Posted by: Dr Churchill | February 9, 2018

Man’s Search for Happiness

Man’s Search for Happiness.

This is the title of my new book, that deals with the modern issue of lack of Happiness amongst people that enjoy perhaps too much of a good thing in wealth, material comforts, safety, and security.

As always, I start with a Question to You:

Where do you find your happiness?

Think about it for a moment please…

I also will attempt to answer that question alongside of you.

Because it is my Search for Happiness that pushed me to write this book titled: “Man’s Search for Happiness” and subtitled: “The Philosophy of a Happy Mind”


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And because as I am thinking of myself as a Leader– it always connects me to the basic values of what that means… and being Happy is right up there on top of the list.

And as I counsel my students that it is the ultimate art of living as a Leader, to strive to be happy, living and working full of purpose, within a meaningful life. That’s how you lead people to the promised land.

And indeed, the Art of Living that directs the purpose of our existence demands for us to seek Meaning and therefore find Happiness in that pursuit.

Victor Frankl’s treatise on “Man’s Search for Meaning” details the process quite well. Man’s Search for Meaning is a 1946 book by Viktor Frankl, chronicling his experiences as an Auschwitz concentration camp inmate during World War II, and describing his psychotherapeutic method, which involved identifying a purpose in life to feel positively about, and then immersively imagining that outcome.


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Imagine to have quality of life inside a Nazi concentration camp, as a Jew waiting to be killed in the gas chambers and then fed into the crematorium ovens…

Now try to further imagine that you will have to find your own Happiness in that environment at that time as an inmate…

Heavy stuff.

Yet happiness, even in those dire circumstances, is the true index of quality of life, because without happiness, not only life becomes dry and meaningless, but you are sapped from the will to go on, and from allowing yourself to live forth in peace.

And I want to add something here that you wouldn’t know, because far too many Nazi concentration camp inmates committed suicide, in weird and painful ways — well in advance of their captors marching them into the crematoriums. Indeed we have to further assume that many whose will to live was sapped, and those who had lost the will to live-on, simply allowed themselves to pass aways and die from severe depression and related causes.

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Indeed suicide comes in many forms and in many colors, but as I am always reminded by living in Seattle the suicide capital of the world — I myself am responsible not only for my own happiness, but for the modicum of happiness of all those people around me, and of those that I lead forth, as well.

I am responsible, because with happiness, even the most difficult life of the inmates in the Nazi concentration camps — it becomes bearable and in subtle ways even fulfilling and at times even wonderful, as Victor Frankl writes from that awful vantage point…. about the power of the Human Spirit to live in Grace at that most dire of circumstances.

Happiness is a simple as holding your children around you in your arms after a good day’s work…


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So who are we to complain bitterly about our depression or about our unhappy lives when we live in the most blissful time that this human race has ever seen in history?

Of course everybody shares their own private and heavy burden, but putting things into perspective — Thank God — we do not have Nazi concentration camps feeding people alive and dead alike, into crematorium ovens today.

However we also face challenges today, and severe attacks that cause our happiness to escape us — but it is now that we have to remember that we need to fight and fight hard to find and keep our Happiness against those soul snatching hungry-angry-grumpy people out there, like those fashion models that I used to date, that seemed to be angry all the time because they were terribly hungry all the time and substituted a good dinner with alcohol down their pretty gullet and coke up their tiny French noses.

Yet I am always happy because I am a Leader and a true Fighter, and as it turns out, it is only the warriors amongst us that understand that happiness is something worth fighting for, and a great boon for my people, because it is an infectious feeling that immediately lifts the sagging spirits of yourself and of the people around you. And that’s what a Leader needs to impart all around himself.

Because He…


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Why else do you think all those models and movie actresses keep coming to hang and be around me as arm candy or as parts of my posse and beautiful people entourage?

Seems to me that happy people keep themselves happy and make all those around them happy too — because they know the little ways to appreciate themselves and to see the humour and magic in each moment and in each other, and make happiness a commodity that is easily given as a contagion.

Yet, it is good to know the other side of the coin itself, because generally speaking simpletons, sheeple, and fools are generally grumpy, or upset, because they have decided that they are only going to be happy at some point in the future, when all of their strange and mundane, simple needs have been satisfied.

If that ever happens….

Yet for me, spreading happiness all around me is easy, like when I give bars of chocolate and flutes of champagne to my skinny Models and Actresses, and they perk up like sunshine lit them up fully. But being mostly hungry  during their days — are mostly angry with themselves and the world…


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Contrary to that nonsense, me as the penultimate Warrior, am always happy. Indeed I try  to keep happy, for no apparent reason whatsoever.

Even when going to battle to die — I be HAPPY.

And that’s what makes this warrior a Happy Leader, and what makes the simple happiness the ultimate discipline of truth, beauty, and honor.


Dr Churchill


As for my arm candy models — best they start looking into Tinder, CraigsList, and maybe Twitter and FB effed-up Social Media, in order to find their happiness because I have recently decided to fire them all, and from now on, to only surround myself with happy and self illuminated women, and not lithe “little girls” and spring chicks…

I’ve decided to focus exclusively on women that are beautiful and smart, and happy from within, and living under their own accord, lives of meaning, purpose, and service to the World and to themselves.



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