Posted by: Dr Churchill | February 1, 2018

“The Art of StartUp” & the MetaPhysics of Innovation for Entrepreneurs

“The Art of the StartUp” by Dr Churchill.

“The Art of StartUp” & the MetaPhysics of Innovation for Entrepreneurs, by Dr Churchill.

As you know, I often see myself in the Mass Media, being quoted as saying that “The Life of an Entrepreneur is 10% Heaven and 90% Hell.”
And indeed that is true, as those are the approximate averages of the Startup founder’s life…

Yet although that might be true — it is not entirely correct that I most frequently use this quotation, because with me, it’s not that the proverbial glass of water, is half full, or half empty… For me the glass is whatever type of drink is that the entrepreneur I am working with, likes to drink. And regardless of whom I drink with — the glass is always full, as it my cup overflows, with the legions of StartUppers and Entrepreneurs that follow my teachings, trainings, and whose companies I have helped built into Unicorns or steadily growing, and world changing businesses, offering great products and services.

So let us dispense with the glass metaphor, because what I say far more frequently, is that “The Life of the Startup Founder is 99% flow and 1% Grace.”

This is the “Power Law” of Startups written XL large, by Dr Churchill.

And that is a key teaching ingredient of “The Art of StartUp” & the MetaPhysics of Innovation for Entrepreneurs that I wrote this post to explain.

Because those of us that count ourselves as Entrepreneurs — we seem to choose to live and thrive this way, since those thrilling moments of being in the Flow while living in Grace make Life worth living.

And because I want this to be your experience too — I invite you to an intense training of a Startup Week (StartUp MBA) alongside the SXSW 2018 in Austin Texas this coming March 9th to 15th of 2018. (

Now, You and I both know, that if you are a “Start-Upper,” you need to spend all of your resources on building out your Innovation, and getting it to market with a solid team as quickly as possible…

We call this the StartUp MBA and we offer it in the space of one week, for a little less money than the quarter million dollars that the University Business Schools Universities charge for this.

And to do that You must be really discerning, and choosy, because you really don’t have time, money, and energy to waste, in all those silly courses, or in enthusiastic Ra-Ra-Ra motivational cry-ins, or in one of the thousands of useless incubators that are another word for baby-pens for the indecisive, for the weak of heart, and for the terminally resigned to failure StartUp wannabes.

What you don’t need is wasting your time, energy, and money, in those incubators and those six month courses, or the six year classrooms, or the three year MBAs, or even the four year Business degrees that give you a diploma that’s only good to make you an employee of a process rich company, or an accountant, or an executive of something similarly soul-draining.

Those business schools that are preparing you for the so called “Good Jobs” at PWC, or P&G, or MS, or any other evil empire large conglomerate, that will suck out the very life of a true StartUpper — are to be avoided at any cost.

And what you also don’t need, are the various gimmicky lean startup courses, the phat startup courses, the medium weight startup course, and all of the vast assemblage of this-&-that startup courses — that are always and forever the next big thing. Avoid all that bricolage of expensive and wasteful garbage, and run away from the flavor of the month startup courses, that guarantee the Entrepreneur will stay in the baby pen of the incubators, and will be milked for ever and ever. The hucksters and the fraudsters that promote all of these courses must also be avoided like the plague.

Also to be avoided are the various service providers, consultants, and startup lawyers, because they are acting like vampires that will suck out your mojo and your blood, along with your money, your innovation, and your wish to succeed.

There is indeed a whole Startup industry out there that sucks away all of your attention and your energy, along with your hard earned money, in getting you distracted and wasting your time, while also making you pay for useless rote learning about things that you really don’t need.

But there are also Good and Great things out there too, and it is your job to be discerning and to be able to rummage through the whole lot and find the good stuff that will fill-up your Innovation tank and help you lead the way to the Unicorn land of plenty.

Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at 6.06.34 PM

Because if you are a true StartUpper — you should be leaving your day job right now, and pursuing your dreams. That is, if you really plan to test your metal, and prove your mettle, by pursuing your genius innovation towards maturity in it’s full development and getting a shot at becoming a true Unicorn.

So come along with me, because from what I know — and since you are already reading this StartUp post — it’s worth your time, your energy, and your effort, to live like a Lion for an hour with me, instead of living a lifetime like a sheep.

Come with me, because entrepreneur development is all what I do with my good & great StartUppers, that choose themselves to succeed.

Come with me, because only those that come along and are counted amongst my StartUppers, are the Real Deal.

And this is gospel, because when you are with me — you know that you’ll soar like an eagle above all the petty startup cry-babies, all the children, and all those startup wannabes, that simply fantasize, instead of actualizing their dreams.

So come along now to be with me physically, as you are now energized, even though we are together only virtually, for the few minutes that you spend with my Spirit while reading my stuff here, or in one of my many books, or while watching my youtube videos, and attending my MeetUps here:

Come along and be counted because being with me is an entirely different and uplifting experience of being in a State of Grace, as any of my StartUppers will attest, amongst those who have participated in any one of the Thousands of events that I have taught, from my awesome Masterclass StartUp Weekends, or the various Startup Teach-Ins and Lectures that I offer all around the world, or even while attending one of my American Angels investment meetings.

When you come here — You know that you are in the flow, and you experience what being in a State of Grace feels like, alongside me…

And this may be, because I know how to summon the “Energies” necessary, in order to assist you in building the Startup of your Dreams and change the essential way you and the rest of the StartUppers around me think about success and work in achieving it.

And that is why the “Dr Churchill Startup Week,” or the “Dr Churchill Startup Weekend,” or the “Dr Churchill Startup MasterClass,” all follow a process of Cybernetics, that will not only confirm the value of your Innovation, but it will appraise the value of your Startup, and will fund the hyper-fast developed Startup Company, in a simple physics, One-Two-Three scientific process.

Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at 6.02.04 PM

And not only that, but we will guide you to be in the flow with the network of our business customers who will validate the Innovation of your Startup with purchase orders that You will pursue inside the fold. Indeed, for all of our StartUppers, not only we incorporate the Company from the Get-Go, but we also divvy up the equity amongst the Founders, and we do all the necessary things in order to speed up the development and avoid all the breaking-up conflicts that kill most of the Startups in their infancy — but we also get you in front of the customers and the clients and even the strategic exits provided in our vast marketplace, because alongside our independent Startups, and StartUppers, we also have the Strategic StartUppers, and the seasoned Company executives from large conglomerates, that come to pursue Innovation and Startup development.

Because they know that innovation does not happen inside big process rich companies and they also know that they have to come to Dr Churchill in order to get some. So as you have seen, there are some great programs for company and product development inside the American Angels network – and most of those programs and Angels, invest directly in your startup. That is, if you have a team, a product, and a market to find traction within…

So I hereby invite only those amongst you that want to rise above the crowds and the clutter of ordinary life — to come and soar with the eagles, this coming March, to spend sometime with me in Austin Texas, where we will have awesome fun and build a bunch of crazy great Startups too during the amazing week of the ultra creative bunch of folks participating in the South by SouthWest annual shinding. (

And here is the WHAT, the WHY, the WHEN, the WHERE, and the WHO, should come be with me, to work and play hard, while learning the true “Art of the Startup.”

Send me your name, your CV, and your LinkedIn profile, and I shall decide if you are good enough to join my Posse, because what type of person you are and what motivates you is important to me, and I have to choose really carefully those that ought to be with Dr Churchill’s entourage.


Who should apply for this rigorous selection process, is ONLY the type of person that self identifies as an Entrepreneur, as a Founder, as an Innovator, as an Inventor, as a StartUpper, as a Disruptor, or as a caged animal inside the large process rich boring companies out there…

Who shouldn’t apply is the person that self described as an aspiring StartUpper who wants to confirm if your idea, your innovation, or your invention, is worthwhile before you leave you day job.

Similarly, if you are in any way undecided — please don’t bother applying because that would be a waste of both of our time.

Can you throw caution to the wind and come to be counted amongst the dozen or so great entrepreneurs that I will personally lead in this far reaching journey of Innovation?

If your answer is YES to the above question — then by all means, keep reading…

Keep on reading because as we both know — you’ve got some more hoops to jump through, before you can come be with me in my inner circle…

Do you want to make your fortune in this lifetime before you get too old to enjoy it?

If your answer is YES to the above question — then by all means, keep on reading…

Do you want to make a shit load of dough in order to have “fvck you money” and the means to do whatever the hell you like?

If your answer is YES to the above question — then by all means, keep reading…

Do you want to make the world a better place through your own personal fortune?

If your answer is YES to the above question — then by all means, keep reading…

Do you want to make yourself known as a great entrepreneur and a wealthy philanthropist?

If your answer is YES to the above question — then by all means, keep reading…

And send me an email once you sign up in Dr Churchill’s private team of Eagles and other High Fliers building creating and spotting UNICORNS here

Sign up here:

Once you are inside the fold — then you can email me to discuss if you can be further admitted into the inner sanctum of my entourage.

Or keep reading and send over your application letter for admittance by simply including your desire, your LinkedIn and your CV, because there are some more questions that you will want to answer in the affirmative, before we invite you to be part of the Great Dozen of Startups to be born in Austin Texas this Spring…

Of course we both know that in order to built a GREAT DOZEN of STARTUPS — all I ask is that YOU bring your Alpha game, and that YOU truly want to make a GREAT SUCCESS in this world we live in.

So keep on reading…

If you think that it will likely still take you some time to validate your ideas and work through the process of innovation for your StartUp – of course I am here to support you through my books, my Startup blogs, through my various MeetUps, and in whether you have just the glimpse of an idea or if you already have product and revenue.

Potential Co-Founders – do you want to join a startup or are you looking for potential co-founders? You’ll likely find them here.

Corporate Innovators – if you’re looking to put some structure to your corporate goals – plus get to meet potential employees who like innovation.

Students – if you want to learn a process and structure to think about your ideas or the ideas of companies, you might consider joining in the future!

@6MonthStartup program is designed for you. You’ll take the next six months to define and refine your idea, understand how to make money and make an informed decision if you should leave your day job or not. The monthly meetup format has content, exercises, time to pitch, feedback from mentors and dinner. You will have monthly homework – the result of that homework will be the key to meeting with mentors at the next session. This is your startup and the pace at which you approach the homework is up to you, however, mentors require that you have a serious idea and you’re doing the work to get their time.

Bellow follows the remit of the week’s bloody strenuous program. A program so tough and demanding, that even a bullet proof Startupper and a tough mudder, will have difficulty muddling through it.

Mainly because, on the very beginning of the first day, we’ll bloody your nose with the practical basics of Innovation generation.

We’ll do that through actual Innovation and Invention creation and generation. We’ll even do Idea brainstorming, IP Research, personal Passion, and particular innovation for the respective Market size of our various Startups…
1) Innovation: What is it good for and how it happens? What makes a good Invention? ow disruptive is your Innovation? Where does your Passion lay? Is it important but not sufficient if you’re looking to scale your idea into something that is fundable or can create a lifestyle to support you and your family. There is a lot you can learn about what makes both good and bad ideas – and don’t believe the quote, “Ideas don’t matter, only execution matters.” That implies that you have a good idea in the first place.
2) Research: How do you do research to see which companies have come before you, where have they had success and/or failure, and what you can learn from it?
3) How should you think about your target customer and target market? Is it big enough? How will you get to it and do you have the runway to make it successfully?
4) Fundraising is key here, because most people think they want to raise Angel and Venture Capital, but only a very small number of Startuppers actually ever need to do this, whereas the vast majority bootstrap and find access to Capital by connecting the awesome “DOTs” …
5) The three foundations of your Startup are Innovative Product + Entrepreneurial Team + Market size = Startup Success. (

On the second day, we’ll get into the particular Innovation’s customer and product development, the Startup’s competitive advantage, and the divvying up of the Startup equity amongst the Funders, the Founders, the Innovators, the Co-Founders, and the Executive Team, and also how to reserve a great chunk of Equity for the future Startup employees, and for the allocations of the Executive Board of Directors, stock recompense.
Three discussion tracks:
1) Customer Development is the process of systematically interviewing potential customers for feedback that will inform your product priorities and decisions. 2) When you complete this section, this will be a method you take forward and use in every idea and company that you launch.
3) You will learn to be an expert in Customer Development.
4) How do you look at the competition, is vital, because you should focus on your customer first, and before you start your company you need to know what current features meet or exceed the market’s needs as well as the current “pain” your customer is feeling, AND THE VERY PROBLEM THAT YOU ARE SOLVING.
5) Equity division between the Co-Founders and the discussions that need to take place during the seeding phase of the business and not during the harvest time. 6) This is the talk about commitment, equity and contribution of time and capital that you need to have before you incorporate. It will never get easier to have these discussions.

On the third day we’ll delve deep into the value proposition of the Startup:
1) we shall invest our time and energy in the testing of the Tech & Science theories behind the Startup.
2) We will examine the validation of the hypotheses we utilize for the particular Startup.
3) We will examine and road test the product.
4) We shall develop the features.
5) We will measure the benefits.
6) In essence we shall develop all of the attributes of the particular innovation Startup and focus on what are those attributes that might make this company a Unicorn.

On the Fourth day we shall gather some customer feedback:
1) This is the day where you should start to get feedback from Customers in order to validate the product value.
2) Next is the focus on your Value Propositions and how this is clearly laid out.
3) We shall find out what is the “lead of your story.”
4) We shall reiterate the how do you tell your story?
5) We will flesh out the HOW to know “the first things” to be the first thing? 6) We’ll help with the process of cleaning up the vision of StartUppers who tend to clutter up all of the current and potential value propositions in their head making it tough to be clear to the target audience — the all important customer who will pay folding money to you for your freshly minted product or service.
7) MVPs, Product Development & Specifications.
8) Marketing 101: Marketing 101 – you need to start building a customer list and target customer(s) before you ship your product. Today you’ll nail down the basic tasks required even if you’ve never been schooled in the dark arts of marketing.
9) Minimum VIABLE Product or MVP has the emphasis on Viable not minimum! What are you required to ship to provide a useful solution to your customer? What one thing do you want to prove with your MVP? If the product was going to fail, why would it fail?
10) Product Development and Specifications are what’s required for an engineering team or offshore development company to build your MVP. This will include design. It may be as simple as a powerpoint deck that looks like a mobile app or website and it may be an enterprise software solution.

On the fourth day, we’ll do testing, testing, testing, and more testing, because although it’s good that you have a hypothesis, it’s just that until you have actual data — you ain’t got squat.
1) We’ll outline a process for you to test your messaging.
2) to test your advertising.
3) To test your conversion ratios.
4) How to get DATA to inform your theory.
5) It’s time to begin to identify the features of your product…
6) The benefits of your product…
7) Identify those for the launch of your Startup.
8) Identify those for the Scale of your startup.
9) Scale and vision are great, but you have to survive long enough to get to scale.
10) Narrowing your focus for launch is key – BECAUSE you only have so much in terms of resources, time, engineering, and capital.
11) Please know and recall that all those constraints above are actually a good thing.

On the fifth day…
1) We’ll teach you the basics of this little thing called “Making Money.”
2) Revenue Models.
3) Pricing.
4) Product – Market Fit.
5) Because as you have the cost to build your product, the cost of selling the product and a need to return a profit to you or your shareholders, since far too many products can be made, but only You can truly answer the question: Given the market size, the available capital, and the resources available to us, “Should I make this Product?”
6) This will confirm how you make money.
7) We’ll outline the Revenue Models in order of difficulty.
8) Your startup is unique, but your revenue model isn’t unique!
9) What is Product Market Fit and how do you know you have it? Product market fit is when you have mapped your minimum viable product to the customer needs that you have discovered and you have fulfilled that value promise.

On the sixth Day: LAUNCH, Revenue, Scaling Up, or Turning Off?
1) Product Launch represents the previous five months of work to get something in front of your customers. Based on the complexity of your product, this may be as simple version 1.0 of a more complex product offering. In any case, you’ll have a roadmap to launch and to follow based on customer feedback.
2) Revenue generation is the process of answering physically the question of will your customers pay for your product?
3) What other key metrics should you be tracking?
4) Don’t get lost in vanity metrics, there is a set of Key Metrics that matter for each of the revenue models.
5) You’ll need to know how to get traffic to the site, registered users and people who will give you $$$$$ for your product.
6) These are the same metrics that investors will be asking you for when you ask for cash.

And on the seventh Day even God rested, but there is no rest for the wicked Startup class of Dr Churchill, because we’ve got some serious work to do still….

But for now, the only thing you’ve got to do is, You must decide to get your way to Texas and be with me and find your way to SUCCESS.

Or not…

and thus remain miserable with plenty of FOMO for the rest of you life as your long-term companion.

Your Call.


Dr Churchill


If you are interested to participate email me inside the MeetUp after you join my community of Great Angels, Funders, Founders, and Entrepreneurs at

Making a Great StartUp, Scaling Up your existing one, Building a Unicorn, or even Turning Off is ultimately your decision.

And that decision will define your Life for now and forever.

Keep that in mind.

Because this is “the time to shit or get off the pot…”

This is the time that You should decide to pursue this innovation, this idea, and this Startup project, or should you pivot in another direction with the same market, or should you put this idea to rest and go after a new idea, or even should you choose to smoke some weed and lay on the couch by yourself in front of the TV, while gulping down your share of Doritos to satisfy your munchies, and stay long with your beer bottle.

And if you decide to do the Startup and come to Dr Churchill’s innovation MasterClass at the Startup Week in Texas this Spring — you’ll also get the eighth day for free, which is the day that we finance the Startups with hard cash.

Angel Investors

Seattle, WA
1,853 Angel Investors

Welcome – Now You have finally arrived  — Feel Safe, sit down and take the load off your feet — Read on…American Angels with their Startups help create the American Dream…

Next Meetup

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Saturday, Feb 3, 2018, 4:00 PM
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For more on the funding keep on reading here, because we’ll have a Startup “Pitch and Demo” day on the eighth day of our sojourn in Austin Texas:
Here is the supreme list of the “dirty dozen” of Startup Capital Raising Methods that you can employ right away, starting with the incredible DOTs:

Entrepreneurship Is a High-Stakes Game and funding your Startup is at the Heart of it all.

So here is the supreme list of the “dirty dozen” of Startup Capital Raising Methods that you can employ right away…

Because still today, after thirty plus years as an Angel investor — I get asked to mentor entrepreneurs and when we meet, always the first question is “How do I find the money to start my business?”

And I always answer that there isn’t any magic to it, and contrary to popular myth, it is quite easy to do if your business has the simple quality of being fundable.

Of course the Entrepreneurs always like to fantasize that somebody is waiting in the wings to throw money at them, just because they have a new and exciting business idea, that in due time — will no doubt change the world as we know it.

Once that exchange is done — we can move on to Reality Check territory, where I have to explain that there are many more options available for funding a starting business, than they might find when looking for financing to buy a car, a home, or any other major consumer item.

So if you have the urge to be an entrepreneur, I encourage you to think seriously about each of these, before you zero in on one, two, or three, and then get totally discouraged if those few options, don’t work for you.

Of course, every alternative has advantages and disadvantages, so any given one may not be available or attractive to you.

For example, professional investors put great priority on your previous experience in building a business, and they expect to own a portion of the business equity and control for the funds they do provide. These are tough for a first-time entrepreneur.

Thus it is always a question of what you qualify for, and what you are willing to give up, to turn your dream idea into a viable business.

So here is my list of the 12 most common sources of funding today, in sequential form, with some rules of thumb to channel your focus…

Topmost are the incredible DOTs that you can see up above that help involve and inform the fundraising of every intelligent Startup that seeks the help of the American Angels.

Naturally every funding decision is a complex tradeoff between near-term and longer-term costs and paybacks, as well as overall ownership and control. Yet with the many options available, there is no excuse for not living your dream, rather than dreaming about living. As a general rule, professional investors will expect that you have already put your own money in the Startup and that you already have commitments from friends & family, in order to show your credibility. If yourself, or your friends and family don’t believe in you, you shouldn’t expect others and especially professional outsiders to jump in. Your own pocketbook, and your F&F are the primary source of personal and non personal funds for very early-stage startups.

As you read this article, you shall see, that all of the other options besides the incredible DOTs of the AMERICAN ANGELS, require far more work and commitment on your part, in order to maintain and grow the Startup because there is no Alladin’s magic djinnie, Irish pot of gold at the end of the rainbow with a green gnome marking the spot, or some treasure money from a long lost Pirate relative that hid his Spanish golden doubloons in a deserted island of the Caribbean, but there are DOTs and I see them everywhere…

However here is the supreme list of the “dirty dozen” of Startup Capital Raising Methods that you can employ right away:

1) The incredible digital currency named DOT allows for an Internet Coin Offering (ICO) to raise abundant capital for your Startups. This method of the DOTs is the newest digital currency that helps us perform an ICO with a digital currency that is solid, and as a FinTech software token, is not subject to SEC approval, but rather is a simple SAAS service method of raising Capital for a Tech worthy StartUp. The American Angels specialize on education the World about this method of ICOs for all Tech & Science Startups, and this is the current iteration of this budding method of Fundraising.

We got our start in the Silicon Valley and in the Pacific Northwest, and You could attend a meeting of the American Angels in Seattle, in Bellevue, or in San Francisco, and Stanford University, in order to see if this system of ICO funding via the digital SAAS token currency DOTs, is for you, and for your Startup. Look for upcoming meetings at the American Angels Crowdfunding Meetup site here: or and RSVP to the next meetings to educate yourself fully.

2), 3), 4), Bootstrapping, by Self, Friends, & Family. The truth of the matter is that you can partly or even fully jumpstart your Startup with these Big Three, at the earliest stage. These are the TOP-3 methods of funding your Startup: 1) By Yourself bootstrapping it. 2) By your Friends pitching in. 3) By your Family giving you the capital you require. So these 1,2,3, are the top funding mechanism for Startups because these days the overall starting costs of a digital business, are at an all-time low, and over 90% percent of all startups are self funded, through bootstrapping for the first year of operations and sometimes all the way up to their 18 month energy limit. Of course for someone straight out of school, it may take a bit longer to save some money before you start your company, but what the hell are you going to do with the Financial Aid and your Student Work, if you cannot save some of it for your dreams?

And this method truly helps your Startup dream come to the world and grow organically, in the protected garden of your self, friends & family’s patch. And there are many other massive advantages of bootstrapping, such as the fact that you don’t have to give up any equity or control to others.

Yet you still have to built an Executive team of co-founders, and share fairly equitably some of the Startup equity with them. But for all practical purposes the business is owned by the Founders alone, at this stage, and this gives you a certain kind of Freedom that is unprecedented, and a rather freeing experience, to do as you damn well please.

5) Small Business Grant: These are government funds allocated to support new technologies and important causes, such as education, medicine and social needs. A good place to start looking is, which is a searchable directory of more than 1,000 federal grant programs. The process is long, but it doesn’t cost you any equity.

6) Start an online crowdfunding campaign: This newest source of funding, where anyone can participate as the JOBS Act passed by Congress in 2011 and regulated by the SEC in 2015, is exemplified by the internet schemes that help you fund your project online and can be found in sites such as Go-Fund-Me, Indie-gogo, Kickstarter, etc. Here is where many internet savvy people make online pledges to your startup during a campaign, or to pre-buy the product for later delivery, or give donations, or qualify for a reward, or even for a partnership, or a job deal, or to participate in the gig economy and the sharing internet economy, etc.

7) American Angel Investors from your local business community: Most metropolitan areas have groups of local high-net-worth individuals interested in supporting startups, and willing to syndicate amounts up to a million dollars for qualified startups. Use online platforms such as Gust to find them, and local networking to find ones that relate to your industry and passion. For example American Angels is everywhere, and can be accessed from here: or here:

8) Venture Capital Investors: These are professional investors, such as Kleiner Perkins, Sequoia, Draper, Accel Partners, Bain, Graystock, and many others who invest their general partners’ funds, that are derived from institutional Capital, in some qualified startups, usually Tech and Science, with a proven business model, great Executive team, and ready to pursue growth & scale. These VC investors typically look for big opportunities, needing a couple of million dollars or more, with a proven team of executives. Always must look for a personal and warm introduction, to make this work.

9) Join an incubator or an accelerator to help yourself find your way and the means to find your niche. These organizations, such as Y Combinator, and many others, are quite popular these days, and are often associated with major universities, community development organizations, or even large companies. Most provide free resources to startups, including office facilities and consulting, but many provide seed funding as well.

10) Negotiate an advance from a strategic partner or customer and thus find a major customer, or a complimentary business, who sees such value in your idea that they are willing to give you an advance on royalty payments to complete your development. Variations on this theme include early licensing or white-labeling agreements.

11) Trade equity or services for startup help, for your early stage needs. This is most often called bartering your skills or something you have for something you need. An example would be negotiating free office space by agreeing to support the computer systems for all the other office tenants. Another common example is exchanging equity for legal and accounting support.

12) Seek a bank loan or credit-card line of credit: In general, this won’t happen for a new startup, unless you have a good credit history or existing assets that you are willing to put at risk for collateral. In most of the United States, you may find that the Small Business Administration (SBA) can get you infusions of cash without normal backup requirements.

And there are of course millions of other ways that you can raise Capital for your Startup.

So now is the time to go out and find yours…

Please keep in mind that all of these methods are available to all of you, and you are only limited by your resourcefulness, by your imagination, and by your creativity, in finding and connecting the DOTs, and the Capital, you need, and then pursuing them to your benefit, to the benefit of the Startup that you are building, and to the utmost benefit of that dent we’ve trying to put on the Universe…


To your best success.

Use these Top Twelve Methods with Caution because they are highly effective and can be outlawed any moment now or within the next twelve months… 😉

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