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SpyGate (Chapter Thirty Four)

This book details the evidence and the reasons behind the recently failed Coup D’Etat against the American Democracy.
“This is the most important existential threat that our country has faced since the inception of this Republic” —Dr Churchill
This Book was written by Dr Pano Churchill
Copyright 2018
Chapter Thirty Four
“Freeing General Flynn”

Anyone hear anything about Russia lately?

How is Stormy doing?

How is David Hogg doing?

How is DACA doing with dreamers turned to Democratic nightmares?

How is that P.O.S. Avenati is doing?

I hear that Stormy Daniels is back in the porn film business making money laying on a mattress & working her ass off, and Michael Avenati is working hard on stealing from the Tully baristas’ tip jar…

Oh, have I forgotten something?

Screen Shot 2018-07-02 at 5.42.20 PM

Yes, I’ve forgotten the Russia witch hunt…

The infamous Russia-Russia hoax, that went on for so long, that now that has been defused, debunked, and debased as Fake News, and as Hillary Clinton’s made up shit — the Libtards and the Socialist Dems have chosen something new to obsess over, and thus they completely forgot Russian collusion witch hunt…

So when they realize that the public is sick and tired of them for bringing it up in the first place, they might dish to a Mea Culpa… or not. Yet, methinks, that with the Dems, being as stupid as they are – they will surely not offer any regrets and they will get further penalized by the American people as being arrogant bastards and haters of America.

And that’s an important point to be making right now, because it shows that at least the DemonRats are consistently inconsistent, especially now that the usual fake news of mass media, and especially of the ABC, are trickling down, and are actually getting a bit lighter since Brian Ross, the chief investigative correspondent for ABC News, and chief fake news disseminator has been fired for “Cause,” and has as of today been dismissed, from the American Broadcasting Corporation’s news network roost of “The-Sky-Is-Falling” always crying chicken-little.

If any of you recall, the Stock Market loss a few months back, and the gyrations of the Stocks after that as a storm in a teacup that caused tremendous losses to many innocent people — it was because of Brian Ross. Becuae it was Mr Brian Ross, who disseminated Fake News about Trump and Russia collusion, and he caused the Wall Street to “tank” for a day, until the Fake News were debunked by the White House. But Mr Ross became famous for it, and for being summarily dismissed, a full seven months after he made up that fake news report involving President Trump and the Russia-Russia hoax “investigation” calling it a slam dunk case against Flynn, and against President Trump, and thus causing a major, yet momentary Stock Market collapse, of the Wall Street.

This was a monumental mistake that led to a strong rebuke from all the Wall Street Banks, from the Big Financial Firms, from all the Stock Traders, from the Unions, and even from the White House, amid concerns about self-inflicted damage to American economic security by news organizations already facing scrutiny for their dissemination of fake news 24/7/365 days per year, like CNN, MSNBC, ABC, Facebook, Twitter etc.

Brian Ross’s exit, was announced today and it marked an ignominious end to Mr. Ross’s 24-year career at the ABC News, where he had been the face of the network’s on-air investigative arm, and a regular contributor to coverage of wars, terrorism, politics and scandals like the Bernard Madoff swindle, the Harvey Weinstein sexscapades, and the Russia witch hunt of which he was a great firebrand stoking the hate and division daily.

Of course he was always sympathetic to Hillary Clinton and the Obama/Clinton cabal, and always gave a free pass to crooked Hillary for the State Department emails scandal, for the missing billions form the State Department under her tenure, for the CGI theft of Haiti earthquake relief funds, for the scandal of Loretta Lunch & Bill Clinton tarmac meeting in Phoenix that exonerated Hillary, and of course Ross gave a Bravo for the Hillary Clinton Benghazi scandal and for her arming and creating ISIS single handedly.

Mr. Ross, 69, was in the middle of his current contract, according to a person familiar with the matter who was granted anonymity to discuss a sensitive personnel issue. Also leaving the network is Rhonda Schwartz, Mr. Ross’s longtime lead producer.

In a decades-long career, Mr. Ross has collected dozens of “Fake News Prizes” for his reporting, including Emmy and Peabody Awards. But he came under fire in December after ABC News retracted and apologized for his errant report that Michael T. Flynn, the former national security adviser, had been directed by Donald J. Trump to make contact with Russian officials during the 2016 campaign.
The federal judge in the Gen. Michael Flynn case is fuming at U.S. Special Robert Mueller.

So as the “chicken coming home to roost” this isn’t a new thing for Mr Ross, because at the same time that he collects his box of trophies, and he walked out from the ABC offices in New York — Judge Emmet Sullivan was pummeling the Special Prosecutor Mr Mueller for his Hitler style totalitarian tactics in his handling of the General Flynn investigation case, and the judge went ahead and scheduled a hearing for next week, where he directed that both the Special Prosecutor Mueller, and General Flynn, are invited to attend, in order to hear a preliminary judicial verdict, or advisory matter…

This is a positive turn of events, because in General Michael Flynn’s case, the Special Prosecutor Mueller lawyers, claimed in court last week, that they weren’t ready for the General’s sentencing, but asked to further delay things by starting the process of preapring a “pre-sentence report.”

And it was then that the Judge Emmet Sullivan who has pummeled the Special Prosecutor for his totalitarian handling of the Flynn case, exploded in rage and simply asked:


And then he directed them in no uncertain terms to speed things up.

The judge asked the two parties to speed things up, because according to the Constitution, of these United States, a Man is entitled to a Speedy & Fair trial, so in a new legal filing, the Mueller response team of lawyers explained that they plan to ask for a sentencing hearing “promptly” once they are “ready.”

Obviously special prosecutor Robert Mueller should have been good & ready months ago, but apparently all the bad publicity surrounding his fascist techniques and coercion of Flynn to “cop a plea” or have his son also charged with the same crimes. So Flynn caved in and accepted a “Plea Agreement” because he wanted to save his son, from this monstrous legal intimidation process. Now even the blind can see that Robert Mueller is a self serving Hillary supporter who hates this General serving his patriotic duty, same as he always hates the President whom he wants to ensnare in his his evil game, and as all dirty cops do — he seeks to hide behind the procedural issues, now that the Russia-Russia hoax investigation is backfiring massively on the Special Prosecutors’ face.

Screen Shot 2018-07-02 at 4.04.58 PM

So the judge was obviously perturbed with the Special Prosecutor, because Mueller has failed to make any progress, or even initiate the asked-for pre-sentencing report from federal probation. Such a report is the backbone of all federal sentencings and according to the court docket, should have been completed many months ago by the Mueller team of far too many well paid lawyers, who like to mess Conservative people’s lives up.

Flynn cannot be sentenced without a pre-sentencing report that notes the special circumstances for the judge to weigh-in, prior to sentencing.

The report normally takes several months to compile.

It is unknown why Mueller has delayed the process.

It is quite unorthodox.

It is likewise very rare to call Flynn — or any defendant — to a status hearing after a plea deal.

Could Sullivan vacate Flynn’s guilty plea at the July 10th hearing?

Anything is possible.

Especially when a federal judge is pissed.

And now Kaboom….

After the back and forth in writing between the judge and the lawyers about the status of Michael Flynn’s case, the judge has now set a hearing for July 10, and says the General Flynn and the Special Prosecutor should be there to hear this judgement.

And of course the Mueller’s Russia-Russia investigation is now being uncovered as a “Total Hoax” manufactured by Hillary Clinton nd the Obama White House, to trip up Trump, and the firing of Brian Ross of ABC, is not unrelated to his BS bombshell claim amid the investigation into the Trump campaign’s ties with Russia, that Candidate Trump had ordered Flynn to contact Russia…

But the fact of the matter is that General Flynn was told to make contact with the officials after the election was decided, as part of his prospective duties as national security adviser. So after the false report of Brian Ross damaged the Stock Market and the whole of Wall Street was up in arms against them — the ABC executives admitted that they “fell far short” of internal standards in airing the report, and fired Mr Ross for “Fake News” dissemination.

In response to their Fake News, the President Mr Trump simply went to Tweeter, and tweeted that the ABC network is “horrendously inaccurate and dishonest.”


It was not Mr. Ross’s first mistake either. This man was a habitual and pathological liar impersonating a journalist.

Most all of his many new reports, were biased as he was always supportive of the Democratic party, and his biased appeals for truth were like Goebel’s propaganda, because Brian Ross was apparently politicking and not reporting the news.

Among some of his most notable transgressions, he apologized for his erroneous coverage of Benghazi claiming it to be the result of video, he apologized about incorrectly linking the mass killer in Aurora, Colorado of 2012 with a local Tea Party group, and he apologized when during the Iraq war, he incorrectly reported that a prominent conservative Iraqi general had been killed.

But his most recent tactical “error” in Democratic party Propaganda, was proven very consequential as it was sen to be a planned attack on our Economy, and thus carried serious repercussions, so the ABC News Network initially suspended Mr Ross for four weeks without pay, and when he returned, the network barred him from covering the President, the White House, the Russia investigation, and anything political. They instead assigned him to a distant “Siberia desk” to cover long-term projects that he worked on from an office building several blocks away from the news division’s headquarters. He was also kept away from appearing on any live broadcasts, and was shunned from all ABC producers as a Toxic person, Hateful, and Full of Fake News, until now that the internal investigation of the ABC was competed and he was permanently fired.

Brian Ross was fired because he disseminated Blunt Propaganda. As a matter of fact he was fired by the ABC Network after they completed their investigation and found that he was indeed a shill for Hillary Clinton, a DemoRat partisan, and an unethical journalist.

Screen Shot 2018-07-02 at 3.36.07 PM

Now, with all the fake news flying around and with the American people abandoning the old networks in favor of direct contact with the President who has called the partisan Hillary journalists who side with the Democratic party and share Fake News instead of Real News, as “the enemy of the American people” many news organizations are acutely sensitive to intentional fake reports, mistaken opinions for news, and editorializing the news, as major missteps that threaten the credibility of all the News Organizations with their readers or their viewers, as their diminishing viewership attests to.

Mr. Ross and Ms. Schwartz wrote in a memo to colleagues on Monday:

“The time has come to say goodbye.”

Indeed because now the time has come for American to be Great Again, as the President is doing, and here are the Real News headlines, and the Questions that journalists ought to be asking the American Public:

What do you think about the new composition of the Supreme Court?

President Trump is shaping the Supreme Court for a whole generation by choosing a possible tie-breaking conservative justice as he is also filing the lower courts with like-minded conservatives.

What do you think about the Republican party?

The president’s approval rating amongst Republicans is hovering above 90%.

Enough said…


Now, what do you think about the massive amount of fake news out there?

That term which initially referred to the phony Russian collusion investigation of Mr Robert Mueller, has now become a general line that discredits the fake news journalists, and makes all of the Mass Media organizations tremble and feel chased by their shadows, by their diminishing returns, and by their dwindling viewership, readership, and folowership…

How about credibility?

If reporters fail to fact-check the news they report, the president is calling them out and they are branded as biased. If they do and still report fake news, their misstatements gain traction amongst the partisan Democrats and the public erupts in hate and dismiss the News Networks as Fake News products.

Methinks that the President wins… on all fronts.


Dr Churchill


Indeed the time has come to say GoodBye to Mr Ross and his fake news agenda…

And although Ross and the ABC damaged our Republic to the extent that they could — we should forgive him and forget him, best we can.

But still I want to ask him some personal questions as we always do when we debrief the traitors, before sending them back to their patrons, in order to find out what is it that makes them tick…


Pray tell Mr Ross. Answer these little things.

Now that you are freed from your ABC contract — I want to ask you a couple of questions:

1) Do you like to Travel?

2) Do you like to make Love?

In your new Life freed from any bonds of gainful employment, you ought to be able to answer these questions honestly…

So if the answer to both of these questions is Yes, then I must ask you to “Go and Fvck-off in distant places…”

“F-Off” in Russia, or China, or even in North Korea, because Americans had quite enough of your propaganda that was fit only for the mouthpiece of the Old Soviet Union the infamous mouthpiece of Stalin, the newspaper PRAVDA.

So “fvck off” to Moscow because I hear that they are hiring American defectors to work in the English edition of “Pravda” that is disseminated to the snowflakes of the Socialist wing of the Democratic Party of America.

Good Luck with that plan, and please do send me a postcard from the Kremlin, with a photo of St Basil’s church, to let me know how that new job is working out for you.

Maybe your Moscow paymasters will allow you to report on the air, whether it is night or day in Moscow…

Pray tell:

Isn’t this lovely view of St Basil during the day?

Screen Shot 2018-07-02 at 6.10.29 PM.png

And maybe our friend Brian Ross will report that this is a lovely view of St Basil at night…

Because this is exactly what he has been doing in American and is known to be really good at it.

Misinformation at it’s best.

Screen Shot 2018-07-02 at 6.09.59 PM

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