Posted by: Dr Churchill | April 12, 2019

The inclusion of sociology in secondary education is akin to brainwashing students and turning them into slaves of a totalitarian ideological construct

The inclusion of sociology in secondary education is akin to brainwashing students and turning them into slaves of a totalitarian ideological construct.

And although the voters threw out the brainwashing prior government and assigned all their leaders into the circular file cabinet of history, the political ideas of the previous ruling party are taught to the students of all the public schools, who they give tests to prove the learning of left-wing obsessions, through the new lessons of sociology & all other intersectionality and divisive diversity studies figuring powerfully within the existing curriculum, like Common Core and other unscientific inanities…

Yet, with sociology, the problem lies in the fact that this particular lesson, taught in secondary education, is presented as an acquaintance with a science, while in reality it is nothing more than catechism into the obsessions of the leftist deep state and the Obama/Hillary brigade that is more interested in allowing trannies to enter the little children’s bathrooms than anything else.

Seriously folks — this is their only agenda.

So, if students adopt and internalize these concepts, then their hearts and minds will be polluted and as new people — they will be totally lost to us, and thus we will face a very big problem in the future as a society, because the false prophets of Intersectionality, Identity Politics, and the falsely named “Social justice” are only seeking to overthrow all aspects of gentleness that Western Civilization carries and replace them with barbarity and incivility such as the return to the awful custom of open defecation that we witness everyday onto the streets of San Francisco, Seattle, and Portland, where the homeless and the drug addict populations, simply pull down their pants and poop on the very sidewalks they live on in the parks and downtowns of the major cities of the Western United States that have decided to be called Sanctuary Cities.

And indeed you have to make the connection from the study of Sociology to the Open Defecation on the streets of our downtowns and our parks, because the worst of all leftist obsessions are taught and adored within the sociology lesson, and it is the euphemistically called social justice.

Social justice is the left idea that inequalities between people are the product of some injustice and the government has to eliminate them. According to the lesson of sociology, economic inequalities are due to exploitation, ie injustice. The idea of ​​Marx’s goodwill, which is also taught in sociology, means that when a citizen produces wealth he succeeds in exploiting his fellow man. So enriching someone is done to the detriment of someone else. Naturally, this is not the case, because when one gets rich, he succeeds in delivering either products, or services sought by his fellow human beings and making it work for other fellow human beings. Bill Gates did not become the richest man in the world by stealing other poor people, but by providing the most competitive software in the world, and hiring the most skilled experts in this field with the highest wages on the market. In the help book of sociology for teachers, it is pointed out that poverty is not treated by the individual with his individual effort, but by the state with the redistribution of wealth. Therefore, sociology teachers teach the students of the school that their individual effort will not bring them anything, and in order to cope with their financial difficulties they should rely on the benefits of the First Left Party.

The proven erroneous Marxist idea of ​​surplus value and the toxic concept of class struggle are taught in the sociology lesson and extend beyond individual economic transactions and the global economy. As a person enriches himself by exploiting others, the rich countries have also achieved their growth through the unfair exploitation of third countries which have been poor or poorly exploited. Then, the fact that Third World countries remain very poor is responsible for colonialism from the past and Western capitalism today. It does not say anywhere that the Third World countries that have adopted capitalism since the last decade of the last century belonged to the richest in the world, such as the Asian Tigers of South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong. Obviously, the authors of sociology write on the left’s notions and not according to reality.

But let us examine what does the left have to do with progress, and we will better understand that they are really an impediment to progress and a strong throw back, and a harkening back, to the days when we did not have any sanitation, nor indoor toilets, and not even outdoor outhouses — but instead people just went out to the fields and defecated like the homeless population does in the Western United States capital cities…

Screen Shot 2019-02-16 at 3.59.44 PM

Sociology refers to the Second World, which consisted of the Communist states. But nowhere is it being considered, because the countries that have practiced Marxist obsessions, such as social justice and class struggle, have failed to produce wealth and have destroyed their societies. Mao’s China is the worst country in human history, where due to the application of the social justice of the Marxist dictator, within three decades they lost between 70 and 120 million people. After Mao’s death, his successor rejected the socialist economy and social justice, adopting capitalism. China, with the opening of its economy, has been transformed from a country that has mainly exported root to an exporter of hi-tech products and today’s GDP is close to that of the US.

Despite the blessed name of social justice, the central goal of the left in the twentieth century is a devastating idea, which should be considered repulsive. High school students would have to learn why social justice is a poisonous substance to society and because it is far more dangerous than racial purity promoted by fascism. Racial purity, as opposed to social justice, from the beginning sounds like a satanic idea that promotes the submission or extermination of other groups of people. The goal of social justice is to help the less successful people, but where it was implemented, it brought tragedies that had nothing to jealous of the Holocaust. Its first application was in the agricultural production of the Soviet Union and led togenocide of Ukrainians , eight years before the Holocaust.

The question that is not found in the schoolbook of sociology is how social justice will come about. Which government will be so capable and virtuous that it will eradicate all inequalities in the most fair way? Some of them with a short pathological liar in front of whom all other politicians are tortured, would be a deputy , but the writers know better that they do not ask such questions. It is good to say that they did not put as a sociological exercise on students to murder Ukrainian families, as did their idols in 1932.

By the way, the authors of school sociology are completely nailed to being leftist ideologists when they write that Russia and China had revolutions in October 1917 and 1949 respectively. The Russian revolution that overturned five centuries of Tsarist authoritarianism occurred in February 1917, while the so-called October Revolution was an Lenin armed coup which overthrew Russia’s first attempt to experiment with representative democracy. The Chinese Revolution, which brought to an end the totalitarian rule that ruled over two thousand years, broke out in 1911. In 1949, the Chinese Stalinists prevailed against the nationalists in their civil war, which broke out in 1946.

The Gulag Archipelago, which was written by Alexander Solzhenitsyn, is to this day the most important Russian book of the 20th century, since it was published in 1972 and inside these two thousand pages the author’s voluminous work has defeated all the ideas of Marxism, and it has also steam rolled over the New Left, as it has also flattened Socialism and the foolish Democratic Socialists, who along with the Neo-Marxist trying to pull the wool cloth over our eyes and bamboozle us with their con-games.

Indeed Alexander Solzhenitsyn, the survivor of the Siberian gulags and the author of this apocalyptic book, “The Gulag Archipelago” that he wrote and hid in strips of used paper from the bathrooms of the gulag — was eager to expose all variants of fascism of the tyrannical Socialist ideology, especially that of the New Left that is now the very central notion of the Democrat party and it’s left-wing obsession.

Apparently the collapse of the ideas of classical Marxism, led the desperate Marxists to the creation of the faculty of social strukturalism or constructivism, or more simply of neo-Marxism masquerading as Democratic Socialism in the West…

This particular Marxist school replaced the bankrupt idea of ​​the bourgeois exploiting the proletariat and the working classes, with the exploitation and oppression of the various racial and sexual minorities by the white patriarchy.

That is, women, homosexuals and people with different skin color, among others, are all victims to varying degrees of patriarchal tyranny. The inconsistent Marxist obsessions of the structuralists have their honor in the sociology of the school and are taught to the students who learn about male dominance in Greek society that “the model of the politician is the middle-class white man of mature age” and that the two sexes are social constructions. In Scandinavian countries, where gender equality is promoted elsewhere in the world,men and women have different professional preferences.

Indeed, it is stressed that the society, ie the white men that prevail in it, is what determines what the sexes have to do, and they report as examples the low female representation of surgeons, pilots and deputies. Of course, some of the most reputable professions are listed in the examples, where there is a low participation from women. If the authors and teachers of the lessons of sociology were sincere in their pursuit of more gender equality, then they would also discuss the even lower representation of female gender in the profession of foresters, miners, tree-cutters, military personnel, builders, carpenters, gardeners, roofers, plumbers, electricians, auto mechanics, and all those other unglamorous professions.

Let the Sociologists explain that particular conundrum away, or why it is not compulsory to include women in the military’s draft rolls after their 18th year of maturity, as men are required to do.

However, the fact that the majority of university students are women, while in prisons neither women nor minorities represent the majority of the total number of prisoners, rather cancels the allegation that white male dominance prevails in the American society today.

And then what about the nonsense that the old Imperialism is somehow akin to today’s terrorism?

The authors of sociology reproduce Lenin’s Marxist novelty about imperialism as a cause of transnational conflicts, that is to say, the economic elite of a country attempting to expand its sphere of economic influence, forces its government to violently collide with its country to exploit its wealthy sources or with another competitive state with similar objectives. In other words, the authors as genuine Greek leftists still live the conflicts of the colonial powers. Unfortunately, Marxist obsession with imperialism does not explain anything in relation to the conflicts currently taking place in Ukraine, the Middle East and Afghanistan, nor does it even touch on the causes of genocide that occurred in the twentieth century in Central and Eastern Europe, in the Western Balkans, East Africa and the Middle East,

In terms of terrorism, sociologists, having informed us that a first response to its causes may arise from consideration of the notices of terrorists themselves, add that sociology seeks “the roots of terrorism in poverty, imperialism, and exploiting the resources of the Third World.”

However, anyone who has been dealing with jihadist and fervent Islamic terrorists for a while — will tell you, that it is a complete waste of time. Because anyone involved in dealing with terrorism, knows that for many years now, al-Qaeda and all others, like ISIS, and the Caliphate, have been publishing all their notices in doublespeak. That is they produce one type of writing in English what is meant for the Western readers, where they said for example that Osama Bin Laden was fighting for the rights of the Palestinians, for the native Afghans against the Soviet Union, and also for the Paris agreement on climate change, etc. All the while the same publications written in Arabic and published by the same Islamic jihad fundamentalists in Arabic, are keen to be seen as preaching to the Sunnis, that they have the religious duty to carry out a sacred war against all the other devoted religions, until they enslave them and thus enforce their own virulent Islamic version of religion upon them.

Who would have imagined that the sociologists were the only ones to take seriously the Arabic Salafists’notices to the West, while forgetting to read the Arabic language version of the self-same. Because if we leave up to the sociologists the search for the roots of terrorism — they will zero into irrelevant things that are mainly social problems such as poverty, imperialism, and exploitation of the Third World from the West, rather than understanding that the virulent hateful philosophy of a desert cult — has morphed into a death cult across the world ever since the introduction of jihad in the 6th century by the goatherd prophet of Arabia.

God rest Mohammed’s soul, but his best apologists today are the Western Sociologists rather than the Muslim mullahs, because their graphic allegations have been abolished countless times since 2001 by those who are academically engaged in counter-terrorism.

The lesson of sociology is nothing more than the conversion of youth on the left. It teaches students all the manifestations of the obsessions of Marxism by the classical one, such as the struggle of classes and the goodwill of labor, imperialism from Leninism and reaching the patriarchal oppression of Neo-Marxism. Yet, apart from the perceptions of three different schools of Marxism, in the curriculum of sociology, the ideas of Ballet and the Khmer Reds for excellence. Students of the Greek language are taught that the titles replace the old titles of nobility and that they are “titles that justify those who already feel sovereign”, whatever that means.

The Socilogists also praise the full legalization of all alien and illegal immigrants, despite their controversial role in causing social unrest, crime, and also failing to protect the few yet real refugees, who need to be protected based on human right abuses in their place of origin. Of course, since the US is a top destination because it supports legal and also free migration within the United States, it is also a magnet for the Sociologists ire…

The inclusion of sociology in secondary education is nothing more than brainwashing in underage students, as their character is in shape and vulnerable to political indoctrination. Sociology is the Socialist’s ultimate effort to sow their ideological seeds of destruction into the heads of the next generations of Americans, now that their time at the switch, has come to an end.


Dr Churchill


Apparently Betsy DeVoss and the rest of the Educational department of the Untied States government has to abolish sociology from the secondary education fully and absolutely. They should have done so from the very first day that they took over the government — but now is the best next chance to do this and this correct a wrong.

Students should prefer and they should ask to be taught the texts of Pliny, John Locke, Cicero, Seneca, Monsieur and Demosthenes, to know why they need to defend our Republic and our Democracy, before we end-up following the example of Russia where, since 2009, “The Gulag Archipelago” by Solzhenitsyn, is taught in all the schools, so that our future citizens are not deceived by left-wing populists and Socialist demagogues, who use easily lovable and catchy slogans in order to defeat logic and the hard realties of Life and History.

Equally important, students would be to get the young students better acquainted with the philosophical ideas of the Scottish Enlightenment, in order to discover that individual freedom has brought about the unthinkable economic, technological, and innovation progress, that humanity has enjoyed in the past three centuries — instead of being the victims of the Socialists, the New left, and of the Neo-Marxists, who are now trying to divide society in outraged minorities full of imagined casualties and perceived sacrifices, and playing the blame game of fake victims, railing against the western culture for whatever is crooked in their personal lives, for their evil addictions, for their surrendering into the many broken pleasures of the flesh, and also for whatever else might be happening in the wider world — including the changeable weather.

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