Posted by: Dr Churchill | June 18, 2019

George Orwell prophetic words of 1944

George Orwell. the author of the prophetic book about totalitarianism, titled “1984” wrote his most prescient words to a friend, in a recently found personal letter that was sent on the 18th of May of the year 1944, in the middle of the Second World War, and almost five years before the publication of his pivotal book titled “1984” into which he was “looking” at the future of our World forty years forward, as he were expressing himself about the dystopia that seemed to be the future of the Western Democracies at the aftermath of the Totalitarian powers taking hold of every one country everywhere on this Earth of ours…

It is understood by all that since Orwell, had seen in his lifetime the awfully stifling totalitarianism, taking place in Spain, in NAZI Germany, and indeed in the whole of Hitler occupied Europe, and of course throughout the Soviet Union Republics & Russia, prompted Orwell to talk and write about this evil darkness overtaking the whole world.

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Thus it came that George Orwell several years before the publication of “1984” but certainly while he was writing the drafts and coalescing the thoughts that are central to the book “1984” and while he was commenting on his daily radio show at the BBC — he wrote to a friend about the world’s totalitarian situation, and the creeping fascism that will surely engulf the Western Civilization.

Yet he wrote from the standpoint of a reporter, who has seen first hand the ravages brought to the people from the kind faced and mealy mouthed Socialists, who unleashed daily terror, under the name of Democrat, or Leftist or Liberal, or even of that very National Socialist, the hated NAZI party of Adolf Hitler. Orwell was not though an ordinary observer. Having suffered at the hands of those totalitarians and having the scars from the bullet that pierced his neck — he was the man who hated fascism in all its forms and garden varieties of the poison weed called Socialism.

And thus Orwell came to recognize the “wolf in sheep skin” as the crypto-fascism of today, the daily variety of fascism, that is easily found to be hiding in plain sight, under the cloth of niceness, compassion and government support, by the nanny-state, for the masses, so loved by the Leftists, who are recently christened as “Liberal & Progressives.”

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And it is this fascist tendency that is beloved by today’s Intellectuals, and by the seemingly endless Democratic parties asking for more government controls of the everyday life of all the people.

And it is also the far more obvious and odious totalitarianism emanating from the wooden truncheons and the baseball bats of the brownshirts of the Democrats, and out of the muzzles of the guns of the progressive liberals’ and the US Democrat party military squads — the domestic terrorist Antifa organizations in America, and their counterparts in the UK, and all the rest of the violent wings of the Democratic party, who like the IRA that destroyed Ireland for over 50 years, have now come to embody the hate that destroys Western Democracies in our lifetime.

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Yet George Orwell, presciently sensing, and fully seeing that which we seem to be experiencing today in the United Kingdom and in the United States of America — presaged the evils of today’s violent totalitarians, by describing their prevailing action plans and their “modus operandi” in the following prophetic statement that he made in this letter written in the Spring of 1944, well before the end of the Second World War — the bloodiest conflict in history of mankind — and five years before the book “1984” came onto being.

George wrote to his friend: “The progressive intellectuals are more totalitarian in outlook than the common people, because most of them are perfectly ready for dictatorial methods, secret police, systematic falsification of history etc, so long as they feel that it is a win on “our” side.
Being a “progressive” is so much nicer a word than being a “totalitarian” yet the intellectually progressives’ ideas are turning into a frightening set of dismal realities, such as the doublespeak of the Ministry of Truth, which alters reality by saying things such as, WAR IS PEACE, FREEDOM IS SLAVERY, IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH, and TOTALITARIANISM IS PROGRESS.”

–George Orwell

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Words to the wise.

That is all folks.

Dr Churchill


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