Posted by: Dr Churchill | January 21, 2018

Seattle Pravda 2018 — Сиэтл Правда 2018

Seattle Folks: Stop crying.

Seattle Women: Stop marching.

Seattle Men: Put down that marijuana pipe and listen.

Seattle Children: Ditto as above.

All of You: Stop whatever you are doing and give Thanks for there’s never been a better time to be alive and be American, than it is now.

Indeed, 2017 has been our best year yet, and 2018 will be even better…

And it is the best time to be any kind of Earthling in the year 2018, because this past year, has been mankind’s best year yet, and this new one promises to be even better.

No matter your nation, your color, your creed, your ideology, your identity, your profession — this is the best of times. And more is yet to come…

Because the year 2018 will be even better than the last one.

As for Americans, with President Trump firmly and comfortably on track to help America become great again — your family’s set to reap the rewards of his service handsomely, and more so in the years to come.

I know that’s an unfashionable view to express amongst the savages and the barbarians of the leftist persuasion that turn yellow like jaundiced Chinese sailors, at the mere mention of the name “Trump” — but who cares.

Screen Shot 2018-01-21 at 10.09.35 AM

I get it.

I live in Seattle where the mere mention of the name “Trump” causes anaphylactic shock to most people around me. But in a deliciously naughty way it’s like purposefully crying “Fire-Fire-Fire” in a crowded theater, without the legal ramifications.

So we go forth boldly into the future, talking about the Donald, whenever we step into a comfy coffee shop in Seattle, and by virtue of our conversation we cause the Trump Derangement Syndrome to manifest in all the weak minds all around, as people start dropping whatever they were doing and in a frenzied fashion they run for the nearest exit door. And that’s how we get a decent place to sit down and enjoy our uber-gay sparkling caramel choco frappuccino latte, in the middle of the super gray Seattle winter, that sees all the coffee shops being fully booked.

You should try it some time…

Try it, just for fvck’s sake.

Go to a random coffee shop in Seattle, and start talking in a regular outdoors voice about Donald Trump and his successes with your mates. It sure as hell going to get the place empty, within the next 20 seconds. Liberal leftists, with hair in all the wrong places, will start scurrying away like rats leaving a sinking ship, lest they hear the name Trump again, the name that sends shivers down their spines. And you like a good pirate lad “Shiver me timbers” will grab the best seat in the joint, or the best joint in the place, depending which way your roll…

And this is how you get a comfortable centrally located table, in any Starbucks that you visit, including the much preferred Roastery, that is far too popular with the Japanese and Chinese tourists. Apparently in Seattle these exotic Orientals, respond to the name “TRUMP” in the same way as all the other various shades of broken people of Seattle, and they will all run for the exits pell-mell. You are welcome.

Am telling you, Lord Voldemort of Harry Potter fame, has got nothing on Donald J Trump.

And it is here in Seattle’s fragile mental-scape, that the official line is that we’re all going to hell in a hand basket, that the GOP is crashing our economy, that Donald Trump is threatening world peace, that our gardener and his provisioning of our illegal drugs is going back to Mexico on ICE, and now our living standards are stuck into plain “champagne & caviar” mode, without the delicious organic kale and the Mexican Ayahuaska our illegal gardeners brought over every time someone of their extended family crossed the Rio Grande.

Screen Shot 2018-01-21 at 3.14.10 PM

As for me, I am not ashamed to tell you: “Mind you — there has never been a better time to be American.”

In fact, there has never been a better time to be alive anywhere on God’s green earth. And there has never been a better time to be _______ (fill in the blanc with your country’s nationality).

Now, let me prove the above proposition to you.

Let’s start with mankind in general.

People today, are living longer, healthier, and more fulfilled lives, than ever before.

Yet a whole industry of cry-babies, depends on persuading us that global poverty is getting worse, and we need to give them some of our hard earned cash to help the poorest of the poor, escape serious famine and starvation — but the numbers tell a different story.

Just back in 1985, more than 40% of human beings lived on a dollar a day or less. Today, that figure has fallen to just 9%.

You can take any world index measures you like, and you shall see this downwards trend in suffering, in pain, and in poverty amongst all of the world’s human beings.

We are all less likely to be ill, or less likely to be murdered, and even less likely to die in war.

More of us can read today, than at any other time in history.

Screen Shot 2018-01-21 at 3.11.21 PM

Fewer women die in childbirth.

More children make it to adulthood.

More adults cast meaningful votes in elections.

In America and in your country, same as elsewhere — life is generally getting better.

The economy has flourished, to the annoyance of the “Chicken-little Democrats” crying that the sky is caving in…

Of course some of them, continue to moan about the impact of Trump in their mental fitness, if not in their finances, but most Americans have silently thanked him, for the tax breaks, and are enjoying the benefit of his tax overhaul policy.

More of us are gainfully working, than ever before. We’re making and selling things previous generations never dreamt of. We also consume more and better things.

Organic foods now account for a whopping 25% of all of our food consumption in America.

Those economists who say that things haven’t improved in a generation seem to have forgotten how we lived 20 years ago — with no cheap flights, no wifi, five channels on TV, and maybe the occasional Blockbuster video.

It is, of course, human nature not to see the improvements.

Every generation, going back to ancient times, thought it was going through unusually hard days, but that’s self preservation – not reality.

We moan about high prices without stopping to think that many of the things we are buying previously didn’t exist. We complain about immigration, but rarely ask why so many people are ­determined to come to “Trump’s America” rather than stay in high-crime Mexico, or __________ (feel free to enter your country here to fill in the blanc).

What of it?

Screen Shot 2018-01-21 at 3.10.01 PM

To the visible annoyance of some ­Clinton pining fools, our economy has continued to flourish since the vote. Manufacturing orders and industrial output are at 30-year highs. Unemployment is at a 42-year low. The Dow Jones hit 26.000 and just keeps on climbing…

Exports are rising.

The Stock Exchange is at an all-time peak. Wall Street remains the world’s premier financial ­centre and companies seek to register in the New York stock exchanges like never before.

The threats issued by the Clinton criers during the Elections, turned out to be bollocks.

As for political chaos, while it’s true that the 2016 election results took most observers by surprise — the Trump administration remains comfortably on track.

All the people who felt that we will fail as a nation, if their darling, the corrupt & crooked Hillary, wasn’t given the keys to the White House — have now come to terms with the fact that she was given the keys to the outhouse.

Yet this crowd of “private cloud” bearing upon their heads, sad individuals, persist that the World is coming to an end. Just read Paul Krugman, the odd economic fellow of the New York Times, who predicted the gloom & doom for Trump, and has now been “vindicated” fully NOT, and you get a sense of foreboding that these folks are drinking some strange Cool-Aid out there.

Maybe their Cool-Aid is laced with LSD?

That’s the best explanation that I can come up with. And of course, they want us to drink the same Cool-Aid they consume. Bottoms up and then we can all see the economy crashing down all around us, as the liquid walls of reality turn to all the colors of the rainbow…

Hope it doesn’t come to that.

Screen Shot 2018-01-21 at 3.12.38 PM

As a matter of fact, I doubt it will ever come to that.

And as a counterbalance for the foolish economists like the NYT fuzzy math darling Paul Krugman, that prophesied the end of the world if Trump gets elected, we know that they are mostly insecure brokers of gloom & doom, laboring under a dark cloud of their own making. But then we also have the whole mass media of the Fake News industry, that is now just beginning to eat their just deserts, by the subscribing public that is abandoning them in droves, looking to get their news elsewhere — beyond the “Red Curtain.”

Screen Shot 2018-01-21 at 11.45.54 AM

We must turn asunder the “Red Curtain” and liberate ourselves from the purveyors of the PRAVDA style news manufacturers, that have forgotten that the TRUTH is not called PRAVDA.

That’s how we thrive.

Sure, some of you still tend to cry every time you hear the signal to unleash the waterworks: “Russia – Russia – Russia” dripping like poisonous venom from the collective mouth of the “three stooges” Rachel Maddow, Lemon, & Cooper, of the CNN (Clinton News Network) who collectively pay more money to their private therapists for psychiatric help, than all the citizens of a sizable African nation combined.

Screen Shot 2018-01-02 at 4.56.48 PM

Yet, the rest of us — we are far better than that.

Not that we don’t see our therapist. Not that at all. Everyone who lives in Seattle must have their heads examined, at least once a week…

But other than that…

We are healthy adults working hard at our jobs, our families, and our gardens.

We are not pessimists.

Screen Shot 2018-01-21 at 3.11.43 PM

This is not the kind of people we are.

We are Americans.

We are optimists.

We are entrepreneurs.

We are an abundant nation.

We lead the world in everything.

We make the best of everything.

Our airplanes slice the skies 24/7/365 all over the globe.

Our computer systems and software runs the world.

Our Internet connects everyone and anyone.

Our Innovations make the World, a safer and better place to be.

Our space faring technology allows us to leave this rock hurling through space whenever we are good and ready.

We trade with all the nations of this earth including our enemies.

We give foreign and food aid to all the needy places of this earth and we even give food aid to North Korea who thanks us by threatening us with nuclear missiles every other day of the week — Sundays included.

The stock market is at an all-time high.

We are as well if not better placed, as any nation on Earth to make a success of this century and to maintain our pole position for the near future.

American Capitalism understands that we must help everyone, not just fat cats and big companies… and the presently enacted Tax bill of president Trump does just that.

We face challenges of course. And surely the eyes of the World, and other countries are upon us, watching to see whether we stumble, or fall into the trap of war and destruction across the Pacific.

Thank God, we escaped the war mongering Hillary and her cabal of murderers in high places, that would have surely by now taken us down to a nuclear war to end all wars…

Screen Shot 2017-12-30 at 8.01.27 PM

Yet methinks that we will avoid the trap of war and will surely show them that we are the resolute and innovative nation we have always been, and with this President, we also know how to make a deal that leaves enough around the table for everyone else, and thus we need not resort to war to maintain our Global Supremacy.

So what will 2018 bring?

That’s up to us.

We can now design policies to suit ­ourselves.

We can cut taxes further. We can scrap regulations. We can ensure lower prices through free trade agreements with the many countries queuing up to sign deals with us, individually and collectively, and we can still maintain Pax Americana all over the globe for unprecedented prosperity and growth for all.

On the issue of Climate Change and atmospheric greenhouse pollution effects, we can sort it out on our own. After the various globalist accords have been torn asunder, being a free country means being free to succeed and solve the problem in our own terms and not being dictated by bureaucrats at the UN or in Beijing about the carbon intensity of our economy.

But methinks that we are fine with President Trump, and most Americans would agree with me on this.

Except no one in Seattle sees things the same way as I do. So they all blindly and collectively, hate president Trump, for Making America Great Again.

The people of Seattle are so crazed about the 2016 elections, that they have been holding crying parties about President Trump, and are always trying to come up with new imaginative ways to impeach him for imaginary crimes. There is actually a drinking game about the impeachable offenses that Trump has engaged into, and every time a participant names one offense — he/she has to down a shot of vodka. The “Russia, Russia, Russia” president’s connection is obvious to them, so it better be a Russian Vodka that you get inebriated with…

To these amazing Seattle stoners, snowflakes, and buttercups, downing the Russian vodka shots for every imaginable & impeachable Trump offense, I have only one thing to say: “Nostrovia”

Screen Shot 2018-01-21 at 1.38.52 PM

Alcohol is obviously a depressant but then it is also the plentiful legal weed that is broadly consumed by the Seattle populace, and that is not helping their addled brains either, since most Seattleites are stoned out of their gourd; during most of the waking daylight hours. And with the edible marijuana pastries, now being part of the menu in most coffee shops — you get the idea. Productivity amongst otherwise intelligent workers is dropping like a lead weight.

The explosion of the stoner population, coupled with the anti-business sentiment of the political class has driven companies like Amazon to search and find a new locale in order to migrate to a city that does not offer legal marijuana, and crying games of suicidal neurotics and psychopaths, but instead presents a level headed populace and a friendlier business environment to operate in…

Screen Shot 2018-01-21 at 1.33.58 PM

So who knows why Seattleites are unhappy?

Maybe its the weather and the seasonal depression that has become a constant for all people here, and they try to medicate against…

But weather being what it is — at least it keeps the Californicators away — I have never seen so much sadness amongst perfectly healthy & wealthy people, that otherwise enjoy the best that Life has to offer.

Still Seattle is the suicide capital of the world, and the high span of the Aurora bridge holds the record for more suicides per inch of that bridge, than any other place on earth…

So clearly the consumption of marijuana does not work against depression, or against suicidal tendencies, and the self hate that animates all those broken people to suicide, is the same self-hate that animates their lives against their parents, against this conservative, and against President Trump.

Still this much self-hate, does not help either.

So what to do?

We could, I suppose, opt for stronger medically prescribed medicine, or for a change of perspective and solution to their daddy issues, or for stronger medicine still, like declaring Bernie Sanders as the President in this alternative reality little town of Seattle.

Bernie Sanders, who regrets that the Soviet Union lost the Cold War, since that’s where he took his new bride for their honeymoon back in the day that there still was a Soviet Union to speak of.

Screen Shot 2018-01-21 at 1.39.54 PM

Imagine that…

Taking your sweetheart for a honeymoon to the gray Soviet paradise. The people’s paradise. The place where every second person was a KGB informer and the paranoia was even greater than the paranoia of the people of Seattle that is induced by the abundant use of marijuana…

Bernie must have thought the Soviet Union, to be the world’s ninth wonder. A place full of “Homo-Sovieticus” and Bernie Sanders with his new bride in tow. Maybe he thought that in the Soviet paradise his new bride must be safe from the advances of other men, since when he read the Travel brochures, the place was described as full of Homo Sovieticus.

Analyze that…

Screen Shot 2018-01-21 at 1.33.26 PM

Sadly the Soviets didn’t publish suicide statistics, so I cannot compare them with Seattle’s suicide rates, but between those shot by KGB, those who died in the gulag from privations, and those who were trying to escape that infamous Soviet paradise and got murdered by the border guards — methinks that Soviet life expectancy was on the average about the same in the old Soviet Union, as it is in the last remaining Soviet town, the leftist world’s darling, the City of Seattle.

And if you don’t believe me, here is the Seattle statue of Vladimir Lenin proudly lording it over the slaves and the microserfs, of the unaccountable corporations like Microsoft that walk and pray in the image of Lenin just bellow the Aurora bridge in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle.

Screen Shot 2018-01-21 at 1.32.59 PM

Here is the man in his entirety, that brought the fruits of the Soviet Paradise to the Russians and all the slavic states and many far east and caucasus states during his reign.

Conservative estimates peg the political murder rate from Lenin’s purges to at least 30 million people across the vast expanse of the old Soviet Union that came to be after the collapse of the nascent Russian Democracy that the Bolsheviks usurped.

Some nasty people those old Commies proved to be, when History was able to record the truth about their dastardly deeds….


Dr Churchill


And here bellow is whom we’ve got to be Thankful for today, as he penned his views about his achievements in an an op-ed for the Washington Examiner newspaper of record.

You are a thinking person, read this and compare the record:

Screen Shot 2018-01-20 at 10.44.39 PM

President Trump: A year of real change
by President Donald J. Trump | Jan 20, 2018, 9:14 AM

“Even as Democrats continue to obstruct and play politics, I have never stopped fighting for the people, and I have no intention of changing course. I promised Jan. 20, 2017, would be remembered as a new day for all Americans – the day the people became the rulers of this nation once again.

For the past 365 days, that promise has been my guide. We are putting America first, making real change in Washington, and creating opportunities for all of our people. From coast to coast, there is a renewed spirit. Our country is roaring back more quickly than anyone could have predicted. The American Dream is real again.

Estimates predict the U.S. economy grew at an annualized rate of more than 3 percent in the fourth quarter of last year – just like it did in the two quarters before that. The economy has created more than 2 million new jobs, and the unemployment rate has fallen to its lowest rate in 17 years: 4.1 percent. We have achieved the lowest African-American unemployment rate on record, and the unemployment rate for Hispanic Americans has also hit historic lows. Chrysler has announced plans to bring jobs and production back to the U.S. from Mexico. And the stock market continues to set record high after record high.

Screen Shot 2018-01-20 at 10.47.06 PM

Just before Christmas, we enacted massive tax cuts and tax reform for the American people. For the first time in 30 years, we reformed the tax code to make it simpler and fairer. We have lowered rates for both individuals and businesses, expanded 529 education savings accounts to be used for K-12 education, and doubled the child tax credit. These changes will not only allow Americans to keep more of their hard-earned money, but they will help make American workers and businesses competitive again. This sweeping reform also repealed Obamacare’s individual mandate – an unpopular, cruel, and burdensome tax that hit low- and middle-income Americans the hardest.

Over the year, as Americans have seen increases in their paychecks and retirement accounts, American companies in every sector have grown their business and created more jobs. I have created a more business-friendly environment by mandating, early on in my administration, that for every one regulation an agency proposed, two regulations must be eliminated. Many said that could not be done. Not only did we meet that goal, we far exceeded it, eliminating 22 regulatory actions for every new regulation.

As your president, I have unleashed our abundant American energy by ending the war on coal and approving major projects like the Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines. After 40 years of fights with those who want to keep America’s potential locked in the ground, we have opened a small portion of the Arctic National Wildlife Reserve to safe and responsible exploration and development.

Americans are living in communities that are safer, stronger, healthier, and more secure. We are rooting out violence and restoring the rule of law. The federal government will not turn a blind eye to the widespread opioid epidemic that has caused too many funerals for too many families. I directed my Cabinet to make responding to the public health emergency one of their most urgent priorities, and I provided more than $1 billion in funding in 2017 to address opioid addiction and other drug-related problems.

Screen Shot 2018-01-21 at 10.22.38 AM

Real change is happening on the world stage as well.

Immediately upon taking office, I directed the rebuilding of our military, a new national security strategy, a comprehensive nuclear posture review, and the fielding of state-of-the-art ballistic missile defenses. I personally engaged with 150 world leaders at home and abroad, and our great military is executing new strategies that have liberated Mosul and Raqqa, retaken almost 100 percent of the land that ISIS had seized in Syria and Iraq, and lifted restrictions on U.S. forces in Afghanistan to defeat the terrorists and create conditions for a negotiated political settlement.

In recognition of the amazing job our military does protecting the homeland, a debt we can never truly repay, I am making sure this government fulfills its obligation to our veterans. We have already enacted major reforms to strengthen the Department of Veterans Affairs’ ability to provide high quality healthcare and benefits to millions of veterans and their beneficiaries. We have increased accountability, as the VA has fired 1,440 failing employees, suspended 430, and demoted 79, all as part of my efforts to make sure veterans get the help they need, in the time frame they deserve.

Finally, I have filled numerous vacancies in our federal courts with judges who will interpret the law as written – including our exceptional new Supreme Court Justice, Neil Gorsuch.

After one year, I am proud to report to the American people that we truly are making America great again – for all Americans!”

–Donald J. Trump, President of the United States.

Screen Shot 2018-01-21 at 11.47.16 AM

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