Posted by: Dr Churchill | December 19, 2018

Grandpa Winnie needs “No Defense” as the battle for the acerbic image of Winston Churchill in today’s pop culture rages on…

After delivering my annual speech in London about “What Would Winston Churchill Do?” [] I was reminded to offer all my friends a reading of the “WINSTON – What Would Winston Churchill Do?” book that I had released recently.

And indeed, You can read the whole of this book “WINSTON, What Would Winston Churchill Do?” in it’s entirety here:

It is not a polemic, nor is it a simple biography, because grandpa Winston Churchill needs “No Defense” from me, and far too many biographies have been written about him already — and yet I offer my thoughts here because the battle for the image of Winston Churchill in today’s pop culture rages on the subconscious of the illiberal minds, and in the hate filled vacuum of the daft feckless twats that are pretending to be educated and outraged and instead only succeed in proving their bias and their solid dalliance with the Devil that threatens to subsume Western AngloSaxon Christian culture and our Civilization, right along with our Constitutional Republic…

And am not just saying all of this, out of some sort of wish to throw sunlight or cast shade, as needed, towards the popular culture’s chasms of ignorance; but because popular culture has become unbearably stupid, intolerant, illiberal, and certainly self serving.

Proof in point, is that not too long ago the decorated NASA astronaut Scott Kelly tweeted a Churchillian tweet that caused a shitstorm all over the internet…

“In Victory Magnanimity”

That tweet was something as harmless as the famous ode to the somber code of the “Gentleman Statesman” by my grandfather Winston Churchill’s who had uttered those thoughts many months ahead of V-Day, when he was fighting his own allies during the Teheran summit “In Victory, Magnanimity,” wanting to wake up the ethical side of the other two Allied leaders, Stalin & Roosevelt, that he was dealing with at the time and had found them “wanting” in that department.


Screen Shot 2018-12-19 at 2.14.32 AM


And indeed, this “In Victory Magnanimity” came as Churchill was fighting against the unreasonable desire of Stalin and Roosevelt who wanted to assassinate the whole lot of the German Officer’s Corp — some 50,000 men — in order to decapitate their leadership and thus avert the possibility of Germany rising up again to bloody Europe once more…

And this seriously contemplated mass murder and unqualified war atrocity, is the remedy that Stalin and Roosevelt wanted as the “insurance policy” that would keep Germany “quiet & docile” for a couple of generations. But in their desire to suppress Germany through “Mass Murder” they met with the famous Churchillian “White Cliffs of Dover” where Grandpa Winnie built his “walled defenses” against both Stalin & Roosevelt, in the Teheran Summit, and quite frankly stopped this idiocy in the other allied leaders’ mental tracks.

And yet Winston Churchill, built his eloquent defense of honorable conduct amongst those that were expected to be declared Victors of the Second World War, quite simply by constructing his “red line” as an impregnable wall of ethical behavior, mustering the moral high ground, as Churchill could only do against his own allies and friends in high places.

And to be maligned for this by today’s snowflakes — it goes far beyond the pale.

Yet “In Victory Magnanimity” and in defeat resilience. That is my mantra and sure enough it was shared by Grandpa Winston Churchill to the depths of his great heart…

This was the “Strong Moral Wall” that reduced the errant ambitions of the other two leading men of the Allied powers, who mistook total military victory, as a permissible excuse for mass murder, and serial war crimes, against the soon to be vanquished Germans, and then had to reduce their military planning to the status of a joke about being in the jungle of battle, and the fog of war, that justified “Red in Tooth and Claw” as both Stalin and Roosevelt felt empowered and willing to do, up until they met Churchill’s moral wall, and recanted.

“In Victory Magnanimity”

Thus it is no wonder that both Stalin & Roosevelt hated Churchill after the Teheran Summit, and for making them look like bloody Neandertals, after his stout defense of DECENCY and DIGNITY in VICTORY.


Screen Shot 2018-12-19 at 2.15.06 AM


And perhaps one should compare “In Victory Magnanimity” by Churchill, as a far better method of dealing with the vanquished foe, than the law of the jungle as exemplified in “Red in tooth and claw” and as expressed through the murderous desires of both Stalin & Roosevelt, that were discussed during the Teheran Summit, well ahead of the decisive victory against Germany and many months ahead of her unconditional surrender that took place much later in the VE-Day of the summer of 1945.

And that is why the essence of Winston Churchill’s words “In Victory Magnanimity” resonates so much with me today, as with many other Gentlemen Statesmen & Servant Leaders, who quietly maintain the dignity of our Christian nation in perpetuity.

Is it any wonder that Winston Churchill absolutely refused to attend the funeral of either one of his wartime partners, Roosevelt and Stalin, who both rushed to the grave, the one right before the end of the war, and the other within a few years after the war?

And that is why that statement “In Victory Magnanimity” is so important, because it not only differentiated Winston from the other world leaders of his time, but also because it showed his personal qualities assisted by his grounding in the Christian beliefs of compassion, morality, and kindness, and as a seriously strong adherent of Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics, that were expressed throughout all the pursuits of his voluminous life, where there was always the temptation, the opportunity, and even the convenience towards taking the low road. And that is why he uttered these magic words “In Victory Magnanimity” even though everyone knows that there was no other Warlord as powerful and as committed to total victory as Winston Churchill was, during the course of the Two World Wars…

Yet back in the emasculated jungle of today’s Tweeter sphere, the grounded NASA astronaut, succumbed to the politically correct pvssies, and to the character assassination mobs, who flooded Twitter with their outrageous outrage, along with their righteous brethren, the Democratic snowflakes, when all collectively went berserk, attacking the fallen astronaut Kelly, for quoting Winston Churchill’s “In Victory Magnanimity.”

Sadly the suddenly “grounded” astronaut Kelly, completely surrendered his masculinity, was neutered via Tweeter, and simply chose to oblige the internet freaks as he started groveling by tweeting this shameful statement of inadequacy, idiocy, and lunacy: “Did not mean to offend by quoting Churchill. My apologies. I will go and educate myself further on his atrocities, racist views which I do not support.”


Admittedly, we live in interesting times as the Chinese would have you believe and the internet idiots feel that they “own” this time in culture, when decent and otherwise sensible yet weak people, are surrendering far too easily to the brown-shirt Gestapo brigades of hectoring morons, pvssies, and politically correct extremist assassins.

Yet, I persist: “In Victory Magnanimity”

We live in an era in which the counterexamples are few and far between as when Winston Churchill uttered “In defeat, defiance” which is another great Churchillian maxim. And indeed it’s hard to name a single political figure today who embodies this maxim, as opposed to the simple to follow “in defeat, early retirement to avoid a difficult primary” as was practiced in the 2018 midterm elections by more than 40 top Republicans, who run for the safety of retirement instead of running for re-election, fearing to face their electors and thus avoiding the political fight in the field of honor.

So maybe as a benefit to humanity’s leadership — it is time to reacquaint ourselves with the original Churchillian spirit, because there is no better way of leadership than reading the best biography of Winston Churchill yet written, because it’s far more than a Biography and far more than simple History — it is two lives of two men separated by one generation and an ocean…

Indeed the book that I’ve written is an antidote to stupidity, as well as to the reigning popular culture of the queens of fake news, self serving conceit, self-deception, untruth, and the cliché offenses of the snowflake kingdom of our day.

You can read it in here at the starting in the early part of 2017, when I thought that I was good as dead, being paralyzed and fully incapacitated with brain trauma, and preparing my own funeral — after an assassination attempt by the Antifa snowflakes when I was giving a speech inside Microsoft corporation Headquarters in Redmond WA, across the lake from Seattle, and their Antifa employees conspired to kill the American Churchill.

And this comes as a benefit to you, because I decided to release the book before I died, as I was fully expecting to; back after this assassination attack in February 28th of 2017, that left me paralyzed with serious brain trauma and and so now, because of that — You can read the book “WINSTON – What Would Winston Churchill Do?” here in it’s entirety:

There is a silver lining in every dark cloud…


Screen Shot 2018-12-19 at 2.13.47 AM


Take the life of Winston Churchill for an instant, as he was born into the Duke of Marlborough’s palace, which one would think that it leads straight to a life of privilege, and yet he was deprived of the most basic good that is offered to all children: Love…

We all know that Winston Churchill, suffered greatly as a child, under the contemptuous and remote glare of a conflicted step-father and a hugely self-indulgent errant mother who only cared about her royal lover, and her various others and far too many society conquests of sexual and social intercourse, personal gratification, and far more fun and games, than any measure of decency allows. And at the same time never offering even a moment’s care for the parenting of young Winston, and certainly depriving the young sprout from the Love that children crave at the earliest moments of their lives, and that we all seek, up until the moment we are planted in our graves as our souls go seeking the eternal love of our Creator and Loving God…

We also know that one of the reasons that the young Winston Churchill chose a military career, was because he came of age during the British empire era, where willingly and valiantly fought in four wars in four different continents, and all of that was done by the time he was only 25 years of age, and soon thereafter he showed bravery in battle and also when he was a prisoner of war in South Africa and escaped his captivity to fight another day… And we also know that in his early middle age, he fought in the bloody trenches of the muddy Western front of the First World War, as a form of personal atonement for his involvement in designing the disastrous Gallipoli expedition.

And also let us recall that Winston Churchill only inherited debts from his parents, and he had to work hard to satisfy his creditors and to repay these debts, but also earn his own living by writing and then writing even more — not unlike yours truly.

And indeed Winston Churchill worked hard and in earnest, each and every day, by producing copious amounts of newspaper and magazine articles and many thousands of words of well constructed books. And through his prodigious literary efforts — he not only earned his rather expensive “keep” but he also earned his whole family’s living. And indeed for all that serious work, he was also ultimately rewarded above and beyond the norm, through the Nobel Prize for Literature that he earned for his six volumes of the “History of the Second World War” that he almost single handedly prosecuted form beginning to end.

Some privilege…

And indeed the main patriarchal privilege of Winston Churchill was to become fodder for the cannons, the bullets, and the swords and spears of war, and that is when he showed his metal, as when he took the opportunity to persevere under the immense weight of his inner expectations.

He always said that we are all worms but that he was a glow-worm and he meant it. And that’s how he got to do his duty to serve, and even survive and thrive. A responsibility, that came with being born to a historic name, and through his own Purpose and sense of Destiny, as he was always contrasting himself and his life achievements with those of famous war leaders and successful statesmen like Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, Pericles of Athens, Napoleon Bonaparte, and his very own ancestor — the Duke of Marlborough.

Yet today, some people tend to consider that Winston Churchill earned unearned glory, by simply being a member of the English Establishment and the hated Aristocracy and Patriarchy. But if you think that Churchill was a complete creature of Aristocratic Establishment — I must disabuse You of that fallacy, because Winston Churchill was none of that.

He was never like that, simply because Winston Churchill was a principled contrarian and an unmitigated Golden Rule, and middle of the road thinking man. And as proof of that, I bring you the fact that as Chancellor of the Exchequer, Winston Churchill, not only championed free trade to the consternation of all the Tory protectionists, but he taxed them to the hilt, in order to make them change their ways. And indeed, Winston supported high taxes on the rich Bourgeois, the Aristocrats, and the Lords, while at the same time he offered pensions for the old, the widows and the infirm — to the consternation & infuriation of his aristocratic peers, the Lords, and even his own Prime Minister.

Further, Grandpa Winnie, also called for serious rearmament before both World Wars, against the hopes and convictions of the pacifists and of the appeasers in power, as well as the Aristos and the Socialists, the Communists, and all the other fractions of the two polarized extremes of the political spectrum.

Grandpa Winnie had many dreams…

And indeed his great unfulfilled institutional political dream and ambitious undertaking, was to create the political party of the sensible center. Churchill wanted to create the party of the Golden Rule, because for Winston being at the center of the political establishment, is what allowed him to be indifferent to it, and to be able to force his will upon the governing cabinets, and also to be a Political and Military Leader that is far better than the establishment of his day could ever be…

And it is that multi-generational dream, of Winston Churchill, that I have fulfilled to the last minute detail.

And as the American Churchill — I’ve fulfilled “Winston’s Dream” and have done so, through my work as the Creator at the helm of a Union of Great Men amongst the Great Men of the Lincoln Political Party of America.

And as you would expect — I am indeed mighty proud of this achievement of mine, because the Lincoln political party of these United States of America, is clearly the party of the Golden rule, standing in the middle of this unsmiling bipolar and rather depressive two party oligopoly, known as the Uniparty that is pushing to the extremes our American Democratic Republic of these United States, while making China’s One party rule set like and exercise in civility…

As for Churchill being a Champion of the Empire — it surely does not mean that Winston was some kind of bigot or racist because he supported the civilizing influence of the British Empire and the Commonwealth of Nations. He famously ribbed Roosevelt who was never tiring of preaching and patronizing Churchill about the British Empire, that under the British Raj the Indian natives of the subcontinent increased their numbers to hundreds of millions, whereas under the American United States federal administrations, the American Indians were decimated and their numbers reduced to within an inch of their earlier millions in numbers.

“Magnanimity In Victory”

Proof is always in the pudding, and as we all know — well before the turn of the previous century, back in 1899, Winston Churchill envisioned a future for South Africa where “Black is to be proclaimed the same as white, in order to be constituted his legal equal, and to be armed with political rights.”

And in the case of the Indian Raj — Winston Churchill denounced the 1919 wanton massacre of Indian demonstrators at Amritsar as “a monstrous event.” He actually promoted social reform at home so that Britain could be a worthy leader of its dominions abroad and of the CommonWealth of Nations.

His ideas were of the best essentials of Classical Liberalism, and Yes, Churchill was an unashamed patriot, a paternalist, and a product of his time — well ahead of his time — and, by those standards, a real liberal progressive.

And his life is proof that the moral judgments of the present are not superior to those of the past, irrespective of time and consequences…

“In Victory Magnanimity”

One of the major alleged crimes for which Churchill is now blamed is the perpetration of a “genocide” in India after a cyclone-caused famine in 1943, and yet evidence for this is that he used racially insensitive humor during the food crisis in the midst of the Second World War. Except the snowflakes forget that Winston Churchill did send whatever food he could spare to India, at the same time that Japan was threatening to invade India from Burma, while the rest of the whole world was at war, and some rather difficult choices had to be made.

It is because Churchill made the difficult judgments in an ethical manner, and he fought with courage, offering his blood, sweat, and tears, that his latter-day detractors can afford to speak freely, and indeed are able to live in a free world, that gives them the freedom to make this type of judgments against Grandpa Winnie…

“In Victory Magnanimity”

Yet he also said that in politics, what counts are actions, not words, and that is why the English warriors said that “after hearing the speeches of Winston Churchill over the BBC — we wanted the Germans to come over, so that we can fight them in person…”

This is what one R.A.F. squadron leader was saying of Churchill’s speech of June 1940, following the deliverance at Dunkirk: “He makes people feel they are living their history.”

The Russian ambassador said of the effect of Churchill’s words on the public: “It’s precisely the resolute and definite character of the British Premiere’s stance which has done so much to help the masses overcome their initial fright.”

John F. Kennedy said: “He mobilized the English language and sent it into battle,” (stealing a line from wartime journalist Edward Murrow) when awarding Sir Winston Churchill the unique honor of the United States citizenship in 1963, through a joint Congressional, Senatorial, and Presidential executive action.

Please do remind me again, which other world leader ever received that honor?


Dr Churchill


In retrospect, Winston Churchill, was able to arouse Great Britain and cause the people the desire to fight because English history along with all the battles and the struggles of the Elizabethan, Napoleonic, and Victorian wars were taught in schools, so the stories of Drake and Nelson were well known to his listeners.

Yet, that cannot be said of the young generation of US students and adults today, or of the young Britons; because a 2008 survey found that upwards of 50% of all teenagers thought Churchill was a fictional character but 58% thought Sherlock Holmes was real.

Yet it doesn’t have to be that way…

Because in all polls of the most important Leaders ever — Winston Churchill always comes up to the top spot.

And he also gets the pole position amongst the most important men to have ever lived except for Jesus Christ…

Take that you ignorant fools of the Twitter mobs and go slither under the rock where you came from, because you need to nurse your ignorance — while we take the time to reconcile ourselves to the decadence of the present…

And since we choose to not remain ignorant of the achievements of the Great Men of the past, and to the debt we owe them for being FREE today, we need to be reminded that “In Victory Magnanimity” even towards the snowflakes and the buttercups of our day and age, who plan assassinations and killings hiding their identities behind black masks and thirsting for blood from within the Antifa mobs of fascists and traitorious haters of our Liberty.


You can read the book “WINSTON What Would Winston Churchill Do?” in it’s entirety here:

Yours truly,

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