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SpyGate (Chapter Forty)

This book details the evidence and the reasons behind the recently failed Coup D’Etat against the American Democracy.
“This is the most important existential threat that our country has faced since the inception of this Republic” —Dr Churchill
This Book was written by Dr Pano Churchill
Copyright 2018
Chapter Forty
“Time to Drain the Swamp”

Pleasant surprises never fail to appear like clockwork all around President Trump, and as we saw during the Press Conference after the Helsinki meetings, Premiere Vladimir Putin came out and straight up accused a Hillary supporter Bill Browder of donating $400,000,000 to HILLARY CLINTON’s 2016 Presidential Campaign without any accountability, without any FEC reporting from the Clinton campaign, or from a Super PAC, and certainly without Madame Secretary paying any taxes on this loot she got as a personal gift from her friends!!!

Vladimir Putin had this to say during the Helsinki Press Conference: “Last year there was one extradition case by the United States… Mueller can use this treaty as an official request to us… in this case this kind of effort should be a reciprical one… For instance we can bring up Mr. Browder… They sent a huge amount of money $400,000,000 to Hillary Clinton!”

Screen Shot 2018-07-16 at 6.12.45 PM

It seems that the Barbarians are within the Gates and that the problem lies within our beloved United States.

Much more than Russia, it was the Deep State within America and the DC corrupt government agencies along with the Clinton dollars from abroad and from the Saudis and Iranians, that interfered with the Presidential elections of 2016.

First the DOJ, then the FBI, the White House, and their respective leaders, Lynch, Comey, and Obama, that unlawfully tried to orchestrate a Clinton presidency by staging a Coup D’ Etat in America.

They rigged the Elections and they still work at the Coup D’Etat as if nothing happened. What a shame…

But now the FBI is also exposed for their dishonesty, and for their treasonous behavior in covering up China’s espionage and blaming the Russians for it. We now conclusively know this, because Lisa Page revealed that new chapter of their criminality and treasonous ineptitude when she testified saying this: “The Russians didn’t do it. The Chinese did.”

The veracity of her statement blaming the Chinese for the Hillary Clinton email hack has been verified, according to several other highly placed DOJ and Inspector General’s office sources.

And while Democratic lawmakers and the mainstream media prop up Russia as America’s boogeyman – ironically it was always the sly Chinese who had quietly acquired Hillary’s treasure trove of classified and top secret intelligence emails from her home-brewed & bathroom based email private server.

And of course it was the Federal Bureau of Investigations corrupt bosses who covered up all of this evidence of the Chinese hacking Hillary’s Top Secret Emails. As we just got that bit of Trivia now, from Lisa Page’s Congressional closed doors testimony against her old bosses this past Friday — it has become known that the FBI’s top bureau brass, not only knew about China’s hacking the State Secretary Clinton’s bathroom based email server, and absconding with our COuntry’s treasure trove of Classified Presidential communications. And the fact that the FBI double checked and confirmed that fact, is corroborated by her testimony that is in sync with other highly placed, yet honest FBI men, who want to come clean about this pivotal National Security issue, because these alarming new details of a bureau-wide cover up, are truly threatening the security and stability of our Country.

In the revelations of this new FBI scandal and of a bureau-wide cover up, of the Chinese hacking of Secretary Clinton’s emails — the embattled FBI attorney Lisa Page during Friday’s congressional testimony, apparently fully cooperated and also revealed new facts about the Hillary Clinton email scandal. Lisa Page in effect, tossed James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok (Lisa Page’s Fuckbuddy), Robert Mueller, and Bill Priestap, among others under the proverbial bus, when she said that the upper echelon of the FBI had investigated and knew about the Chinese hack, and yet concealed all of the intelligence confirming the fact that Chinese state-backed “intelligence assets” had illegally acquired former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s 30,000+ “missing” emails along with all of her communications. This was also doubly checked and corroborated with the other honest remaining federal bureau of investigation officers.

The Russians didn’t do it.

The Chinese did.

The Chinese hacking came up again and again, and was hushed up, again and again — according to Lisa Page’s testimony. The veracity of that claim was double checked with other active and highly placed FBI sources, and was found to be accurate.

Accurate, and spot on — yet concealed and hushed up.


Screen Shot 2018-07-16 at 6.16.56 PM

So, while Democratic lawmakers and the mainstream media prop up Russia as America’s boogeyman, it was the ironically Chinese who acquired Hillary’s treasure trove of classified and top secret intelligence from her home-brewed private server.

And a public revelation of that magnitude — publicizing that China the last remaining communist world Superpower had intercepted Hillary’s sensitive and top secret emails — would have derailed Hillary Clinton’s presidential hopes overnight, yet it didn’t simply because it was concealed.

FBI bosses knew of the breach yet did nothing to investigate, seemingly trying to run out the clock on the alarming revelations to protect Hillary during her heated presidential campaign with Trump. So instead of investigating the hacking of Clinton’s server, FBI bosses sat quietly.

And did nothing to confirm the Chinese assets were linked to their government. Or assess the damage such a tremendous breach posed to national security. Did the Chinese government access Hillary’s emails? The FBI didn’t care enough to investigate at the risk of besmirching Clinton and further soiling her during the election.

Hundreds of top secret documents and even the president’s daily travel and security itineraries were on that server — and intercepted by a communist country — yet the FBI sat on the evidence. Likewise, all of Clinton’s and her inner circle’s outgoing emails were compromised as well, sources confirmed.

Even the Inspector General of the Department of Justice, had tipped off the FBI — specifically the lying snake Peter Strzok — about China’s hacking breach of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s private email server that also contained Presidential communications, as well as all of her Classified emails from the State Department.

Still, no case whatever was, nor is being pursued today, by the relevant Police authorities who were keen on hiding the issues instead of seeking justice and the protection of our nation, and they still follow that same policy as a political course.

That same cover-up pattern fits the FBI bosses like Robert Mueller and James Comey, who time after time stalled, obfuscated, and even enabled and concealed, all other criminal intelligence on Hillary Clinton in the past, and especially prior to the elections of 2016, and they continue to do today.

I would offer more details here and go for some rebel rousing, amid rambling-on and on, but at this point, we must simply ask this of ourselves and of our Attorney General: “Is anyone going to go to prison for politicizing the FBI and covering up countless crimes committed by FBI personnel in a variety of coordinated schemes to protect Hillary and the Democrats?”

Screen Shot 2018-07-16 at 8.32.33 PM

Yet, she still lost.

Thank God, we won.

And now their Deep State collusion is being revealed, drip by painful drip…

Now we need to Drain The Swamp

Meanwhile on planet Hillary we have found out that Tweets from Hillary Clinton prove she really is “Herpes Hillary.”

Of course her hubby is an authentic Super Carrier of herpes but she is also one and she comes up like one too…

This hag just won’t go away.

When you think you’ve gotten rid of her, she comes back again only with more uncontrollable outbursts.

And with her Alzheimers and not being able to walk steady on her feet — she is the comedy that keeps on giving.

Hillary 2020 will be an amazing spectacle for all of us.

Keep it up Hill — we are all behind you, pulling for you for 2020, while yourself is pulling the rug right under your own feet, along with Barry Obama who supported your evil schemes all along and who had actually fashioned all that himself just in order to continue his policies. This has now been confirmed by new texts from the congressional testimony of Lisa Page herewith as the new text messages prove that Obama’s White House was involved in the early stages of the deep state witch hunt against Trump, as they claimed their Russia hoax hunt.
And despite all of the governmental denials — the Obama White House was involved with the early stages of the Trump-Russia investigation.

These text messages bellow, sent between Lisa Page and then-Deputy Director of the FBI Andrew McCabe were released today. Lisa Page to McCabe: “Just called. Apparently the DAG now wants to be there, and the WH wants DOJ to host. So we are setting that up now. We will very much need to get Cohen’s view before we meet with her. Better have him weigh in with her before the meeting.”
Lisa Page to McCabe: “Hey can you give me a call when you get out? Meeting with the WH counsel is finally set up and I want to talk about timing. Thanks.”

Screen Shot 2018-07-16 at 8.24.01 PM

Trump Is Right to Meet with Mr Putin, because there are serious issues of agreement that our nations can work together on.

Whereas Obama & Clinton talked & did nothing to improve international co-operation, and only offered us wars and failure after failure — President Trump works hard and he will fix the mess they left behind.

President Donald Trump met with Russian President Vladimir Putin, days after meeting with our NATO allies in Europe. Both meetings are important, and both cause confusion among politicians and those who report on them back home.

Foreign policy is difficult. It comes in many shades of gray, and those who treat it as a team sport do harm to our society, to our safety, and to our politics.

Politicizing international affairs is a dangerous game, that always leads to national humiliation. Of course, that hasn’t stopped the many nincompoops in the chambers of power within Washington DC, who seem to have forgotten that international alliances and balances of global power, are the key levers, and the vital elements of keeping the world and consequently America — safe and secure.

The maintenance of Peace, and the studied avoidance of wars through strong, principled, and consistent diplomacy, is the antidote to the constant barrage of hate from those losers who prefer the game of nuclear Russian roulette, when they engage in a losing game of chance by throwing the loaded dice, against their political opponents.

And the worst way, these political losers do that, is by insisting that as a country — we do not meet with this adversary, or we should not speak openly to the other enemy, or even that we ought to not engage with our competitors on the world stage, because they like to play politics at home…

What these ignoramus are forgetting is that basic dialogue is especially important when hundreds of millions of lives are at stake, as is the case in the diplomatic relations between the United States and the well armed Russian nuclear bear, that is arguably the most capable nuclear power in the world.

As a good student of history therefore, I ought to applaud President Trump’s initiative in the current Helsinki negotiations for the maintenance of Peace with Russia, for a global nuclear balance of power, as well as for chastising our NATO allies to carry their full economic responsibility and the political burden, if they want to meet their wish for the United States to provide them with adequate security. Trump’s honest talk about our NATO allies expecting that America will support their expansionary policies, and the German imperial dreams, paid solely by the US taxpayer, should always be met with a healthy dose of skepticism, and a measure of realpolitik no-nonsense thinking.

Again I must applaud President Donald J Trump here, for calling Angela’s German BS for what it is, and for sitting down with the Russian Premiere Vladimir Putin to talk honestly, in order to discuss, and examine the nuanced relationship of the two global nuclear superpowers.

We need frequent Tea-A-Tet meetings, in order to arrive at a new detente, and a new balance of powers, that might keep us in Peace going forward, after the War mongers were sent back home to stew, and to deal with their incontinence in their woodsy outhouses, as they stumble around the forest, stomping madly, and in a state of advanced inebriation, scaring the wildlife of the whole of Connecticut, as they make exasperated calls to their friends in the War machine, to drop some drones on the doe eyed deer.

Indeed very few level headed ones remain amongst us — and those few should be engaging in dialogue with our enemies, and spending far more time in developing balanced international relations, through examination of our often times illogical overreach, and one sided monologue.

If you want to see the veracity of this statement — you only need to remember that we barely maintained the Peace with the old Soviet Union after the Second World War, only because we engaged in constant and intense dialogue. Same as it has been throughout history, including during the Cuban Crisis at the awful height of the Cold War, both sides maintained such constant dialogue and communications, that effectively managed to prevent the nuclear missile exchange, even though both sides had their fingers placed squarely on top of the uncovered launch buttons and pressing downwards.

The fact that even during the Cuban Missile Crisis, we had diplomatic relations and constant communications with the Kremlin signifies the height of stupidity of all those shrill voices that claim we should not be speaking to our major adversaries now, only because they want to claim some political points back at home. And that is only because over the past two years, the same political hacks have fueled a near constant hysteria and a witch hunt, about a non existent Russian Collusion, that has created such an institutional paralysis regarding Russia, that regular meetings and communications have ceased, and one can be accused of “collusion” merely for agreeing to a routine meeting with elected Russian officials who might be visiting Capitol Hill.

This hostile climate created by ignorant Russophobes and by the exploiters of that remnant of the national fear stemming all the way back from the MacCarthy era of the Red Terror, has resulted in a vacuum in cultural, educational, and even legislative exchanges, while elected officials from both Washington and Moscow are now on so-called ban lists.

Screen Shot 2018-07-16 at 8.44.43 PM

Yet we all know that absolutely nothing will be achieved by each country shutting the door to the other, and by denouncing our opponents as scapegoats for our own failures to see clearly the problems at hand. Indeed you cannot solve internal political problems by externalizing them to a nuclear armed opponent who’s trigger finger might not be as hesitant as our own, and who has the same mistrustful thoughts about us — as we have about him.

Now is the time to recall Winston Churchill advise, when he made the historic alliance as wartime Prime Minister between England and Stalin’s Russia, in order to find a way to contain and defeat Hitler. Churchill significantly cultivated and nurtured that alliance as a Strategic Primary Goal, because as a Union of Forces against the NAZI axis of Evil, far preceded the time that the United States “woke-up” to the realities an belatedly came into the war on England’s and Russia’s side.

It was two years later, when America realized that being on the side of Russia against the totalitarian fascists was the right and honorable thing to do back in the time of the Second World War. And the same loser appeasers and the leftist communists and socialists in our midst agitated against the alliance with Russia back then, as they do now. But they were then, same as they are now — squarely on the losing side of History.


So, let’s keep that in mind, while considering who our historic allies are, and while realizing that threatening Russia through NATO expansion is not the answer to a peaceful world.

Because the first rule of international diplomacy is to place your feet in your adversary’s shoes, and see how that shoe fits on your feet.  So today, if we look at the world from Moscow’s perspective — NATO has ignored Russia’s vociferous objections and sought to always expand Eastwards, by bringing NATO, the world’s most formidable military alliance up to the very well demarcated Russian borders. To that end naturally Moscow perceives a significant national threat, especially after seeing the belligerent way that some of our own political leaders are stirring the pot in Ukraine and Belarus, as well as in the Baltic states, and even China, in seeing some political advantage here at home by constantly fanning the fires of Russia-Russia Collusion, the Russia Hoax, and the Russian Hate, in Washington DC and across America, while forgetting that this Policy’s unintended consequences are that they are helping fuel the mirror image of that hateful policy across the borders in Moscow, and that increases the speed at which the hot shots, the virulent Anti-Americans and the Confrontational military elements within the Kremlin’s foreign policy are gunning for a renewed Nuclear tipped rivalry with the West, that will invariably lead to Nuclear War.

Of course, we don’t have to make decisions based on whether they will or will not make Russia mad. But we should at the very least recognize the impact of our actions before we take them. Because now, in Washington, there seems to be a lack of foresight, a complete inability for self examination and thoughtful dialogue, and a rush to pell-mell action among those idiots who criticize our President Donald J Trump, for meeting with Premiere Vladimir Putin, in a spirit of Cooperation in order to resolve the big issues that bedevil our world.

Russia doesn’t need to be considered our friend, but we certainly have overlapping interests in Europe, in Syria, in Iraq, in China, in North Korea, in Space, in Islamic terrorism, in Science, in Energy, in Commerce, in Trade, in Development, in Africa, in Antarctica, in the Arctic, in the Northwest Passage, in Climate Change, in National Determination, in furthering Democracy and Liberty, in Christianity, and in all other Global matters — that all together agitate and require us to have an open dialogue and built a relationship of trust and camaraderie for the betterment of all concerned.

That is why I am personally thankful that President Donald Trump is once again willing to go against the political elite in Washington DC, and against the political dogma of stupidity, and the rabid shrill voices of the MSM that fan the flames of hate and ignorance.

Screen Shot 2018-07-17 at 10.33.32 AM

And that is why I am really glad that this President gets it, and wants to keep the lines of communication open with the Kremlin, and wants to invite Moscow to open up to us too, and thus help resolve their fears, their uncertainties and their doubts, and consequently help prevent further mutual bloodshed, and save us from warfare that is surely the byproduct of unnecessary escalation of nuclear tensions.

Am also further gratified that President Trump in meeting with President Putin, discussed terrorism, trade, and how to better work for peace and prosperity in the whole of the World. And now it remains to recognize that whatever was achieved in Helsinki, needs to be brought forward because it is now important to work with freshly minted non ideological diplomats from both countries, in order to built better relationships, between the two countries, because we need to maintain this Spirit of Bon-hommie, the Spirit of an honorable Peace time, and a Spirit of Alliance in securing and maintaining Peace against our opponents, such as China’s nuclear tipped North Korea, since many millions of lives are at stake.

Compare that with the previous administrations wreckage of a foreign policy, as perpetuated by Crooked Hillary and Obama White House, and you’ll see why the remnants of that failed policy shop of horrors — the Clinton State Department — are still screaming bloody murder today, every time they hear about Russia in the news.

A bunch of Neo-Con morons always agitating to place us in war footing, so they can make some more money from the war machine.

That was the whole lot of the Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama years. An interlude amidst a state of constant war.

What a wasted time that was…

And how many wasted lives that we caused…

May God forgive our inequity.


Dr Churchill


In conclusion, as the President comes back from a hugely successful Foreign Policy journey — we must all recognize that now is time to start prosecuting the Deep State, because the American People deserve to know all the names of individuals involved in the looming Coup D’Etat.

We demand to know these dozen things and we want FBI investigations on each one of them.

Specifically we want to investigate and get a Special Prosecutor on these twelve aspects of Public and Official Corruption and Collusion with Russia:

1) Why Obama said he would be flexible with Russia to Russian President Dimitri Medvin?

2) What did Hillary promise Vladimir Putin when she said that she will push the reset button with Russia, and she then sold Russia 25% of our Uranium supply?

3) Why did Obama laugh at Mitt Romney back in 2012 when he said Putin and Russia were dangerous? (wink-wink)

4) Why Obama reneged on his commitment to put missile shields in Poland and the Czech Republic to protect them from Russian missiles after he said that he would be flexible to the Russian President?

5) Why Obama called off the cyber-investigation against Russian hacking early in 2016 when he was informed about it and was advised that the Russians were helping Hilary Clinton’s presidential campaign?

6) Why Hillary and Obama, with the help of Robert Mueller sold to the Russians more than 20% of U.S.-produced uranium?

7) What did they gave the Russian in exchange for that deal?

8) Why did the Obama White House and the Hillary Clinton State Department reneged on our commitment to help Ukraine defend itself from Russian invaders?

9) Why did Obama & Kerry allow Russia to swallow the whole of Crimea and Eastern Ukraine without a single fight?

10) Why did Obama refuse to enforce his own red line threat in Syria?

11) Why the DNC wouldn’t let the intelligence agencies or the Justice Department have access to hacked DNC computers, servers and laptops from their headquarters after they falsely claimed that it was a Russian hack?

12) Why did the FBI and the rest of the intelligence agencies and the Justice Department blamed Russia for hacking the DNC without even examining the computers?

13) Who paid for the salacious dossier on Donald Trump?

14) Who hired the foreign spies to interfere with our elections by making up the myths and the lies inside the Trump Russia hoax dossier?

15) Why did Hillary pay for the foreign spies and produced the fake dossier and then passed it on to the FBI in order to get Trump?

16) Why did the Justice Department use the fake dossier as an excuse to spy on political opponents?

17) Why did the Obama administration “unmask” people around Trump in order to entrap them, set them up for Hillary Clinton’s political purposes, and in order to spy and sabotage the Trump campaign?

18) We demand to know the intentional omissions of the DOJ when giving us the names of those criminals.

19) We seek to repair the misrepresentation of facts by the FBI as it relates to the FISA warrant applications.

20) We also demand that these individuals be held accountable for their actions as prescribed by the Law.

21) Who authorized, planned, and ordered the murder of Seth Rich, and who are the assassins that executed the order?

22) Who was the head inside the DNC that was informed by CrowdStrike that the email theft from their own computers, was an inside “download job” by the young staffer Seth Rich, who was simply disgusted by the level of corruption and the rigging of elections that he saw in his organization and decided to let the world know about it?

23) Who inside the DNC leadership was the person that informed the FBI that Seth Rich was the whistleblower?

24) Which specific individuals inside the NSA, FBI, CIA, authorized the cover-up, and shut down the investigations that had already determined that this DNC breach, was not a foreign job, or an outside hack, but rather an inside download-job performed by a DNC employee?

25) Who from the White House asked the three agencies to shut the whole thing down and to blame Russian hacking in order to muddy the waters and thus hush the matter, by not alerting the Police that it was Seth Rich who stole the emails from the DNC?

Please keep in mind that…

The United States government serves the American People – not the other way around!

We are all here acknowledging our collective voices, that WE THE PEOPLE demand to take our country back from the DEEP STATE operatives and from the professional hustlers and petty criminals like Rod Rosenstein, Robert Mueller, and James Comey.

We herewith demand that our voices be heard, our rights heeded, and our wish to protect the American Democracy, the American Republic, and the American Dream, be respected.

But for now any reasonable investigation must follow the money trail and start with the Perkins Coie Law firm that handled the dirty money for the hiring of the foreign spies, and all the rest of the dirty jobs Hillary wanted done…

Follow the money trail and you’ll see that the rest of the dominoes will fall into place soonest…

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