Posted by: Dr Churchill | May 14, 2018


Using the viral hashtag #shareastoryinonetweet people from across the globe have told of defining moments in their emergency services careers.

Doctors, police officers and paramedics have shared inspiring and heartbreaking stories of life in the emergency services.


Hampshire police sergeant Andy Wakely shared a tale of his unlikely relationship with a 99-year-old who called 999 because their television broke.

He wrote:
“You called 999 cos your TV broke on Xmas eve. You had no family. You were 99 yrs old.
I couldn’t fix it so got you my old one from home, I installed it for you so you weren’t alone at Xmas.
You died in the February, I went to your funeral, No-one else did.”

Amy Overend (Neonatal Ward Nurse) wrote: “I placed you in the arms of your mum for the first time since you were born. We took off your ventilator, and you took your last breath, your parents kissed you goodbye. You saved 3 other people but your parents said I saved you & them. I cried with them”


Many twitterers shared heartwarming tales of gratitude from those whose lives they had saved.

US doctor Sasha Hillcutt said:
“You were hit by a car right in front of me while walking your dog I ran to you, did CPR, didn’t think you’d live I was burned out, empty, ready to quit med 6 mo later, you called me on Christmas Eve & told me I saved you And you ended up saving me.”

Screen Shot 2018-05-14 at 6.23.36 AM


SC 3188 wrote:
“My story isn’t amazing
You are 99 and thought u were being burgled
I kept you company
I reassured you
I made you tea
I listened to your life story & I was amazed by it
Im happy the smallest thing meant so much to you & you went to bed knowing you were”


Another surgeon wrote: “You were shot in the abdomen while holding your infant daughter. I repaired your stomach and liver and removed your kidney & part of your pancreas. It’s been 10 years. You still send me a Christmas card every year.”

Others told of those people that they were unable to keep alive.

Chris Fraser wrote this on #ShareAStoryInOneTweet:
“I attended your RTC. I saw the member of public doing CPR.
We worked in the heat, tired and drained hoping to get you back.
We tried everything, we couldn’t save you. You were only 20.
I watched as your family said goodbye. I’m sorry.”


Trauma surgeon Duncan Dew told of the harrowing moment he held a dying cyclists hand after witnessing a crash aged nine.
He said:
“I saw the car pull out & shouted for you to stop, but with your helmet on you couldn’t hear me. I felt the grip of your hand weaken as we waited for the ambulance. I am so sorry I couldn’t shout louder. I am so sorry I couldn’t do more to save you. I was 9.”

In the cheap seats.. @MrCheapSeats wrote this:
“You don’t know me, you died before we arrived. You’d just turned 16. I had to go and tell your mum. When I got there, I watched her through the window before knocking on the door. She was singing to the radio while ironing. It broke my heart.”


Dr Churchill



Another american physician added:
“I was a 19 year old kid in an Ambulance transferring a 80yr old nun to pallitive care. I asked if she was afraid of dying. Her reply “make a difference every day and you won’t be.” I am trying.”

A loving nurse said:
“You came to me after your husband was diagnosed with a traumatic head injury & said “He wouldn’t want this. I need to let him go.” Because you couldn’t, I sat bedside & held his hand as he passed. You still write to thank me every year on the anniversary.”


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