Posted by: Dr Churchill | June 2, 2018

SpyGate (Chapter Ten)


This book details the evidence and the reasons behind the recently failed Coup D’Etat against the American Democracy.


“This is the most important existential threat that our country has faced since the inception of this Republic” —Dr Churchill


This Book was written by Dr Pano Churchill 

Copyright 2018


Chapter Ten

The FBI trying to put the Genie back in the bottle

The FBI has been at pains to prove that they did not conspire against Trump and that they did not spy on him, and all their efforts are now at an end because the DoJ Inspector General’s report on the FBI’s crooked investigation of not-crooked Hillary Clinton’s emails and private server that should have been released this week, according to several FBI sources that are confirming this expectation, has been delayed again.

And it is this rehabilitation of the not-crooked-Hillary that started this amazing effort to hide the Demorat’s corruption that launched the fake dossier, that started the investigation against President Trump based on the Russia hoax and the salacious dossier.

But the release of the report of the IG that clearly shows that, is not happening in a timely manner, because apparently the defense attorneys for the FBI’s top brass, are delaying the report, according to the same FBI insiders.

And if this isn’t a paradox, of allowing the culprits of corruption to water down the IG’s report and to cover their utterly exposed “derriere” — I don’t know what it is.

According to FBI agents, Bureau brass and former agents report that their private attorneys have been working for weeks with the Inspector General, disputing its findings and partaking in legal jockeying and maneuvers trying to change portions of the report.

Or trying to get the Inspector General to alter the specific wording about wrongdoings of the top FBI officials as described inside the report, in order to soften some of the negative charges and the really disgusting findings linked to their FBI leadership clients.

Indeed, the original IG report has been completed months ago, and it is now being watered down, changed, softened, etc… but it is not the original IG report or any iteration thereof, any longer.

I say: “Cut the report loose already, I mean they have had ample time to play monkey” This is what one FBI agent said last Friday.

The report was supposed to be released in March. Then April. Then May. Then this week. Then next week. Now we are in June and haven’t seen the report yet…

One FBI agent called the delayed IG report a “mockery.”

“Many agents are not happy,” one FBI official said. “This keeps dragging on.”

Indeed this is a real paradox of getting anything clean and clear out of the corrupt DoJ and the dismally perverted FBI.

Screen Shot 2018-06-02 at 4.07.48 PM

But then again, this is not a new paradox, a new type of irregularity, or even a new anomaly, because the various anomalies, the irregularities, and the paradoxes of the Mueller Russia hoax witch hunt, are vast, varied, & numerous, and from reading the tea leaves — I can safely tell you, that none of them will end well for the Not-Crooked Hillary.

Indeed none of the many schemes of the special counsel Mueller is going to be good news for President Trump’s opponent the deep state working double time with the retainers of the Obama white house administration of the corrupt silver tongue.

Nor is it going to end well for the Russia-Russia-Russia dog-whistle pair of Rosenstein and Robert Mueller, who have both insisted on going on with stellar witnesses, the likes of porn stars, hookers, hoes, and paid spies, saboteurs, and agent provocateurs, in order to “Get Trump.”

And after two years of wasted energy, time, and national resources, and after destroying countless lives — the only thing these two clowns have accomplished after two years and almost twenty million dollars spent in paying all of the above varieties of stool pigeons codenamed informants — is to indict a clutch of indifferent 13 Russians, and a clump of Russian companies, that we now know that some are non existent, Mueller has targeted non existent Russian companies and non existent Russian individuals, for allegedly conspiring to sow confusion in the 2016 presidential election.

He is chasing ghosts and blaming the President for colluding with ghosts.

Well Done Mr Mueller.

Well done.

You spotted every dick in this cookery show.

Clearly you know how to cook them.

Spotted dicks, that is…

Of course the chance of getting anyone to trial are bellow zero, because extraditing any of the accused Russians is zero, and the chance of shutting down non existent companies is well — Big Phat Zero too. Yet somehow, the ones who have been named and indicted, although they do not exist; they have come back to challenge him in court and to hand his ass to him.

Because although Mueller tries hard to convince the American pubic that some of the Russian “Keystone Cops type of efforts” to disrupt the 2016 election, favored Donald Trump, as well as Bernie Sanders — Mueller’s team made it clear that the Russians neither colluded with any U.S. citizens, nor did they have any material effect on the 2016 election’s outcome.

Screen Shot 2018-06-02 at 8.48.32 AM

But from here on out, there will be further anomalies, ironies, paradoxes, and irregularities, along with a bunch of terrible unintended consequences, with just about everything Mueller & Rosenstein does.

Just like when you use the dog whistle and the wolfs come calling…

Chicken coming home to roost is not an unusual consequence either.

But perhaps in the Rosenstein-Mueller cannon, now is the time to start prosecuting irrelevant foreigners for attempting to interfere with a U.S. election, in order to show to the Mass Media that the Mueller team has been producing something of value after all, if they were to ask for an accounting for the 20 million spent, and for the two years they have been wasting our time and the collective energy of the American people. And let’s not forget the President’s energy that has been dissipated in pursuing and defending himself in this silly matter….

So, if we are starting to prosecute people — then surely we must start with Christopher Steele, the author of the Fusion GPS dossier, and a verified foreign agent, who along with Stefan Halper, are far more culpable, prosecutable, and gettable, than the 13 bumbling and maybe non existent Russians.

Also culpable is Mr Simpson the owner of Fusion GPS who did the amazing public relations job of spoon feeding the salacious dossier to the newspapers and the Mass Media, and then to the FBI who primed their investigation against Trump on that single source of gossip.

Also culpable is Perkins Coie, the law firm that paid the money to hire Simpson and Steele, and tried to obfuscate all of that. I’m waiting for Mr Mueller to raid that law firm and grab their computers and the files of privileged attorney-client communications they had with Ms Clinton, and Mr Podesta, and the DNC, who all together conspired to create the salacious dossier.

Also culpable Hillary Clinton herself is vulnerable to prosecution, along with her campaign managers, and Mr Rhoades, and the rest of the assorted crybabies, snowflakes, and sexual deviants — who made up the bulk of her campaign, all assisted by some old hags, harpies, and alkies.

Also culpable is Mr Obama who conspired to get the FBI and CIA and NSA to investigate what he obviously knew to be a fake news story that was manufactured by his cronies under his own direction in the first place.

But let’s start with Mr Steele, the super-spy, because Mr Steele is not a U.S. citizen. And yet he was hired by Hillary Clinton, Perkins Coie, & Fusion GPS, in order so that Mr Steele will collude with Russian interests to compile his lurid and salacious dossier about Donald Trump.

Sadly for this RICO ready criminal cabal, Mr Steele did not register as a foreign agent. And Mr Steele was paid by Hillary Clinton’s campaign to find dirt on political rival Trump and his campaign.

In other words, Steele’s position is far worse than that of the Russians, for a variety of reasons and here are twelve main reasons for his to shift his attention to where actual crimes were committed:

1)Mr Steele, the foreign spy, along with Stefan Halper the domestic spy on the Trump campaign, are easily extraditable from Great Britain, while the Russians are not.
2) Not-crooked Hillary’s efforts and Perkins Coie, & Fusion GPS, efforts in hiring and paying Mr Steele, a foreign spy, really did affect the 2016 presidential election race, given that the dossier was systematically leaked to major media in this country, and it also served as a basis for the U.S. government to spy on American citizens, and on an American Electoral Campaign.
3) And unlike with the Russians, no one disputes that American citizens — Hillary Clinton, Perkins Coie law firm, members of the Democratic National Committee, Comey, Brennan, Clapper, Stefan Halper, and the anti-Trump partisan Glenn Simpson and his Fusion GPS team — all colluded by paying or playing along with and for the foreign spy Mr Steele’s work.
4) Mr Mueller’s team has also leveraged a guilty plea from former Trump national-security adviser Michael Flynn, for making false statements to FBI investigators. If the Flynn case is now the Mueller standard, then we know that a number of high-ranking officials are vulnerable to such legal exposure.
5) Department of Justice official Bruce Ohr deliberately omitted on federal disclosure forms the fact that his wife, an expert on Russia, worked on the Fusion GPS dossier.
6) Steele himself probably lied to the FBI when he claimed that he had not leaked the dossier’s contents to the media.
7) Hillary Clinton aides Huma Abedin and Cheryl Mills likely lied to FBI investigator Peter Strzok (who had also interviewed Flynn) when they claimed they had no idea that Clinton was using a private and illegal email server until the story went public. In fact, Abedin and Mills had communicated with Clinton over the same server — as did then-president Barack Obama, who likewise denied that he knew about the improper server.
8) Mueller’s existential problem has been with him from the start. Due to the shenanigans of his discredited friend Comey and a rabid media, he was appointed to investigate crimes that did not exist.
9) Former FBI director James Comey likely lied to Congress when he claimed that his exoneration of Clinton came after he had interviewed her. We now know from documents that he drafted a statement about the conclusion of the investigation even before he met with her.
10) Former attorney general Loretta Lynch met secretly with Bill Clinton on a jet parked on a tarmac in Phoenix shortly before the Justice Department closed the probe of Hillary Clinton and chose not to pursue charges against her.
11) Comey said Lynch asked him not to use the word “investigation” when discussing the Clinton email probe.
12) Text messages between Strzok and fellow FBI official Lisa Page suggest that Lynch knew in advance about the conclusions Comey would reach in the investigation.

What is going on?

Mueller is under enormous pressure to find some shred of evidence of collusion between the Trump team and Russia, or to find that the Trump team obstructed justice by trying to hide such collusion.

But neither event is likely to have happened, and that is why Mueller cannot find that for which he was appointed at this job.

Yet he has been able to whip people up to a frenzy with his carefully timed and better orchestrated leaks and through his silly indictments — he has been successful at maintaining the illusion of collusion.

So now that he has managed to fan the flames of the Auto-Da-Fe, at a time of national hysteria, and now that he has brought on the demonization of President Trump by the partisan journalists to whom he has leaked not only the dossier — itself a product of a discredited British agent working with Russian sources while being paid by the Clinton campaign and her crooked lawyers, the Perkins Coie farm of legal hoes, who chose and paid the FusionGPSand Mr Simpson who run that PR shop, to do the dirty deed.

Worse still, it was the FBI’s effort to hide the origins and the use of that dossier in order to obtain FISA court permission to spy on American citizens… and on the electoral campaign of Candidate Trump.

Methinks that this may be a classic case of obstruction of justice. And who is this FBI that says that they were not spying on Trump when they are still doing it?

Screen Shot 2018-06-02 at 1.00.47 PM

Where is that Inspector General’s report already?


Dr Churchill


As far as obstruction charges go, Mueller has far too many other possible and far more probable to be indicted targets, that he should be aiming his dog whistle at…

Because Mueller’s existential problem has been with him from the start. Due to the shenanigans of his discredited friend Comey and a rabid media, he was appointed to investigate crimes that did not exist. But if they did exist, collusion and obstruction were committed by those associated with the Clinton campaign and even by members of the Obama administration.

Investigating any possible crimes committed by members of the Clinton campaign or the Obama administration apparently is taboo, given the exalted status of both.

But every time Mueller seeks to find incidental wrongdoing by those around Trump, he only makes the case stronger that behavior by those involved in the Clinton campaign, and inside the Obama administration is what he should be investigating now…

Because if such matters are not treated in an unbiased manner, we are not a nation of equality under the law, but a banana republic masquerading as a democracy.

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