Posted by: Dr Churchill | June 20, 2018


“Right makes Might”

Right makes might means that it is far more important to strive to be “Right” rather than to strive to keep up with our enemies for some kind of parity of terror…

Even when we are winning and we have been fortunate enough to have settled in the pole position or in the driver’s seat… we still need to consult the Lord in order to do what is right.

Because in the end, it is the rightfulness that bends the moral arc of the universe, and not rightfulness.

And as the Universe bends toward justice, you are mightily restored.

Screen Shot 2018-05-15 at 7.20.39 AM

So in that way, you are newly restored, renewed and rectified, and you can go out and fight another day.

Pretty soon you’ll realize that is what this Life is all about.



Dr Churchill


You ought to try it some time.

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