Posted by: Dr Churchill | September 11, 2019

Why not a Peace Advisor to the President?

The President Donald Trump has now just fired national security advisor John Bolton for insubordination, and although the shrill voices say otherwise — in my humble opinion, this is a good thing.

Indeed the President aimed to sit down with the leadership of the Afghan Taliban, this weekend at Camp David, in order to carve out a long-needed peace plan and a future roadmap for Afghanistan…

And yet, all too tragically things fell apart, as the Taliban ruined the peace making process by killing eleven people in a roadside bombing, including an American soldier, so that prospect of a peace initiative on the week of 911, is also victim to that bomb from the errant insurgents.

Yet the central point remains because the principle is that whenever you see a path towards peace, you’ve got to take it.

All the political handwringing aside: the president should be applauded for trying to find a peaceful resolution to a conflict that’s drawn on forever. And maybe he should start a separate office for a Peace Advisor in the Cabinet to counterbalance the hawks and the military hammers that see everything as a nail to be hammered in place…

Of course the odds of success in achieving a pathway to Peace with the loony Talib, were a million to one against him, but then these are at least good odds….

Keep in mind that the odds were a billion to one against Mandela, against Gandhi & against MLK, but that didn’t stop them from seeking peace & changing the world successfully all in their own good time of trials and tribulations…

Let us remember President Eisenhower – a former general – and a Peace loving President, who warned us against the dangers of letting a military-industrial complex become the de-facto ruler of our nation.

And as anyone who knows him — Mr Bolton is the poster child of our preposterous $17 trillion war apparatus, since he sees bad guys everywhere, and given Bolton’s nefarious inclination of shooting first and asking questions later, we might have already been in deep doo-doo with him.

Screen Shot 2019-09-11 at 2.31.04 PM

Hell, to justify himself — Bolton might wish to invade Granada all over again with guns blazing, and then once we are done there with saving the medical school cheats and killing the tourist business, along with some tourists — we might also go next door and invade Trinidad & Tobago over the soccer referees’ erring on their calls for penalties and fouls…

That’s Bolton for you…

Dr Churchill


In my mind — you always play for peace.

Keep the stick handy.

And after all the incessant beatings on all sides for decades – maybe it is time that we change our tune.

And maybe we can open up the position for a Peace Advisor next to the good ear of the President so that he can listen to the good Angels of his heart more often, than the terribly sour voices of those militating for war always like Bolton et al.

Because I’ll never forget the Arlington cemetery dusk burials or the dawn trumpet call… for the fallen.

In our times of trial and error — you must always take a shot at peace, even if it’s destined to fail.

Screen Shot 2019-05-28 at 2.10.02 PM

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