Posted by: Dr Churchill | July 30, 2019

The Great Genghis of Ghengdu

Once upon a time in China, there was a man named Charlie…

Charlie was a simple man.

He was a family man.

He was an agriculturalist.

He was a peasant…

Yet, Charlie was also a Christian apostle.

He was an evangelist.

And he was a simple man.

Albeit he was a man who was called to higher office.

Indeed, Charlie was called upon to preach the word of God.

And Charlie did this with a passion that is unusual for the Chinese people who are reserved in all actions of their lives, for fear of the surveillance state and of their slave masters, the all powerful Chinese Communist party overlords…

Yet Charlie was seemingly oblivious to all that, and he preached with such fervor and in such an unusual fashion, that he was called by everyone — the new Genghis…

Charlie became the Genghis of Ghengdu. A larger than life figure towering amongst his contemporaries and his comrades.

Of course as in all such stories, the man we call Genghis, much like his namesake Ghengis Han, was a dimunitive person. Yet a person with abundant energy, and with plenty of vigor to go along and with some really really, big dreams…

As for Charlie himself — he was feeling pretty small having come from his one horse and two cows red clay village in the distant mountainsides, he saw the big city as his new home where his dreams were to surely come true, but he contrasted his small stature to that of his fellow people and found his size wanting…

But where he excelled in size, in stamina, and in persuasion above all else — was in his teachings about Jesus where he was seen as an enlightened speaker as anyone else alive today or long dead.

Because one of Charlie’s extra large dreams, was to find meaning in his life, and beyond. And apparently that’s what happened when he found Jesus Christ on his way to the big city.

And once he found the meaning of his life — he was so happy that he chose to turn on others to Jesus, and to make it a game and see if he could turn-on to Jesus, as many errant and slave people as he could find in this lifetimes.

And this is what Charlie did — always fishing for people, not amongst the poor and forgotten, but amongst the powerful and wealthy, and certainly amongst the most hardened party members, the devoted atheists, and the solid dialectic materialists, and especially amongst the evil doers of his newly adopted city.

And poor Charlie found plenty of them indeed, at least amongst the leaders of the ruling Communist People’s Party in this capital city of Southwest China, named Ghengdu city.

And for whatever reason they listened to him speaking in his tilted accent, and being a country bumpkin always entertained them, so they cut him some slack as people often do towards the simpletons.

Because Charlie had come to Jesus late in life at about the same time that he chose to travel to this vast metropolis of ten million people — having been born in a small village of less than three dozen souls, in a family of hard scrapers, tilling the earth and planting seeds for growth at the edges of the Sichuan plateau — he had all the fixings of the previous century’s village people, with the scruffy dress and head cap, along with the tire-soled shoes, and the peasant flat head…

And because he was truly a son of the black earth of this province’s rich organic soil that throughout millennia of agriculture – had been so depleted that only few things could still grow there — the officials listen to him attentively and cut him some slack for his indiscretion in speaking about this foreign “Ferenghi” God, that nobody had ever heard of…

But Charlie persisted and he became annoying to those people in power in this place of agriculture, where they grew one thing and one thing only, in a vast monoculture of growing and harvesting red peppers.

Because it was pepper that made this area of Sichuan rich in exports of this most desirable of spices…

And since this is the province where the famously tiny, yet spicy-hot & strong Sichuan peppers are born, same as Charlie, whose real name was indeed Genghis — a Mongolian name that he changed, as soon as he came to the big city to follow his dreams.

Much like the hot chili peppers from Sichuan — Charlie was hot and spicy.

He was spicy in the good sense that a great dreamer can be when he seeks to realize his dreams in a small time.

Yet Charlie, whose affable nature and small stature, belied the potency of his spirit, always asked if you had time for another cup of tea to speak and learn from you English or whatever you had to teach him.

Another cup of tea…

That was how Charlie stole your time, opened up your spirit, and entered into your body — unobserved, just like the local chili pepper, that somehow slips in your body unseen & unobserved, even though you took care to remove all the red bits from your food, still the little pungent hot pepper must somehow have sweetly and serepticiously slipped in…

Charlie like the hot Schechuan peppers, under the subterfuge of hearing and perhaps even learning what you had to teach him — he would take hold of your senses in a long held internally pleasant yet searing heat, and hold you hostage to that state of being for quite a while after you had your “food.”

That afterglow emanating from you belly is the Sichuan chili pepper heat that steams up your stomach and gut — long after you’ve ingested this so called Demons’ pepper, and a long time after you have felt and dealt with the initial onslaught of excruciating heat to the senses. A heat caused by that T-Rex overcoming Sichuan peppers that sear your mouth, close your throat, swimming tears onto your eyes, cause smoke to come out of your ears, and as the heat goes down … it shuts your throat tighter than a strangler’s noose, before it comes to expand uncomfortably into your belly seeing an explosive exit through your anus, while gaining speed coursing your small and large intestine…

So tight does your body feel after that pepper gets inside of you and hits your “bottom” reaching all of your extremities and filling them up with heat — that you have to take some drastic action lest the fever overtakes you.

Screen Shot 2019-07-03 at 2.48.31 PM

So you’ve got to change things a bit, fan yourself, and drink some cool milk — just to cool down a bit, and this is the exercise that Charlie would always put me through just to see me savoring our conversation but not the food, all the while suffering through it, just to be with him and talk till my ears overheated and I couldn’t hear not more.

Old Charlie the joker, took far too much pleasure in torturing me with super-hot-chilly-pepper richly infused Schechuan food in a failed attempt to get me used to that belly burning variety of ethnic food, that some people try for fun, but I am unable to stomach or even to keep-it down — and that is what’s the most memorable thing to me about his work with people. He persisted.

And often times he succeeded to have people try and eventually keep deep down the gospel and the loving message of our loving Lord, and that’s why, for all the souls that he touched, and he managed to ignite the torch of Jesus Christ within — he was a pronounced a true life Saver.


Dr Churchill


And perhaps that is why he will sorely be missed now that the Communist party hard liners who choose to exterminate all the Christian missionaries — especially those that hold the home churches where people find God and Grace — have gotten hold of him and dispensed with his life amidst awful tortures and privations.

Am quite certain that Charlie — the incredible Genghis of Ghengdu, has earned his spot in paradise at the Elysian fields next to his heavenly father, no doubt.

Sadly that is a daily occurrence in China where apostolic missionaries of Love, like Charlie, the Gengis of Gengdhu, suddenly go missing, and their home churches demolished, their family disappeared, and their small children become the wards of the State.

Of course this inhuman communist state, gets its revenge, in “red meat” as they call it, when the pounds of flesh that represent the human organs, are harvested in China, by the State as state sanctioned revenge against the dissidents.

So as far as we know Charlie’s children were entered into the shady criminal state orphanages where they become unwitting, unwilling, and forced organ “donors,” as they await their time to return to their heavenly host, to be reunited with their earthly father the Genghis of Ghengdu.

The menu of human organs harvested illegally from unwilling folks in China has grown to epidemic proportions and we must seriously boycott that medical convenience trade because it harms all of us, and because that “Red Meat” is harvested illegally from young Christians, from prisoners of consciousness, from political prisoners, and from all kinds of Chinese martyrs who stand against the red tide of nazism and nihilism the communist party of China represents…

Screen Shot 2019-07-23 at 2.52.03 PM

And as this article on the rather circumspect scientific and thoroughly research verified and vetted article inside the NATURE magazine alludes to, not just about the obvious illegal and vastly immoral organ harvesting but about the publishing of the scientific research and results from such eminently rather widespread practices of organ harvesting in China :

Startling China organ claims raise alarm about transplant research

Researchers hope the conclusions of a people’s tribunal will pressure journals to reject papers that might include data from unethical transplants.
Web Link here:


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