Posted by: Dr Churchill | March 12, 2018

Nuclear Deal with North Korea?

For decades upon decades, North Korea has aspired to be a loud-mouthed nuclear threat, attempting to extort any enemy it can. Menacing and threatening to get its way like an angry child trying to use bullying tactics to get its way.

Through several presidencies, our leaders have chosen diplomatic stagnation to kick the threat down the road, placing red lines in the sand and watching them get crossed with no consequence.

That was the official strategy for five decades and it has proven to be hugely ineffective, manifesting the largest consequential failure of the United States external International Affairs policy.

All the Harvard Kennedy school of government graduates who populated the State Department for the last couple of generations, were all vital proponents of the false theory of Joseph Nye calling for more and more “Soft Power” and for the rhetoric of respectful dialogue with rogue Dictators, Totalitarian leaders, and evil men, that we had to treat, as if they were some kind of Angels fallen upon this earth.

We can all see how well this “Soft Power” fvcked-up business of Joseph Nye’s nightmarish BS, has worked for us up to now.

Our daft policy of Strategic Diplomacy and Soft Power, is exactly why the Rogue Dictator has managed to get from America, whatever North Korea ever needed to become a nuclear power, without once being questioned, and certainly without ever being stopped.

As a result, it has become a menace, the likes of which are no longer tolerable.

Allowing North Korea to continue to grow their nuclear capabilities would be as responsible as giving a loaded gun to a monkey just to see what he would do with it. In either situation, the threat of people being hurt or worse, killed, is far too great.

Yet providence decreed otherwise… and here now, comes the new servant of the People, one Donald J Trump who has different ideas. Obviously we seem to have finally found a True Leader in the face of this new President Donald J Trump, who is unafraid to stir the hornet’s next, and to tangle with the vipers of North Korea and China.

Because President Trump being fully aware of North Korea’s threat — he has faced it head-on, as only a true leader can.

He uses what a threatening dictator understands — rhetoric backed up with force and a demonstration of willingness to use said force. Sanctions alone have had little or no effect on making this dictator back down.

Thankfully we finally have a leader who is willing to use force and is not afraid of being politically incorrect, and the results are showing for him the Victory we have for so long sought and lusted after…

We have for far too long harkened back to the days of General MacArthur, because for far too long political correctness has controlled the narrative, and the feeble attempts of American globalists and neocons to stay cool with North Korea’s attempts to extort the world. Saying nice things about the North Korean family of bloody awful Dictators, and fearing to offend their hard shell sensibilities while they murder their own citizens wholesale and even execute their own brother in public view — we stood firm on ceremony of soft power and strategic diplomacy that has long outweighed the safety of our nation.

Methinks that it is time now, that America puts America first, and protects its own citizens, it’s own interests, and it’s own sphere of influence — from the all too clear and present dangerous nuclear enhanced threat of North Korea’s ICBMs and nuclear tipped rockets flying towards Pearl Harbor as happened earlier this year and thankfully was intercepted, and was explained away as a “fat Fingers’ operator’s error in raising the nuclear threat alarm.

Yet, now it appears that things have turned around to the point that President Trump himself tweets about meeting with North Korea’s leader over the issue of a nuclear free Korean peninsula…

Screen Shot 2018-03-12 at 9.00.20 PM

Indeed a few days ago on March 8th of 2018, President Donald Trump tweeted that a meeting may be in the works between America and North Korea… because North Korea has had enough of sanctions and has decided to seek Terms to revert to a Peaceful standing amongst nations of this Earth.

Of course after her robust history of broken promises, fake deals, loosely worded intimidation, and threats against world peace — who can believe anything that comes out of the North Korean mouths… but it is worth a try to at least make an effort to believe and deal fairly with them in the interest of Peace.

Despite the issues that America has faced, a few simple truths cannot be denied: North Korea has stopped firing missiles, they asked to join the Olympics, and are now requesting to have communications to de-escalate the tensions between our countries.

And also South Korea after the Olympic games has stepped up to the plate, and is now vastly grateful for Donald Trump’s intervention to solve this crisis as seen by the South Korean president Moon Jae-in, who  send this Thank You letter to President Trump earlier this week:

Screen Shot 2018-03-12 at 9.39.11 PM

This is all Good News, and with Easter remaining in the balance we might see the Good Friday accords all over again. But although we have seen this effort at rapprochement taking place before, as a ploy to continue the North’s nuclear push forward, we now have a real leader in place in America, and is the kind of leader who will not sit idly by, and allow threats and threads to remain, against our great nation, in the name of political correctness.

He will strip the Koreans down to their skivvies if he so much as smell a rat. And then he will grab them by the short hairs — if you know what I mean. “Carpe Catulus” is his Latin name…

And indeed, we fully expect unorthodox methods of tough talk, and straight-forward action, followed by clear demands to the Koreans to lay down their arms, as directed from President Donald J Trump.

That is the scenario that will play out soonest.

Mark my words.

And how would you feel when this crazy business is all laid to rest?

And what does it all mean for you and me going forward?

Those two are loaded questions and ones that we best discuss in the next column, the next time we shall meet here, to solve the World’s ills, and to make Progress for Western Civilization.


Dr Churchill


Yet, before we break apart — the sceptic has to ask this question:

What is the bottom line?

This is the script and methinks that it is time to sit back and let President Trump do the job we elected him to do.

Let’s allow our Leader to do his job and enjoy the progress that comes after real negotiations for a relevant and important move, towards a more stable and peaceful Korean peninsula.

Let’s also hope and pray that Kim Jong-Un, the little rocket-boy, listens to REASON, and that his tough talk is again met straight on by our leader, with God on his side.

Screen Shot 2018-03-12 at 9.31.03 PM

And we all know that this will be a win for America, because we have never before seen this method executed, as we have never been able to bring this thorny issue to closure.

Nuclear War is not an end we desire. So let’s negotiate a way to abrogate that horrible eventuality…

And with President Trump, we can do that because we finally have an opportunity to bring real change and potentially reach an agreement with North Korea that gets enforced.

Words mean nothing without action and as we have seen President Trump backs up his words with action, and will surely verify that whatever deal the Koreans sign up for — they will toe that line.

And as the Old Gipper used to say about the Soviets and the Star Treaty Nuclear Arms limitation agreements: “Trust but Verify” is the only way forward.

Screen Shot 2018-03-12 at 7.15.39 PM


Why are all the dictators wear the same kind of neck closing pantsuit that Hillary Clinton also wore?

Is that the trademark of the totalitarian beliefs these faulty individuals hold, or do they all share the same-day-delivery tailor from Peking?

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