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SPYGATE (Chapter One)


This book details the evidence and the reasons behind the recently failed Coup D’Etat against the American Democracy.


“This is the most important existential threat that our country has faced since the inception of this Republic” —Dr Churchill


This Book was written by Dr Pano Churchill 

Copyright 2018


Chapter One

You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time. –Abraham Lincoln

“The Coup D’Etat against our Constitutional Democratic Republic is now revealed”

An American minor spy posing as a University professor, a Mr Stefan Halper has been revealed as one of the FBI’s embedded spies, that were planted inside the Trump presidential campaign, in order to spy, sabotage, agitate, and even provoke, the Russian investigation that befuddles our Democracy to this day, long after the ashes of the Obama / Clinton administration have been scattered to the four winds.

And that act of seriously illegal espionage is also the generator of the myth and the resultant hysteria, about the Russia-Russia collusion, that has started the witch-hunt of the indecent & corrupt cop Robert Mueller.

An investigation full of threats, distortions, leaks, disruptions, and innuendo against members of the President’s family and against the families of all others who worked in the campaign, and this has caused the most severe damage to children & young innocent individuals. All that because the corrupt cop Robert Mueller wants to find and use any kind of leverage against the President.

It is the scorched earth tactics of Robert Mueller that liken his investigation to a Holy Inquisition by unholy men, and it is just that “unwholesomeness” and “unholiness” that has cut deep tracks inside President Trump’s agenda to make America great again.

Indeed the little known ugly man-spy Stefan Harper is but one of the many spies the FBI/CIA/NSA combine, embedded inside the Trump campaign.

And this was the “smart plan” that the broken Hillary/McCain duo concosted and then prompted the FBI to investigate by “planting” spies inside the highest echelons of the Trump campaign, in order to sabotage Trump, misdirect his campaign, cause confusion & embarrassments, and in order to bring about false flag attacks, to plant dirt, and to plant fake news stories, and ultimately in order to create the fake “dossier” and to validate said dossier, in order to have an “insurance policy” against Trump in the event that the American people saw through the Hillary Clinton & FBI charade, and elected Trump instead…

That’s how they rigged the election and it backfired on them

Screen Shot 2018-05-14 at 7.29.39 AM

Therefore the deep state, is now leaking to their friendly mass media, this non entity and minor spy Stefan Halper, in order to hide all the rest of the spies, agent provocateurs, and saboteurs, that they had planted inside the Trump presidential campaign of 2016.

The cotton mouthed ex-NSA boss crazy bald headed Clapper dude — started doing the rounds on the daytime television shows to soften the blow to the Deep State, by his own admission that they had planted a spy inside the Trump campaign.

Here is how this bald headed songbird tries to spin the story as a safety measure and a precaution for President Trump — for which they should be THANKED if anything at all…

Imagine the chuzpah of this monkey…

On Tuesday, Clapper, former director of National Intelligence,  said on live television on the morning ABC’s daily show “The View” that a “spy” had indeed been planted inside the Trump campaign, ostensibly in order to investigate the potential of Russian interference…
Ex-NSA boss Clapper further admitted that they (Deep State) had planted a spy, while calling him an “informant” or anything else but a spy, and still denying the “informant” was there to spy on the campaign itself, and instead he said that Donald Trump should be happy that this “informant” person was there — because President Trump was being “protected.”

In Clapper’s own words the admission of spying sounds even more sinister. Pay attention when he says this:

“They were spying on, a term I don’t particularly like, but on what the Russians were doing, Trying to understand were the Russians infiltrating, trying to gain access, trying to gain leverage or influence which is what they do.”

This hogwash is what Clapper said on Tuesday… revealing a glimpse of what is really going on in this country under the Demorats…

All that Clapper disinformation aside — still it is pivotal to know that this junior spook Stefan Halper, is the ultimate patsy. A fall-man, a false flag operation, the phat-boy spy, the fat fingers computer operator, the patsy turned “spy-operative” of the nasty and toxic Obama/Clinton/Comey cabal, whose campaign of disinformation brought about the unlawful FISA warrants, the wiretaps, the Trump spying, and eventually the Rosenstein/Mueller probe, that started inside the Obama White House, in order to bring down the Trump campaign and allow crooked Hillary to steal the already rigged elections in her favor.

What a crock of shitte…

Now Stefan Halper is officially missing. And he has been missing for a long time. Maybe another casualty of Hitelry’s hit list, or simply he pulled a Jimmy Hoffa type stunt.

This shocking revelation about him missing in action, simply adds even more intrigue to an already mysterious and illicit story unfolding from deep inside the FBI.

Now for those of us in the know of the operational routine of such persons — it would appear that someone with top access in the FBI likely tipped Halper off, in the fall of 2017 to go underground…

Or perhaps something else that is far worse is at play here, and this man Halper might have gone off like Seth Rich, (6 feet under), to prevent him from testifying.

But according to the official FBI leaker: “He went underground.”

And this is what another federal law enforcement source said: “We don’t think he is dead but he might be playing dead.”

Halper was a professor at the University of Cambridge in the UK. No one has seen him there in months. Halper is an American citizen living in the UK. With an expertise in Chinese culture and commerce, of course Stefan Halper could be lounging somewhere in SE Asia, one source said, or he may be languishing inside a Chinese prison as a favor to the Deep State of the US, in order to keep him buried away from any Inspector General investigation.

And thus the well informed FBI leak sources said, that they fear that he’s “in the wind.”  Just like a cheap spy novel.

The same FBI sources said they have canvassed Halper’s associates and relatives in Virginia and West Virginia and they do not know Halper’s current whereabouts. Halper was last seen in public at a White House meeting in August, as far as sources can recount.

President Donald Trump now tasked his Chief of Staff to expose the “Spygate” on Thursday, by tweeting that trusted FBI agents are beginning to turn on their corrupt bosses and zeroing in on “terrible” James Comey.

Trump’s tweets followed a torrent of similar posts on Wednesday in which the commander in chief attacked reports concerning alleged FBI surveillance of his presidential campaign.

So where is Halper now?

FBI sources said you might have to ask recently fired or departed high-ranking members of the FBI where Halper is. And how to contact him. James Comey. Andrew McCabe. James Baker.

Another key witness of FBI corruption is missing and unreachable.

Perhaps John Brennan knows of Halper’s whereabouts. Halper previously worked for the CIA too.

Halper has been identified by multiple media outlets as the source tasked by the FBI with collecting information about the Russian connections of Trump campaign officials Carter Page and George Papadopoulos.

Halper has been dragged into the center of the battle between the Trump administration and the FBI over the Russia probe, with Trump alleging that the Obama administration planted a mole in his campaign to derail his presidential bid, and U.S. government officials denying that the source was part of the campaign and its use of the informant was not improper.

Top GOP officials have reportedly been pushing for the FBI to name the source, who the New York Times reported Friday is an American academic who teaches in Britain.

In the 1980s, he was reportedly involved in a spying operation for the Reagan campaign that involved agents passing classified foreign policy documents from the Carter White House to the Republican candidate’s team. He was also a consultant on Russia and China policy issues to an internal Pentagon think tank known as the Office of Net Assessment.

Halper reportedly flew Trump foreign policy aide Papadopoulos to London and quizzed him on alleged Russian efforts to boost the Trump campaign and undermine Democrat opponent Hillary Clinton.

At least this much is now known. And we also have the admission of the crooked FBI buying an Insurance Policy against the potential of a Trump Presidency.

Add it all up and it amounts to a “grassy knoll” assassination of a President.

What a barrel of bullshit this FBI holds inside…

These people are full of poop…

Just wait until this much defecation material hits the rotary oscillator, and then you’ll really get to see some horse manure flying… and you can have a proper Obama/Clinton/FBI party.

As evidenced bellow:

Screen Shot 2018-05-20 at 9.58.05 PM

And that’s how the Trump witch hunt got started…

And also, that’s how the Mueller Russia-Russia probe got started.

Yet, most importantly, that’s how the Coup D’Etat against the President Trump and against the American Republic, got started as well.

And we now know that all this was done, on the orders of the Obama White House, in the waning days of the Obama/Clinton mafia, in order to allow the Comey/Rosenstein FBI administration to open up the Trump “witch hunt” on the pretext of looking into the “manufactured collusion” that they had manufactured through their spies inside the campaign.

And that is also how the complicit Mass Media has come to froth in the mouth about the fake news of a fake Russia collusion story, that never took place between Donald Trump’s presidential campaign team, and Russia — except in the wet dreams of Obama, Comey, Mueller, Hillary, McCain, Rosenstein, Clinton, McCabe, and the rest of that noxious swamp creatures den of inequity.

And now drip by drip, that little spy Stefan Halper’s name has been leaked by the crooked Hillary FBI to the press and to the complicit Mass Media, in order to make this story “old news” and to mix it up with the “fake News” and thus lessen the public outrage about their planting spies in the midst of our political campaigns, and their destroying even the very notion of the fig leaf we used to maintain about “Free & Fair” elections in America.

It is also important to note that Stefan Halper’s name has been “slow-leaked” to multiple media outlets by the FBI in order to support the erroneous notion that he was the sole spy, the lone man, the singular enemy asset, in an organized effort by the FBI, NSA, CIA, and all other Obama era socialist apparatchiks to hide all the other spies they had planted on the Trump train…

This was an “agent-provocateur” action by the FBI, because as an active provocateur, this Stefan Halper clown, was not the only source tasked by the weaponized against Americans FBI/CIA/NSA, with collecting information about the manufactured Russian connections of Trump campaign officials Carter Page, and George Papadopoulos.

Talk about a set up…. The FBI’s entrapment qualifies for racketeering, RICO charges, entrapment, and several other nasty charges against the Comey/Mueller/Rosenstein trio, and much more — but who is counting?

Screen Shot 2018-05-23 at 6.59.52 AM

Yet entrapment is the least of it, because the FBI dragged this clown-spy Halper, in the midst of a political campaign in order to discredit the Candidate with a salacious dossier. And it is our information that the combined intelligence agencies had unleashed sixteen different spies and secret agents, as provocateurs against the Presidential campaign of Trump in order to spread rumor and innuendo along with a healthy dose of Russia-Russia collusion glitter & stardust…

It’s anybody’s guess what a witch’s brew was been cooked up by all these agencies FBI/CIA/NSA, that are supposed to be working for the American people.

One thing though that is certain, is that they were not working for the interests of the American People, nor were they working for our Republic, or for our Democracy — but against it.

President Trump, was mightily harmed by the Halper clown cart that numbered upwards of 16 (Sixteen) different clowns, masquerading as spies inside his campaign. And yet today hapless Halper is the only one that has been offered up as a fig leaf, as if he were the lone assassin on the grassy knoll…

And he is the only man presented into the center of the unmasking of the huge role of the Deep State’s witch-hunt in it’s battle against then Trump Candidate, and now in the character assassination against President Trump, against his agenda, and against his White House administration.

And ultimately against the American people.

And that my friends, is indeed an act of treason.

The crooked FBI and all the Obama/Clinton era security agency freakshows, have now been unmasked as being not only complete and total clowns, but also complete & total enemies of our beloved American Republic and it’s people.

We have now come to recognize that the Deep State, is operating against the very fabric of our Democracy.

Because the revelation of the dirty FBI spies manufacturing the Russia collusion, has now been proven. Further than that we now know that the FBI, Hillary Clinton, and the DNC, along with Perkins Coie, are now responsible for the very manufacture of the salacious dossier, that led to the FISA Russia probe, witch itself was based on the original clown cart of spies planted inside the Trump campaign.

Therefore it follows that since is now proven, that the Obama/Clinton cabal, ordered Comey, Mueller, Rosenstein, and the rest of the dirty intelligence agency heads like Clapper, Brennen, and the rest, to cooperate and to manufacture this “dirty-salacious-dossier” and to also plant a bunch of “moles” inside Trump’s campaign in order to derail his presidential bid — they are also the ones behind the Mass Media campaign to discredit his Presidency and to harm the American people by stealing the thunder of a duly and freely elected US President .

And now the TRUTH comes full circle, because as President Trump said from the very beginning — he was being wiretapped, surveilled and undermined, as a Candidate and as a President by the Deep State and by the lame Obama apparatchiks.

Indeed Trump has now been proven 100% TRUE to his word and the Deep State and Mass Media have now been discredited.

The fact that the President Trump, told us the truth has now been proven beyond doubt because the Inspector General’s report also says so.

And that Inspector General’s report is the definite narrative that proves how the Mueller witch hunt got started…

Screen Shot 2018-04-12 at 9.59.01 AM

And that is something nobody can deny.

all the while, the U.S. government officials are falling all over themselves, as they try to deny that the “spy-source” was part of the campaign and its use of the informant was not improper.

Top GOP officials have reportedly been pushing for the FBI to name the source, who the New York Times reported Friday is an American academic who teaches in Britain.

And now the FBI wants us to believe that this clown Stefan Halper is the only SPY that was ordered to destroy the Trump campaign, as he was paid by the Obama White House $1,5 to do…

Nice gig if you can get it.

But we don’t believe it for a moment that this was the only spy or that this was his only remit…

Nice try though.

Mr Obama, well done — now you can collect your participation trophy.

And as you go out the door, please make sure the door doesn’t slam you on your butt, because that might interfere with your sizable buttplug.

Dr Churchill


There is no denying it.

Obama owns this Coup D’Etat.

And his crony, the crooked Hillary Clinton owns this mess.

And together they own the famously lame excuse for a Democratic party and their assorted cretin occupied White House, that has now been found to be damaging our Democracy and our Republic for far longer than the 8 long years Obama/Clinton stood in power.

And to think that this hopeless criminal duo of Obama & Hillary — a comedic duet of a stoner liar, and of an alcoholic old lady falling all the time off her feet, off of stairs, and off the pavement into the gutter, always out of her own free will — somehow still seeks to overthrow our President and to destroy our Republic, through a Coup D’Etat orchestrated by the Deep State, the DemoRats, and their Mass Media accomplishes — is an entirely fresh source of levity, amusement, and black humor for me.

Meanwhile with Obama lost amidst the weeds he smokes — here is a list of the eight most obvious sins of the intelligence community’s sting operation against Candidate Trump, that continued long after he became President as evidenced by the ongoing Mueller probe, that increasingly looks like a two year old and ongoing Colonoscopy campaign designed to cause pain and anguish to a siting President, and still offers nothing else of realistic or therapeutic value…

Immense wrongdoing by the Obama White House, by the FBI, and by all the other Obama era secret agency heads, has now been proven.

Further it has been proven that the Coup D’ Etat against President Trump is an inside and insidious smear job, that was used as a useful tool to lead to the Trump witch hunt, and what this implies, is widespread abuse of America’s intelligence and law enforcement apparatus for the benefit of the Democrat political party.

1) Operation Code named “Crossfire Hurricane” : The anti-Trump sting and spying operation unleashed by the Obama White House, had at least one code name that was leaked to The New York Times, and that was the silly cheap spy novel name “Crossfire Hurricane.”
2) Operation “Stormy Daniels” : Now, if that sounds to you as being eerily similar to the code named operation “Stormy Daniels” — you are a very observant person, and you win the obligatory participation trophy fr your attention to the trash that the Mass Media garbage dump serves up for you each and every day.

3) Wiretap fever : Secret surveillance was conducted on no fewer than seven Trump associates: chief strategist Stephen Bannon; lawyer Michael Cohen; national security adviser Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn; adviser and son-in-law Jared Kushner; campaign chairman Paul Manafort; and campaign foreign policy advisers Carter Page and George Papadopoulos.

4) The Secret Agencies and the FBI embedded no less than sixteen different spies and saboteurs within the Trump campaign : Starting with the hapless Halper, the list is long and it will take some time to uncover & reveal in it’s totality.

5) The Application for a Secret FISA warrant was done under false pretenses and by the FBI lying to the judge : The FBI applied for a secret warrant in June 2016 to monitor Manafort, Page, Papadopoulos and Flynn. If true, it means the FBI targeted Flynn six months before his much-debated conversation with Russia’s ambassador, Sergey Kislyak.

6) The FBI applied four times to wiretap Trump campaign : Indeed the FBI applied four times to wiretap Trump staffers like Page after he became a Trump campaign adviser starting in July 2016. Page’s office is connected to Trump Tower and he reports having spent “many hours in Trump Tower.”

7) CNN reported that Manafort was wiretapped before and after the election “including during a period when Manafort was known to talk to President Trump.” Manafort reportedly has a residence in Trump Tower.

8) Electronic surveillance was used to listen in on three Trump transition officials in Trump Tower — Flynn, Bannon and Kushner — as they met in an official capacity with the United Arab Emirates’ crown prince.

9) The FBI also wiretapped Flynn’s phone conversation with Kislyak on Dec. 31, 2016, as part of “routine surveillance” of Kislyak.

10) The FBI wiretapped Cohen, Trump’s personal attorney, and this was brought up when his personal office and records were impounded by the FBI violating attorney client privilege with the President after Trumps phone calls to his attorney Cohen were wiretapped.

11) Additionally Trumps’ personal attorney Cohen was the subject of a “pen register” used to monitor phone numbers and, possibly, internet communications.

12) National security letters: Another controversial tool reportedly used by the FBI to obtain phone records and other documents in the investigation were national security letters, which bypass judicial approval.

13) Improper use of such letters has been an ongoing theme at the FBI. Reviews by the Department of Justice’s Inspector General found widespread misuse and abuse under Mueller — who was then FBI director — and the DOJ inspector general also said that officials failed to report instances of abuses as required.

13) Unmasking : “Unmasking” is the act of publicly identifying protected names of Americans captured by government surveillance. This tactic was frequently deployed by at least four top Obama officials against President Trump: James Clapper, former Director of National Intelligence; Samantha Power, former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations; Susan Rice, former national security adviser; Sally Yates, former deputy attorney general. It is no accident that all these four are sworn enemies of Democracy and of our Republic, as their tirades against Trump prove beyond any doubt.

14) Revealing the names of Americans caught communicating with monitored foreign targets is illegal and the Law Courts always say that their names must be “masked,” or hidden within government agencies, so the names cannot be misused or even being shared amongst operatives and administration officials.  However, it’s been revealed that Power made near-daily unmasking requests in 2016.

15) Claiming ignorance of the CRIMES by those committing those High Crimes & Misdemeanors : Prior to that revelation, Clapper claimed ignorance. When asked if he knew of unmasking requests by any ambassador, including Power, he testified: “I don’t know. Maybe it’s ringing a vague bell but I’m not — I could not answer with any confidence.”

16) Rice admitted to asking for unmasked names of U.S. citizens in intelligence reports after initially claiming no knowledge of any such thing.

17) Clapper also admitted to requesting the unmasking of “Mr. Trump, his associates or any members of Congress.” Clapper and Yates later admitted they also personally reviewed unmasked documents and shared unmasked material with other officials, and with the press, to whom they leaked the materials for the sole purpose of embarrassing President Trump.

18) Changing the rules : On Dec. 15, 2016 — the same day the government listened in on Trump officials at Trump Tower — Rice reportedly unmasked the names of Bannon, Kushner and Flynn. And Clapper made a new rule allowing the National Security Agency to widely disseminate surveillance material within the government without the normal privacy protections.

19) Media strategy : Former CIA Director John Brennan and Clapper, two of the most integral intel officials in this ongoing controversy, have joined national news organizations where they have regular opportunities to shape the news narrative — including on the very issues under investigation.

20) Clapper reportedly secretly leaked salacious political opposition research against President Trump to CNN in the fall of 2017 and he was later hired as a CNN political analyst.

21) Revolving Door with Mass Media : Much like the Ex-Boss of NSA, Mr Clapper was hired and is now working for CNN as a political pundit, this past February, Ex-CIA boss, Brennan was hired as a paid analyst for MSNBC.

22) Constant and Damaging Leaks against the President : There’s been a steady and apparently orchestrated campaign of leaks — some true, some false, but nearly all of them damaging to President Trump’s interests.

23) A few of the notable leaks include word that Flynn was wiretapped, the anti-Trump “Steele dossier” of political opposition research, then-FBI Director James Comey briefing Trump on it. : The private Comey conversations with Trump, were leaked to a friend of Comey, who gave his memos recording those conversations and criticizing Trump, the subpoena of Trump’s personal bank records (which proved false) and Flynn planning to testify against Trump (which also proved to be false).

24) Friends, informants and snoops : The FBI reportedly used one-time CIA operative Stefan Halper in 2016 as an informant to spy on Trump officials.  

25) Another paid dirty player is Comey’s friend Daniel Richman, a Columbia University law professor, who leaked Comey’s memos against Trump to The New York Times after Comey was fired. We later learned that Richman actually worked for the FBI under a status called “Special Government Employee.”

26) The FBI used former reporter Glenn Simpson, his political opposition research firm Fusion GPS, and ex-British spy Christopher Steele to compile allegations against Trump. lAll these allegations proved to be false and were compiled largely from dubious Russian mafia sources, paid for with a lot of Tax-payer money, and which were distributed to the press and the Mass Media stooges of the FBI, in order to be used later as part of the FISA wiretap applications.

These and dozens more, of other illegal acts are the daily features of the supposed law enforcement at the top layers of this country, and as such they constitute a vast sting & smear spy operation, as well as a counterintelligence operation against a siting President.

And these few dozen pieces are only the pieces we know about.

Just imagine what else is hiding out there unobserved deep in the dark green bushes.

Of course, it needs to be assumed that there is much more stuff going on that we don’t know anything about, just yet…

And since the cover up of the vast Obama / Clinton administration’s malfeasance, is still ongoing — it may never get revealed in its total and sordid detail.

Hope this may help explain why there’s so much material that the Department of Justice hasn’t handed over to congressional investigators yet…

Screen Shot 2018-05-23 at 2.41.55 PM

Latet anguis in herba

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