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SpyGate (Chapter Four)


This book details the evidence and the reasons behind the recent failed Coup D’Etat against the American Democracy.


“This is the most important existential threat that our country has faced since the inception of this Republic” —Dr Churchill


This Book was written by Dr Pano Churchill 

Copyright 2018


Chapter Four

The Silence of the Sheeple

Martin Luther King said that to see evil and not speak out about it makes you a far more criminal evildoer than the perpetrator herself, because that is how the world will come to it’s knees.

By those who see evil and do nothing about it..

Apologists for evil are themselves far more evil than the perpetrators themselves.

Screen Shot 2018-05-26 at 5.02.29 PM

Apologists for the Obama administration’s widespread spying are still playing this game, wallowing in what they would have once called unconscionable McCarthyism.

They make sinister references to “intelligence,” never tell us what it is, and then paper over the nothingness with blather about the “depth” of this or that person’s “concern.” Clapper was worried, Christopher Steele was “worried,” John Brennan was “worried,” McCain was worried, Hillary Clinton was worried, Obama was worried, Michelle was worried, Valerie Jarett was worried, and so on.

The whole Trump campaign was a worrisome thing to the Democrats because they were going to lose an anyone with sight could see.

But the hags around Hillary were worried… about Russian interference… and the Obama White House started the Witch Hunt.

The “children” were worried?

They found free & fair elections worrisome?

Who cares?

They wanted to start an investigation?

Where is the evidence?

Where were the adults in the room?

So far the “evidence” justifying the Obama administration’s spying on the Trump campaign has been stunning in its simpleminded crudity and pure lack of any substance.

The so called “evidence” that Mueller now investigates includes these gems of sleuthing and detective’s intellectual vigor:

1) Candidate Trump didn’t condemn Putin enough.
2) Trump once jokingly told Russia to look for Hillary’s deleted emails,
3) The RNC strengthened, but not sufficiently so, to the satisfaction of the media, a Russian plank in its platform.
4) Stefan Halper saw Michael Flynn talking to a Russian woman at Cambridge back in 2014.
5) Carter Page gave a speech in Moscow.
6) Russian government officials were overheard talking about the Trump campaign. 7) Non-evidence hyped as worrisome “signals intelligence” that is common about any presidential campaign.
8) An Australian diplomat had a chat at a London bar with a Trump campaign volunteer who said something speculative that anybody reading the newspaper could have also ventured.
9) Hillary couldn’t have lost if the Russians hadn’t come to the aid of Trump.
10) Russian bots on Twitter.
11) Russian Facebook interference with “likes” and “dislikes.”
12) Cambridge Analytica was a British operation financed by the Mercers but maybe the Russians were behind the both of them, because everyone knows in the Obama/Clinton camp that they helped Trump win.

That’s the sum total of the Mueller intelligence that justified all the hoops Rosenstein had to jump through for appointing the Special Councel and commencing the investigation…

Leave it to the Evil Democratic Party to explain their MacCarthyism during the Obama administration’s widespread spying, and you get what you paid for… Stasi and KGB tactics combined with enough comedy to satisfy the three stooges.

Jon Favreau, one of Obama’s speechwriters, tweeted out back in 2017: “I’d be careful about reporting that Obama said there was no wiretapping”…
Immediately all kinds of members of the media, his DNC frenemies, his colleagues and all others took umbrage against him, loath to let anything complicate their anti-Trump propaganda.

They all chided him in unison for this unhelpful slip of the tongue, or fingers as it might be, and he quickly withdrew his tweet, saying that he deferred to James Clapper’s denial of any wiretaps.

Now that James Clapper has been revealed to be the biggest liar there is, with a pinocchio nose and pants on fire — we know better than to take anything he says seriously. Should Clapper gives you the time of day — best consult another source without an agenda when reading the watch strapped to their wrist.

But Favreau had already given himself away.

In retrospect, the tweet is even more telling and confirms that knowledge of the spying was widespread at Obama’s White House.

If a White House lowly speechwriter, far from the action knew about FISA warrants on Carter Page, Paul Manafort, and Michael Flynn — who didn’t know about the Obama spying?

From the beginning of this farce, the Obama administration has shifted back and forth between taking pride in the spying and denying its existence. We are back in the denial phase. But at the height of the hysteria after Trump’s election and inauguration, members of the Obama administration wanted everyone to know they had been spying on Trump and feared that he would destroy their “intelligence.” They leaked to the New York Times in March 2017 that they had “scrambled” to preserve the supposed damning results of their spying, in order to leave a “clear trail of intelligence for government investigators.”

By “intelligence,” they meant their own feverishly partisan sifting through negligible, half-cocked leads. Had there been any substance to their “intelligence,” they would have leaked it out. Having failed, they still thought they deserved an A for effort. They also saw the future political benefits of sliming Trump with innuendo, striking a posture that can be summed up as: Trust us, you guys, what we have found is really bad, but we can’t tell you yet. They couldn’t tell us because they had nothing to tell, but they needed to leave the impression of yet-to-be-disclosed dirt in order to trigger the Mueller investigation, and thanks to the recusal of Jeff Sessions they pulled it off.

Is the threshold for something as significant as spying on an opposing presidential campaign really this low?

The answer is yes.

Yes, if those with the power to start the probe are partisans in the grip of Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Screen Shot 2018-05-30 at 6.22.47 PM

The capacity of John Brennan, James Clapper, and Jim Comey, to believe the worst about Trump lies at the root of this debacle and explains why they would treat his campaign as a criminal enterprise that needs to be massively infiltrated. And their own ability to lie, to cheat, and to steal, in order to entrap the Man that was going to become President, is unprecedented.

But those are the lying liberals…. nothing to see here.

In recent days, the chattering class has tried out the feeble, question-begging cry: “Well, what were they supposed to do?”

“Ignore this “troubling information”?”

It is hilarious to watch Philip Agee – quoting ACLU donors — and former cheerleaders of the Church committee, suddenly turn into the most paranoid, gung-ho institutionalists, for whom every government investigation, no matter how flimsy its foundation, deserves a robust defense.

“My gosh” they say, “we are talking about “suspected Russian agents”!”

“How could you not shadow them?”

Never mind that the FBI so far is 0 for 4; never mind that the FBI didn’t have anything close to a justification for placing Page, Papadopoulos, Manafort, and Flynn in the category of probable Russian agents.

Just as a basketball player who fouls his way into the key and then misses the dunk doesn’t want anyone to see a replay of the game, so the Obama administration doesn’t want the public to see the tape, as it were, of how it sought FISA warrants based on Hillary’s campaign smears, ran a spy into the Trump’s campaign ranks, and still came up empty.

They don’t want us to see the “Replay” because it shows them to be utterly corrupt and incompetent asses, engaged in a criminal probe that was itself steeped in criminality and corruption as they were desperately searching for justifying evidence, and when they were not finding any — they sought to entrap people, and manufacture said evidence. Hence, the need for a spy to groom and entrap members of the campaign.

The whole thing was insanely ill-advised. If in one of the propaganda pieces it spoon-feeds to the New York Times, FBI officials just said something like — “This wasn’t our idea. John Brennan and others in the Obama administration took us for a ride. They wanted us to pursue their partisan hunches about the Trump campaign. It was dumb, but we did it and found nothing” — that would be comprehensible.

But instead we get relentless lying about the probity, value, and firm origins of the counterintelligence probe. They are all so proud of their fruitless non-spying!

But, oh by the way, nobody in the Trump campaign was a Russian agent and we have just hobbled the presidency for a year and a half, with a nation-roiling impeachment attempt in the offing!


Dr Churchill


Naturally, the Stupid Party is hitting the brakes, not gas, on this outrageous scandal. Leave it to the Marco Rubios and Trey Gowdys to sanitize the worst spying on the GOP ever. Here we have the most partisan members of the Obama administration using Stefan Halper, a spy who endorsed Hillary Clinton in the midst of his spying, to infiltrate the Trump campaign — and Gowdy and Rubio call it non-partisan, non-spying…

It all looks kosher to them. Well, that settles it. Nothing to see here. The FBI, according to Gowdy, deserves our hearty thanks for throwing the country into chaos on a partisan hunch. It is what every American should “want” FBI agents to do. While we are at it, apparently, we should thank the CIA for plunging the Middle East into untold bloodshed and chaos with its half-baked WMD assessment. That too deserved an A for effort, we were told.

How the ruling class closes ranks around lying incompetents, then tries to hector Americans into not seeing what is in front of their noses, is amazing to watch.

That major figures of the GOP would join in this charade is sickening, but typical, and tells you where all of this is headed if the rank-and-file don’t light a fire under GOP leaders.

Because if they were to be left alone to their own cowardly, doltish instincts, they will succumb to the media’s propaganda and attach Trump’s neck to the albatross that by rights should be Obama’s.

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