Posted by: Dr Churchill | August 15, 2019

Hong Kong is the new Tiananmen square. It’s story is unfolding today…

The polite pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong, have started with the umbrella movement in the past few years and have now culminated into a mature body of protest in this semi-autonomous Chinese territorial city, where recently masses of Liberty loving people have staged more than 10 weeks of relentless protests demanding greater rights, more democracy, and a few civil liberties.

This is the old British-Asia financial hub that after the handover to China it has been governed under a “one country, two systems” legal framework. Yet since its handover to China from Britain in 1997, the Chinese government has eroded whatever freedoms existed before to the point that the situation is now intolerable for the citizens of this small enclave of wealth within the large mainland Chinese government.

And indeed for many weeks now, the residents of Hong Kong have politely asked for a measure of Independence as was promised in the handover of the territory from the British government to the Communist China, but now that the protests have grown into the airport and other key infrastructure pieces of Hong Kong — it seems that the days of the protesters are numbered.

As we learn the the advance guard of the people’s army has already infiltrated the territory and that the PLA army spies, along with the deep red Chinese Communist Party’s army cadres are already inside Hong Kong scoping the situation — we know that the full power of the People’s Red Army is not far behind…

Screen Shot 2019-08-15 at 9.28.48 AM

And now that the mainland Chinese authorities have linked the non-violent people’s pro-Democracy and pro-Liberty protests that have spontaneously erupted in Hong Kong to “terrorism” it is obvious that the coming showdown in Hong Kong, the huge clash of cultures, the bloodletting and resultant loss of life, are now unavoidable.

Since the Communist Party of China and the official mouthpieces of the regime, have consistently described the young Hong Kong protesters as rioters, looters, and terrorists, and have issued stern warnings about their intent to maintain law & order — the cover for violent attack by the army has been offered, and thus all of their actions in response — have been sanctioned.

What remains is the actual “mopping up” of the demonstrators.

The Chinese main newspaper and the major mouthpiece of the Communist party, “People’s Daily” wrote in a masthead title-line, this week — that the People’s Army is ready to pounce and put the Hong Kong situation under control, because they are responsible and in charge of handling riots, turmoil, seriously violent, criminal activities, terrorist attacks, and other societal security incidents…

Obviously the deployment of a vast numbers of Chinese troops to Shenzhen within five miles from Hong Kong is an affront to the titular independence of the territory, yet it also serves as a clear warning to the freedom loving people of Hong Kong.

China’s lifetime dictator Mr Xi Jin Ping, obviously chooses to project an image of strength, while sending a carefully calculated message to the Hong Kong protesters to seriously think about their lives and the lives of their families before they continue with their demonstrations and their talk about Democracy & Liberty, in Hong Kong.

Traditionally Hong Kong government has allowed far greater civil liberties than those on the mainland, but the protesters say those freedoms are eroding as mainland Chinese interference grows.

The protests, which have become increasingly violent and led to Hong Kong’s airport being paralysed for two days this week, have become the biggest threat to China’s rule since the handover.

The Chinese military has not interfered in Hong Kong since the handover but it can should it be called on by the city’s government to maintain “public order”.

Today, many thousands of Chinese military personnel waving red flags paraded at a sports stadium in a city across the border from Hong Kong, accompanied by armored personnel carrying vehicles and tanks that were all seen sequestered inside the biggest stadium in Shenzhen, a ten minute drive from Hong Kong across a conveniently placed new bridge…

Obviously with all the global events taking place, and as concerns builds within the Politburo, that China’s lifetime Dictator will forcefully intervene to end the ten weeks of protests, demonstrations and political unrest in Hong Kong, the demonstrators are looking for ways out of the imminent clash and are seeking outside intermediation to help defuse the tense situation before bloodshed erupts and people’s lives are lost by the thousands.

Unfortunately now the Red Army’s intent is becoming clear as seen by the reports coming from the state-run media this week, that the elements of the People’s Armed Police (PAP), which is under the command of the Chinese Central Military Commission — were assembling in Shenzhen.

So the cat is now officially out of the bag…


Dr Churchill


Screen Shot 2019-07-23 at 2.52.03 PM

Today it was seen that the pressure is increasing…

Two of the most powerful Chinese state-run media outlets, the People’s Daily and Global Times, now have also published videos of what they said was the People’s Red Army, amassing & assembling in Shenzhen.

In a clear tone, seen as an unambiguous open threat, the Global Times editor-in-chief, Hu Xijin, said the military presence in Shenzhen was a sign that China was preparing to intervene in Hong Kong.

Hu wrote: “If they do not pull back from the cliff and continue to push the situation further beyond the critical point, the power of the state may come to Hong Kong at any time.”

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