Posted by: Dr Churchill | February 1, 2018

Team + Market + Product = Startup Gold

That’s the winning equation for Startups.

The above equation mimics today’s crowdsourced startups that speak to the “Machine” operating on a “Platform” that is enabled and utilized by the “Crowd” and you have to have some non consensus Vision.

If you are just following the herd you will not make great returns.

But if you have a new view that is away from the herd — then you can win.

Not because your contrarian view that is away from the common consensus is always right. Far from it — but the capacity to see things differently is the first step towards getting to the win.

Always it is the contrarians, or the ones, that know how to live with the requisite uncertainty that comes along every time that you have a difficult view that is the “Non Consensual” view of the world — and that allows them to innovate and unleash the disruptive forces that will upend the incumbent’s business.

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  1. Dr. Churchill
    You are a great thought provoking writer – thank you

    I think Startup Gold must also have an Open Market – uncluttered with competing voices and established products or a NEW technology that is so game changing that it makes the competition obsolete.

    Gary Tripp

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