Posted by: Dr Churchill | October 5, 2018

The banker-wanker Jamie Dimon, CEO of CHASE JP MORGAN, and the school marms, Ms Maria Cantwell & Susan Hutchinson — all conspired together to illegally influence our US Senate Elections in 2018…

These days alongside the Mass Media fake news brigades of pseudo-journalists, colluding with the Deep State dark operatives of the secret agencies and the forces pushing for a Coup D’Etat in our country — we now have another fifth column of black shirt traitors betraying our country.

Is it possible that the nicely dressed banker-wankers are doing evil in their time?

How can it be that those well behaved boys choir types can be screwing up our Democracy?

I wouldn’t believe it for a second, and yet now that I see how pervasive the TDS mental illness has become amongst those mentally fragile individuals — I’ve come to be awake about their role in the looming Coup D’Etat against the United States.


You’ve read that right…

The bankers have turned to banksters and gangsters overnight, and seek to overthrow our government.

And for those of you staring incredulous at the screen — am here to tell you that I am not Kidding, because this solemn statement is true, and also because I have experienced their virulent hate for Democracy — first hand.

The seemingly silly, & risk averse bankers, have been colluding with Hillary Clinton, Obama, and the the DemonRats, for quite a while now — yet since Obama’s directive that “No Banker Be Harmed” after they crashed our Economy twice in short order — now they are emboldened and are going to great length to interfering with our Elections as they are attempting to squash Conservative voices across the land.

Of course we know how much money the Banksters of Wall Street gave to Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama in exchange for the Obama and Clinton promise of “No Prosecutions Of Wall Street Big Bank Insiders” for their role in crashing the economy in 2008, and destroying everyone’s savings, or for their deleterious effects foisted upon all of our lives ever since.

We all know about the five billion they offered the Clinton Super Pacs to attempt to elect crooked Hillary — with a cabinet of their own making, like Obama’s cabinet was.

Yet few of us know about their treasonous role in the 2008, and in the 2012, and 2016 elections as well, and of their continued debauchery to this day…

This has been my experience after my opponent Patty Murray unleashed her militant wing the Moxie Media thugs against me, and in an instance of hate, they staged an assassination attempt inside Microsoft HQs back in February 28th of 2017, when their people attacked me and gravely hurt me inside the “Innovation Garage” at Microsoft where I was giving a speech…

This was an assassination attempt in 2017, and today I have suffered another such attempt in the hands of my current opponent Maria Cantwell who is in the pocket of the Banksters of Wall Street and other international bankers, and who is as crooked as Hillary, all the while being the favorite pet of Bill Clinton in the Senate, conveniently moistening his cigars, and performing all the rest of the “Lewinski” type services for Billy  whenever asked, as she also performs the same services for international Bankers and for corrupt French & German financiers…

And in this instance of malicious collusion between the two parties — and specifically Maria Cantwell, and Susan Hutchinson — we have the reduction of our Federal election for United States Senator from the State of Washington, reduced to a charade.

Because Maria Cantrell and Susan Hutchinson both — are not just well & deep in the pockets of the establishment Wall Street Big Bankers, but they are also actively colluding with Mr Jamie Dimon, the CEO of JP Morgan CHASE Bank, to stop De Churchill’s inexorable rise to the hallowed halls of the United States Senate.

And to contemplate that this eying joke, the CEO of CHASE Bank Mr Jamie Dimon, has presidential aspirations, since he recently claimed that if he were to run as a Democrat hopeful, “he would crush President Trump” — is further proof that this person is ridiculous and certainly a moronic & stupid, nervous mess.

As for the two budding secretaries from Washington state, the two conspiring ladies of the Republican and of the Democrat parties respectively “The Susan” and “The Maria”  who are vying for the US Senate position in 2018 — they came together to ask their #Metoo, French speaking, and rather imaginative windswept fantasist friend, leading the private wealth department, of the downtown Seattle Private JP MORGAN CHASE bank — to intervene and stop my campaign, by blocking my money.

This fancy French speaking fräulein is of course another Hitlerite and is part of the Private CHASE Bank locally, and sports a certain windswept look as the multiple face-lifts suffering ugly lady from Issaquah, who lords it over the JP MORGAN-CHASE Bank minions, and is very frustrated because she hasn’t had “any” for the last quarter century. That explains the many face lifts that have surgically given her the frozen look of amazement and whenever you meet her, she looks as if she is stationed permanently inside the wind tunnel.

Or maybe she is on a free fall from an airplane without a parachute…

Who knows, but this errant female with tight skin for brains, lords it over the wealthy silly leftist clients of CHASE bank and the rest of the JP MORGAN minions. This sad excuse for humanity person, is the local lady answerable to Maria Cantwell and Susan Hutchinson and Jamie Dimon, and is the one who in turn ordered the Burien branch manager of CHASE Bank, who is another tiny person & dedicated AntiFa moron — to block Dr Churchill’s money and prevent him from challenging their “Monopoly” by not allowing him to run in the 2018 elections.

As a matter of fact this AntiFa terrorist who masquerades as a Bank Manager in Burien WA, and is a simpleton and moronic boy-wanker named Cory, had this to say to Dr Churchill verbatim — when he was asked to give us a Cashier’s check for my Electoral Filing on the second Friday of May 2018 just before the electoral filing season closed up in the State of Washington: “Dr Churchill, We are Not Going To Allow You To Run Against Our Senator Ms Maria Cantwell and Susan Hutchinson this Time”

This was the most incredulous thing that I have ever heard from any banker  my entire career, and yet this was the response of this evil person, who follows the orders of his Hitlerite bosses, like a Good Geramn soldier of the Third Reich of the AntiFa blackshirts.

And yet this was the response of the Burien CHASE BANK MANGER when I asked for a Cashier’s check to pay my filing fee for the US Senate elections of 2018.

And of course to this day they have illegally held on to my money and they also now threaten  my home with foreclosure due to the fact that they do not even process the requested automatic payments to pay for my mortgage, from my own money to their own bank mortgage facility.

Just imagine the travesty that I suffer at the hands of these evil minions and slaves to the Hitlery ideals of AntiFa delusion, and hate rhetoric and action of Maria Cantwell and Susan Hutchinson who personify the two sides of the same dirty coin.

And their objective to keep me out of politics — by the looks of it, has almost succeeded, since our local political ladies conspiring together with Mr Jamie Dimon, the CEO of CHASE Bank and his myriad of peons — they sought to block this overqualified United States Senate candidate from participating in these pivotal elections of 2018, because they  fear our Power.

And also because they fear the power of the citizens of Washington state who are set to overturn the carefully calibrated balance and the established norms of 60% for the Democrat Maria Cantwell, and the 40% for Susan Hutchinson, that although it gives the Citizens and the Voters of Washington State the impression that their vote matters — in essence it robs them of their electoral franchise, as Monopolies and Collusion always do.

The fact that 76% of Washingtonians identify as Independents is not lost in the two major parties playing the game of “Monopoly” in their smoky back rooms where these dastardly deals are hashed out between the apparatchiks of this “Slave and Knave” mentality, of the Tamany Hall leaders who want to keep the “stupid masses” within the ghetto or the plantation of the divisive politics, the artificial tensions, and the limited discourse in this era of a fake “civil war” mentality, that the Democrat and the Republican party have created so that our Democratic Republic resembles any other rowdy field sport … with predetermined outcomes.

That being that one of the two parties will inevitably win, and the losers, ought to wait for their turn at victory’s lap.

But that is not a Republic.

And certainly that is not a Democracy.

Nor is the House a Parliament under these circumstances.

So let us wake up and change the carefully calibrated balance of the US Senate, where the Deep State swamp wants to always preserve the semblance of brinkmanship, so that inaction rules the day, the President’s agenda is not advanced, and thus nothing ever threatens the “Oligopoly” of the corrupt two-party system,

As you can easily see, the two parties have formed an unholy alliance — a Monopoly, in order to stop anyone else from disrupting their agenda and perhaps upturning their applecart.

This is where we’ve ended up as a Republic, so many years later after Dr Benjamin Franklin warned us about it.

Now as other companies with political agendas for the Crooked Clinton regime and for the Deep State Coup D’Etat, the Social Media Network chiefs like Zuck & Jack, of Facebook & Twitter respectively, are also conspiring to deprive Americans of their FREEDOM.

So we now have the political correctness division of the bankers assisting the Traitors to deprive America of its vaunted Liberty and Democracy and to leave our Republic bereft of any of it’s Constitutional guarantees and American Rights…

If you can imagine that…

The quiet, the boring, the pin-stripped, the well booted & suited bespectacled bankers have now emerged as the asinine Social Justice Warriors and defenders of the faith of Political Correctness.

The Bankers have become the assassins of Free & Fair Elections and the the storm troopers against Free Speech.

Indeed these awful banker-wankers that crashed the Economy time and again, and then not only went unpunished by the Obama-Clinton administration, but were rewarded with awesome sized bail-outs for a further wasteful spending of the Taxpayers money.

No Bankers were harmed for the period of time where “Bankers Should Be Protected” was the rallying cry of the Corporatist White House of the Obama-Clinton White House.

Surely “No Bankers Were harmed” but the rest of our Economy & Society went to shit, when these awful little men and the stick-up-the-ass women, screwed it all up fr us.

And to think that these losers have now emerged to pretend to “Save Our Society” from the AMERICANS, is madness. The Bankers pretend to want to reform society based on their illicit profit beliefs, and based on their wielding their considerable economic power of controlling the finance against all the Conservative Christian American people, and using that power to cut them off their wealth and hard earned money.

Screen Shot 2018-09-29 at 7.47.08 AM

It hasn’t been even a year since these colorless, odorless, and largely invisible individuals have emerged from the shadows and like all introvert wallflowers, when they see the sunlight — they come undone at the seams.

It is a form of the zombie apocalypse, when you see that the bankers arise from the world of the undead and come after people with blood sucking consequences.

Because as we emerged from the financial crisis — the bankers went into hiding offering a tiny profile, lest they attract the barbs of the regulators or the State Attorney Generals who want their ounce of flesh for the crimes they committed during the financial crisis…

So the Bankers went into virtual hiding and yet we now see them emerging like a flock of lemurs coming our of the shadows, after the financial crisis as the fifth great pillar of unelected power after the Deep State & the Social Mass Media, that stand now as Social Justice Warriors and Fake News providers. And all the above must now stand alongside the activist leftist and ultra-liberal judiciary, that often conspires with the liberal leftist journalists who want to regulate Society’s norms and treat all of her ills, disregarding the fact that they are patients in the insane asylum whose halls and wards decorate lavishly with their rich presence and their valuable experience of TDS.

Because TDS is the real deal and it has sent more people to the insane asylum hospital than any other mental illness today. TDS = Trump Derangement Syndrome.

They think that by pulling the financial levers of our economic well-being, these gray men and grayer women, cause harm to the Conservative Leaders and wield extraordinary power over our political lives, same as they do over our personal lives.

And yet we the American people seem to be taking it easy, and getting screwed while lying down, under the control of these unlikely, unelected, and undemocratic banksters, who are pulling a Ponzi pyramid scheme greater than Bernie Maddoff as they recognize that their power comes form the control of the money spigot and not from anything else, and they exercise that effectively at will.

Indeed their power does not come directly from the people — but it affects people’s behavior greatly, as I have cone to know now after I was attacked by the banker wankers of my own bank, CHASE / J P MORGAN led by Mr Jamie Dimon, who is a friend and a patriot and yet has most command of his troops and they dishonor the bank and it’s reputation as they cause the famous brand to waver between the leftist liberal Bernie Sanders agenda and the crookedness of Hillary Clinton that his people seem to enjoy and deploy against all the perceived enemies of the empty alcohol perfumed pantsuit.

You know who it is that I’m talking about….

The crooked pantsuit is very much liked by the crooked Banksters of CHASE Bank, and apparently the CEO Mr Jamie Dimon is an avid fan of that loser.

But no one loves Hitlery more than the lost in the weeds banksters of the CHASE bank in Burien Washington led by Corey Richards, and of the J P Morgan Private Bank of Seattle, led by a stick-up-the-ass, non-entity named Ms Renee Bisbois — who all conspired in order to deprive me of my money so that I will not be able to pay my Senatorial filing fees to the state during the one week that this is open for me to declare and file for my Candidacy in the upcoming elections for the US Senate of 2018 to challenge incumbent Maria Cuntwell.

So this Renee Bisbois, chose to “resist” Mr Trump, and support her fellow vagina hat wearing Maria Cuntwell, and thus she attacked me like a screaming banshee coming out of the deep sulfurous recesses of her own private Hell as all sufferers of the serious mental malady the TDS, often do…

But she also stole my money and she thinks that is OK for a Banker to do….


Dr Churchill


Many readers ask me about the earlier incident of the assassination attack against me by the Antifa terrorists, that took place inside the Redmond Microsoft Headquarters, and that was directed by “The Little Shop of Horrors” named Moxie Media.

Moxie Media is “The Little Shop of Horrors”  that is working overtime to screw up our elections with unethical, illegal, and even violent means. As a matter of fact they are getting paid by the SuperPacs that support Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell, and even Susan Hutchinson, in stopping all others from causing an upturn of the carefully choreographed fake election choices for the US Senate and for many other elected positions in Washington State.


And what Microsoft did about it all?

Not only did they shield the well known perpetrators from Justice, but they also managed to coerce the Redmond Police department, that is made up of Microsoft Security personnel — to squash their investigation.

And of course the same goes for the Redmond City Prosecutor and for the Redmond Chief of Police, and for the Redmond City Mayor, and all of that corrupt and strangely hateful cabal of Microsoft servants otherwise known as “Microserfs”.

We all know why Microsofties are called MicroSerfs, and why Microsoft was called the “EVIL EMPIRE” by all of it’s employees, but we might not know why Steve Jobs had described Bill Gates as an evil monster, and as one that would go to great lengths to hide his wealth from the IRS and to not pay his tax obligations hiding behind his eradicating mosquitos, whereas in reality his agenda is to change our country into some kind of German Reich model of governance.

It is a common Seattle “open secret” that Bill admires Hitler’s efficiency and socialist program for the German people, and his ruthless prosecution of the undesirable populations. Bill Gates and his foundations’ methods of racially motivated population control is well known throughout Africa and Asia, as it is in Seattle,

The fact that Bill recently bought Hitler’s own 1930’s Mercedes supercar, the “Grosser 7000” at auction for several million dollars — proves the point of this. Of course we are really not surprised that Bill’s allegiance rests with the Nazi fascists and not with American Democracy & Human Freedom.

Perhaps that is why Bill Gates finances the campaign to ban all semi-automatic firearms through the false initiative 1639 that seeks to deprive citizens of the one type of weapon which is the preferred weapon of all Revolutionaries around the Earth:

So now, Bill Gates who always travels around with a squad of armed personnel, and many escorts in armor plated automobiles — is afraid of the peasants rising-up and rupturing his empire…

Indeed, the “Rich” are afraid of the modern day “Peasants” wielding today’s “pitchforks” that are the semi-auto AK47 weapons and their equivalents — and that is why Bill Gates and Company, along with all the other “Uber-Wealthy” Masters of the Universe, all pool together their money to finance campaigns masquerading as “Citizen Initiatives” in order to ban these “Revolutionary Arms” of the people.

They want to ban these weapons in order to ban the prospect of Armed Rebellion, and organized Militias, that is exactly what the Constitution had planned for and not only “allowed for” but encouraged to be maintained.

That is the purpose of the ‘Right To Bear Arms” and the meaning of “Well Organized Militias.”

You cannot have well organized Militias without semi-automatic weapons.


That is the whole matter.

Well done Mr Gates. Well Done.

And the same must be said for that pvssy Mr Satya Nadela, the current CEO of Microsoft, that not only hid his employees, who sought to assassinate me, from the requisite justice, but he also mounted a campaign of terror and silence against me with Mr Brad Smith his junkyard dog, in order to deprive me of any Press and Media cover and even Social Media, in order to cover up their crime…

At the same time they continue to encourage violence against People by the Antifa terrorists that they continue to be employed in the Redmond HQs, and to whom to this day continue to give them paid leave, and paid time off, and paid holiday time — every time that there is a demonstration in Seattle, so that these MiicroSerfs and otherwise garbage people, can participate in the AntiFa rallies and use their violent assassination skills during their violent counter-demonstrations against the occasional Patriot rallies or the gathering of prayer that Christian Americans choose to engage into.

Well done Mr Nadela — well done…

Now it would seem that things are really dark, but I disagree, because it is always the darkest just before the daybreak…

And that is why I remain optimistic that the Good God who is our Lord and Protector of each one of us, and of this Country — will smote all of our enemies and he will uphold the Truth, and his Glory will shine.

And we are all ready for that moment, just as soon as: “HIS WILL BE DONE.”

Because methinks that we live in a Christian Godly country of Laws and Sobriety, and no matter how much weed these Microserf jokers inhale — along with their counterparts in CHASE Bank and inside the smoky minds of the two party system monopoly — the reality remains that they are all simple knaves, idiots, thieves and assassins, that need jail time if they are to recover their sense of reality, and understand that you cannot kill people, nor steal other people’s money, and disrupt our elections and expect to go unpunished for a long time…

No matter how you disguise the crime…. — it has forever been the Cardinal Rule that Crime and Punishment always travel together, hand in hand.

Or as St Augustine wrote: “Punishment is Justice for the Unjust.”

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