Posted by: Dr Churchill | May 3, 2018

With the Nuclear Deal in North Korea done — Iran is next up on the blocks…

After the immense success of the Korean denuclearization deal and the imminent possibility of PEACE between the North & South Korea, towards a peaceful Asian peninsula — that has given us war and hell for 70 years now — the newly confirmed Secretary Of State Mr Mike Pompeo has now been confirmed and sworn in, as of Wednesday.

Pompeo, who is largely responsible for the promised “New swashbuckling swagger” at the US State Department that has been anemic at best over the last 30 – 35 years… and was especially destroyed by Hillary Clinton’s demented alcoholic tenure.

President Donald Trump participated in the ceremonial swearing-in for newly minted Secretary of State Mike Pompeo at the State Department on May 2nd where he toasted America’s new top diplomat who received an enthusiastic welcome at the State Department this Wednesday.

Here President Donald Trump fulfilled his campaign promise to re-energize the US State Department that had been largely sidelined in the past 8 years of Obama-Clinton-Kerry anemic administration.

The new head of the State Department Mr Mike Pompeo had this to say: “I want the State Department to get its swagger back. We need our men and women out at the front lines executing American diplomacy with great vigor and energy,” Pompeo said during his ceremonial swearing-in ceremony. “To represent the finest nation in the history of civilization, we should be proud of that.”

President Trump paid his first official visit to State headquarters to attend the ceremony and had this to say about the new State Department head Mike Pompeo: “I must say that’s more spirit than I’ve heard from the State Department in a long time.”

Screen Shot 2018-04-22 at 9.55.12 PM

Trump further said, after the resounding round of applause died down: “That spirit will only be magnified with Pompeo at the helm.”

Pompeo replaces Rex Tillerson, the former Exxon CEO who kept a low profile as secretary of State and frequently clashed with the president.

Pompeo, a former member of Congress who served as Trump’s first CIA director, is more aligned with the president’s hawkish views on North Korea and Iran.

Even before he was confirmed as secretary, Pompeo served as Trump’s emissary on a secret mission to North Korea to lay the groundwork for an upcoming summit between the president and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

“Right now we have an unprecedented opportunity to change the course of history on the Korean peninsula,” Pompeo said. “I underscore the word opportunity. We’re in the beginning stages of the work and the outcome is certainly yet unknown. But one thing is certain. This administration will not repeat the mistakes of the past. Our eyes are wide open.”

New State Secretary Mike Pompeo now urges unity among the European allies and also the US allies amongst the Persian Gulf Countries, in order to be able to exert maximum pressure against Iran because with the present “Nuclear Deal” or without it, the US will have to clean-up this nest of Ayatollah vipers through our steely resolve and through the muscle of gunboat diplomacy…

And that is why Mike Pompeo wants all of our allies to put pressure in order to present a unified front against Iran, in order to force them to come to their senses and stop their nuclear program that was recently exposed by Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu…

Screen Shot 2018-04-21 at 6.32.07 PM

And because this new and vigorous US administration, under President Trump, wants North Korea to permanently dismantle its nuclear weapons program, and says it will continue its “maximum pressure” campaign of economic sanctions against Pyongyang while talks continue — they cannot apply a different standard to the other big scofflaw Teheran that evades sanctions and builds nuclear weapons in they massive secret program.

Echoing the Presdient’s statement this is what Mike Pompeo had to say: “It’s time to solve all this once and for all. A bad deal is not an option. The American people are counting on us to get this right.”

Pompeo says the administration is still “deciding on the next steps” for what he called the “flawed” Iran nuclear deal. Trump has until May 12 to decide whether to withdraw from that Obama-era agreement, which grants Tehran relief from sanctions in exchange for temporarily halting its nuclear program.


Dr Churchill


President Donald Trump has said that he wants to pull the U.S. out of the Iran nuclear deal, although our European allies want the U.S. to stay in and cower at the prospect of another muslim terrorist wave from the fairly quiet up to now Shiites of Persia…

Now with Mike Pompeo coming back fresh from his victory in defanging North Korea, we are now able to address Iran’s nuclear threat with the same weapons we used to solve the Korean crisis.

Let’s see what happens.

At any rate President Trump is killing it and enjoying doing it too.

Screen Shot 2018-04-23 at 1.26.50 PM

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