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SpyGate (Chapter Sixteen)


This book details the evidence and the reasons behind the recently failed Coup D’Etat against the American Democracy.

“This is the most important existential threat that our country has faced since the inception of this Republic” —Dr Churchill

This Book was written by Dr Pano Churchill
Copyright 2018
Chapter Sixteen

The DOJ report sets James Comey of the FBI as responsible for the

screw up of the Hillary Clinton email investigation…


People say to me all the tie that they don’t like me, because I like the President Donald J Trump…

Screen Shot 2018-06-06 at 12.55.47 PM

And I say that I like them despite the fact that they do not like our President and myself…

And I like more people today than ever before because just now a small portion of the Department of Justice, Inspector General’s report about the Hillary Clinton emails investigation has finally been leaked to the Press, and it shows that the IG, the watchdog agency for the Department of Justice, has finally concluded that the former FBI Director James Comey “defied authority” during his time as the head of the agency.

According to sources are saying an early draft of the report by Inspector General Michael Horowitz used the term “insubordinate” while describing Comey’s tenure at the nation’s premier law enforcement agency.

The report goes on to slam former Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s behavior surrounding the DOJ’s probe into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server.

It remains unclear when a full draft of Horowitz’ report will be released to the public.

BOMBSHELL IG REPORT: “Loretta Lynch Tried to Hide Clinton Wrongdoing From Americans Before The 2016 Election.”

If the remainder of the Inspector General’s report is as bad for Lynch and Comey, we could be seeing them behind bars. It was reported earlier today that ABC News was given a draft of the report that revealed that fired FBI Director Comey went rogue and “defied authority” while at the FBI. A second leak also reports that Obama’s Attorney General Loretta Lynch wanted to hide the Clinton wrongdoing from the American people.

LORETTA LYNCH & COMEY HID THE CLINTON EMAILS FOUND ON ANTHONY WEINER’S PEDO LAPTOP FROM THE AMERICAN PEOPLE: “Remember those classified emails found on Anthony Weiner’s laptop? Well, Loretta Lynch wanted the FBI to hide those from the American people before the 2016 election.”

OBJECTIONS FROM THE DOJ: “The draft of Horowitz’s wide-ranging report specifically called out Comey for ignoring objections from the Justice Department when he disclosed in a letter to Congress just days before the 2016 presidential election that FBI agents had reopened the Clinton probe, according to sources. Clinton has said that letter doomed her campaign.”

“Before Comey sent the letter to Congress, at least one senior Justice Department official told the FBI that publicizing the bombshell move so close to an election would violate longstanding department policy, and it would ignore federal guidelines prohibiting the disclosure of information related to an ongoing investigation.”

SENATOR FEINSTEIN IN JUNE OF LAST YEAR CALLED FOR A CLINTON EMAILS COVER-UP INVESTIGATION: “Dianne Feinstein calls on Congress to investigate whether Loretta Lynch pressured Comey to cover for Hillary Clinton’s campaign.”


Comey lied and has been caught in his lie. What next? FOIA request him again. He said there were no tarmac documents but now it turns out there were hundreds of documents that were just recently turned over. — Oops.

“It’s also absurd that there were never, as James Comey said, any documents. He signed a letter saying under penalty of perjury there are no documents relating to the tarmac meeting between Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton when their respective jet airplanes “happened to meet” in the Las Vegas airport.

“Of course, after several FOI requests and judicial requests — we now know that there are hundreds of documents regarding that well planned meeting.”

“So there are three possibilities here.”

“Either Comey lied or he didn’t understand the request…”

“Either they’ve lost the documents and they’ve suddenly been found or they lied when they said there were no documents.”

“Or they didn’t understand the request, but the request by the way is standard boiler plate that every lawyer is familiar with.”


Dr Churchill


President Donald Trump’s approval rating has risen to 44 percent, up four points from April, according to a new poll released Thursday.

Forty-four percent of Americans approve of the way Trump is handling the presidency, which is up nine points since February, the NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll showed. As well as the positive approval rating, 60% of voters said they are satisfied with the U.S. economy.

Trump’s 44% approval is the same as former Presidents Barack Obama and Ronald Reagan in June of 2010 and 1982, as reported by the latest MSM NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll.

The results also showed a majority of voters are 45% less likely to support a candidate who would support House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi as speaker, if Democrats were to take back the majority in the House.

NEW POLL: President Trump’s Approval Rating Trends Upward After Stormy Daniels Allegations:

These positive approval ratings for President Trump, might be the harbinger of the really bad news for the Democrats who were hoping to win big in the midterm elections of 2018.

Because it seems to me that everyone who’s talking about a “Blue Wave” in November ought to see these latest poll numbers for the President as well as for Republicans, and Democrats all across the country — because there are some really dismal numbers for the Dems in there…

Screen Shot 2018-06-04 at 8.23.04 PM

The poll was conducted through 9,000 registered voters nationwide, from June 1st through June 4th, most of whom were contacted through cell phone-calls. The margin of error is plus-or-minus 3.3 points.

And this sea change with the Mass Media attacking our President and the Conservatives all the time and certainly on each and every issue. And not only they spin lies against him, but they also hide all of the many successes of the President from the voters too.

Now, imagine for a moment this scenario and answer this weird Question:

What if the whole lot of the Mass Media #MSM wasn’t corrupt and reporting only fake news?

Then go on to imagine another scenario and answer another Question on this subject:

What if the American Mass Media weren’t just an arm of the corrupt Democratic party?

And then just keep imagining this:

What would happen if all the people who now read, listen, and/or get all of their news from @CNN, @MSNBC, ABC, @nytimes, @wapo, and all other snowflake media — were told the Real Truth?

So just imagine: What if the American Public knew the crimes committed by their past and present Democratic party leaders?

And then go ahead and imagine that the people were fully formed about all the good that President Trump has done in the past 500 days in office…

Then you don;t need to imagine that the Real Presidential Approval Poll numbers for this President Donald J Trump, would be close to 100% approval rating.

Screen Shot 2018-06-07 at 12.39.20 PM.png

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