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Berkeley University Dialogue of Dr Churchill on September 18th of 2019

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“Emancipating Ourselves from Mental Slavery”

Join us on September 18th of 2019 in Berkeley University, in order to talk and to heal, because our Body Politic is hurting badly…

Join us because we as people need to come together, not only to talk, think and act, but also to feel and care, because right now we certainly hurt.

Join us because we want to transform our country, not only because what is happening right now in our country hurts all of us, as it hurts our body politic, as it hurts our world, and as it hurts our soul — but because if we come together in Unity, as people who deeply care about the attacks against our own soul, against our inner humanity, and against our country’s common soul — we can solve this awful problem.

Truthfully, it is our Soul that is hurting the most, because America is not only having problems in our Capitol (DC), but it also has major problems in our Health Care Systems, in our Economic Systems, in our increasing inequality, in our deadly Opioid & other Addictions, in our Environment, in our local Ecosystems, in our Educational System, in our Industry, in our Small Town & Rural economy, in the homelessness epidemic, in our relations with the world, and most importantly in the foul divisions that destroys the common story, the overarching dream, and the vividness of the expression of our Nation that is simply “E Pluribus Unum” = “OUT OF MANY ONE” and has been the only expression that has kept our country together, up to now…

Indeed, we are breaking apart at the seams and dying as a nation, and yet we behave as if we don’t even know it. I understand that a lot of it is because we are given NO CHOICE when we go to cast our ballots in the polls and there is never a fresh face, of an Independent for President as a viable choice. We know that is the Monopoly of the Two party system that is oppressing us. We know that the game is rigged to allow only the two parties of fixers to rule over us. But we are here to tell you: “Free your mind from the Two Party System, and walk off towards the Sun because you now have a choice besides those that are seemingly offered to you.

And as the 14th President Abraham Lincoln who emancipated us from physical slavery united us after the agonizing bloodletting of the Civil War — let us now come together again, in order to liberate ourselves from “Mental Slavery” and find unity amongst our common dreams as a nation, because for the indepenedents amongst us, politics is just a tool that can really help all the people, as Dr Churchill does, who really wants to “HELP ALL THE PEOPLE” regardless of political affiliations. And as Dr Churchill was drafted to run on behalf of all Americans, and not just the Independents and the Lincoln Party, Dr Churchill exemplifies the essence of “LOVE OF COUNTRY” and “LOVE OF PEOPLE” as he offers public service of the highest quality, throughout his life. And that is why he is running for U.S. President in 2020, and I am sure that all of us can sense that “something noble & something new” is on offer with him, because that is what is needed and that is what we must allow to unfold, since that something new, is the “Noble Cause” of a transformative leader striving for the Public Good and being of service to all Americans regardless of any color, creed, status, religious or political affiliation.

So, let us rise above our petty differences and remember the common dream of America, and the common story that is the covenant that keeps us all tethered together, in this greatest nation, as one people under God, because our task in the 21st Century is not only to elevate ourselves, but to elevate our politics, so that we can transcend our experience of selfish and divisive governance only serving half of the people — and thus swiftly transform our country, so that in God’s good time, we can serve all Americans equally and also help lift up and transform the rest of the World too.

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So, let us bring our souls, our hearts and our minds together, along with our deepest dedication to something bigger than ourselves, and engage in healing the Soul & The Body-Politic of America. Let us heal the body and soul of our nation, because now more than ever, we need to remember the words of Abraham Lincoln: “A House Divided Cannot Stand” …

“And as our case is new, so we must think anew, and act anew, because we must disenthrall ourselves, and then we shall save our country.” —Abraham Lincoln was the independent new third party candidate for President in 1860, and through his miraculous victory, he fulfilled the Emancipation of all enslaved people, as the fulfillment of the promise of the Constitution of these United States of America.

• Who: Dr Churchill, The grandson of Winston Churchill, the leader of the Lincoln party [], “The American Churchill” and currently the only Independent Candidate for President of the United States in 2020.

• What: Political Speech, circle talk & Q&A

• When: September 18th at 5:00 pm

• Where: Upper Sproul, UC Berkeley

• Contact information:

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