Posted by: Dr Churchill | April 16, 2018

The philosophical carpenter VS the goatherd — are still battling it out today.

Do you ever wonder, why our AngloSaxon Western Civilization and the Christian Culture of America are under continued & constant assault today, from both within and from outside?

Better yet — have you ever thought that under that constant barrage of attacks, we are facing an imminent threat?

A terrible invasive siege is what we are under.

A siege the likes of which we have never seen before.

A siege, that perhaps we can withstand or we may not…

Nobody knows the future, except those that fight to create it upon their designs.

Yet, this future looks bleak because the forces that are fighting us, are stacked sky high.

And as we, the resolute warriors of what’s Right, Proper, and Correct, we should never flinch from defending our Civilization. We should never fail to be active yet pensive and, to think through about these things, as we walk the ramparts of our defenses against the evil enemies of Light, that conspire to drive us back to the Dark Ages.

We should be vigilant for ever.


What about you?

Do you ever think of past events of cultural extinction?

What about the tens of thousands of ancient empires, kingdoms, and nations that are now buried deep under the sands of History as Herodotus the father of History reminds us?

Do you not know that they also faced existential headwinds that they did not address?

Make a search for it, because you need to be educated about it, since our civilization in today’s world is under the same level of threat of extinction.

And it’s not only that our nation is weak, or that the Deep State has sapped our will to fight, or that our people are too soft.

But it is largely because our national religion is weak.

Same as our basic institutions that are weak.

Our laws are weak.

And perhaps our will to live is weak.

And therefore our people tend to succumb too easily to the invasion of the desert goat-herding prophets and their strange religious apparatus.

And maybe the siren song of egalitarianism and socialism is too bubbly, moist, pink and juicy, for our young people to resist…

Yet at every turn we find turncoats that are fighting against us.

Indeed, the intelligent ones amongst us, already know that the western European AngloSaxon civilization is nothing but an amalgamation of the various ethnic and national cultures, that work well together as a mosaic, joined by the strong cement of the GrecoRoman Christian civilization that forged itself through the cauldron of fire over the last couple of Millennia.

Screen Shot 2018-04-08 at 2.16.33 PM

And yet even within that strong adhesive cement — it is ultimately only the Christian religion that provides the strong deterrent to the invaders of our lands, and protects us from the alteration of our enlightened, liberal, and democratic Civilization.

And this is what we have come to know that we need to defend against, if we want to avoid falling willing victims, and having our throats slashed, slain in plain view like sacrificial lambs, upon the altar of this nasty totalitarian and absolutist darkness, that was spawned out of impressionably fertile mind of a goatherd from the 7th century backwaters of the huge sandlots that represent the deep deserts of today’s middle east.

We think that we are strong, and yet we are not.

Because we are fast being diluted, since the strong unifier — our common adherent is no longer the Christian and Aristotelian logic, but a comedic politically correct expression of baby culture, that resembles the mush that passes for baby food today.

And also because our Aristotelian and Christian belief system, in the House of Justice and Human Rights is being replaced by the illogical faith of the muslim multitude’s bazaar of street thug justice and debauchery of slavery.

But it is the civil law code that has been adopted by all the European and Western nations — that suffers the most today. Because it is the law that is trounced by the Democrats and their deep state government apparatchiks that like good Socialist and Communists want to control the sheeple to the fullest extent, so they can drive us all off the cliff without complaints and revolutions.

And we have let down the guard and Horatio is nowhere to be found to defend the ramparts and the bridge that leads into the fair city of our Nations. We stopped defending the Law of our Lands, and since we cannot administer the Law — our enemies and those lawless individuals have takes that as a signal that our defenses are down.

And that is the only American & Western European Defense remaining: The GrecoRoman Law, and the Democracy enshrined within the Human Rights of the ancient Democracy of Athens. That along with the Magna Carta of Runnymede in England. And of course the Habeas Corpus. The American Constitution, and the Bill of Rights, and the Emancipation proclamation, and all other important milestone documents that stand firm as agreements written in the stone tablets of our National Civilization. Agreements that also include international law, and today’s inalienable Carta of Human Rights as established in America under the banner of the nascent United Nations in San Francisco.

That is our true defense.

The Laws of a Liberal Republic that chooses it’s leaders democratically and exerts it’s benevolent influence across the Globe.

Contrast that to Sharia Law that bedevils a billion Muslims across the planet that live like oxen under the yoke. Think of those poor souls that live under the constant threat of having their throat slashed for no reason whatsoever, or being stoned to death as a woman the her husband got tired of, or as a person of black colored skin, that gets customarily enslaved because the Koran says so.

What about all the other Koran induced manners of indignity, or inequity, forced punishments, state sponsored maiming, and killings by decapitation, in a barbaric death as prescribed by Sharia?

What about all the killings of women and slaves that are treated like goats, and offered little or no reprieve?

What about the female ultimate punishment without a trial or without any representation?

Take today’s Iran, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Iraq, Turkey, Algeria, and all those hapless African countries or portions thereof, whose infiltration by the Muslim religion has resulted in a culture that closely resemble that of the Islamic Caliphate of the 7th century and the time of the warring tribes of Mecca and Medina, and the constant jihad with its baggage trains of hundreds of thousands of slaves, and tell me that Islam is a better religion for the culture of any of the advanced nations living in peace and harmony all over the rest of the world today.

Can anyone claim that?

Yet this is the incursive enemy army that has inundated the nations of Europe and America today, and this infiltration closely resembles the fall of the Roman empire, and the subsequent fall of Byzantium in 1453.

Maybe if we were to study that History of these old Empires — we may draw the lessons necessary that could teach us how to persevere, and how to preserve our Civilization and Culture in the here and now.

Or not…

But what is the practical lesson to be had here?

Cultures are only preserved in the face of invasion when the invading force has an internal desire to adopt the culture of the host nation.

When the desire is lacking, the culture will fade away into obscurity. After all, a culture can only ever hope to survive if its people are there to uphold it.

History tells us that it was the year 476 when the Western Roman Empire finally fell to the Huns and their Gothic forces, streaming down from the North (today’s Germany) that sacked the city of Rome in a debaucherous bloodbath that lasted three months.

Odoacer a Hun, was the new ruler of the greatly diminished city of Rome and surrounding lands, and thus here we have an example of a great Empire that was infiltrated to the point of collapse, and then was taken over by the “barbarian” hordes.

These invaders at the time, were the only people of Europe, that had not received the benefits of the Roman conquest that usually brought with it the Religion, the Law and the Civil administration, and therefore did not belong to anyone of the great civilizations of the time. These northern barbarians were not Greek, Roman, Christian, or civilized. And yet they had been allowed to live and work within the borders of the empire for generations, always seeking to overthrow Law & Order.

So the question today, for us, becomes, what happened to life in Rome with these invaders usurping the throne?

Because going from the minority Barbarians living peaceably within Rome, and yet undermining the Roman law, and authority, to the point that they usurp power through the invasion of Odoacer in Rome, is the same story of what happens today in Europe.

Yet after the Odoacer conquest of Rome — much changed for the Romans.

The Roman Empire have had the occasional barbarian emperor in the past, but not as an invading and usurping leader. Indeed Rome had allowed barbarians to join its military, where they were able to rise through the ranks to become generals. Once they were a mighty general with a loyal army behind them, it became easy to claim the throne. Roman emperors ruled generally short amounts of time, and dynasties were never formed.

Odoacer was crowned as the first barbarian king in Rome who made his own laws, contrary to the custom of barbarian emperors before him, who had acceded to the Roman Law, and had sworn to uphold the Roman constitution.

Therefore, culturally, these earlier Germanic emperors, unlike Odoacer, had become more Roman than barbarian.

Without a doubt these barbarians looked to Rome in great awe. Rome was the superpower of the Western World and even if they may have hated the Romans, they held Roman culture in a certain respect. Hence, the system of law was kept alive. On Roman law after all, our civil law is founded. It is a system of law showing justice and equality before the law, as the laws are written down and to be applied in the same way to whoever is wronged. It opposes a system of law based on religion, or based on whatever the current opinion of the tribal chief may be.

Rome conquered the Germanic barbarians, but long before the fall of Rome, Rome itself had been conquered internally by those same Germanic barbarians.

We may see this as an example of how a culture can outlive being conquered by foreigners, as long as those foreigners desire to adopt the host culture.

Rome survived because the barbarians looked up to it.

However … the story is very different for the Eastern Roman Empire, the storied Byzantium.

Because after the fall of the Western Roman Empire the Byzantine Empire in the Greek led Eastern part of the Empire lived on for almost another thousand years under the name Byzantium, and with it’s potent symbol being the double headed eagle, who is able to be looking simultaneously towards both East and West.
The imperial capital city of Byzantium was Constantinople, which did not fall until the year 1453.

And it had only been “sacked” once before bu=y the friendly forces of the Christian conquerors on their way to the “Holly Lands” during the 4th crusade. The Eastern Roman Empire embraced for the most part a similar culture as that of the West, with Greek replacing Latin as it’s administrative language, and with diplomacy and cunning, replacing the mighty legions for most of it’s dealings with the Islamic barbarians. But a strong army was always required, yet it was always outnumbered when facing the hordes of Muslim fanatics seeping inside the Great City and undermining the Byzantine culture from within.

The biggest part of that culture was the Roman law code, which was expanded upon under emperor Justinian, and was named the Justinian Codex.

Yet, changing the Law was all the Barbarians wanted and the demands for Sharia law in the lands under titular control of the Byzantine emperors and occupied by the Muslims, were allowed.

That was the biggest mistake the Byzantines made in their cosmopolitan approach to managing their vast empire and their multitude of Peoples, Nation-states, and Religions: They allowed the minority Islamists to prevail upon their administrators to be allowed to not assimilate and instead of the Roman Law, they were allowed to use their own muslim sharia law. This foolish and yet compassionate administrative system was expanded in all the Eastern Empire lands that were under the Byzantine command, and thus overtime, they all fell under the Muslim population growth and eventual control, throughout the Empire and Constantinople, the capital itself.

Today, you know that city with it’s bastardized muslim name Istanbul.

Naturally, the muslim horde first came into the great Capital city of Byzantium Constantinople as refugees, fleeing border wars, as carpet traders, as merchants, as poor laborers, and as agriculturalists and goat herders. Yet soon enough all of their friends followed them, and they all offered themselves as defenders of the City. And yet when the chips were down and the City fell under Muslim siege — these new Muslim immigrants betrayed their Host and open the doors to the invaders, and even participated in the immense slaughter of their Christian neighbors and friends, after the Fall of Constantinople to the savage hordes of the Othman tribal Muslims.

Not surprisingly the Muslims living inside Constantinople, although drafted and serving in the imperial army against the Muslim invaders who had besieged the city, and although they were dressed in the uniforms of the defenders of the city — they were turncoats, and they simply arranged to open the gates at a certain night when the Emperor and the knights, were all praying at church, and the invading Muslim horde came in and slaughtered all the Christians found praying inside their churches in the Capital of Byzantium, the last remnant of the Holy Roman Empire, East & West.

This put a firm stop, to the Roman empire’s humanizing influence, and it also meant the complete end of Roman law in the world. “Codex Romanus” and it’s civilizing effects would not be available to anyone anymore, in any court of Law.

Throughout Byzantium, and throughout the Roman empire — it was superseded by Sharia law, that was implemented by the Ottomans.

And it was in this rather important distinction, that the Ottomans differed greatly from the Goths, the Huns, the Visigoths, and the Ostrogoths — in to how they ruled, after they had occupied the Capital City of the Empire.

The Goths and the Huns, asme as the Visigoths, and the Ostrogoths, along with all the other Barbarians, viewed the Byzantines, the Greeks, and the Romans, with respect, and were awed by their civilization. So they embraced it. And they instituted the Roman Law and Religion into their own tribes.

But the Muslims saw the Roman Empire and Byzantium, as a land of debauched infidels, and because of that, they sought to kill, to enslave, to rape, to rob, to burn the libraries, to tear down the monuments, to destroy the churches, to kill all the men of fighting age, to destroy the cemeteries because of the Christian cross, to convert the churches to mosques, and to foist all kinds of inhumane acts upon the conquered Byzantines — because for the Ottomans, the Greeks, the Romans, and the Byzantines, were infidels who deserved no quarter, no salvation, and no respect, whatsoever.

And the pent up anger of the Muslims who went from servants, goatherds, shepherds, and grunts, to owning the Great City — it was indeed a heady experience as they occupied the palaces of the old Emperors and turned them into harems.

And along the way, they of course blamed the Byzantines for failing to embrace Islam and they used that as an excuse of why they had butchered them. Because in that solipsistic and self serving logic, since the Byzantines had not embraced the true faith of Islam, they were infidels, and not deserving of any measure of compassion — as is traditional to give to those who have surrendered and laid down their arms.

No white flag of truce is ever respected by Muslims in history, and that is why the defenders of Constantinople were all butchered to the last man.


Dr Churchill


And as the children of a weakened empire, with ancient laws that did not inspire any confidence or any awe in the Muslim goatherds — the Byzantines were completely destroyed, debased, sold in slavery, and erased from history, simply because the Muslim invaders saw them as useless infidels and they saw themselves as superior due to the desert goatherd beliefs of a deeply flawed prophet and his adherents.

Yet that Prophet’s medieval dark age religion vested flawed and bloodthirsty men with their own sense of superiority that allowed them to perform all manner of evil in the name of their religion.

And that is a good lesson to learn for today’s invasion…

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