Posted by: Dr Churchill | March 13, 2018

Trump’s Sex Appeal is his expertise in assembling and managing a winning White House team…

Indeed in World politics, in international diplomacy, in US politics and in the Macro level Economics — Donald Trump is an innovator. An innovator in business and in life, and certainly an innovator in government…

He has broken the mold that ordinary leaders are cast of, and he has proven that he is willing to go where none tread before him.

Indeed he is absolutely not afraid to break with the establishment’s orthodox dogma and he finds favor by doing the unexpected.

He favors building a winning team, and then with this smartest possible staff, going after the targets he has set for himself based on the promises that he made to the American voters during his campaign. Isn’t that refreshing?

Indeed to get to the optimum team structure — you have to fire and hire all the time. As indeed Trump has done over the past few weeks, where there have been some high profile departures from the White House, most notably Rex Tillerson becoming yesterday’s news.

If anyone is still looking at Fake News sites, like CNN, where they attribute it to Trump being unstable, and the White House in some kind of chaos — you would think “what the hell is going on?”

But the success factor of the Trump administration with grave and important issues for the whole world, like the issue of North Korea — definitely puts that lie to the test. And since the truth is that President Trump has been successful his entire life and this continued success doesn’t come from being unstable, but from surrounding himself with the best team of individual leaders possible, and constantly cultivating that team with changing positions so that they “play ball” optimally and score constantly. Firing people when they can no longer perform what’s expected of them, is the right thing for a leader to do.

Am sure many of you follow the Sporting news and you see this thing playing out in all teams of champions. Even in fantasy football this is the case when you seek to assemble your dream team. Of course for the White House, it may not look too good to have so many changes in the public eye, but President Trump isn’t about looking good, and being politically correct — he’s about doing the right thing, and being successful.

Winning is very important to him, and that is why he surrounds himself with people who can score. He wants scorers, literally and figuratively. Imagine if he had kept on all his “untried” personnel from the first day he got in the White House, just so he can look good, and so that he can give off the impression that there is no chaos. He would have been up to his ears in “dead wood” and that in of itself, would be chaos, because the business of the state would have seized up. The country wouldn’t be getting results, nor what is best for it. Instead it would be getting only good “visuals” for CNN and the rest of the fake news, and still wouldn’t get what’s best for the President’s sex appeal outlook.

As it turns out, Trump decided early on, that is not what he wanted for his Presidency, and he is sticking to it. President Trump is a little more than a year, into the job, and he apparently only just getting started. He is getting comfortable with his surroundings and is slowly but surely figuring out who can help support him and his agenda for MAGA and the American people. And he is winning already too.

Therefore, there should be no surprise with all of his team changes, the reorientations of personnel, and the departures of some high level staff. Just to be clear — I am certain that we’ll see quite a few more team reassignments over the next few weeks, in order for President Trump to be able to play ball, and win, over and over again, with his type of a great and effective “Dream Team.”

Indeed seeing with my own eyes as a successful CEO — the perspective that Donald Trump is taking to truly Make America Great Again, by getting rid of people that aren’t performing properly, and putting in their place, people who can outwit their opponents, am fully satisfied with the results. And again if the new hires, start failing, he replaces them quickly with other ones.

Isn’t that what great team building coaches do?

He is a great practitioner of the Tech StartUp principle of “fail often — fail fast” that we use in the StartUp world of entrepreneurship, and this is obviously being utilized here too. Indeed he never fails to try, and that means that he will surely fail a bunch of times, but that he will also succeed a bunch of times, as well.

If instead he had failed to try anything new — he would have never succeeded in the things he has delivered so far either … Think about it. Especially, if you are still gripped with fear and griping about “The Donald” driving you crazy.

Just look at the issue of Immigration where he tried his level best. You saw him trying mightily, and you shall find him solidly on the right footing of History on the issue of this group of young people called the Dreamers. Believe it or not, “Dreamers” dreams, have crashed down, and they don’t have a path to citizenship thanks to the crazy way the Democratic party leadership never negotiated on their behalf, and thus failed to even try to handle this issue.

The DNC and the Democratic party leaders who for years have been infantilizing there Dreamers — they thought that by throwing a temper tantrum, they will win. And they failed to even attempt to negotiate in a serious manner with the Trump White house. After that, they lied and obfuscated the reality of their debauchery, demonizing the President. They demonized and infuriated the President because Trump was willing to legalize not just 800k dreamers as requested by the Democrats, but he was going to legalize 1.8 million people, and the only thing President Trump asked in return, was to secure the Southern border of the United States with some type of a wall. And the stupid idiots, refused to take him up on his offer… What kind of morons are these Dems — nobody really knows…

Imagine the surprise of President Trump when the Democratic party leadership refused to take this deal… So maybe its time for the “Dreamers” to start protesting against their Democratic patrons, because they are the ones at fault on this issue. Maybe too much tequila in their margaritas, or the weed is too strong, or something else clouded their judgement, but whatever it is — it stinks. So now, all the DREAMERS, are out of luck, and forever stuck in a limbo, without being legalized and without a clear path for citizenship or even the protections afforded them by an sort of amnesty.

Trump tried his level best and now he has moved on to other importune matters that require his attention. But the Dreamers are now must be turning around and blaming their leaders, especially now that President Trump and the attention of the world has shifted to these other, far more weighty matters.

Now the Trumpster is focusing all his energies on resolving the issues emanating form the troubled nation of North Korea that through it’s unchecked Nuclear missile program, and it’s aggressive eruptions of nuclear missiles flying off at random targets like Japan, Hawaii, South Korea, and even the western cities of the United States mainland — represents the biggest threat to World Peace today.

Trump may be a lot of things to a lot of people, however, we can bank on him to always be doing what he thinks is the right thing for America, for the American people, and for our national pride — at any cost to himself and to his political or even personal sex-appeal…

Screen Shot 2018-03-12 at 11.37.20 PM

And even contrary to popular opinion, he is a proven team player, a great team leader, and a proven Winner.

And now news has arrived that even the Nobel Peace prize committee is paying careful attention, to the reports of the progress he has spurred on the issues of the militarized Korean peninsula, and they think that the American President Trump’s sex appeal with the Nordic beauties & beautifiers, has increased significantly. Even inside the Scandinavian royal circles… we hear the he is a favorite for the Nobel peace prize, since he forged this new Korean peninsula denuclearization policy that might bear fruit any moment now.

Of course, you must feel free to have had a chuckle over the recent news that the Nobel Peace Prize Committee had received a forged nomination for Donald Trump. It seemed that the culprit, who allegedly stole someone else’s identity to make the pitch and is now under investigation by the Norwegian police, did the same thing a year ago.

But how utterly preposterous, that the Nobel committee is considering this man who at one point even went so far as to refuse to acknowledge the Nato Treaty’s provision of mutual self-defense, (for about five minutes), still plunging the Alliance into an existential crisis the likes of which it hasn’t experienced in years.

Trump is she man who, while campaigning for President of the United States, mused about withdrawing the US military commitments to South Korea, and Japan, and encouraging them to acquire nuclear weapons.

This is the man whose “off-the-reservation” rhetoric at the United Nations about North Korea and its leader, Kim Jong-un, sent the rest of the world into paroxysms of anxiety and dread. He would “totally destroy North Korea,” he said. “Rocket man” was on a “suicide mission” as he continued to build and test missiles apparently capable of striking the US with nuclear payloads.

We were beginning to wonder who of the two leaders was more bonkers, Kim or Trump.

But hold on to your horses of mirth and merriment… because President Trump seems to be having the last laugh again, since the top diplomats sent to North Korea’s Pyongyang by South Korea’s government in Seoul, with specific orders to attempt to carry forward a sudden “thaw” that began with North Korea’s unexpected participation in the Winter Olympics — have reported a stunning breakthrough.

Screen Shot 2018-03-13 at 6.59.18 PM

Immense progress underlies this tweet that is seemingly the only thing Trump wrote about. Progress measured in these highlights of the negotiations for the high level meetings among the leaders of the North and South who will hold their first summit in more than a decade. First off, the North asked for direct talks with the United States on ending their face-off. And they promised that throughout the process, North Korea will desist from further nuclear rocket fly-bys, eruptions, erections, and from any other nuclear missile send-offs towards Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, or western cities of the continental United States…

Remember that the so called “false alarm” in Hawaii a couple of months ago that was blamed on the fat fingers of the operator?

It wasn’t a false alarm after all.

It was real as fvck, and thank God the interception of this North Korean nuclear missile was successful — otherwise all that cozy waterfront Hawaii real estate would have been toast and Waikiki would now resemble Hiroshima and Nagasaki after the nuclear blast in 1945.

Now under the influence of the impending war and the mayhem unleashed from the combined assembled US carrier fleets off the coast of the Korean peninsula — both North and South Korean leaders have agreed to meet next month at the “truce village” of Panmunjom, on the North-South DMZ line that is about 40 miles north of Seoul. This will be only the third inter-Korean summit, since the Korean war, and the only one where a real breakthrough is seen as a possibility.

The sudden announcement of talks between North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un and South Korea’s President Moon Jae-in marks a dramatic potential step towards inter-Korean harmony – and a dividend of moves towards peace initiated at last month’s Winter Olympics in the South Korean mountain district of Pyeongchang.

Mr Chung Eui-yong, Mr Moon’s national security adviser, announced the summit at a briefing at which he had been expected only to report on his visit to Pyongyang on Monday, when he and other members of his delegation were hosted to dinner by Mr Kim.

Mr Kim was said to have described that conversation as “open-hearted”, but there was also a hint that the two sides would agree right away to a summit. He had invited Mr Moon to the summit three weeks ago in a letter that his younger sister, Kim Yo-jong, personally delivered while attending the PyeongChang Olympic games opening ceremonies in South Korea.

Mr Moon responded warmly to the idea by agreeing to a summit depending on “the right conditions” being met. Clearly Mr Kim came through with acceptable responses, and by meeting the pre-conditions the Summit was arranged.

Upon hearing the news, the South Korean people have responded with feelings ranging from open and warm exhilaration to stone cold scepticism. “This is great” said Kim Han-jin, a young businessman. “We should keep talking until the North is denuclearised.” Another person, who did not want her name used, said: “The US should cooperate instead of making threats against North Korea.” Korean conservatives, however, took quite a different view. “President Moon is falling for Kim Jong-un’s double talk,” said a middle-aged man. “He won’t give up anything. He wants to weaken our defences.”

First and foremost, said Mr Chung Eui-yong, Mr Kim agreed “the denuclearisation issue may be discussed as an agenda for the North-US dialogue” – an understanding that marked a clear departure from North Korea’s previous refusal to discuss the nuclear issue at all.

Indeed, Mr Chung Eui-yong said that North Korea’s President Mr Kim, “has clearly stated that the denuclearisation of the Korean Peninsula was an instruction of his predecessor” – that is, his father, Kim Jong-il. Mr Kim, further said “there has been no change to such an instruction”.

Mr Kim reportedly fortified that promise with assurances that American leaders are likely to greet with scepticism. Analysts quickly noted that Mr Kim hoped, by agreeing to holding a summit so soon, to throw off planning for joint US-Korean military exercises set to begin early next month.

However, both Mr Moon, and President Donald Trump have insisted the war games will be held as scheduled, but South Koreans are sure to express doubts as to whether they are such a good idea in the run-up to what would be the third inter-Korean summit – the first since the late Roh Moo-hyun met Kim Jong-il in Pyongyang in 2007. Roh’s predecessor, the late Kim Dae-jung, flew to Pyongyang in June 2000 for the first inter-Korean summit – a dividend of Mr Kim’s “sunshine policy” of North-South reconciliation.

This summit would be fundamentally different from the other two in one aspect. The agreement to meet at “truce village” Panmunjom, where the Korean War armistice was signed in 1953, means that Mr Moon would not be in the position of going as a supplicant to Pyongyang. Rather, the two would be meeting on equal, neutral ground – symbolic of their mutual desire to keep up the momentum generated by the Olympics.

“The North side,” said Mr Chung Eui-yong, at his briefing at the Blue House, the presidential residence and office complex, “clearly affirmed its commitment to the denuclearisation of the Korean Peninsula and said it would have no reason to possess nuclear weapons should the safety of its regime be guaranteed and military threats against North Korea removed.” Indeed, he added, “the North promised not to use not only nuclear weapons but also conventional weapons against the South”.

This policy, if followed, marks a sharp reversal from the pattern of missile and nuclear tests that have characterised Kim Jong-un’s rule. Mr Kim has ordered 10 missile tests, including three of long-range ballistic missiles theoretically capable of delivering a warhead to American targets, since Mr Moon won the presidency in a “snap election” last May after the impeachment, ouster and jailing of his conservative predecessor, Park Geun-hye. Mr Kim has also ordered two underground nuclear tests.

Even if South and North Korea do stage possibly modified military exercises in the next few weeks, the plan for the summit is certain to force Mr Trump to abandon any thought of exercising the “military option”, possibly a preemptive strike on the North’s nuclear and missile facilities. Mr Moon, while calling for strengthening of the South’s armed forces along with denuclearisation, has opposed any attack on North Korea as almost certain to invite a counter-attack on South Korea’s densely populated capital region of Seoul and the nearby west coast port Incheon.

Just to make sure nothing goes wrong, said Mr Chung Eui-yong, South and North Korea also agreed “to set up a hotline between their leaders to allow close consultations and a reduction of military tension, while also agreeing to hold the first phone conversation before the third South-North summit”.

That the US intelligence community isn’t exactly popping the champagne is to be expected. Scepticism is the order of the day. “Hope springs eternal but we need to learn a lot more relative to these talks,” Dan Coats, Director of National Intelligence, told members of Congress. “And we will.”

Less surprising was President Trump’s evincing, a fair degree of optimism as seen here: “Possible progress being made in talks with North Korea,” he wrote in his tweet. “For the first time in many years, a serious effort is being made by all parties concerned. The World is watching and waiting! May be false hope, but the U.S. is ready to go hard in either direction!”

Screen Shot 2018-03-12 at 9.00.20 PM

Now it makes total sense how the seemingly amateurish antics of Donald Trump with respect to the Korean peninsula problem have been terrifying for the leaders of the North Korean dictatorship. He was watched carefully by all concerned as the experts on the Korean peninsula, on the Pacific region, and on denuclearization have all been proven wrong on this, and their efforts drained out of the State Department, that now post-Tillerson is going to be studying “The Art of War” as Donald Trump has utilized when he successfully “played” his enemy the “little rocket boy” Kim.

Part of Trumps psych-ops is that he has attached zero urgency to appointing an ambassador to South Korea, at the time that his threats against the North have created unprecedented tensions between Seoul and Washington. As a matter of fact, he sent Ivanka Trump to Seoul to discuss the situation with President Moon Jae-in and that is the obvious result of personal diplomacy, similar to the move that the North Korean dictator Kim took, when he send his sister to discuss the diplomatic breakthrough that the usually arteriosclerotic diplomats of orthodox dogma on both sides, would never have deigned to think about — let alone could have tried to achieve.

And so Trump rules with his sharp wits and his witticisms. He dislikes experts and he takes a perverse pleasure at proving them wrong time and again…

At the annual Gridiron Dinner in Washington on Saturday, Trump astonished all the seated “experts” by claiming he had talked to North Korea himself. “It was headed for disaster and now we’re talking” is what he announced apropos his speech. “They, by the way, called up a couple of days ago; they said: “We would like to talk.” And I said, “So would we, but you have to denuke.”” He indeed said that it was South Korea he’d been talking to, but, it threw people a curved ball at that dinner and plenty of heads of experts exploded right then and there…

Trump obviously knows, but we don’t know what will happen next. Yet we can say with full confidence, that we wouldn’t be where we are now, were it not for the extreme pressure applied by Trump, pressure, by the way, which the Obama administration chose, for whatever reasons, not to apply.

First the rhetoric. Trump has been consistent in signalling a willingness to order unilateral strikes again North Korea if sanctions and diplomacy were failing and the risk of missile strikes on the US was becoming intolerable. The last scenario was made more vivid by the recent incoming-missile alarm that scared the bejesus out of residents of Hawaii, but was luckily intercepted by the US navy’s missile intercept batteries ringing Hawaii’s Pearl Harbor / Hickam Air Force base.

Still besides the real estate speculators of Hawaii — nobody was more mortified by the notion of renewed conflict on the Korean peninsula than Seoul. The projections for human casualties are terrifying. No wonder after the Hawaii incident — they have worked so hard on rapprochement and conflict resolution with the North Korean dictator.

Trump’s projected military response and his war planning, after the Hawaii incident, overlay his Tweeter threats, and were the biggest part that drove Kim Jung Un, to his apparent change of gear. Yet on the long term softening of North Korea we can see how the trade sanctions were even more compelling. And this is the case that the escalating US sanctions on North Korea may actually be pinching Kim Jung Un hard and to the point of crying “uncle”. Already, the US sanctions and the latest trade embargo measures, were further tightened by the administration last month, and they amount, in Trump’s own tweeter words, to the “heaviest sanctions ever imposed on a country”.

More importantly, this time the US has striven to ensure they work; that the pain they are designed to deliver on North Korea actually gets through. Nothing is ever airtight — there will always be countries still anxious to trade with the regime — and Washington still hasn’t gone as far as it might, for example punishing Chinese banks propping up Pyongyang. But other enforcement steps have been taken, like barring US companies from doing business with a long list of shipping companies and vessels believed to have secretly carried North Korean cargo.

And this whole scenario is how Donald Trump freaked out the North Korean dictator and forced his hand to come to the negotiating table…

This is a great deal of “Winning” as Donald Trump has promised the American people, and if this proves to be the beginning of the end, of what was rapidly shaping up to be the most serious international security crisis of our times, then a tremendous amount of credit will be due to Donald J Trump and the Nobel Peace prize will merely be the cherry on the cake.

As for the issue of whether or not he always knew what he was doing, his instinct was clearly correct and he outfoxed the foxes of North Korea, because form now on, there will no more pussyfooting around Pyongyang. A dangerous strategy for sure, but one that just may be about to bear fruit.

Still today, we must consider that although Obama won the Peace Prize prematurely, and subsequently got precisely nowhere resolving the North Korea conundrum, suddenly, we have Donald Trump nailing it down, and “killing it. Just like he did with Stormy Daniels, and now he will do it over little Kim. Indeed this doesn’t seem so implausible today, but it appears to be as much a certainty as wickedly curvy Stormy Daniels, getting nailed, missionary style, by the Big Chief.

Screen Shot 2018-03-12 at 9.51.07 PM

So now the Trumpster will renew his game and as he has a deep bench — he will reshuffle around the top heads to have a more effective government.

Trump feels like the Coach at the ball game and he is well endowed to make the best possible team for his world conquest game. He will surely sack more White House staffers after Rex Tillerson, the Secretary of State leader who disagreed with Trump’s “diplomacy by Twitter” — and who has now been fired after more than a year of semi-public feuding with President Donald Trump. Actually he is now going to join the Stormy Daniels circuit of jilted ex-partners in the various endeavors of Donald Trump…

And soon others might join Stormy Daniels on that circuit tour of Ex-partners that “worked” with “The Donald” and then left off to pursue other endeavors.

Dr Churchill


Indeed the White House scolded several Cabinet officials after embarrassing ethics reports showed that Tillerson was the 2nd top Trump White House official to either resign or be fired in the past week — following in the ignominious footsteps of top Trump economic adviser Gary Cohn.

Cohn’s departure followed hard on the resignations of White House communications director Hope Hicks, and Josh Raffel, a confidante of Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump. Plus, Trump body man John McEntee was fired on Monday due to ongoing security clearance issues. And so was Steve Goldstein, the Under Secretary of Public Affairs at the State Department, who sent out a statement Tuesday morning saying Tillerson was unaware of the reason he had been fired.

So, who’s next?

There’s at least three individuals that ned to get the boot, and here they are in short order of firing. Now given that Trump has actively feuded with lots of people in his Cabinet — still these three are the most likely ones to be fired via a quick tweet:

Jeff Sessions: Trump has publicly attack the attorney general repeatedly — calling him, among other things, “beleaguered” and “DISGRACEFUL.” He has told not one but two news organizations that he would not have appointed Sessions as AG if he knew Sessions would recuse himself in the Russia investigation. The fact that Trump refers to Jeff Sessions as “Mr. Magoo” in private settings, is a good indication that the President is tired of that old shoe.

I mean…. Jeff has got to go. He is ineffective as fvck, he is a pvssy, and he is too cozy with the deep state. Let him go meet Stormy Daniels and something good might come out of it, for the both of them… because I hear he is still a virgin. A seventy one year old virgin. I bet Stormy Daniels will surely have a go at it…

David Shulkin: Not only did VA Secertary Shulkin misuse taxpayer money on a trip to Europe last year, he is also weathering a scathing report from the inspector general regarding a veterans center in DC that has been plagued by poor management. Even worse? He got the dreaded vote of confidence from the White House earlier this week; White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said Shulkin was doing a “great job.”

I say: Fire his ass. White House policy and personnel integrity is worth far more than this sorry loser…

Ryan Zinke: The Interior secretary was on the receiving end of a slew of negative press last week when word leaked out that the department had paid $139,000 to replace doors in his office space. Zinke pled ignorance and said he knew nothing of the expenditure, with his spokesperson pointing to a decision by career employees. Zinke is also facing a series of questions about whether his travel expenditures push the limits of legality. He was one of four Trump Cabinet officials — Shulkin, HUD Secretary Ben Carson, and EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt, were the others — called to the White House in February for frank conversations about ethics.

Methinks the President should fire him by tweet, especially since Zinke called Trump names, back in the presidential electoral season of 2016.

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