Posted by: Dr Churchill | November 7, 2018

Our Sublime Covenant with God

Ohhh God,

Please hear our prayer and save our Country.

Because we are on the fringes of eternity and perhaps you would grant my wish that our time is not just yet…

We beseech you because we are well aware that without You there is not life.

And we all now deep within that just as our sailboats need the wind to ply the seas, so us humans need the word of the spirit to direct us, and the breath of God to live.

Yet, in today’s America we tend to forget that the only reason why we are alive having vanquished our enemies — is because we have a Covenant with our Good Lord that grants our wish that we truly are his own children…

That we absolutely need the breath of God to live goes without saying, but that the sublime prayer is our oxygen that keeps us alive, tends to be forgotten in the hustle.


We know that we are the modern chosen people — and still we need to constantly be reminded of that because we forget and fall into awful sin and debauchery becoming part of the animal word and the landscape of terror of the uninformed life the atheists, the agnostics and the muslim infidels occupy.

But to save ourselves form that — we need never to forget the word of God.

Pray and remember God much.

And work it into your mind that the intercession to God never works unless the personal appeal precedes it…

This Godly communication is direct and our inner voice praying brings about the sublime miracle of granting life and healing.

Surely all the trappings of church and faith, such as visual sermons are useful as operatic and hugely dramatic spiritual reminders of mystical and ecstatic moments of the human journey to ascend into the Heavens…

But the cross of the redeemer is one of these visual sermons that is most vivid when covering our hearts.

Passionate statements about how Humanity exists and can be redeemed through its encounter with Nature, are also God’s reminders in an auditory sermon, that allows for an opening in the sky for our prayers to reach the heavens.

Homely and familiar is what we bring to the spirit in our dramatic theater of Life.

The tension between being human and divine, as Lord Jesus places his redemptive blessings upon us to miraculously heal us from the sin of death.

A prayer answered – A prayer asked for — A prayer from his cherished chosen people to Thank him for his intervention in our life.

A prayer that is none other than a grateful thanks that gives us his breath to animate our spirit, and take us to the heavens up above.

This is both our drama and our hope.


Dr Churchill


May now we be granted peace…

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