Posted by: Dr Churchill | June 13, 2018

SpyGate (Chapter Nineteen)


This book details the evidence and the reasons behind the recently failed Coup D’Etat against the American Democracy.

“This is the most important existential threat that our country has faced since the inception of this Republic” —Dr Churchill

This Book was written by Dr Pano Churchill
Copyright 2018
Chapter Nineteen

“Pax Americana Redux” The new standard of Presidency, is about the President who brings Victory at every step of the way, and a world class Peace deal to boot… 


Now we all know that the one thing about the House Speaker Paul Ryan, coming out in support of U.S. Rep. Trey Gowdy’s (R-SC) mission to protect the #Crooked elements within the intelligence community is that they both are part of the Deep State swamp in DC and across the country, and need to be watched and isolated…

As reported, speaker Paul Ryan said that he “had seen no evidence to back President Trump’s assertion that the FBI wrongfully planted a spy in his campaign.”


But methinks that a person doesn’t have to be party to a secret intelligence meeting to ask some very legitimate questions about the FBI spying informant Stefan Halper, and have some serious doubts about the conclusions drawn by Gowdy, Ryan, and the corrupt cabal of Democrats and Republicans ruling the DC swamp, especially if that person happens to be the best informed person in America and that is the President of the United States who has access to all secret and not information heads.

For instance, we all now now that the FBI spy/snitch Stefan Halper actually approached Carter Page in June 2016 — one whole month before the Russia collusion investigation began, according to James Comey’s testimony before Congress. However, Comey lied when he claimed that he opened the Trump investigation, due to George Papadopoulos trying to obtain Hillary’s hacked emails from a Kremlin-linked professor. Of course, that entire pretext has since fallen apart. The professor, one Joseph Mifsud, was actually in bed with the Clinton Foundation — not with the Kremlin. And he also denies he told Papadopoulos anything about having the Clinton emails.

McAllister asks why the FBI used such intrusive methods on an advisor to a political campaign and implicitly suggests the FBI broke their own guidelines in their over-the-top investigation. Finally, the FBI’s nonchalance about investigating the DNC servers compared to how they treated the Trump campaign rings all kinds of alarm bells, because apparently the FBI was willing to dive into a sensitive matter investigation, risk violating privacy rights, risk losing public trust, risk an international incident by deploying a human source instead of a trained undercover agent overseas, yet they would not seek every legal avenue to examine the scene of the crime.

What insanity is this?


That’s what it is.

Trump Derangement Syndrome.

But according to the Ryan & Gowdy tag team of defenders of the swamp, this was all done by the book. Apparently up to these two constitutional lawyers, spying on political elections campaigns is now “by the book” FBI work.

Sabotaging political campaigns is also FBI’s “by the book” work.

Planting spies to entrap people inside political opponents campaigns is “by the book” FBI work.

As I recall it was first of all Mr Obama who ordered to do this sabotage and espionage work “by the book” against a political opponent President Donald Trump.

No worries.

Nothing to see here.

Keep moving along.

Tweet of the day by Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch: “DOJ is out of control. This is all about protecting the mess Mr. Rosenstein made with the Mueller special counsel appointment to target @realDonaldTrump. Shut it down.”


Official Twitter for Congressman Matt Gaetz. Proud conservative, and Northwest Florida native who is honored to serve the First District of Florida:

“The #DOJ’s intimidation & stone-walling tactics have gone too far. I’ve heard first-hand from congressional staff following threats delivered Deputy AG #Rosenstein. Staff has literally been scared to the point of physically shaking in my office out of concern for their families.”

And while the witch hunt is still ongoing — we also have some great news to report from the other side of the Pacific…

And indeed we all keep moving on forwards and onwards, “embracing the suck”, and KBOing, walking through the valley of death unharmed — largely thanks to President Trump being able to destroy our enemies by being able to deal decisively with the pivotal issues of this world, and to bring victory everywhere for Americans and for the Constitutional American Republic that we all strive to keep.

And because President Trump is still winning regardless of all the nonsense and the hate that is stacked and thrown against him, not withstanding the ongoing witch hunt of Robert Mueller and the crooked Hillary Clinton remoaners, revanchists, and resistors — all conspiring to tear him down and to bring us all down with him — the leftist cases of TDS are mounting with the suicide wards no working overtime as some famous people’s suicides are being widely emulated by the salty tears running down from the eyes of the brigades of jumpers.

But when you are optimistic soul, you only need to spend a bit of time in order to see the fanciful events of the past days when North Korea capitulated to our demands to denuclearize, and you’ll be happy as can be.

Because for the astute observers of history — Trumps’s success in bringing about World Peace by denuclearizing North Korea, resembles what happened some thirty-one years ago, when President Ronald Reagan made his historic speech at Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate, asking Premier Gorbachov to remove the Berlin wall.

And although Reagan also received little support back home at the time, Ronald Reagan was determined to reduce the Soviet Union’s nuclear arsenals, and to reward a shift towards Democracy.


Peace was the icing on the cake and indeed the byproduct, but it was not the first goal of the negotiations that the old Gipper started with President Gorbachov of the old USSR…

Peace just came along with the humbler and achievable goals that the American delegation had outlined in their targeted negotiations with the Soviet Union’s leaders.

Screen Shot 2018-06-13 at 7.37.58 AM

Nuclear weapons reduction was Reagan’s modest goal, but he succeeded well beyond his remit, when he broke-up the whole damn Soviet Union — and that was an outcome that was just as unexpected as it was welcomed by all the Peoples of this Earth…

And this is what Reagan said to usher this monumental change:

“There is one sign the Soviets can make that would be unmistakable, that would advance dramatically the cause of freedom and peace. Secretary General Gorbachev, if you seek peace, if you seek prosperity for the Soviet Union, and Eastern Europe, if you seek liberalization — come here, to this gate. Mr. Gorbachev, open this gate. Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!”

Today, President Donald Trump’s unprecedented meeting with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un was eerily similar in nature, as it was similarly focused on the humble goal of “denuclearization.” Indeed the Singapore summit ended with Trump and Kim signing a joint statement which documented the leaders’ mutual commitment to a “denuclearized and peaceful Korean Peninsula.”

“Having acknowledged that the US & DPRK summit is the first in history, was an epochal event of great significance in overcoming decades of tensions and hostilities between the two countries and for the opening up of a new future, President Trump and Chairman Kim Jong Un commit to implement the stipulations in this joint statement fully and expeditiously.”

That above is the exact language as it was read from the signed statement.
This is indeed a pathway to peace, and it shows the way things could play out with President Trump and North Korea, as they both advance towards a peaceful future…

Similarly to Trump’s effort — Ronald Reagan’s Berlin speech was the culmination of extremely contentious negotiations with a couple of very dangerous adversaries:

The former Soviet Union and the American mass media press.

Same as today, both the media and the deep state government … doubted that any of this could work.

The Democrats said he was being crazy and irresponsible…

But methinks that you can call it divine providence, or you can just call President Trump same as Ronald Reagan — Great Negotiators, but you can’t question the eventual result.

Hostilities ceased and the Cold War ended.

Now, President Trump echoes President Reagan, and the “Pathway to Peace” that the old Gipper used might show us what could happen if things continue to play out the way they are going with Trump and Kim in North Korea today…

Maybe we can make it happen and call this momentous event a Pax Americana Redux.

Screen Shot 2018-06-13 at 3.32.46 PM

And this is what co-existence would look like from here on out.

A friendly approach in the Korean peninsula…

How times can change. A few months ago, North Korea’s dictator, Kim Jong-un, was firing missiles over Japan and threatening to send nuclear bombs in our direction.

Now North Korea has agreed to open its doors to food, medicine and the message of Christ.

All that because only last week, the young North Korea leader dropped a different kind of surprise on the world: He met with South Korean president Moon Jae-in on April 27 and announced that the 67-year-old Korean conflict is over. “I came here to put an end to the history of confrontation,” Kim Jung-un told Moon in a meeting on the border town of Panmunjom.

There will be no more war on the Korean peninsula, and a new age of peace has begun,” the two leaders said in a joint statement.

Kim Jong-un, who has built the fourth largest army in the world—with 1.19 million soldiers—said that he will now focus on rebuilding his country’s shattered economy.

And suddenly just like that, swords were converted into plowshares.

The two leaders, all smiles for the cameras, agreed they will denuclearize the Korean peninsula within a year. They also agreed to set up reunions with families that have been divided since the Korean War started in 1950.

It feels like we should declare a global holiday and dance in the streets. But most Americans were too distracted by the opening of the new Avengers movie to pay attention to the headlines.

What was behind the Korean surprise? Most media outlets didn’t notice that Christians in South Korea had been fasting and praying for the peace summit. Pastors held an all-night vigil in the city of Paju, south of the North Korean border. And a group of Christian politicians held a fasting and prayer event in the National Assembly buildings in Seoul, according to Yonhap News.

North Korea’s persecuted Christians have also been praying for this moment to arrive as a time of atonement for far too many years.
They have been horribly persecuted. They have been forced to meet secretly. They have been routinely rounded up and sent to labor camps—or just shot on sight—because they did not worship Kim Jong-un as their god.

Defectors say something began to change when Kim Jong-un became dictator in 2011. His cruel regime, along with the misery of famine and economic ruin, caused people to become disillusioned with the phony utopia Kim claimed to rule over.

“In the past, the people were told to worship the Kim family as their god,” one defector told The Telegraph. “That means they are looking for something else to sustain their faith.”

Life in North Korea has been unbearable under Kim Jong-un. About six million citizens are starving and a third of North Korean children suffer from chronic malnutrition. (It is said that North Koreans are, on average, two inches shorter than South Koreans because of starvation.) Most people in North Korea don’t have electricity. They certainly don’t have the internet or access to news from the outside world.

North Korean “democracy” is a farce; people “vote” in “elections” where only one name is on the ballot—and those who cross out Kim’s name are rounded up and jailed. Even certain hairstyles are restricted! Meanwhile, if someone is convicted a crime, he does not go to jail alone—his children and grandchildren are also imprisoned.

The U.S. State Department has said that up to 50% of all people imprisoned in North Korea are Christians who are in jail because of their faith.

Yet in the midst of this oppression God has been working. Some defectors have reported that North Korean officials are worried that Christianity will defeat “Juche” the state sponsored worship of Kim and his ancestors.

That fear is based on statistics. One report released by the U.S. State Department says the Christian population in North Korea multiplied five times from 2012 to 2017. There may be more than 400,000 Christians there now.

When I heard the news last week about the Korean miracle of PEACE — I turned to Psalm 46 that says: “Come, see the works of the Lord … He makes wars cease to the end of the earth; He breaks the bow and cuts off the spear; He burns the war chariot in the fire.”

God has worked his miracle.

Now it’s up to us to glorify him.

This work is not the work of any politician — it’s just President Trump heeding God’s plan and walking his purpose.

He has heard the prayers of his people on both sides of this conflict, and the prayers of the faithful around the world who felt North Korea’s pain. He will engineer a lasting peace in this part of the world, and open the doors wide for the gospel to flourish in a thirsty land.

Before long, the churches of South Korea will freely send teams into the North with food, medicine and the message of Christ. Like a patient who has been in a coma, North Korea will awaken. The world will watch a national transformation.

We are witnessing the greatest display of God’s sovereign power over nations since the Berlin Wall fell. And we need not bother with anyone else’s explanation of the Miracle but his…

Back in the day, thirty years ago, it was again the mass media that rebuked Ronald Reagan for calling the Soviet Union an evil empire. But we all knew that USSR was the Godless empire and therefore Soviet Union was simply Satan’s playground. An evil empire indeed.

The Gipper had it right.

These days the mass media is again up on their hobby horse, demanding that Donald Trump isolate North Korea as one of Satan’s territories and an evil empire to be kept at a distance, and no summit is safe with them. Seems that all of a sudden, the peaceniks of the press corps deplore dialogue and demand to know why “Trump is legitimizing” Kim Jong Un.

On Monday night, MSNBC assembled a panel of spiteful Trump critics to throw a wet blanket over the summit. The doves turned into hawks and spent much of the evening trying to peck at Trump. Most of the people on the panel are apologists for this or that communist thug—just go back and look at MSNBC’s fawning coverage of Fidel Castro’s death, but on Monday night they played hardliners.

Sexually and bathroom selection undecided MSNBC’s news host Rachel Maddow, furrowing her brow as usual, objected to Trump even holding a summit, because she has finally found a communist leader she thinks America should ostracize.

But you might recall that when Obama met with the Castro brothers, she burbled with enthusiasm.

Yet the time around, she covered this moment of historic diplomacy like a funeral, shuddering at the thought of North Korea joining the “community” of nations.

In total, the network of MSNBC saw the summit as just one more occasion for obsessive anti-Trump fault-finding. The disgraced Brian Williams is still hanging around for some reason and looked like he wanted to give the summit the kind of newsy, anchormanish treatment of old, but he couldn’t pull it off in the company of jabbering Trump haters, for whom wild opining is all that counts. Plus, Williams is too reduced a figure for the cocksure Maddow to give any equal time. But Williams’s ego still asserts itself from time to time. On Monday night he fed it by asking one of the sham historians on the panel an arcane, look-at-what-I-know style question about the USS Pueblo, a ship the North Koreans captured in 1968.

The utterly contemptible Nicole Wallace, whose smugness and nastiness are beyond caricature, drove much of the shrill coverage. She was at her whiny, know-it-all worst, droning on about Trump’s lack of “preparation” and so forth.

But Trump seemed perfectly at ease, getting a stiff Kim Jong Un to crack a smile. Trump had said it would only take “a minute” for him to sense if the relationship between the two countries could improve. By that measure, the summit appeared to start promisingly.

Normally such friendly gestures between an American leader and an adversary would warm the hearts of liberals. Not this time. The MSNBC panel looked on coldly and muttered suspiciously about Trump’s body language.

During the Cold War, the press would admonish Reagan for drawing attention to the Soviet Union’s appalling human rights record. Journalists cast that concern as unhelpful to diplomacy and complained that it smacked of Western chauvinism. But on Monday night the relativists at MSNBC needled Trump for supposedly showing no interest in North Korea’s human rights abuses and treated the summit as an automatic loser since it wasn’t going to revolve around that subject. Trump won’t bring it up, they pouted. This, of course, is the same press that was chastising Trump for “provocations” a few months ago.

Screen Shot 2018-06-13 at 4.23.11 PM

Meanwhile, over at CNN, Chris Cuomo was dealing with the unpleasantness of another black celebrity wearing a Make America Great Again hat. Even worse, the MAGA-hat wearing Dennis Rodman was running down Cuomo’s dear leader, Barack Obama. Dennis Rodman noted that Obama “didn’t even give him the time of day” after Rodman met with Kim Jong Un.

This is what Dennis Rodman said: “I asked him, I said ‘I have something to say from North Korea,’ and he just brushed me off.”

“But that didn’t deter me. I still kept going back. Kept going back. I showed my loyalty and my trustworthiness to this country. I said to everybody, the door will open.”

Cuomo, looking a bit crestfallen and perplexed, tried to cut off this line of thought with a random question about whether Kim could speak English.

But Rodman continued and started crying, calling the summit a “great day.”

The media didn’t like the sound of that.
What is he suggesting?
That Trump is going to open a door Obama kept closed?
Better to keep it closed then, they conclude.
But You and I both know that only Trump could go to Singapore while the deep state mass media pacifists turn into born-again cold warriors — due to TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome).
Dr Churchill
He changes people this guy, doesn’t he?

Screen Shot 2018-06-13 at 4.19.05 PM

Some people he drives crazy and some people he drives sane.

But either way he changes them…

Mind you it’s not Trump am talking about but it is his Boss.

God above.

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