Posted by: Dr Churchill | March 30, 2018

The Progress of Humanity on Good Friday

Dear Friend,

On this Good Friday, we must share deep and crucial thoughts because the day requires a solemn commitment to examine our lives…

It is notable that Condorcet gave up his life because of his propensity towards Civic duty, since Condorcet’s republicanism demanded of him to be involved as a Leader of Men in the Political Arena of his day. This is an example I follow keenly in his footsteps because our Nation today needs enlightened citizens and educated leaders, who are urgently needed for our Democracy to become truly a Republic. Democracy implies free citizens, and as we daily see through fake news and misinformation from all the mass media — ignorance is the source of mental and physical servitude.

Citizens have to be provided with the Liberty and the Education to be able to DISCERN and thus acquire the necessary knowledge to deploy their rights, to exercise their freedoms, and to understand the rights and laws that guaranteed their enjoyment of our Democratic Republic.

Although education could never eliminate disparities in talent, wealth, application, industry, choices, and physical propensity — all citizens, including women, must have the right to free education, even if only to be able to expose themselves to the vote and to be able to v one intelligently.

Therefore, much like Condorcet — I stand in opposition to those who rely on fashion, fads, or even revolutionary zeal, and the attentive zealot’s enthusiasm, to help them educate and form the thoughts & the minds of the young, the uneducated, and of the new citizens, who are uncertain, pliable, and immature.

Myself very much like my “teacher” Condorcet believe and maintain that the 1776  American Revolution was not made to last, and that revolutionary institutions were not intended to prolong the revolutionary experience, but they were meant in order to establish political rules and legal mechanisms that would insure future generations the Liberty and the Rights, our Founders intended for all the CITIZENS, as prescribed in the Constitution of this Great Nation.

Many legal and procedural changes have and will be made without resorting to revolution, but the basic tenets of the original Revolution must remain inviolate. Because in a democratic Republic, there will always be Free Speech, Liberty, Separation of Church and State, and the Right to protect all those aforementioned RIGHTS through a well armed Citizenry that has access to high quality public education, open discourse & dialogue, and the necessary freedom of the press and freedom to information access, that would in turn help form free and responsible citizens for the long term.

The Republic needs Free and Responsible Citizens all the time, but not revolutionaries. Revolutionaries, like Disruptors, and Changemakers, are only needed when the Republic is in danger of wallowing in the dark and getting lost — and if we have enough educated Citizens — we are sure that the Revolutionaries will appear then and there.

And so I choose to share with you, one of the deeper sources of my personal enlightenment about Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness, as it came to me directly from one of the European Fathers of the Age of Enlightenment — Mathematician, Political Scientist and Political Activist and Philosopher, Nicolas Marquis De Condorcet.

And here bellow is a total synopsis of his last book “Sketch for a Historical Picture of the Progress of the Human Mind” that was conceived and written by Marquis Nicolas De Condorcet, after he was served a death sentence in absentia, from a Kangaroo court, convened by the French Proto-Communists Socialist Democratic Revolutionaries in 1795.

He went into hiding during the days prior to his arrest and assassination, and that is when he made his peace with the Lord and accepted his fate, and also chose to write this pivotal work as a source of Enlightenment for future generation of FREE WILL human beings.

He wrote this pamphlet as his last will and testament, and he offered it to the people, hoping that they would see that he cared none for himself or for his Life, because he had found a strong dose of Christian Faith, and after his communion — he placed all the worldly cares in the hands of the Lord.

This treatise proves that not only that he had no bitterness about his earthy fate — but that he cherished the conclusion of the prophesy that once he himself had made… in that he wanted his life to somehow pay a measure of respect to the Life of the Greatest Teacher ever to have walked this Earth — Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

Condorcet’s “Sketch for a Historical Picture of the Progress of the Human Mind” was written in 1795, while Nicolas was in hiding in Paris attempting to evade the Revolutionary secret police who had orders from Maximillien Robespierre to arrest him, and kill him, by public execution in the guillotine…

Yet, this amazing man – instead of escaping to England, or other parts of Europe and indeed to the Free World where he would have been welcomed — stayed in hiding with just enough candles to assist him in writing his Magnus Opus, at the end of which, he gave the manuscript to his friends in the countryside and then returned to his home to face his accusers, knowing full well that he will be killed.

It is a fundamental story that during Holy Week reminds us of someone else who entered Jerusalem triumphantly although he knew full well that he would be crucified and killed…

Today is Good Friday of 2018, and as a Day of Peace and abundant Love that is given to all of us through Jesus Christ’s promise of a better Life — the fundamental ideas of Condorcet’s Sketch are also those of the continual progress of mankind towards enlightenment on the road to perfection…

Indeed here was a man made for the era of the Enlightenment.

Here was an advocate of economic freedom, religious toleration and educational reform.

And now as we allow Condorcet to tell his own story — let us recall that he is a philosopher like no other. A philosopher of Mathematics, and of Political Science. A high level thinker of Economics and of Religion. And a rather decent human being and an extraordinarily gifted leader…

So here is Nicolas in his own searing words and thoughts, seeking to remind us of Liberty that is a God given right:

Screen Shot 2018-03-30 at 9.12.37 AM

“The aim of the work that I have undertaken, and its results will be to show by appeal to reason and fact that nature has set no term to the perfection of human faculties; that the perfectibility of man is truly indefinite; and that the progress of this perfectibility, from now on words independent of any power that might wish to halt it, has no other limits than the duration of the globe upon which nature has cast us. This progress will doubtless vary in speed, but it will never be reversed as long as the earth occupies its present place in the system of the universe, and as long as the general laws of the system produce neither a general cataclysm nor such changes as will deprive the human race of its present faculties and its present resources. . . .

It will be necessary to indicate by what stages what must appear to us today a fantastic hope ought in time to become possible, and even likely; to show why, in spite of the transitory successes of prejudice and the support that it receives from the corruption of governments or peoples, truth alone will obtain a lasting victory; we shall demonstrate how nature has joined together indissolubly the progress of knowledge and that of liberty, virtue, and respect for the natural rights of man. . .

After long periods of error, after being led astray by fake were incomplete theories, publicists have at last discovered the true rights of man and how they can all be deduced from the single truth, that man is a sentient being, capable of reasoning and of acquiring moral ideas. . . .

At last man could proclaim aloud his right, which for so long had been ignored, to submit all opinions to his own reason and to use in the search for truth the only instruments for its recognition that he has been given. Every man learnt with a sort of pride that nature had not forever condemned him to base his beliefs on the opinions of others; the superstitions of antiquity and the basement of reason before the rapture of supernatural religion disappeared from society as from philosophy.

Thus an understanding of the natural rights of man, the belief that these rights are inalienable and cannot be forfeited, a strongly expressed desire for liberty of thought and letters, of trade and industry, and for the alleviation of the people’s suffering, for the elimination of all penal laws against religious dissenters, and the abolition of torture and barbarous punishments, the desire for a milder system of criminal legislation and jurisprudence which should give complete security to the innocent, and for a simpler civil code, more in conformance with reason and nature, indifference in all matters of religion which now were relegated to the status of superstitions and political deception, a hatred of hypocrisy and fanaticism, a contempt for prejudice, zeal for the propagation of enlightenment, all these principles, gradually filtering down from philosophical works to every class of society whose education went beyond the catechism and the alphabet, became the common faith of enlightened people. In some countries these principles formed a public opinion sufficiently widespread for even the mass of the people to show a willingness to be guided by and to obey it. . . .

Force or persuasion on the part of governments, priestly intolerance, and even national prejudices, had all lost their deadly power to smother the voice of truth, and nothing could now protect the enemies of reason for the oppressors of freedom from a sentence to which the whole of Europe would soon subscribe. . .

Our hopes for the future condition of the human race can be subsumed under three important heads: the abolition of inequality between nations, the progress of equality within each nation, and the true perfection of mankind. Will all nations one day attain that state of civilization which the most enlightened, the freest and the least burdened by prejudices, such as the French and the Anglo-Americans [by virtue of their revolutions], have attained already? Will the vast gulf that separates these peoples from the slavery of nations under the rule of monarchs, from the barbarism of African tribes, from the ignorance of savages, little by little disappear? . . .

Is the human race to better itself, either by discoveries and sciences and the arts, and so in the means to individual welfare and general prosperity; or by progress in the principles of conduct or practical morality; or by a true perfection of the intellectual, moral, or physical faculties of man, an improvement which may result from a perfection either of the instruments used to heighten the intensity of these faculties and to direct their use or of the natural constitution of man?

In answering these three questions we shall find in the experience of the past, in the observation of the progress at the sciences and civilization have already made, in the analysis of the progress of the human mind and of the development of its faculties, the strongest reasons for believing that nature has set no limit to the realization of our hopes. . . .

The time will therefore come when the sun will shine only on free man who know no other master but their reason; when tyrants and slaves, priests and their stupid or hypocritical instruments will exist only in works of history and on the stage; and when we shall think of them only to pity their victims and their dupes; to maintain ourselves in a state of vigilance by thinking on their excesses; and to learn how to recognize and so to destroy, by force of reason, the first seeds of tyranny and superstition, should they ever dare to reappear among us.”



Dr Churchill


This small book, or rather a pamphlet, is similar to Socrates’ Apologia, and should be seen as such. A great thing in a small package, much like a diamond is a tremendous storehouse of value and beauty, so is Condorset’s last writing, a final testament to Humanity and it’s Divinely endowed destiny of Faith and Progress.

Because the book “Sketch for a Historical Picture of the Progress of the Human Mind” was written by Marquis De Condorcet in the days preceding his pre-announced “Death Sentence” when his mind was clear from all worldly things, and he had made Peace with his destiny.

Please do read it in that manner and you will understand volumes of thoughts condensed in this page long pamphlet that in the long term Cannon of Human Philosophy and Wisdom — ought to occupy a place of Honor like that given to the
American pamphlet of Thomas Paine, titled “Common Sense”

Both are the works of giants amongst men, and are intimately related in a deep current, of intellectual Liberty, honest wisdom, and thoughts of enlightenment and human actualization.

Screen Shot 2018-03-30 at 9.15.58 AM

Have a good Good Friday.

May God Bless You and Your Family, and may he bless the United States of America.

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