Posted by: Dr Churchill | February 14, 2019

The Facebook 1984 manifesto and the looming Civil War for our Republic…

The dystopia George Orwell conjured up in “1984” wasn’t just a prediction for a fascist future, but rather it is, a sad reflection of ourselves in our present day and time.

But let us travel back to a time where Adolf Hitler and his national socialists were ushering a new era and a new order to this world through the muzzle of their guns and their propagandist socialist ideology of fake news, fake ideals, and even more fake “good intentions” that have paved the road to hell with flagstones made out of the burial headstones of Jewish cemeteries…

The NAZIs back then, thought that they were really changing the world one country at a time, through the introduction of this form of national socialism. And it was at this time that the local NAZI agents all over Europe, were inviting the Germans, to assist them in subjugating their own people, as General Franco of Spain did when he asked Hitler and Mussollini to assist him after his failed Coup D’Etat didn’t topple the Spanish Democratic Republic…

Kinda like what happens today with the European Union being led by another generation of Germans behaving like Hun and Goth warriors of yore and bent on subjugating all the various Peoples of Europe///

So in 1936, Hitler came to Spain, in Franco’s aid and defense and together the two armies, with additional support from Mussolini’s Italian legions of light armor and airforce, launched, prosecuted, and won the devastating Spanish Civil War of 1936-39, that was eventually the precursor of the total domination of Europe by the evil and sinister forces of fascist socialism.

That was then and this is now all over again.

Screen Shot 2019-02-15 at 12.19.37 PM

Look at the funny pantsuits all the totalitarian types wear and tell me if they remind you of anyone else wearing colorful pantsuits habitually, and always hungry for power and corruption…

Now, if you have read Orwell’s book “1984” you might remember the meaning behind the words “Newspeak,” “the Ministry of Truth,” “Doublespeak,” the “Inner Party,” the “Outer Party,” the “Great Enemy,” the “Real News,” and all the other aphorisms and malapropos that the amazingly honest book 1984 sampled and remixed, from a reality that Orwell had experienced as he was recuperating form a bullet wound on his neck resulting from the acts of barbarity performed by the Nazi Germans in Spain during the Civil War, and also from the similarly evil actions against humanity as offered by the fascist Soviet Socialist totalitarianism, expressed during the same pre-second-world-war years of the Spanish Civil War.

That civil war helps to reminds me of what might happen in America if we keep going down that path of evil and wrong headiness, in depriving freedom from the people of this country that was founded on liberty & independence, and not on socialist government coercion, nor on people’s domination and certainly not on human behavior modification, and behavioral controls. America is a country where Human Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness are enshrined on our Constitution, and yet we need to remind the bastards like Facebook’s Zuckerberg and his CIA pals, and the Amazon dickpick Bezos, and all their ilk, about that fact, again and again, and if necessary we need to throw their sorry ass in jail for their many criminal misdeeds in their intentional criminal behavior with people’s lives.

Still going back to the Spanish Civil War, at the time of Orwell’s service to Liberty and Democracy — we must remember that the Socialist fascists of that time were on both sides of the “Socialist manifesto.” On one side we had the German national Socialists, and on the other side we had the Russian International Socialists, and they both were, side views of the same “coin.” A “coin” of evil, tyranny, and laudatory subjugation of the human spirit, and a “coin” that was used exclusively by those who had already made apparent their evil intent to crush the Human spirit, the basic freedom, and the notions of Democracy, wherever they founded it to exist … in the same way as Mark Zuckerberg and his CIA handlers do today through Facebook’s socialist network platform.

To describe this awfulness, this nightmare, and this degradation — it was neither easy, nor scary enough for Orwell, but in his isolation to write it, it was surely a realistic description of what he had witnessed and of his prophetic flow of what was surely to come ahead…

Screen Shot 2019-02-15 at 12.24.55 PM

And indeed the scary stuff of the totalitarian sort of surveillance, automation of mass behavior, and control of the whole People through coercion, violence, and murder — abounded during the Spanish Civil War. A war in which he had volunteered as a progressive leftist idealist from London, and where he even brought his young wife, both of them bend on protecting the Spanish Republic and repulsing fascism. Yet as he was fighting on the side of the Republic, Orwell had been targeted, shot and wounded, not by the enemy the NAZI supported forces of Generalissimo Franco,  but by the Soviet Russian commissars who had a score to settle with their ideological brothers who strayed from the fold, and from their tight orthodox socialist embrace.

When Orwell got shot by his fellow Socialists for not “being” exactly like they wanted him to be and behave — the bullet went through his neck and he played dead, laying on a bloody drain of a street of Barcelona full of corpses of youthful Republicans who didn’t toe the line of the Reds who had taken control of the City during the last days of the Republic and instead of fighting the NAZIs they were busy settling scores and killing off all their various political variants of socialism that didn’t ascribe to the Soviet version of Socialism.

Screen Shot 2019-02-15 at 12.24.15 PM

Thankfully Orwell was left behind, and was discovered alive and spirited to the San Sebastien hospital on the hills of the city, were his life was saved by another English man, member of the Lincoln international brigade. This doctor recounted the story of how he saved the life of the author of 1984, when he was shot in the head and his neck was pierced by his fellow socialists, for not observing the precise orthodox cannon of ideological purity of the masses and that is when the massive surveillance effects of the socialist commissars, had found his faith in Socialism wanting, and they hunted him down and executed him.

Fortunately George Orwell survived, and his ideological knowledge was vastly expanded, while fighting with the International Lincoln brigade to save their democratic Republic, and to preserve Freedom and Dignity for the people of Spain. But it was in Spain, where he witnessed the more frightening dystopia of the Russian Socialists who had come over to fight alongside the International Lincoln brigade and others, supposedly to combat the common enemy the Nazis, in order to save the Republic. Yet having arrived there, the Russian socialists had instead been hell-bent in themselves destroying the Republic, as they were simply interested in depriving the people of all their freedoms, by installing the same version of bloody soviet socialism, because they did not want a variant, or a more free version of that errant philosophy of “democratic socialism” to take root.

Screen Shot 2019-02-15 at 12.23.16 PM

Because they wouldn’t allow a fork on the road of that “brain software” development project, called the “Archipelago Gulag of socialism” to be developed for fear that they would lose power & control of the “true Marxist-Leninist socialist” narrative.

So they shot him and left him for dead.

Screen Shot 2019-02-15 at 12.22.36 PM

This evilness of massive effects, and this nightmare of socialist barbarity, was unequaled in the annals of a humanitarian philosophy, and certainly was not something that anyone had warned Orwell or anyone else about it; then or even later. The socialist cruelty and the cannibalism of their own people is surely evidence that the road to hell is  paved with good intentions and  with great gestures of social networked conditions, with a smidgeon of power hungry people who think that they know better that you what is good for your own lives.

Certainly nobody could have warned us about this technological nightmare of surveillance, the socially networked socialism of massive effects, taking hold of our lives today, under the guise of a technologically savvy data rich social network platform named Facebook – either.

Nor did anyone suspect that the 1984 bookish nightmare would be brought to us compliments of our friends at the CIA, contrary to the US Constitution, and to their super secret mandate, that at least means that they can only operate outside of our national shores.

Ohhh the horrors.

Yet here it is, catching us all asleep at the wheel of state, and at the switch of our lives, and at our most vulnerable moments, when we are fast asleep — during Peace time.

Nobody warned us that it would be the one nightmare that you can never wake up from, as it is attacking you in the middle of the night, and you cannot wake up screaming because you are psychologically shackled to it, and because you are neurologically simply too attached to its addictive powers for mind control.

And if you ever wake up in the morning, and realize that you are living inside a nightmare of Orwellian proportions, within todays’ version of 1984, it might seem too late to do anything about it, or you might be too weak to do anything of substance to liberate yourself…

Indeed today’s 1984 is the brainchild of a slew of NAZI era propagandists and more recently CIA & other agency scientists, who worked along commercial entities to bring us some severely amoral humans in technology companies that ushered in the so called Surveillance Socialism, and citizen mind control, in analog and digital fashion.

Of course the social networks are the natural cradle for the digital dystopian technology  apparatus of surveillance socialism, and more specifically today it is all exemplified by the company named Facebook, and assisted by some other companies like Apple and Google who have entropies into that arena of villains and tyrants who work tirelessly against the foundational freedom of the human spirit.

And sadly these evil forces of mind control and psychos have overran our lives and have taken control of our brains and our neurology unbeknownst to us. They’ve done that subversively, and quietly under the guise of offering us useful services, and we lazily engaged with them wholesale, even before we were ready to wake up to this dismal reality of constant surveillance, and the neuroscience terror of the clear and intentional suppression of free will, let alone able to fight against this loss of agency, speech, and control of our personhood…

Do you think that this statement above sounds like an overstatement?

Or a conspiracy theory?


Yet let us examine the evidence…

First let’s look at the known foundational facts, and the possible outcomes, in order to put the pudding to the test…

At its peak the planet’s fourth most valuable company, and arguably its most influential, is controlled almost entirely by a young man with the charisma of a geometry T.A. and the morals of a gnat. Smart and effective but really beholden to screwing everybody around him as a principle and especially screwing his clients and customers.

1984 today is the CIA utilizing Mark Zuckerberg and the Facebook surveillance machine as their cheapest and yet most plentiful human intelligence outfit.

Mark Zuckerberg under the direct control of his CIA handlers, is the totality of Facebook’s professional leadership, and his life has been all about running this massive surveillance company, which calls itself “a social platform” company, yet it is nothing of the sort.

Sure Facebook is a platform that provides a curious service wherein billions of people feel compelled to fill it with personal information and personal content, such as baby photos, food snaps, birthday wishes, agitating news, click-bait, friend requests, pokes, likes, dislikes, loves, hates, anger emoticons, concert promotions, psychotic premonitions of Jewish lizard-men, all kinds of religious bait, ethnic associations, nationalist views, hate and love intertwined with misery seeking company, and all manners of foul and needy hustlers, kooks, evil doers, and dating ambitions, et al.

Screen Shot 2018-11-04 at 8.07.52 AM

Amazingly, no-one of these millions of happy-go-lucky contributors is paid any wages by the “Platform” company for their contributions or for their long hours of Herculean labours. On the contrary, all the FB users are rewarded by being tracked across the web, even when logged out, and consequently strip-mined by a complicated artificial intelligence, that is primarily trained to sort surveilled information into approximately 29,000 predictive data points, which are then made available to CIA, NSA, DIA, and other shadowy world espionage organizations, and then later sold and resold to commercial services and entities, to third party advertisers and other high street parties, who now know everything that can be known about a person, from information that was given willingly and enthusiastically, without interrogations these people under harsh lights, and without the SS pulling out their nails and killing their next of kin in front of their very eyes, and hopefully without the Gestapo trepanning their skull.

And amazingly, none of this information about the FB platform’s nefarious purposes is secret, despite the company’s best efforts to keep it so, and yet somehow, normal freedom loving people still use and love this platform and continue contributing their privileged information voluntarily.

At some point of course, some other foreign intelligence services found ways to “love” this platform, if only because its users have proved shockingly vulnerable to social manipulation — a dark art the Facebook platform company itself has admitted to dabbling in.

In 2014, the company set out to learn whether it could make its users sad, sorry, upset, or even angry on purpose. In short they set out to prove that they could manipulate people at will…


Indeed, they learned that they could, in three easy steps…

When this astonishing breach of user trust became public, the company claimed it wasn’t a big deal, and that many companies did similar things.

Neuroscience was not an experiment then, and it is not an experiment now. The Manchurian candidate of today, does not need to be subjected to rather intrusive brain surgery and the sticking of microchips on people’s hypothalamus any longer.

Indeed no trepanning of anyone’s scull is required at all, in order to control their behavior.

And the fact that human beings’ brains can be hacked is something that I had foreseen in my early book titled: “BRAIN SOFTWARE.”

Of course then it was a descriptive face of hacking the brain, whereas now it is a tried and true method of dong it wholesale for vast numbers of people across America and across the Globe, because now it’s all done seamlessly via the Facebook Apps, the Messenger, and all other ways we interact with our smart phones, and our mobile devises and laptops, computers and connected utility devises across the digital spectrum.

You know the hacking that Facebook describes as their main job, is this type of human behavior hacking and not the machine variety.

Facebook operations of human analytics and behavior modifications, are the real Psychops that it opened the Pandora’s box, and it is now fully operational as we now speak, managing the mood of the people at command, and menacing our lives, because subsequently they control way they we think, we react, and we behave, and certainly they can “assist us” when we set out to take any major decisions about our lives, such as voting and choosing our representatives in a Democratically controlled government of “We The People.”

It is now well understood how Facebook, a seemingly benign tech company founded with the supposed aim of creating “human connection” for dating and more … and instead it is now being used for fvckin all of us, as it is engaged in ripping the American society apart and compromising our civic foundations, by taking away our constitutional rights with a wicked intent and purpose.

Our Republic and our Constitutional Democracy have indeed been undermined because of this massive surveillance apparatus that is designed to also push you to take the “desired choices” in your life, that is, if you are a slightly suggestible sort of human being.

Well, we all are…

And thus we are prisoners in the feeling manipulation machine, this platform that suggest to us the “Right path” of actions and inaction per the advise of Psychops doctors and mood technicians who can regulate to the N degree all of our reactions to the prescribed stimulus, and make us like lab rats to keep running on the treadmill of this voluntary stupidity and mind control platform for the masses.

Inducements are plenty and include the platform’s pleasurable, & frictionless interface, which encourages users to stay, spent plenty of time rooting and posting about, and return. soonest to check this addictive game they are hooked onto, constantly.

It is no large stretch of the imagination, to posit that because human neurotransmitters respond to the platform’s iconic use of a certain shade of blue, and spark with dopamine upon receiving a “like” or “tag” notification, and weird things follow from seemingly unrelated actions…

Think about yourself being the Manchurian candidate each and every day you get behind the computer’s keyboard, or your mobile phone’s click board…

Not even George Orwell could have predicted this dystopia.

This one is all natively created as our Capitalism’s dreaded creation of a Panopticon strictly designed as a boon for the security services.

Facebook, and it’s young leader Mark Zuckerberg, along with Google, Apple, and the other tech giants today, represent the greatest threat to the global liberty in our lifetime, due to their hacking of human beings minds and behaviors.

Maybe breaking-up Facebook’s human social control data monopoly, by force, and heavily regulating its appalling business practices is simply a just remedy for Facebook’s amoral and evil leadership at the hands of not just Zuckerberg but also his chief operating officer, Sheryl Sandberg, and the rest of that corrupt company’s upper leadership.

But with their support by the deep state, and the secret service apparatus, it won’t be easy. Not easy because their grip on the company is the most centralized decision-making structure we have ever encountered in a large company. Their power is possible only because Facebook’s “core platform,” is relatively simple since it consists of a product and a monetization scheme. Non-tech companies with comparable global reach, must deal with complex real-world infrastructure issues as well as the needs of a highly diverse work force. Large corporations also typically create interrelated eddies of economic activity, whereas Facebook’s business model is founded upon sucking the economic activity out of otherwise productive workers. Most troubling of all, a company whose product is used by one-third of the planet has only 30,000 employees. In every imaginable sense, Facebook is a Borg-like drain on the world’s economy. It doesn’t make you better, and it only makes you worse off, and they play your feelings and your  moods, and cause your actions and reactions like a harp, every day.

You now have to admit that you have been played but this nincompoop company that unlike the fossil fuel energy companies — it can’t even get your automobile to drive off to take you on a road trip…

The story of Facebook has been told many times before, but contextualizing its rise within the proper technological history of a panopticon for the security services, has not been said before this. Without the advents of the iPhone, cloud data storage and the industry’s “lean start-up” model, Facebook may well have wandered down the bleak path of the short-lived early-2000s social media entities Myspace and Friendster. The beating heart beneath the floorboards of Facebook headquarters, in its first iteration, was Facemash, a website that invited Harvard students to compare photos of their female classmates and rate them according to their perceived fuckability and score them based on their ease of hookups. The female students’ photos where photographs that Zuckerberg stole from online student housing directories — for the high cause of determining who was “hotter”pursue, or to pester, or even to go torment, and perhaps — eventually — fuck. Or more politely said, to sleep with.

Yes, the world’s fourth most valuable company can trace its origins to the frustrated misogyny of an incel.

The moral vacuousness and moral torpor along with an aptitude for stealing Mark Zuckerberg displayed as a young adult, should have told us something about how he and many other young “disrupters” intended to operate.

You can imagine how attractive a philosophy that absolves practitioners of responsibility for the impact of their actions on others would be to entrepreneurs and investors in Silicon Valley.

The most angry but measured argument against Facebook, is that social media has enabled personal views that had previously been kept in check by social pressure. The kook we will always have with us, to paraphrase Jesus, but the kooks of yore had to work to maintain their kookery and locate fellow kooks.

They had to pick up their kook phone, subscribe to the kook newsletter, drive to the kook convention. Nowadays, all the kook has to do is log in to Facebook, where his feed will be enlivened by the chatter of fellow — and likely more extreme — kooks, toward which Facebook’s algorithms helpfully steer him.

Zuckerberg et al, probably didn’t set out to transform American neo-Nazism and neo-socialism, into this generation’s punk rock, but the psycho-social-behavior-platforms they created, have generated a feedback loop that reinforces and amplifies ideas with a speed and at a scale that are unprecedented.

That is what Surveillance Socialism is all about. And that is the Social Network effect’s dark and sinister secret, that we have all bought into it hook line & sinker…


Screen Shot 2019-02-14 at 8.46.54 PM

The fact that nearly every product or service that begins with the word “smart” or “personalised”,… , is simply a supply-chain interface for the unobstructed flow of behavioural data on its way to predicting our futures is what describes the no-moral-conscience Facebook at best. Because Facebook’s daily actions reveal a robust and helpful itemization of the ways they have always been intentionally evil, and criminal, as we see with every batch of revelatory evilness that comes to light through whistleblowers and through disgruntled ex-employees once every quarter or so.

So there must be quite a lot of scandalous behavior, unethical breaches, and criminal intent, for so much shit to be unearthed so often from the bowels of Facebook, but here is the rub. Because here is a highlighted criminal action that has received scant attention from the mainstream Fake News media,  since it involves your children, the most vulnerable amongst us, and if you had known it, is would have caused you some serious alarm, because Facebook recently was caught having installed Root SSL Certificates on all the young people’s mobile phones who had any interaction with Facebook ever. Not just to the FB users, bit also to their friends and others who replied to Facebook’s IM and other Hydra like tentacles of stealing people’s information and data.

This Root SSL Certificate allowed Facebook engineers, to scoop up all the data and vacuum collect EVERYTHING the young people did, said, or even thought, on the world of web and real life alike — in an indiscriminate machine algorithmic fashion. This was the whale of all data gathering intelligence operations that should wake us all the fvck up. The Facebook handlers of our attention, have been collecting all the browsing history, and all of our digital actions, our passwords, our credit cards and the histories of our financial usage, our GPS locations history, all of our traffic, our web searches, our private information, our identity secrets, our identifying materials, our preferences, our moods our thought expressions, all of our telephone calls verbatim, all of the conversations we had in real time in proximity with the mobile phone from the microphone of this phone operating like Alexa of Amazon in our homes, and they also collected all the meta data of the people you speak, text, or interact with, and so much more.

Everything indeed was scooped up into this whale’s mouth called Facebook data gathering.

One’s entire life was taken to the Facebook cleaners for real.

Here is a Youtube video where they go over the proper SSL caution & how Root Certificates are abused by Facebook in order to break the vaunted https security and collect all your data while tracking you and recording all your personal telephonic interactions with other human beings and/

or machines:

So much about the nature of digital technology as about this new mutant form of socialism that has found a way to use tech for its solipsistic purposes. The name of the game according to Zuckerberg’s Facebook, is to give rise to the new variant is “surveillance socialism”, because it works by providing free services that billions of people cheerfully use, enabling the providers of those services to monitor the behavior of those users in astonishing detail, without ever asking for their consent.

Surveillance Socialism, unilaterally claims human experience as free raw material “Collective ownership” that can be used like the village commons or the kolkhoz, for translation into dollars, and state security, via the usage of our life’s behavioural data and for more sinister uses anyone can monetize and use as such, under the guise of the internet lawlessness.

And although some of these data are applied to service improvement, the rest are declared as a proprietary behavioural surplus, fed into advanced manufacturing processes known as ‘machine intelligence’, and fabricated into prediction products that anticipate what you will do now, soon, and later. Finally, these prediction products are traded in a new kind of marketplace that like behavioural futures markets.

The 1984 Surveillance State Socialists have also grown immensely powerful and even extremely wealthy from these neurological trading operations, so much so, that for many Facebook like companies, there are markets where corporate and state security apparatus agencies, are laying market bets on our future behaviour.

While the general modus operandi of Facebook, Google, Apple, et al has been known and understood by very few people for a while, what has been missing – and what Zuckerberg and his Facebook now provide, is the new level of Evil that have scaled to be sitting atop of the Himalay mountain tops of sinister commerce in trading people’s lives and their very souls. Indeed we need to stop this but first we ought to understand it in order to curtail it.

Necessary insight is needed in order to place it and situate this behavior in a wider context amongst the ravages that it has brought to the global social commons that it has exploited massively and has left behind a lunar landscape that looks unerringly like the Alberta tar sands desolation, that replaced the primary forest that once was there.

And while most of us think that we are dealing merely with algorithmic inscrutability, in fact what confronts us is the latest phase in socialism’s long evolution – from the collective ownership of the means of production, namely the making of products, to the collective mass production, to managerial socialism, to social services, to financial socialism, and now to the exploitation of our lives, through the surveillance state and the personalized as well as massive behavioural predictions, that are covertly derived from the surveillance of all internet and mobile telephony users.

In that sense, this continuation of a tradition that started with the national socialists of Adolf Hitler and rest of the NAZIs, and was only rivaled by the global socialists of Lenin, Stalin, Trotsky, Derzinsky, & bolshevik variety — has now come to our shores as a stinger missile up our collective “derriere” to promote some of that kind of fvckin that Facebook was initially designed to promote amongst the Harvard coeds.

Today’s digital technology is separating the citizens in all societies into the surveilled and the surveillors.

In other words, Facebook is separating the world’s citizens into two groups: The watchers and the watched…

Can you live like that?

For most of you the answer will be probably a yawning YES.

Yes, because when viewed from this perspective, the behaviour of the digital giant Security apparatus machines like Facebook, looks rather different from the roseate & optimistic hallucinations of the readers and the writers of Wired magazine, or the elite of Media Lab of MIT, and their ilk who are besotted to the Defense appropriations bills, or to the legion of eager beavers from the tech campuses, and their socialist tech promoters, along with the Johnny-come-lately bottom feeders of the digital social network revolution.

But when one sees instead that Facebook is a state apparatus and a ruthless tool of surveillance, the likes of which the founder of KGB Derzinsky, would have been proud — you might modulate your answer to a giant NO.

No, because first of all there is Faqcebook’s arrogant appropriation of users’ behavioural data, that when viewed as a free resource, there are available for the taking by the security apparatus and their lackeys like Facebook, Google, Apple etc. Recently Apple gave all of Roger Stone’s password and data to the FBI without rising up to the privacy protection afforded to jihadist terrorists…

From that action alone it is easy to see why Facebook, Microsoft, Google, Apple, et al, are all collectively “the Evil Empire” as lackeys of the vast security apparatus and their multi-tentacled reach. The use of data mining and algorithmic methods to extract or infer specific data even when users had explicitly denied permission, followed by the use of secret and insidious technologies that are opaque by design and that fostered the necessary user ignorance — is another nail in the coffin of our Free Will, and Privacy.

And, of course, there is also the fact that the entire Facebook data harvesting project is conducted in what is effectively lawless – or at any rate law-free – territory. In the same vain as Facebook – Google decided that it would digitize and store every book and article ever printed, regardless of copyright issues, author’s permission, monetization, or justice and property rights. In the digital commons all is the property of the Collective. Nor was anyone informed that Google street view, would photograph every street and every house on the planet without asking anyone’s permission.

Indeed, when Facebook launched its infamous “beacons”, which reported a user’s online activities, purchases, and habits, and then published them to other peoples’ news feeds without the knowledge of the user — they claimed technological advantage and ignorance of the repercussions of gluing people to the business of always observing and reporting other people’s behavior…

And so on, the new surveillance socialist networked technology operates in accordance with the social network’s disrupter mantra that “it is easier to ask for forgiveness than for permission” once you are set to do evil and you cannot stop yourself from acting upon all of your evil designs…

So when it is revealed that “surveillance is the business model of the internet” we are really only hinting at the reality that Facebook, the CIA, and Mark Zuckerberg have now brought to bear. The combination of state surveillance and its socialist social network counterpart scheme, means that digital technology is separating the citizens in all societies into two groups: the watchers (invisible, unknown and unaccountable) and the watched.

Remember the German  movie about the STAZI years of Soviet style Socialism where everybody watched and reported on everybody else?

That movie was titled: “The Lives of Others.”

We are living in it right now…

This is what Facebook and the surveillance Socialism Networks have brought to us today. has profound consequences for democracy because asymmetry of knowledge translates into asymmetries of power. But whereas most democratic societies have at least some degree of oversight of state surveillance, we currently have almost no regulatory oversight of its privatised counterpart. This is intolerable.

So by now, I hope that we all know about the Facebook criminality, and their association with the nefarious security apparatus agencies, and the jailers of freedom everywhere, but do we know about what to do with them to turn them around?

And is that even possible?

First off, we ought to examine is Facebook could be brought to heel or it is a lost cause and it should declared an appendage of NSA, CIA, DIA, or any of the many other acronyms of the security apparatus that deprives us all of any pretense to privacy.

Maybe if we try to reimagine it — we might succeed, Because despite of my “techno-social-pessimism” I also hope that we have some alternatives to behavioural data-hungry mind altering machines like the Facebook company that could be made into something more benign, and perhaps even socially beneficial, but am not holding my breath for it.

Because indeed it is far more profitable for it to be a method of intelligence gathering apparatus from the shadowy people that track our lives, than anything else.

That of course may or may not prove to be true, but the damage it has already done is not precisely containable. Considering the likelihood that CIA related activities on Facebook have tried to tip the 2016 election to Hillary Cilnton, contrary to the “Russia-Russia” disinformation campaign — the damage is already measured and banked.

The fact that they failed to “seat” the Queen of Crime and Corruption and appoint her as the next President of the United States is the fact that there are still bugs and bizarre quirks within the Facebook dystopia, whose sheer perversity and magnitude would have likely driven old George Orwell to suicide when confronted with evidence of the Facebook’s and CIA’s evil schemings…

It’s all Big and it serves the Big Brother willingly and profitably since the CIA was the earliest big investor in Facebook. Nothing much has changed since then. TO be a stole is the biggest job of Mark Zuckerberg and that he shines the boots of the faceless bureaucrats of the secret machinery of the state, is his call to fame.

Now I think you would agree with me that we need to have a reasonable discussion about the power of “surveillance socialism” and the quest by the deep state and the companies subservient to the CIA et al, and to all other Security apparatus machinery, to predict, control, and modify our behavior — at will.

We are so fvckin predictable like the necktop-computers, the current humans I described in my book “Brain Software” who with the addition of the right type of software — are gonna jump as high, as our handlers want us to jump…

So let talk about it, because we are on the throes of losing all of our liberties and even our free will now.

Let’s talk about it because talking about the secret powers, technosocialism, unethical mind control and corpo-socialist governance, theft of personal identity, theft of freedom, theft of personal agency, mind control resistance, fear of disassociation, need for urgent activism to stop that subversion of freedom, and much much more.

Surveillance Socialism is a human creation that can be reversed, because it is not written in stone somewhere, but resides in the annals of the CIA and the Police State and not in some kind of technological inevitability like the Minority Report of predictors of future crimes being kept in brine for their own good and thought crimes police running around gunning down the potentially future criminals.

Surveillance Socialism was pioneered and elaborated through trial and error at Google in much the same way that the Ford Motor Company discovered the new economics of mass production or General Motors discovered the logic of managerial capitalism.

Surveillance socialism was invented around 2001 as the solution to financial emergency in the teeth of the dotcom bust when the fledgling company faced the loss of investor confidence. As investor pressure mounted, Google’s leaders abandoned their declared antipathy toward advertising. Instead they decided to boost ad revenue by using their exclusive access to user data logs, once known as “data exhaust” in combination with their already substantial analytical capabilities and computational power, to generate predictions of user click-through rates, taken as a signal of an ad’s relevance.

Operationally this meant that Google would both repurpose its growing cache of behavioural data, now put to work as a behavioural data surplus, and develop methods to aggressively seek new sources of this surplus.

The company developed new methods of secret surplus capture that could uncover data that users intentionally opted to keep private, as well as to infer extensive personal information that users did not or would not provide. And this surplus would then be analysed for hidden meanings that could predict click-through behaviour. The surplus data became the basis for new predictions markets called targeted advertising.

Sheryl Sandberg played the role of Typhoid Mary, by bringing surveillance capitalism from Google to Facebook. Here was the origin of surveillance data socialism, now used in an unprecedented and lucrative way as behavioral surplus, data science, material infrastructure, computational power, algorithmic systems, and automated platforms. As click-through rates skyrocketed, advertising quickly became as important as search. Eventually it became the cornerstone of a new kind of commerce that depended upon online surveillance at a size that is only possible in a massive totalitarian police state scale.

The success of these new mechanisms only became visible when Google went public in 2004. That’s when it finally revealed that between 2001 and its 2004 IPO, revenues increased by 3,590%.

Surveillance Socialism started with military applications, and “face & action control” and evolved into command and control system for the police state, and then moved on to advertising, where it became far more generalized to the whole tenet of human life.

Surveillance Socialism is no more limited to surveillance, control and command operations, but it is used very profitably for advertising and mass production of capital value through data and algorithms. It quickly became the default model for capital accumulation in Silicon Valley, embraced by nearly every startup and app. And it was a Google executive – Sheryl Sandberg – who played the role of Typhoid Mary, bringing surveillance socialism tools from Google to Facebook, when she signed on as Mark Zuckerberg’s number two in 2008. By now surveillance socialism is no longer restricted to a few evil geniuses hellbent on taking over the world, nor to individual companies, or even to the internet sector. It has spread across a wide range of products, services, and economic sectors, including insurance, retail, healthcare, finance, entertainment, education, transportation, and more, birthing whole new ecosystems of suppliers, producers, customers, market-makers, and market players. Nearly every product or service that begins with the word “smart” or “personalized”, every internet-enabled device, every “digital assistant”, is simply a supply-chain interface for the unobstructed flow of behavioral data on its way to predicting our futures in a surveillance economy.

Whole countries like China and the United States are using this technology with face recognition and AI, in order to Surveillance and control their populations. Of course in true socialist fashion China has taken it to a new level with social credits for behavior and many other developments that even George Orwell could not have foreseen…

Yet, back in the 1930s when George Orwell was fighting in Spain on behalf of the Republican cause — the national socialists of Germany intervened to save their brethren, the Spanish fascists, and thus one fine day the German Luftwaffe pilots started raining thermite bombs on Guernica.

Screen Shot 2019-02-15 at 12.21.47 PM

Nobody, could have imagined that they were writing the first pages of a story that would echo across space and time to a digital 21st century, where the surveillance state burns up people on the stake as they “burn” their data, their reputations, and even all the traces of their existence, out of the pages of reality & history. The first surveillance socialists also conquered the digital commons, by dropping incendiary napalm bombs onto the unsuspecting populace in order to create their scorched earth policy. Then, they simply declared the landscape to be “tabula raja” and took the blank state of our private experience, as their social commons, free for the taking, for translation into data for their private ownership, and for use as their proprietary knowledge.

They relied on misdirection and in fake aspirational talk like their famous dictum, “Do No Evil” and by deploying rhetorical camouflage, with secret declarations that we did not know anything about, and therefore, could neither understand, and obviously not to be able to contest.

Google began by unilaterally declaring that the world wide web was its to take for its search engine. Surveillance capitalism originated in a second declaration that claimed our private experience for its revenues that flow from telling and selling our fortunes to other businesses. In both cases, it took without asking. The Google founders, Larry and Sergey, foresaw that surplus operations would move beyond the online milieu to the real world, where data on human experience would be free for the taking. As it turns out his vision perfectly reflected the history of socialism, marked by taking away things that live outside the market sphere and declaring them collective commons and free for the use and the taking, or for their new use as surveillance tools and the massive commoditization of our lives.

We were caught off guard by surveillance socialism because there was no way that we could have imagined its actions, nor its far reaching repercussions, any more than the people of Spain and the internationals could have foreseen the rivers of blood that would flow from their struggle against the national Socialists of Hitler that came over to their country to test their weaponry and their methods before the advancement of the Second World War. Who amongst the people of Guernica would have thought of the napalm thermite bombs dropping from Stukas planes of Luftwaffee appearing out of thin air dripping death and destruction through the fiery melting of people’s bodies consumed by inextinguishable flames…

Like the Republican Spanish people, in the 1930s, we face a vastly superior enemy machine and an assault on our freedom that is something truly unprecedented.

Once we searched Google, but now Google searches us and share all their results with the government’s security and police state apparatus.

Is that what you want?

Screen Shot 2019-02-15 at 12.11.15 PM

Once we thought of the democratizing internet, and all of it’s many digital services, along with it’s nifty applications, as “free, but now surveillance socialists think of us — humans — as free food and as fodder for their behavior modification and persuasion cannons, in this war for the enslavement of the human spirit forever.

Imagine a boot stepping on a human scull forever, and now please recognize that the human skull under the jackboot is your own.

Maybe that will wake you up…

Yet for me the overarching question is this one:

What are our expectations of sovereignty over our own life?

And what are we willing to accept as the minimum invasion of our privacy for the provisioning of services?

And lastly this one too: Do we just accept the theory that the social network medium, the platform, the internet, the CIA, and her sister agencies, and all other mind controllers out there, “decide” and know best what is good for us?

And once that is the reality, do we accept it as simpletons, necktop computers, and mental machines – sheeple ready to head to the slaughterhouse as Adolf Hitler and his propaganda-control-extermination machine, and his minions ordered us, and then herded us onto the gas chambers, so many years ago?

And as the new mental masters modulate people’s behavior through the introduction of fake news that divides the people of this country and causes the particular kind of corrosive anger to all citizens, so much so that perhaps this time it might lead into the deep divisions that are usually followed by bloody conflict that leads to a new civil war.

And this new fangled civil war is what we have to fight against with all of our might before the devotions take root and before conflict becomes the only alternative for this country as well.

We’ve seen how this intersectionality destroys one country after another, and we need to urgently avoid becoming the playground of the “Gods of War” as all of our enemies wish us to become, in order to implode and self-destruct. And unfortunately, same as some of our ro-called “friends” want to “assist” us in becoming as they trigger & goad us on … to the brink of death.

To all those dark forces around us that use Psychops, propaganda and the Corpo-Socialist Surveillance & population behavioral modification systems, in order to divide us — I have only this to say:

Do you remember what happened to the Jews?

They were the other ones who got stiffed in the game of identity politics that Hitler instituted, and somehow, in a space of a short few years — they all ended-up in the gas chambers of the Anti-Semitic German devils and their evil industrial extermination machine of a whole People of human beings and of all the other undesirable and different ones…

So here is an open letter to all the evil men and women who seek to divide us and renew the horrors of the past:


You’ve been uncovered.

And now you’ve been marked for destruction.

Seems that whatever Coup D’Etat you were planning to unleash against our Republic in order to cover up your serious criminal misdeeds — has now completely failed.

The Civil War you want to start as the back-up plan is now also in the process of being revealed.

And a note to the wise: You have been uncovered and there are no more covert dirty psychops available to you, because your minions in the leadership of Facebook, Twitter,  Google, Microsoft, Amazon, etc have thrown in the towel and admitted their criminality…  Indeed your comrade Jeff Bezos of Amazon, and WaPo, with his creepy stupidity, of his recently revealed habit to be sending unwanted dick-pics to unsuspecting women, is just another example of how low these easily manipulated fools have fallen.

As for you … well … you are already toast — and you know it. What you don’t know yet, is when your fall from grace will stop, or where are you going to land.

The thing is that with defenders like myself and my comrades — no matter what happens, this House will stand.

We are the pillars upon which this great edifice of “E Pluribus Unum” stands, and we offer a solemn vow that we shall not forget the seeds of hate that you are sowing amongst us.

All behavior modification public tools must and will be banned.

All political propaganda tools of fake news and mass media, must, and will be controlled.

Controlling, persistent, following you, coersive & emotionally triggering subliminal and sublime advertising, must and will be banned.

All private and public organizations holding our personal information must be regulated, and forced by law to stop abusing us, and return our information and data to the native owners.

Any kind of Surveillance Socialism Corporation, or persons, inducing Psych-ops that promote behavior modulation & modification, coupled with political division, should be treated as a criminal and charged with treason, because this high crime must not be tolerated in the midst of our open democracy. And the ones found guilty because they are practicing it — must pay the stiffest of prices, because this is a capital crime against our Republic.

Let us do this now, because we need to become the Controllers of our personal information if we are to protect ourselves from the agents of hate, division, and discord. And especially if we are to keep our United States — united.

As for my fellow citizens — I must remind them that divisions, intersectionality, and identity politics are

As our beloved 14th President Abraham Lincoln paraphrasing Mark 3:25 and Mathew 12:25, said:

“A house divided against itself, cannot stand.”

Old honest Abe knew something about Civil War to be sure…

he had come to be inaugurated when the civil war was already ten days old, and he took office in a city surrounded by Confederate forces.

Civil War is always that awfully dramatic nightmare that looms in the background of a loud & argumentative Democracy like ours, but it also is a far more incipient danger, when the evil doers are hidden deep within our mechanisms of state in our transparent democratic Constitutional Republic that allows the violent tears in the fabric of State to become black holes that when un-mended, shall become the permanent wounds full of the festering puss of hate and misery, that inevitably and inexorably, leads to armed conflict and bloodshed, amongst the members of our national family.

And that is the simple plan of the globalists that aim to weaken, destabilize, and destroy these United States — because we are the last beacon of Liberty and Human Free Will standing, and we are indeed standing in the way of their mickey-mouse plans of control and domination for the whole world.

So they use their considerable powers of ownership of all the news networks and the propaganda machines to make our young and the fragile amongst us, all hateful, miserable, and unwilling to live with each other in peace and harmony, simply because they have been brainwashed with Millenia Socialism, and cannot understand how come those of us who don’t choose to be chronic stoners by smoking the evil weed — happen to be able to have different and liberty promoting ideas…

Screen Shot 2019-02-16 at 3.59.44 PM

Add to that, the intensified Psych-ops of the CIA and the various other Secret Police State agencies, like the broken FBI, that were infiltrated and led by the Socialist Surveillance society bosses, and we can easily end up fighting against each other in barricades that turn our cities into battlefields, like the muddy valleys of the 1860s that were filled with all the human carnage of rotting corpses of our youth. A youth simply divided by the color of the threads that made the cloth of their uniform and not anything else. And now they all subsequently lay wasted in the mud of the same color of the earth that received their rivers of blood. Blood of a youth — killed off to appease the Evil Gods of Slavery and Human subjugation that the Democrats of that time wanted to embrace for ever more…

Human carnage at a massive scale is what civil war is, and a wasted generation sacrificed in the altar of a faulty & divisive ideology, simply because the Democratic party of the 1860s wanted to maintain the institution of Human Slavery, in the same way as they still want to maintain the institution of Mental Slavery today in the year of the Lord 2019…

And they are willing to use all the means at their disposal to divide our society into it’s constituent colors, creeds, and national origins, while they constantly apply the psychological tools that trigger the most fragile parts of our Society and the most suggestible (young pot smokers) to bring them up to a hateful froth, and to prepare them to stand ready in war-footing, as they are assembling the other storm troopers, the ANTIFA thugs, the paramilitary wings of the permanently offended, permanently dissatisfied, and the permanently broken classes of depressed and deluded along with the pink-pussy-hat wearing fem-nazis, in squads and brigades intent on murder, violence, and mayhem.

Just remember the Kristal-nacht that led to the gas chambers of the concentration camps the anti-Semites had erected to burn all the enemies of the NAZI German state, because they all started out as simple identity politics and intersectionality social justice national socialist warriors in the brown shirts Antifa groups of their day…

I have personal experience of the hate these Antifa goon squads carry deep within, from when I was attacked inside the Microsoft headquarters while giving a simple speech, on the afternoon of the 28th of February of 2017, in building 28 (The Garage), in Redmond WA, and although they broke my head in an obvious assassination attempt, by the grace of God, I survived. But the attack still caused a massive head trauma, of which I am presently still recovering…

So now, I must remind my fellow citizens, especially the innocent, the females, and the young who are mentally fragile, and thus easily triggered, and all those others who might be aligned with the Democratic party of today and espouse political violence — about this awful truth that they have forgotten as they go down the road beating the battle drums of hate and division within our House:

Identity politics is perhaps the most pernicious and backwards policy of the 21st century, because our Constitution in all of its wisdom and glory — a couple of centuries earlier ended this practice along with the practice of estimating a person’s value by his or her color, creed, tongue, accent, parentage, or even ancestral land of origin. In this land we are all one: E PLURIBUS UNUM.

Lincoln’s emancipation proclamation of 1863, attempted to FINALLY end the SLAVERY and therefore the determination of a persons’ worth and life, simply based on the color of their skin.

Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation provided the legal framework for the emancipation of all four million slaves living incarcerated under bondage of slavery, throughout the American Southern & Democratic party ruled States. And it was for those states that the Emancipation took effect. And as the Union armies advanced, they also  committed the Union to ending slavery forever, ending the divisions amongst men, and ending all subjugation of man upon man from then on and into eternity — something which was a controversial decision even in the Northern states.

Hearing of the advent of the Emancipation Proclamation, more slaves quickly escaped to the Union army lines donning the cloth of righteousness, and wishing to fight for their freedom, as the Union Army units moved into the Southern plantation country. And as the Union armies advanced through the Confederacy, many more thousands of slaves were freed each day, until nearly all (approximately 3.9 million, according to the 1860 Census) were freed by July 1865.

“All Men Are Created Equal” is the preamble to our founding document, and that is why the American Civil War was fought.

Because of that simple fact, we are also not allowed today to be Anti-Semitic, as some fresh Democratic party representatives clearly are today, nor are we allowed to be anti-human being against anyone else today. And that is why we are not allowed to divide human beings into sections, identities, nor anything else, subdividing our brethren into easily controlled and conquered minority groups. We are not allowed to do that because Abraham Lincoln followed up his Emancipation Proclamation, with the 13th amendment to the US Constitution, that forever entrenched this act of Human Kindness, and Divine Justice, within our founding document.

The Thirteenth Amendment (Amendment XIII) to the United States Constitution abolished slavery and involuntary servitude for ever. The Thirteenth Amendment applies to the actions of private citizens, while the Fourteenth and FifteenthAmendments apply only to state actors. The Thirteenth Amendment is far reaching  intelligent legislation because it covers all aspect of slavery and thus enables the United States Congress to pass laws against sex trafficking, involuntary servitude, child labor, mental slavery, and other modern forms of slavery…

Indeed a great achievement for humanity from the soon thereafter “spilled brain” of Abraham Lincoln.

This is the New World’s Magna Carta: The humble 13th amendment to the constitution of the United States, adorned by all of its glory and all of its amendments, topped by the 13th. This indeed remains today as the crowning achievement of our global civilization.

Yet, identity politics today, along with their evil twin “intersectionality” not only lead to diversity delusions, but they also lead to unalloyed hateful division in our society and YES … they lead to a perilous kind of mental slavery that threatens to upend this very principle upon which we rest: Our beloved Constitution.

Sadly it is the so called “progressives” of today’s Democratic party, who want to “return” us all, to this antebellum, destructive and antidemocratic past. A past that the Southern  Democratic party espoused the barbaric system of slavery from centuries past, and where no amount of brains, brawn, or intellectual and personal merit,  would have allowed a man to rise up in Society, due to his color, or religion, and differing ideas, to the prevailing Status Quo. So if today’s intersectionality, and identity politics, prevents people from rising up to their rightful place in society — we must admit that Slavery is alive and well in our midst.

Well, what did you expect from the leftist Alinsky type of Democrat party crazies?

That’s what you get from the shrill voices promoting intersectionality, identity politics and societal divisionality:

Please keep this in mind because it matters greatly:

Division leads to Conflict & inexorably, Conflict leads to Civil War.

This has always been true; as the sequence of events in any nation’s history, right up to the full blown Civil Wars that ended the Roman empire and all the empires before it — have undoubtedly proven.

Yet, I agree that for some people … (very few people) … war is very profitable.

Profitable but never pretty.

For you and me, and for our children — war is not going to be neither profitable, nor fun.


As for Civil War …

Now that is another kind of ugliness.

It is pure unadulterated EVIL.

And the thing is that in the Civil War both sides lose because they are part of the same side to begin with. The children of the same nation turn their bayonets against each other and they end up cannibalizing their own flesh…

Imagine a beast eating up it’s own flesh … red of tooth and claw … and then eating up it’s own children. Yes, some species eat up their own young. Like humans engaged in the evilness of the civil war.

That is what Civil War looks like and if you’ve been to the Civil War museum, to the Arlington cemetery, or to the you’ll understand.

And then you might also comprehend that Civil War is an all together different thing, that I do not wish upon our worst enemies. Believe me. You cannot even handle seeing it … let alone living and dying under it.

Because, if you think the degradations of war are awful — you haven’t yet seen the ignominy and the raw awfulness and artlessness of Civil War.

Civil war is so ugly that one has to avert their eyes, lest the images of the dead and savagely dismembered humans become indelibly imprinted in your head. These are the bloody visions that one can’t unsee, as I can personally vouch for this.

I’ve seen it in many places where I was always advocating Conflict Resolution and failed. I’ve seen it in spades and I’ve come to massively detest it. Because I’ve seen it in all the geographies of this earth and it’s always the same smell of evil deeds emanating form the disemboweled remains of human beings.

I’ve seen it in the Algerian Sahara, in Northern Ireland, in Bosnia-Herzegovina, in Yugoslavia, in South Sudan, and in Darfur, and more recently in Syria, and elsewhere…

I’ve seen it and that is why I am sworn to fight against that particular evil.

That is all I am fighting against when I run for the Presidency of this country.

That is the evil that I try to avert.

And indeed to regain the PEACE is a big battle in and of itself.

Indeed it is a giant battle, but one that we must absolutely win.

And as you know, I already know how to win battles…

So let me win this battle for Peace for you.

But in order to win this monumental battle — we should start humble. We should start by simply protecting our own personal data, from all those smart folks who want to “personalize” our newsfeed, our inducement feed, and our actual mental feed.

We must absolutely protect our genetic, our psychological, and our political data, because that makes you far less susceptible to the evil “voices in your head” placed there by CIA and all the other socialist spooks, who control the propaganda machines to fit their needs.

By keeping that data private — you are far less likely top be targeted successfully, and you remain far less “triggered” by the tunes of unseen pied pipers, that follow you everywhere reinforcing messages of hate and discord. Because once the spooks got a hold of you — they use all the script readers masquerading as journalists at the public channels of fake news and misinformation like CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, etc to keep reinforcing the message. And they all lie to you, from Amazon’s Alexa, to the other asexual automaton Rachel Maddow of MSNBC, in order to trigger within you, and reproduced with million others — the behavioral responses they want to bring into a massive societal effect magnified with each meme that you keep seeing in your confirmation bias tunnel that reinforces their views as installed into you.

You’ve got to know the sinister uses and effects of “Brain Software” in order to fully understand this effect upon human beings’ minds, but if you want to read the book, here it is:

And this is how you get triggered, and start crying in the middle of the day, because “THEY” made you do it. Alexa and MSNBC, and all other mass media, are controlled by the same spook-chiefs who control the behavioral modification social network platforms of Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft’s LinkedIn, Google, etc, and who are all interconnected in this pyramid of socialist surveillance corporate hot mess, we have unwittingly gotten ourselves into.

But we can start cleaning up our act now. We should start humbly, by reclaiming our agency, by controlling our personal data,  by shielding our psychological, genetic, nerve-action-propensity info, triggering behavioral data, and suggestibility inducement data – in the same way that HIPPA requirements protect and shield our medical & genetic data, our DNA information, our illnesses, and our bio-markers and beyond, from prying eyes high and low.

That is why the founders had decided from the get-go, that our Privacy is SACROSANCT.

Screen Shot 2019-02-11 at 10.24.22 PM

And even though some of us willingly surrender our DNA data to untrustworthy corporate socialist surveillance companies under the guise of finding our  long lost and distant historical ancestors — the intelligent ones amongst us recognize the grave vulnerability this practice creates for ourselves, and by extension for the whole of our society, and refrain from sending our DNA recognition kit to the Mormon church, to, to, and to all other unscrupulous gatherers of this type of sensitive and hugely identifying personal data that makes each person vulnerable to becoming the next “Manchurian Candidate” in whatever field of life and position you work, live and exist as a free and unfettered human being — because it can turn you easily into a remote controlled SLAVE.

No wonder the Democratic party supports all of these Socialist Surveillance cornucopia of Mind Control and Behavior Modulation and Modification.

It was a psych-ops experiment to see how this system works, but by witnessing the women’s parades and marches with hundreds of thousands of ordinary females (& some undecided) somehow all “finding” pink pussy hats, all at the same time, and all wearing these awful looking and admittedly ridiculous headgear strutting themselves on public avenues and the streets of America — I admit that the behavior modulation & modification technology works like a charm for the intended purposes and the triggered masses who’s reminds have been all but taken by the dark and sinister manipulators of the dark art of Mental Slavery…

What a pity … because it is always the weaker of the species (females, homosexuals, children, stoners, etc) that are easily prone to triggering mechanisms, mental slavery, and even full scale remote control manipulation…

And what a bloody shame, to see all these millions of ordinarily innocent and fragile people, becoming automatons of hate. People who are not even being aware that they are manipulated into doing stuff that they would ordinarily not do…

Indeed the lesson here is that we have to protect the weaker members of our society from the ravages of the Psych-Ops mental Slavery machines, by uncovering this matters.

So as President of the Lincoln party and as Candidate for the Presidency of the United States — I aim to reverse all those illiberal trends of coercion and control of the people of this great country, and to protect all of our personal and privileged data along with all of our medical records to the same extent as our medical records should be protected.

And we shall accomplish all this, quite easily in fact, through the help of already existing & trusted private and public third parties, privacy advocates, individual human rights organizations, and all others who will hold our information in trust, so that private and public service providers can only use that information if they are to provide us with their useful wanted services, but cannot use it to spread discord and division to create conflict amongst us…

So together we should offer a resounding “NO” to the Surveillance & Control Socialism Police State propagated by the vast machinery of the CIA and other butthurt agencies of doom, and from the seemingly runaway AI of the Surveillance Socialist Networks, their Psychops operations & effects companies, and from the propaganda News networks, along with the telecommunications behemoths.

So, dude,

Give me back my FREE WILL and everything will be OK again.

Or else, all hell is gonna break loose.



Dr Churchill


Of course our data, our lives under the microscope and the time and lives of everyone around us are offered willingly, and that ugly mirror of reality becomes the company’s only currency.

And that currency is what it offers to the secret spooks and all others at a heady discount to the cost of human intelligence gathering apparatus. You are being constantly and voluntarily surveilled my friends – simple as that.

We need to become the Controllers of our personal information with the help of trusted private and public third parties, who will hold our information private, sacred, and sacrosanct, much like our medical records are being held safe under HIPPA regulations, so that private and public health service providers can use that information to provide us with their services.

No other source should be able to use our data for evil machinations. Certainly not the intel fools like Zuckerberg of Facebook, and Bezos of Amazon — people with the morals of gnats, with the social graces of a subterranean worm, coupled with the social skills of the black rhino. These are fools and indelicate people who can only excel at sending dick picks to hapless and largely disinterested people, and who treat others as they would treat themselves — with disdain and fear, so they collect all the data they can scoop up in order to control them.

So now you know why Amazon’s Alexa collects all the words uttered in your home even when you think it  is not listening…

Mass Surveillance my friends. That what is all about. You have invited the CIA and all other spooks to manhandle you inside your own home.

Please go back and reread the book 1984 to get a refresher course on human liberty’s awful death at the hands of the socialist project handlers.

And please don’t blame the Russians.

Because it is your own CIA that does the surveillance within the domestic borders of this country and it is the self same people who hoard your personal and private data, and that is a major crime, since they are (CIA) supposedly not allowed to conduct domestic operations.

And they bring you all manner of BS to distract you. Including the popular stories of collusion, because they have co-opted the news organizations and they all provide you with a version of reality that will surely keep you occupied following the bouncy castle boobies of Stormy Daniels, and Donald Trump’s pvssy talk, instead of the destruction of our Republic at the hands of the socialist network minders.

Read the book 1984 and connect the dots of why the Russia collusion story today is the screen behind with all manner of dirty tricks are hidden from your overextended vision, and overburdened mind… that the whole industrial complex of misinformation through the fake news ministry of propaganda keeps churning out by the ton.

The whole Russia-Russia bullshit is the fake game that spreads disinformation against the imaginary “enemy” so that the self revealing idiots, get to further reveal themselves while being fed shit and kept in the dark, like all good mushroom farms do to grow their ‘shroums.

Of course Facebook outside of its massive surveillance for the “Police Socialist State” usefulness — is just another game. And as an attention gathering game, we all clearly know that without our continued attention, contributions, and voluntary surrender of the most basic human intelligence — they’ve got nada.

Facebook quite literally has nothing, and it’s an absolute bubble, once you distance yourself from it and regain your depth of field perspective…

Indeed it is all a house of mirrored cards, that allow us to look at ourselves and at our anomalies, but now it still serves well, as a self interrogation chamber and as a digital mini Zuck-CIA-evil empire, that surveils all of us and takes aways our basic Constitutional freedoms.

Is this still the land of the FREE & the BRAVE that it says on the marquee?

Or is it some giant Police state that we are prisoners of?

Let’s reflect upon this position and find our rushers again and maybe we can turn the lights out on this evil empire.

If you want a revolutionary as a President — you can well choose me, yet I can advise you ahead of time, that you do not need me to turn the evil off and wake up from this nightmare of Orwellian proportions.

You simply have to be strong and walk away from it.

Indeed that would be all the heroism required from you.

Walk away and leave all that FB platform crap behind.

And if enough of us do just that — we can wake up from this collective nightmare now.

Go ahead and shut down your profile and boycott this surveillance platform and you’ll be better for it. Of course the benefits will accrue for all of us, after the pangs of withdrawal and the pains of isolation can be soothed, from this proven neurological addiction.

Let’s all boycott Facebook and let’s see the evil empire crumble because it is just an empire of the mind and nothing more and it could all be brought down with a single exhale of letting go of your profile, and deleting the damn thing…

Let’s free up ourselves because being human, means that we are free to choose…

Yet we ought to use this freedom to “CHOOSE” wisely the course of our Republic.

Screen Shot 2019-02-16 at 1.35.30 PM

We are living in an age of information and this surveillance and behavioral control technology is maturing. Therefore, we need to reorganize our way of living, our laws, our organizational schemes, in order to benefit from this, and not to be enslaved by it. We need to retake control of our selfdom. Our own sovereignty. SELFDOM is key here. And if we want to remain private — we can do that. Whereas if want to make our personal information public, sharing, and open — we must be able to do that too, and enjoy our lives whithout losing control.

We are endowed with Free Will, in order to be able to follow our individual destiny.

But living under Surveillance Socialism means we are no longer free humans. Instead, we are enslaved manageable and manipulated computerized “objects” tamed of all freedom, and treated worse than all of the animals imprisoned in the zoological gardens known as City Zoos.

What’s next?

AI robots ruling over us.

Sadly, we are all sleep waking towards this sad future.

But methinks, that we don’t have to live inside 1984 any longer.

We can rebel and revolt to regain our freedom and it’s just as easy as asking for it.

Let’s go get it.

Happy Valentine’s to you all and may Freedom ring, with Love for all.


Screen Shot 2018-11-15 at 5.11.46 PM

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