Posted by: Dr Churchill | August 20, 2019

Be Grateful

Be grateful for your life because you are an infinitesimal oddity based on the chances of you being alive today, being in the order of one in 435 or 437 billion against it…

Be grateful and express yourself in clear terms about it so that action of gratitude might lead you to believe in a higher power that has preordained that your being here is of paramount importance for all creation.

Be sure to express gratitude in ways commensurate with the boundless blessings which you already know that you have received and enjoy today and forever, or you have enjoyed at some point as a fully functioning human being.

Do that even if you are not fully functional and perhaps especially then it is important to express this feeling of gratitude.

Or not.

Either way, you would be right…

Yet if you choose to believe in a good God and a Great Spirit — You will find yourself in good company, with almost all People of this Earth who believe in a higher deity.

No matter what your system of belief — you are there.

And as it seems that all spiritual belief systems ultimately take you to one of two destinations, either Life and connection to the Spiritual Energy that is the ultimate Source, of Life the Godhead.

Or to death and eventual isolation from God, the fountainhead and source of Life.

Therefore, if we are to wish for life, our job is to be Grateful and make an effort to nurture the unborn, the babes, and the young, as precious human beings that weathered the same awful odds to be alive today.

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Dr Churchill


As for those that wish to deny the unborn, the conceived human, and the born baby that is unwanted — the Right to Life — then their own wish for death and denial of the source of God, is what leads them to embrace murder.

As for those that seek to exploit the unborn as a “resource” for any reason of their evil doings, including their unwillingness to allow them to be born fully and to live Life as they themselves have lived — is a crime beyond their comprehension and it needs to be addressed.

Their aspect of life is unbelief and their deed is death, and that is why they are called the walking dead…

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