Posted by: Dr Churchill | May 23, 2018

SpyGate — The Book (Introduction)


This book details the evidence and the reasons behind the recent failed Coup D’Etat against the American Democracy.

“This is the most important threat our Republic has faced over the last 240 years” —Dr Churchill

This Book was written by Dr Pano Churchill 

Copyright 2018


Cambridge University professor Stefan Halper has been revealed as one of the FBI’s embedded spies, that were planted inside Trump’s campaign in order to spy, agitate, and even provoke, the Russian investigation that befuddles our Democracy to this day, long after the ashes of the Obama Clinton administration have been scattered to the four winds.

And that act of espionage is also the generator of the myth about the Russia Russia collusion, that started the witch hunt of the indecent corrupt cop Mueller that has cut deep tracks inside President Trump’s agenda to make America great again.

Indeed the little known ugly man-spy Stefan Harper is but only one of the many spies embedded into the Trump campaign that the broken Hillary/McCain duo prompted the FBI to “plant” in the highest echelons of the Trump campaign, in order to discredit the campaign, to cause confusion, and to bring about false flag attacks, to plant dirt, and to plant fake news, and to create the fake “dossier” in order to have an “insurance policy” against Trump in the event that the American people saw through the Hillary Clinton & the FBI’s charade, and elected Trump instead…

Screen Shot 2018-05-14 at 7.29.39 AM

Therefore the deep state now is leaking to the newspapers this non entity and minor spy, Stefan Halper, who is the ultimate fat-boy spy, and fat fingers computer operator, turned “spy-operative” of the nasty and toxic Obama/Clinton/Comey cabal, whose campaign of disinformation brought about the unlawful FISA warrant and the Rosenstein/Mueller probe, that started as a false flag attack operation inside the Obama White House, to bring down the Trump campaign and allow crooked Hillary to steal the elections.

At least this much is now known and we also have the admission of the crooked FBI buying an Insurance Policy against the potential of a Trump Presidency.

What a barrel of bullshit.

Just wait until this much defecation material hist the rotary oscillator and then you’ll really get to see some horse manure flying…

And we shall see the evidence of the Obama administration collusion mounting, as we keep on reading this book…

And that’s how the Trump witch hunt got started…

And also, that’s how the Mueller Russia-Russia probe got started.

Yet, most importantly, that’s how the Coup D’Etat against the President Trump and against the American Republic, got started as well.

And we now know that all this was done, on the orders of the Obama White House, in the waning days of the Obama/Clinton mafia, in order to allow the Comey/Rosenstein FBI administration to open up the Trump “witch hunt” on the pretext of looking into the “manufactured collusion” that they had manufactured through their spies inside the campaign.

And that is also how the complicit Mass Media has come to froth in the mouth about the fake news of a fake Russia collusion story, that never took place between Donald Trump’s presidential campaign team, and Russia — except in the wet dreams of Obama, Comey, Mueller, Hillary, McCain, Rosenstein, Clinton, McCabe, and the rest of that noxious swamp creatures den of inequity.

And now drip by drip, that little spy Stefan Halper’s name has been leaked by the crooked Hillary FBI to the press and to the complicit Mass Media, in order to make this story “old news” and to mix it up with the “fake News” and thus lessen the public outrage about their planting spies in the midst of our political campaigns, and their destroying even the very notion of the fig leaf we used to maintain about “Free & Fair” elections in America.

It is also important to note that Stefan Halper’s name has been “slow-leaked” to multiple media outlets by the FBI in order to support the erroneous notion that he was the sole spy, the lone man, the singular enemy asset, in an organized effort by the FBI, NSA, CIA, and all other Obama era socialist apparatchiks to hide all the other spies they had planted on the Trump train…

This was an “agent-provocateur” action by the FBI, because as an active provocateur, this Stefan Halper clown, was not the only source tasked by the weaponized against Americans FBI/CIA/NSA, with collecting information about the manufactured Russian connections of Trump campaign officials Carter Page, and George Papadopoulos.

Talk about a set up…. The FBI’s entrapment qualifies for racketeering, RICO charges, entrapment, and several other nasty charges against the Comey/Mueller/Rosenstein trio, and much more — but who is counting?

Yet entrapment is the least of it, because the FBI dragged this clown-spy Halper, in the midst of a political campaign in order to discredit the Candidate with a salacious dossier. And it is our information that the combined intelligence agencies had unleashed sixteen different spies and secret agents, as provocateurs against the Presidential campaign of Trump in order to spread rumor and innuendo along with a healthy dose of Russia-Russia collusion glitter & stardust…

It’s anybody’s guess what a witch’s brew was been cooked up by all these agencies FBI/CIA/NSA, that are supposed to be working for the American people.

One thing though that is certain, is that they were not working for the interests of the American People, nor were they working for our Republic, or for our Democracy — but against it.

President Trump, was mightily harmed by the Halper clown cart that numbered upwards of 16 (Sixteen) different clowns, masquerading as spies inside his campaign.  And yet today hapless Halper is the only one that has been offered up as a fig leaf, as if he were the lone assassin on the grassy knoll…

And he is the only man presented into the center of the unmasking of the huge role of the Deep State’s witch-hunt in it’s battle against then Trump Candidate, and now in the character assassination against President Trump, against his agenda, and against his White House administration.

And ultimately against the American people.

And that my friends, is indeed an act of treason.

The crooked FBI and all the Obama/Clinton era security agency freakshows, have now been unmasked as being not only complete and total clowns, but also complete & total enemies of our beloved American Republic and it’s people.

We have now come to recognize that the Deep State, is operating against the very fabric of our Democracy.

Because the revelation of the dirty FBI spies manufacturing the Russia collusion, has now been proven. Further than that we now know that the FBI, Hillary Clinton, and the DNC, along with Perkins Coie, are now responsible for the very manufacture of the salacious dossier, that led to the FISA Russia probe, witch itself was based on the original clown cart of spies planted inside the Trump campaign.

Therefore it follows that since is now proven, that the Obama/Clinton cabal, ordered Comey, Mueller, Rosenstein, and the rest of the dirty intelligence agency heads like Clapper, Brennen, and the rest, to cooperate and to manufacture this “dirty-salacious-dossier” and to also plant a bunch of “moles” inside Trump’s campaign in order to derail his presidential bid — they are also the ones behind the Mass Media campaign to discredit his Presidency and to harm the American people by stealing the thunder of a duly and freely elected US President .

And now the TRUTH comes full circle, because as President Trump said from the very beginning — he was being wiretapped, surveilled and undermined, as a Candidate and as a President by the Deep State and by the lame Obama apparatchiks.

Indeed Trump has now been proven 100% TRUE to his word and the Deep State and Mass Media have now been discredited.

The fact that the President Trump, told us the truth has now been proven beyond doubt because the Inspector General’s report also says so.

And that Inspector General’s report is the definite narrative that proves how the Mueller witch hunt got started…

And that is something nobody can deny.

all the while, the U.S. government officials are falling all over themselves, as they try to deny that the “spy-source” was part of the campaign and its use of the informant was not improper.

Top GOP officials have reportedly been pushing for the FBI to name the source, who the New York Times reported Friday is an American academic who teaches in Britain.

This is the man that Obama White House paid in advance of $1,5 to spy onto Trump…

Nice gig if you can get it.

Dr Churchill


There is no denying it.

Obama owns this mess and the famously lame excuse for those in the Obama Clinton and assorted cretins’ White House, that was damaging our Democracy for 8 long years, and that it now unashamedly seeks to destroy our Republic through a Coup D’Etat orchestrated by the Deep State, the DemoRats, and their Mass Media accomplishes.

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