A-Waleed and all other beneficiaries of the Clinton ruthless pay-4-play campaign of terror. If Hillary Clinton wanted to be even considered as a woman-symbol for human rights and women’s empowerment, her campaign should have made some effort to live up to the values she claimed to be representing, but we all know that crooked Hillary misrepresented everything and that’s why she lost this election. People knew her to be the most corrupt person that ever run for the Office of the Presidency and came out to vote in droves everywhere that mattered.

As the story of the massive Saudi corruption purge develops in Saudi Arabia, Americans should also anticipate that these arrests, and the subsequent investigations, will implicate Podesta, Obama, and Ms Clinton, in major ways. So much so that the current investigations into the Russian interference with the Trump team, will result in investigations of the Obama-Clinton improprieties by the special counsel Robert Mueller, as he encompasses the Obama and Clinton’s financial ties, and their dubious political alliances, with both Saudi Arabia and Russia alike.

Screen Shot 2018-01-16 at 7.38.05 PM

This is what Donald Trump tweeted from his Twitter account back on December 15th of 2015 and that today seems almost prophetic… @realDonaldTrump: “Dopey Prince @Alwaleed_Talal wants to control our U.S. politicians with daddy’s money. Can’t do it when I get elected. #Trump2016” (7:53 PM – 11 Dec 2015)

Obviously the stench of corruption this Clinton-AlWaleed-Election meddling scandal entails, is sufficient to gag any self respecting patriot, but action must be taken in order to protect our future Elections, from just this kind of interference.

So if we want to avoid a re-run of this movie, equally to objecting to the foreign billionaires from interfering with our elections, we should stop the local Billionaires from also interfering unjustly with our elections.

One man one vote is what Democracy demands.

Women too. One woman one vote.

And young adults too, as allowed by the Constitution.

But nowhere in the Constitution do we see the right of Corporations, or Super Pacs, or the slush funds of the Democratic party, or of the mega foreign donors, or of New Bourgeoisie from the liberal classes, masquerading as multiple voters, behind the Hillary Clinton campaign of all brokenness — as the New Saviors of the country.

Screen Shot 2018-01-20 at 2.42.55 PM

Indeed the Supreme Court ought to have heard arguments about whether these huge and gigantic foreign to Democracy, direct and indirect campaign donations, constitute common-law bribery, and there is no reason not to ask again the question of the Corporate personhood, with its inbuilt bias against Citizen voters and against minority candidates, and minority, and third parties.

However, the Supreme Court, is unalloyed in it’s reticence to take up these questions now, and thus it appears that all these and many other undemocratic exercises of wealth, power, and intimidation options, are likely to be exercised again in 2018, and in the pivotal Presidential Elections of 2020.

That is unless the entire system is challenged in a serious way.

And the only serious challenge to the Electoral Status Quo would be the announcement by the United Nations, or the international community, of sending a politically neutral electoral monitoring force, in order to supervise the next American elections.

Of course this is not what I am advocating — in my humble opinion — yet it is needed. Needed is a strong word, but having seen the deterioration of our political dialogue into a McCarthyism akin to the Red Menace, with all of the Mass Media crying like Rachel Maddow “Russia Russia Russia” every thirty seconds. Because of that polarizing extremism that allows the evil party of the Clintonites absolving their adherents of any crime and rewarding them for literally killing their opponents as the Seth Rich case proved. So something drastic needs to be done urgently, lest we erode the People’s confidence in the Democratic electoral process even further than what we now have. And much like it’s used elsewhere an electoral monitoring force of foreign UN observers “Rapporteurs” as yours truly has served in many African elections — now might be what the Doctor ordered for the American ones too.

And that force of electoral monitoring reporters, or “rapporteurs” is the “something that needs to be done” lest we allow those who want to rig our elections again, as we fester in the sewer of electoral mistrust, deceit, and discrimination against large classes of voters that the persistent mass media rallying cry of, Russia, Russia, Russia, wants to disenfranchise.

Screen Shot 2018-01-13 at 7.57.56 PM

Of course for those in the “know” the Mass Media’s rallying cry of “Russia – Russia – Russia” echoes the Democrats’ constant cry of “Russian interference, Russian interference, Russian interference” ad infinitum. And this is obviously a smoke screen that the Democrats use, in order to cover up their own foreign interference through their Clinton campaign for President in 2016. And now that they have been “discovered” to interfere and collude with the Russians and with the Deep State — they now want to throw the electoral result, our very Republic, and our Voting system, “under the bus” by crying “foul” and falling down clutching their “private parts” after swinging a kick at the shin of the opposing goal scorer. The soccer analogy is apt for those of us who like the game of footie as the best game practiced by all people around the world.

In typical footie fashion, the soccer player that rolls onto the green moaning and crying foul, typically belongs to the losing side, trying to get the attention of the crowd to mask his duplicity, to fake a foul, and to maybe gain the Referee’s sympathy for the whistle ruling, that will give the ball to his team to execute a penalty kick.

It’s all just politics. Nothing more to it than that. And yet somehow your Life depends upon it.

Screen Shot 2018-01-13 at 7.59.55 PM

Similar to that sports metaphor, Ms Clinton’s camp of revanchists and apologists in the Media — seeing that their unholy efforts to rig the American elections of 2016 backfired and the people hated them for their insidious ploys — they enlisted their supporters amongst the unaccountable corporations, to become the “Referee” of the Electoral result and to force upon us a different outcome as if Elections don’t mater.

Of course the disdain of the Corporatists towards the simple people and their electoral choices is abundantly clear.

All these asshat libtards that think that they are better than You, and that your vote shouldn’t matter as much as theirs, simply because they smoke plenty of weed and in their fragile minds and stoner dreams think that they know better since they happen to work for the Evil Empire of Microsoft, or for Yahoo, or for Facebook, or for Tweeter, as MicroSerfs, the indentured slaves of software.

Screen Shot 2018-01-14 at 7.12.54 PM

This “serfing class” of well paid slaves, cannot even fathom the idea of Liberty because of their personal condition, of being chained facing the wall of the cave. They can’t even understand the idea of Freedom judging everyone else by their living inside the “Cave paradox” so that all those who somehow free themselves up, and see the Light of Day, are immediately becoming their enemy and need to be dehumanized and killed.

And that is how the demonization of the true Liberal Spirit has occurred in America today. The mass media rallying cry of Russia, Russia, Russia, is the signal of attack, for the armies of the enslaved “serfing class” of modern slaves, that are the so called “Liberals” that stoke the “machine” of Oppression that the Democratic party represents in it’s very DNA, that harkens to the plantation days of the past.

Screen Shot 2018-01-14 at 7.14.23 PM

And that attack signal is leveled against anyone whose opinion is different, or who does not believe in the Orthodoxy of the Democratic Illiberal “serfing class,” or if simply happened to dislike crooked Hillary and her army of automatons, rigging the elections and then blaming someone else for their malfeasance, trying to cover up their own crimes.

And as this “serfing class” army of illiberal leftists attempt a “Coup” against our Republic, and have the means and the experience to cheat, to rig, and to steal elections — this is an urgent appeal from myself and from a large group of respected Americans for such an international Elections monitoring force to be brought into being with America to protect the 2020 elections.

I am seriously asking for that because we have less than a year to refuse the front-loaded, bought-and-paid-for pseudo-mid-term-elections of 2018, that is being prepared to be served upon us.

And because already, the primary process for the 2020 election has been short-circuited, rigged by the same crooked Democratic party apparatchiks, and having it’s result pre-determned, as it now clearly seems. And as we all know that the 2020 presidential “debates” will be rigged again. Same as they were rigged last time in 2016, with Dona Brazile, and her crew of excrement from CNN giving all the questions in advance, to their “little darling” crooked Hillary, and then having her answers being validated by the same unelected and unaccountable corporate interests that are the Mass Media channels of television, declaring her the “Winner” even before the votes were cast for the Elections.

Apparently the people’s votes don’t matter because these unaccountable corporations and their “serfing class” all in unison singing like a boys choir, “Russia, Russia, Russia” till kingdom comes.

Indeed rigged elections may be true even if Donald Trump tweets about them in the middle of the night…

Screen Shot 2018-01-14 at 7.42.37 PM

These same things may be true even if Bernie Sanders says them, and the inescapable fact is that the 2016 presidential election has so far been a rigged affair, bearing more resemblance to a plebiscite in some banana republic than to anything recognizable as a democratic contest.

However, the entry of Trump as the insurgent candidate could not itself be part of the pre-arrangement and the manipulation, only as it appears that the Democrats wanted to use him as a stalking horse and they got outmaneuvered by his genius in closing the deal with the Voters.

For all other concerns it was a rigged election that the Clinton Democrats wanted to handle as they had handled Bernie Sanders when they stiched-up the old man in a bag of his own liking.

Yet, because it appears that we have here a loyal Beltway veteran, grown in the dark and the manure, of the DC swamp, and well known to the powers that be, as someone absolutely reliable as he had already shown himself to be quite willing to play the game of slush funds, PACs, slick advertising campaigns, Washington lobbyists, and Political campaigns, with Democratic party funds, and an operational agreement with the Democratic party that spelled out his position to simply energize the youth and then retreat into obscurity.

There’s your designated dissident of “Our Revolution” fame, sorry we left that out of the mix when we were telling you who the candidates would be and what their “issues” would look like. Just for fun, why not set her up against Donald Trump, so that even the supposed outsider faction can replicate the only allowable division, between machine-produced clones on the one hand, and nutball narcissistic tycoons on the other.

It was only the Lincoln party, a genuine foe of oligarchy, with our reasoned case for the public financing of campaigns, that really does seem like a quixotic effort to our consensual mass media television channels and the obliging press, along with the globalist Social Media. And since we don’t manifest any crazy nostalgia for the icons of the past, besides the Great Emnacipator, Abraham Lincoln — we are given a wide pass.

The defeat of the rather tepid initiative about campaign finance US House, and Senate, also marked the eclipse of any remaining hope for a fair or open race the next time around when we look for a new President. Take note that the “Democratic Fix” is in, and that the special interests will pretend to have an election, and you and I, if we choose to do so — we can pretend to vote in it thinking that our votes count for something.

Sp the only recourse that I can see is an appeal to the international community and the United Nations to send us a bunch of accredited observers, who will monitor the presidential elections of these United States in 2020. I am not asking anything for 2018, because we need to experience the abuses of 2018 in order to put our pride aside, and openly unafraid, come out and ask for the UN’s help…

Screen Shot 2018-01-14 at 7.09.46 PM

And that’s a really good vision for 2020, that will surely come sooner, rather than later.

ON that note, I want to wish Good Luck to all of us, no matter what side of the political spectrum we occupy, hoping that we can become united for a moment in time, in our joint pursuit of Fair Elections for the maintenance of our Democratic Republic.

So, in conclusion, I want to wish you all, Good Luck and God Speed.

And God Bless these United States of America.

Dr Churchill


We all know how the United States loves nothing better than to certify other countries’ ballots as “free and fair” and perhaps this is the time to apply the same medicine to itself.

So there can hardly be any principled objection to a delegation of monitors from democratic nations taking up position, pens in hand, as America makes its “choice” in 2018, but especially in 2020.

Indeed, given the awful power of the United States Presidency, and of the US Congress over the affairs of other nations, and indeed of the Globe, it is surprising that this hasn’t been suggested already by other notable observers of the corrupt electoral systems that many states and Counties have in place.

And for convenience and support, here is the dirty dozen of questions that the United Nations, and the international monitors would have to consider, before validating the 2020 American presidential election:

1) Has there already been the open purchase of votes, as seemed to be the acknowledged case in the various caucuses by the Clinton campaign against Bernie Sanders all across America?

2) How has the response been on the revelation of the “open purchase of candidates” as proven by the immense and, regarding the source of donations, rather obscure funding, amassed by the Democratic party, by the Secretary Clinton supporting PACs, by the Podesta group, and by her Billionaire globalist foreign and domestic friends seeking to influence the US elections well beyond their vote?

3) Are there restrictions placed on the entry of third-party or independent candidates? Have these restrictions been imposed by a collusion of the existing parties?

4) Do there exist impediments to the placing of minority parties on ballots?

5) How can we overcome those obstacles to the development of a multiparty Democracy?

6) Do there exist impediments to voter registration?

7) How can we overcome these obstacles to voters?

8) Is access to the media fairly apportioned among candidates and parties, irrespective of wealth?

9) Do the laws barring convicted felons from voting constitute discrimination against any minority group?

10) Does the two party only allotment of federal matching funds constitute a subsidy to the duopoly that has been sharing the power for the last one hundred and fifty years?

11) What can States do to overcome these angularities in our pursuit of a more perfect Union and a better Democracy?

12) What can the Federal government do, in order to overcome these angularities in our pursuit of a more perfect Union and a better Democracy?

The above dirty dozen of questions need to be answered fully before the International Elections Monitors and Rapporteurs can do their job in an adequate manner.

Screen Shot 2018-01-14 at 6.40.23 PM

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