Posted by: Dr Churchill | May 8, 2018

The fictitious Civil War is now in full swing…

A fictitious civil war is going on right now all across America…

And if you are to believe the propaganda spouted from the fake news brigades and the CNN-MSNBC-NBC trio of Goering’s stooge news, obviously this imaginary civil war is real to you.

But if you possess a cooler head and a discerning intellect — you will dismiss the propaganda as fear and you will also dismiss all the silly talk, about the imaginary two speed dual economy, the identity politics, along with the false flag cultural wars celebrated by the Democratic Socialist Leftists and all those other fools who are still suffering from the acutely contagious illness, recently identified as Trump derangement syndrome.

And if you have been deluded and bamboozled into believing this hogwash, and you have been further taken hostage into the mental slavery concentration camp, of the inimical Zombies that want to destroy our country — then you need us to most a rescue effort and to give you all, a good talking to.

Because all these enemies of our country, are now agitating to drive a wedge across America wanting to tear us apart and to separate the American Heartland, (not a geographic point on the map, but a place in our hearts that defines who we are) from the definition of the American Dream.

We see this as separatism because what they try to do, is to establish the Left’s fictitious idea that this country is supposed to be the safe space for the liberal leftist elites, for the 72 different sexual species of unsatisfied, asexual, transexual and anorgasmic beings that cannot tolerate zoological and anthropological normalcy, and  an unsafe space for all others, including children that must be exposed to sodomites and pedophiles even in their own private bathrooms.

And perhaps the fact that there used to be plenty of “pedos” roaming freely, expressing their agenda and partisan ideas in the White House, and often times making policy. And that is why the Executive and all the Department heads of the previous administration and inside the Democratic party, saw as a priority to open up the bathrooms of children to all comers and dangerous individuals who present a clear and constant threat to children’s wellbeing.

And that is why the Obama administration opened the stupid debate about bathroom access for all the pedophiles to all the children’s bathrooms and tried to force this bad policy down the throat of all the states and school boards across America. Is it because some folks at the top of the White House were trannies, LGBTQ, or pedophiles?


Bt the saddest thing is that these fools and the academic blowhards, and all, although they have confused the hell out of our kids that go to the public educational system — while the good thing is that they are failing miserably to bring about the Civil war that they and their Chinese money-masters desire, every time that they try to convict you of another major outrage that YOU supposedly have committed as a member of the hated Patriarchy.

And these folks go on telling you that you are also responsible for the death of America as am sure that you’ve probably heard the CNN news that the celebrated “American Dream” is now officially dead, and it’s aspirations have turned into the nightmare of sadness and crying going all over the country, and for the rivers of salty waters coming of the eyes of the still crying losers of the 2016 elections…

And the fake news CNN supported by the Jejebel the biblical Harlot in the face of the “Ride-for-Hire” Stormy Daniels, keep assaulting the duly elected President in a Coup D’Etat orchestrated by the FBI cabal of Comey-Rosenstein-Mueller, working for the unpatriotic Hillary Clinton, and for the DNC team of evil doers that along with Brennan and Clapper turned America into a slave plantation for the duration of the Obama-Clinton presidency.

And the thing is that we are all quiet about it. Even the ACLU has supported Mueller’s shredding of the Constitution, and the fake news that turn everything good into dust, and now they make it look as if the beating heart of America known as the Middle Class has gone from “being overjoyed” with the new Tax-Cuts, to being “burdened” by the niggardly four or five thousand dollars every American family will enjoy from now on, thanks to the new Trump administration.

It is all over the news of CNN and MSNBC, that to give money back to the Taxpayers from their own pot that they unwillingly have to fork over to the government each and every year — is tantamount to getting the American Dream “squeezed” while the vaunted Middle Class is “dying.”

Orwellian double-speak at it’s stupidest and yet there are some otherwise fine people out there who quite surprisingly believe that fake news nonsense.

A tax break is a tax break. Let’s call a spade a spade…

But you might have heard far more crazy things from CNN and MSNBC and from all their disheartened losing journalistic brethren, about what exactly is emerging in the place of the Obama America that they knew and they loved…

God knows why but remember that was the America that hurt everybody’s personal economy with a little thing called Double and Massive W Recession…

And here comes Mr CHANGE & HOPE Obama and Hillary Clinton, and they  go out to fix the economy and by golly NO BANKERS WERE HURT, but plenty of small people suffered the worst decade of their lives…

That’s what the globalist morons got us. And with the help of the serious meddlers and tattlers like George Soros, Peter Steyer, and Bloomberg, these fools now want more of that same Banker-Wanker paradise for America.

At least in the leftist liberal mindset of the grievance collectors and fake news sprouting bloviators — what comes next to replace the Middle Class and the American Dream is some kind of intersectionality… and not a Banker’s paradise…

Intersectionality is labeled as being the “interconnected nature” of social categorizations such as race, class, and gender, as they apply to a given individual or group, regarded as creating overlapping and interdependent systems of discrimination or disadvantage.

Intersectionality assumes that all this awareness of discrimination is already evident, because through an awareness of intersectionality, we can better acknowledge and ground the differences among us — and that is the crux of the problem with that socialistic mindset: The assumption that there is discrimination everywhere, is the best way to turn one American against another.

And that strong flavor of disunity, stemming form the elusive yet according twosome ever present discrimination — is the fuel which provides the basis for the looming civil war.

And it is intersectionality which if believed, leads to a fictitious civil war, because of the “killing” of the Middle Class due to an imaginary “two-speed-dual-economy” coupled with describing the Heartland America as racist and intolerant, made up of stupids, racists, and deplorables.

And I hear that from misguided young people all the time… because they hear the news rehashing that doublespeak Orwellian story and and they are full of fear and then they go on to imagine that the evil of racism, hate, and deplorability are everywhere and all around them too.

Screen Shot 2018-05-07 at 8.22.26 PM

Assuming again that this whole baloney and hooey of intersectionality and identity politics are true — the coming civil war must be true too — and this is because of the prevalence of Trump’s tax cuts and because of his returning money to the American people, and to their families to use as they please, versus taxing them even more and thus amassing even more wealth for the already humongous Big government that is out there wasting your hard earned labors…

And here comes that other albatross the “identity politics” agenda and it’s adherents that along with the false flag “cultural war warriors” that are celebrated by the Democratic Socialistic Leftists who are all suffering from an acute case of Trump derangement — are now all agitating to drive a wedge across America wanting to separate the American Heartland and it’s hard working people from the Union. They want to kick America out of America because of their sallow and fictitious idea of what this country meant to be…

As expected, they are failing miserably in that particular endeavor but that does not stop them from wanting to bring about the Civil war they and their Chinese money-masters see as the solution to all their problems…

Of course — even a three year old can understand that to an “agenda-driven” and “politically-motivated” Chinese provocateur, it would appear easy to convince the “deplorables” of the heartland, the “stupid middle of the country Americans” and the “average Trump voter” being an “innocent American” that there exists some kind of a “dual economy” that has separated America from the idea of what most of us thought the country was meant to represent…

Sadly, it is even worse than that because our enemies habitually underestimate us. And the Chinese paid agitators of the US Democratic party are now saying that America is becoming akin to a developing nation.

Imagine that…

What a slap in the face of America by those that presumably want what is best for this nation and always claim that they want to lead us forth towards progress and thus always get the black and minority vote…

Screen Shot 2018-05-09 at 5.59.44 PM

Because indeed the term “Developing Nation” implies a prevalence of poverty and despair, because we used to call this bunch of nations the “Third World.”

Today we call them “developing nations” because splitting the world in groupings of First, Second, and Third World — seemed insensitive and politically incorrect to the losers who happened to inhabit the lesser categories, so we decided to give everyone a participation trophy and get them bunched up in the basket of developing nations.

This is similar to what Hillary Clinton did when she called the average American Heartland voters, “stupid”, “racist”, and “deplorables”, and then she started on all the married American women and called them “slaves” to the patriarchy, that vote whatever way their husbands or their male children tell them to vote…

It gets even more interesting now that the Left paints a fake picture of the whole of AMERICA because they dare to call the whole of America today, a “Third World nation” or a “Developing nation.” And the significance of this, is not that the moniker connotes some aspirational “Hope and Progress” as it supposedly does for the Third World Nations of the planet, but that our former “First Nation” of this world, America, is now a failing Republic that is already containing a failed economy, and a rapidly-deteriorating 3rd-World Kleptocracy.

And of course this whole thing happened in the last two years because of Donald Trump winning the elections, boosting the economy for everyone’s benefit, cutting taxes, growing the middle class, bringing jobs back to America and having the lowest unemployment since the time of the second world war, when everyone was employed in a war time production economy, if not waging war in the battlefront.

But True gorges it. He gets it that Capitalism is the economic system of America, and that is far more than what some of those 2016 losers like Hillary, Mueller, Comey, and their journalistic guerrilla friends don’t get.

As an entrepreneur I know that “Grow or Die” is the fundamental premise of capitalism, but those who’ve never worked in their lives — don’t know that. That is why Hillary Clinton and her “court” of losers who never run a business, who never managed to create an enterprise, and who never had to make payroll for employees who depended on them to be paid and to feed their families. Of course, the Big Government people don’t understand what taking risks is all about, ad want to steal “other people’s money” through illegal taxation, so that they can compensate themselves and all the others who never had to work for a living.

Yet President Trump knows intimately that “when growth is fueled by debt and by cheap labor” that invariably will move money upward and outwards, while the value of the currency is increased. Indeed this is what China is doing and they manipulate their currency the Yuan, in order to that the top leaders of the Communist party and their “Communist princes” who make up the one percent will own all the hard assets of Chinese mainland by 2030.

And indeed, that statistic may be too conservative, considering that some extraordinarily high percentage of Chinese wealth is already owned by the People’s army, as “window dressing” at the same time.

Today’s owners of the Chinese society are not the Emperors and their palace eunuchs of the yesteryear, but the willy autocrats and the kleptocrats who already and surely, exploit the “technology of inequity” to its fullest, and to control the Chinese people and deprive their population of any freedom to object to this totalitarian nightmare.

So, the true deplorables, the followers of Hillary Clinton today that she dwells in the outhouse instead of the White House, are convinced that because of Trauma we’ll become Venezuela, or Brazil, or some “shithole third world nation” as is so popular to say today and tribute it to those Democrats who came up with the quote to besmirch a sitting American President and his people.

But the logical Americans had already had enough, and are resenting being called stupid, deplorable or mental slaves by crooked lying Hillary and her entourage of unsufferables and unsavory losers. Enough is enough. Let them go live in the slums of the shithole countries and then at least they might learn what it means to live in a shithole country, and perhaps they’ll like it so much so that when they come back — we’ll have a population living in the hills above our figurative Rio De Jainero dispossessed, hopeless, and seething.

Screen Shot 2018-05-09 at 5.58.31 PM

Indeed — dispossessed, hopeless, and seething — is it not what these ultra liberal leftists are feeling right about now?

Especially now that their leader Hillary is lost in the woods?

And how do you expect to see the crying libtards and their brethren, the Saul Alinsky tooting socialists of the Democratic party, see their economic theories collapsing and their Marxist books being thrown out the window?

It is an effectiveness question ultimately, and now that the left understands that their preconceptions about growth, about what constitutes a “healthy economy,” about what is good for society, are not ever going to be adopted must rattle their already low self esteem.

Perhaps that is why they take to the streets dressed as female genitalia, and are wearing pussy hats, feeling that must be the way to make a profound statement for the annals of American history.

Methinks that when a woman goes out on the street dressed as a vagina…

It’s not going to end well.


Dr Churchill


Nor is it going to end well when the Democartic party focuses on keeping on the road that was opened by Lyndon Johnson who was as quoted in “What a Real President Was Like” for when Lyndon Johnson gave support to the Blacks and the Minorities — he did it only with the express purpose to buy their votes in return.

It is obvious now that the Great Society social programs and placing minority people on permanent dole from the government, meant only one thing for LBJ and for the Democrats ever since:

It meant that this whole “Help the Weak” was designed as a vote buying scheme and an election rigging ploy all along and from the get go in day one…..

And my Black Republican friends like Martin Luther King were well aware of that depravity of LBJ and warned us against it.

“I’ll have them niggers, voting Democratic for two hundred years.”

Screen Shot 2018-05-09 at 5.57.59 PM

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