Posted by: Dr Churchill | May 15, 2018

“Unknown” Organ Grinder is Playing Mueller & McCain like dancing monkeys…

Finally Mr McCain confirms his dirty role in the Democrats’ fictional Russian dossier that led to the Comey, Rosenstein, & Mueller putsch of the fake Russia investigation of President Donald J. Trump.

Screen Shot 2018-05-15 at 7.33.32 AM

We finally can see how this “Russia-Russia” investigation is just another illegal “putsch” for a Coup D’Etat. Because now we can be certain of the origins of the “smear works” by peeking inside Senator John McCain’s upcoming book, where he admits that he is the one who “handed” to Mr Comey of the FBI, the infamous “dossier” of unproven allegations about Presidential candidate Mr Trump, at the behest of Hillary Clinton, who asked and paid for the “dirty dossier” full of fake & salacious sexual innuendo against President Trump, through her “high class bordello” pretending to be a law firm Perkins Coie.

Screen Shot 2018-05-15 at 7.33.54 AM

Finally, it comes out that Mr McCaine is a brazen ideologue and an apologist for the DemoRats, and this nugget of unvarnished and sloppily hidden TRUTH, comes out when he goes at great pans to defend his dastardly betrayal of our country, and his naked attack against Free & Fair elections, as some kind of pathetic patriotic “duty.”

This pathetic little man is the Rosie O’Donnell of the Senate and like Rosie he is equally corrupt and suspect in his works and words.

After all we can judge a book by it’s cover and a man by the company he keeps…

Screen Shot 2018-05-14 at 7.29.39 AM

According to McCain’s publicist, he acknowledges in his upcoming book titled “The Restless Wave” that he personally met with then FBI director James P. Comey, and gave Comey the “dirty porn dossier” full of unbelievably salacious material that was manufactured in Russia against then Candidate and now President. Donald J Trump.

Mind you this was a fake photography album, all of “photoshop” fake photos that portrayed the President as some kind of sex-stud or an aged porn-star engaged in bedroom aerobics and acrobatics, and generally doing amazing feats of bed-sports, with several leggy & busty Russian hookers, who are all “glad handling” his twenty inch boner…

That’s the “pornographic dossier” that Hillary Clinton thought would defeat the President and that Perkins Coie paid for, and Mr McCain gave to the FBI to smear the President.

McCain writes in his new book: “I received the opposition research against Trump from Hillary Clinton, and then agreed to give a copy of what is now referred to as ‘the dossier’ to Mr Comey of the FBI.”

Screen Shot 2018-05-15 at 7.40.54 AM

This is what the Arizona Republican then said as he continues to write in his book. That is unless “his book” was “ghost-written” by one of his staffers, or an author for hire.

Still Mc Cain persists in saying: “I reviewed the contents of the Trump porn dossier.”

“The allegations were disturbing, but I had no idea which, if any, were true.”

“I could not independently verify any of it, and so I did what any American who cares about our nation’s security should have done.”

Should have done?

Or at least this is what the Hanoi songbird McCain says in singsong voice.

This is what the Americans fighting the North Vietnamese had to says about McCain. They said that he was the yellow belly songbird who tattled on all of his American comrades who were languishing in the swampy prisoner of war camp and he gave away all the strategic secrets of the US Air Force that he was supposed to be serving. SO his friends languished in the awful torture gaol of the VCs  —  while after his “cooperation” with the enemy, Mc Cain was released and exchanged because of his overtures to the North Vietnamese and his betrayal of his country’s armed forces, when he was captured and interrogated…

Anyway, let’s let the bygones, be bygones.

Screen Shot 2018-05-15 at 7.47.51 AM

But, McCain is still a traitor.

McCain further said, that he went to see Mr. Comey “at his earliest convenience, handed him the dossier, explained how it had come into my possession.”

“I said I didn’t know what to make of it, and I trusted the FBI would examine it carefully and investigate its claims. With that, I thanked the director and left. The entire meeting had probably not lasted longer than ten minutes. I did what duty demanded I do,” Mr. McCain wrote, according to the Daily Beast, which received advance copies of the book, due out May 22.

The pornographic dossier, was actually manufactured and compiled by a former British spy in the pay of Democratic opposition researchers, and was also published “raw” by Buzzfeed in January 2017, and was then picked up and further reported-on by other CNN, MSNBC, ABC, and all other Mass Media outlets, that are still seeking to find ways in order to destabilize our President and to weaken our Republic — and that is why they persist with their Coup D’Etat of an investigation started from some porn that is easily available on Porn-Hub, Red-Type, Youtube, Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, or any other self respecting porn site…

Screen Shot 2018-05-15 at 7.43.00 AM

Yet back in the heated 2016 elections, Mr McCain, was outed as the man who put they pornographic compilation at the hands of the FBI — but he refused to acknowledge this, or to even to tell the truth about his and Hillary’s involvement, in wanting to change the results of the US presidential elections by deploying pornographic smear-material against Candidate Trump…

The terribly disturbing thing is, that Mr McCain, did not acknowledge his involvement with the beginnings of the FISA warrant to spy on Trump’s presidential campaign through the fake porn dossier, that himself gave to Comey, the FBI Director at the time.

And thus it is now proven beyond any doubt, that Senator McCain colluded with the Clinton campaign in an effort to sink Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, and that makes him a huge liability for our Democratic Republic’s health and honor.

Mr McCain now needs to step away from politics and go home to retirees who want the destruction of our country — bu not by the vast majority of Americans.

So now, please go in peace.

Me and the American public demand this of You. Go ahead and relax Mr McCain, your efforts are all appreciated, but now You’ve got to go.

And although this article will surely be controversial, and it might even be seen as one of my far more reaching writings, that run the risk of ticking off everyone — it is important to tell the truth at the face of blistering attacks and opposition.

Screen Shot 2018-05-15 at 7.40.26 AM

It’s refreshing to stand unafraid and stare death in the eyes in front of blistering attacks from all the entrenched enemies of freedom and the American way.

I dare say openly now, that Mr McCain must go off into the sunset, before he gets carried off the floor of the Senate by four pall bearers. He is not the Pope of Politics, so why does he expect that?

He has not been appointed for Life. He is not Royalty either…

Go in the name of the Lord.

Go home John.

You’ve done far too much damage for any good that you might have served.

That’s all I have to say on this pathetic subject. Sadly whenever you combine politics, treason, and death, especially when using a political lightning rod to do it, people on both sides tend to get upset.

But I don’t care, it has to be said: “John McCain needs to retire from the Senate immediately and preferably yesterday.”

Screen Shot 2018-05-15 at 7.35.29 AM

Albeit with yesterday being gone — he needs to retire today, and certainly before tomorrow.

Senator McCain’s absolute need for a sunset clause, is also about the fact that far too many career politicians, as they approach their hospice care years — still stay in office far longer than they are able to do the job.

And of course with McCain being brain damaged, visibly demented, and doing harmful things against our Republic from the ground floor of the Senate — he is the most dangerous example of malevolent angry old man to walk the floor of our Capitol, and he is the most visible, example of ageism and corruption anywhere in public governance.

Well played Mr McCain, either old age, brain cancer, or dementia will get you, and you can go off now, thinking that you showed that upstart Trump a thing or two, on behalf of your bosom buddy Mrs Clinton.

Screen Shot 2018-05-14 at 7.29.39 AM

Well played, but you forgot that President Trump is a player himself.

And if Trump is a player — he is a far better player than McCain could ever hope to be.

So now Trump needs to play Mr McCain and Clinton’s “dirty baby” Mr Mueller, and his fake news investigation, and beat them at their gaming best.

The President, needs to defy all of Mueller’s moves and completely disregard, disrespect, and disenfranchise the petty prosecutor immediately and unequivocally.

Because if Donald Trump does not shut down figuratively and literally the Mueller gravy train — he will be complicit in collaborating in the destruction of his own presidency.

Therefore, he must refuse to be questioned by the FBI, or by a grand jury, or by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, or by any of Mueller’s malevolent minions.

So what if Mueller subpoenas the President?

Indeed, and especially if Robert Mueller subpoenas the President of the United States Donald J Trump, as he has threatened to do — the President should absolutely ignore the subpoena, and toss it in the round file as his executive privilege and the Constitution afford him to do. Same way as he can get two scoops of ice cream — he can throw this stinking wrapping paper of evil intent into the garbage can.

Screen Shot 2018-05-15 at 7.28.39 AM

And if Mueller then gets a hissy fit, and goes off huffing and puffing all the way to the Supreme Court, he probably will not be heard, and if he is heard — the Present will get a summary judgement against him.

And even if by some fluke of chance or weather that drives the Supremes blotto — the ill fated Mueller monkey will surely lose.

But let’s allow the Devil’s advocate to do his job here too, and let’s assume for a minute that Mueller could win an order from the Supremes, for Trump to comply with the subpoena and testify in front of a grand jury…

Again, there is the moment that President Trump must assert his authority and he should defy the court fully and openly. Because of his Executive Privilege and the Constitution — he should defy that too…

He should defy all of it, because the only institution that is empowered to prosecute a president is Congress. If charges against Trump are to be brought, this is the arena, this is the forum, where the battle should be fought and the fate, and the future of the Trump presidency, could ever be decided — if there is a strong proof that something untoward has indeed happened … he should pray for deliverance.

Screen Shot 2018-05-15 at 7.20.39 AM

Save for the joint Houses of Congress, President Trump should defy all of it, because the only goal of Mueller’s prosecutors is to take down Trump on the cheap and make it a “Thought Crime” to be the President of the United States, if you are not a monkey dancing to the tune that the Deep State commands you to dance to…

President Trump should avoid all of Mueller’s entreaties because if these clowns can get him behind closed doors, and make him respond in detail to questions — to which they already know the answers — any misstep by President Trump could be converted into a perjury charge.

Screen Shot 2018-05-15 at 7.33.32 AM

Since in this crooked poker game the deck is stacked against him, since Trump has to score 100 on a memory test to which Mueller’s team has all the answers in advance, while Trump must rely upon memory to get any of them right.

Remember what happened to General Flynn?

Why take this risk?

By now, witnesses have testified in ways that contradict what Trump has said. This, plus Trump’s impulsiveness, propensity to exaggerate, and often rash responses to hostile questions, would make him easy prey for the perjury traps prosecutors set up when they cannot convict their targets on the evidence.

Mueller and his team are the ones who need this interrogation — not the American people and certainly not President Trump or our Republic.

As a matter of fact the Constitution prohibits this nuisance into the White House, but so far the President hasn’t invoked that yet.

Yet for now — the President should stay strong and defy the Deep State and all of it’s Monkeys, Muellers, and McCains included.

Screen Shot 2018-05-15 at 7.49.27 AM

And the President has to maintain his Churchillian qualities in order to further succeed.

My Grandfather Winston Churchill’s formula for success was simple: Action + vision + courage + determination = SUCCESS

And Trump doesn’t want any kind of success either. He wants the kind of success that is impossible, the one with the great odds against it — as indeed the success that speaks to the hearts of the people is when he negotiates and achieves the release of our American brethren, the hostages held in jail in North Korea.

And that is why the people love him so much.

The American people love him greatly.

Trump rocks the boat but who cares…

He knows how to win…

And that is all that matters.

President Trump is winning everything for the American people, and to keep it that way, he has to steer clear of the Unholy Inquisition that Mueller represents. My Evangelical Christian friends all say that the special Prosecutor Robert Mueller is a Satan worshipper and a lout who thinks like a fox wanting to corner a fast rabbit — but the rabbit they are hunting now, is the “US” and us.

All of us American patriots, Conservative Constitutionalists, and Faith warriors — are being marked as enemies of the Deep State, and hunted down mercilessly.

Screen Shot 2018-05-15 at 8.03.27 AM

Methinks that Mueller is the dancing monkey, but someone else is the organ grinder behind him, always winding up the organ of the Russia investigation and collecting the “profit” as in “political pennies” from this awkward performance of a Coup D’Etat against our Republic.

But we will stand on the way and preserve our President and we are going to put a quick stop to all that.

The American people will all rise-up, as a well armed and well regulated Militia, and will stand on the way of the usurpers, and man all the barricades, in order to protect our President.

And still the President needs this bit of sage advise form my Grandfather, and if you can take it to him — all the better: “Never give in! Never give in! Never, never, never, never—in nothing great or small, large or petty—never give in except to convictions of honor and good sense.”

Trump needs to understand that, and to go ahead and dismiss this special prosecutor because that is the only way to unmask fully the Organ grinder behind the dancing and Russia-Russia screaming monkeys…

Do you happen to know who that evil organ grinder might be?

Any ideas?

Think about it …

And then follow the money trail, or the bread crumbs, as they might lead you to.

In conclusion, Mr President, please: “Never give in! Never give in! Never, never, never, never—in nothing great or small, large or petty—never give in except to convictions of honor and good sense.”

Never give in — never surrender.

Never allow the organ grinder or his monkeys cut you off.

We need the progress, the jobs, the prosperity, and the success that your winning always brings forth.

We don’t need to stop our Victories becaue of these monkeys and these organ grinders.

Pr President, I implore you to never surrender to the Organ Grinder of that dancing monkey Mr Mueller.

As a matter of fact never surrender to any organ grinder either.

Unless you have in front of you these other types of “Organ Grinders”  that are far more entertaining, musically orientated, and perhaps far more gifted in their “grinding” so that it can be a therapeutic treatment for all that ails a man…


Screen Shot 2018-05-15 at 7.39.03 AM


Dr Churchill


Because indeed, a man needs his rest and after two years, Mueller’s Russia-gate investigation has produced no proof of the foundational charge — that Trump’s team colluded with Vladimir Putin’s Russia to hack and thieve the emails of the Clinton campaign and of the DNC.

As for the fake dossier — we all know what a piece of garbage that was.

Yet that piece of garbage started the FISA wiretapping warrant that led to the Mueller investigation.

Garbage in — garbage out.

Now having failed in the garbage investigation, the snoopy dog Mr Mueller & Co, have followed a fresh scent and now seek to prove that, even if Trump did not collude with the Russians, he probably interfered with their own wiretapping, illegal spying, and presidentially interfering investigation.

If that is not a bunch of Deep State fascists pushing for a Coup D’Etat in America today — I don’t know what it is.

It certainly is a Hitlery “putsch” same as the putsch from the National Socialist leader Adolf Hitler that gave him absolute power, when he staged his own Coup D’Etat and killed the German Democracy at the time of the Weimar Republic’s waning days…

Simply put:

Dirty Cop Mueller & Co, want to take down a President.

But Presidential assassinations are a really bad thing as JFK’s blood letting proved.

And since we know what’s coming — we need to stand up and declare that these dirty cops and the peons of the Deep State, should not be allowed to practice Regicide today…

So let’s now replace the Deep State organ grinder Ms Clinton and her monkey McCain with some real organ grinders that can get an erection out of the American pubic…

Albeit a musical one only.

Screen Shot 2018-05-15 at 7.37.00 AM









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