Posted by: Dr Churchill | September 19, 2019

Civil War 2.0

Here are some of the remarks that I made at the Berkeley University campus in California on September 18th, as I was speaking to the student body of that august institution of living & learning, of social & scientific innovation, and of semantic thought & speech…

I spoke a lot about Liberty and the need to liberate ourselves and regain our freedom from mental slavery, that most of are bondages into, through society’s norms today.

Because in order to enjoy a meaningful life, we must be free from any type of slavery such as the normative sameness of thought and expected action.

After all I always ask the students to tell me, what does a successful life mean to them?

Is it all about graduating with passing grades and then going on to build a respectable career, that will give them a decent salary so that have enough  money to satisfy the commercial and rudimentary wants of Life, such as the ability to marry and buy a house, to raise a family and be done with it?

Or is not to get uber-wealthy so that you can also afford the golf club membership, the vacation home, the fancy sports car, the designer threads, the fancy party clothes, the cruises, the travel around the world, and the capacity to have a great family, and to raise well educated kids, etc?

Is that really all that you want?

Do these things represent a meaningful life for you?

I don’t think so.

I don’t think so, because finding meaning means discovering who you are and why you are here. And just as important, it also means being able to enjoy the present moment in Freedom in the here and now…

Yeah, what about that freedom?

Do you consider yourself a free person?

Have you ever thought to be free?

What does real freedom actually mean?

If we don’t quite know it, maybe we can harness the power of the five major human senses in helping us to find freedom and thus live an unfettered and fully meaningful and perhaps even joyful life.

Because this is the freedom from Human Mental Slavery that we all deserve to live and thrive in — if we want to.

And of course, it’s all up to you, because there is a cost to obtaining the five sense freedom, such as the freedom to see and hear what is here, instead of what “should” be, was, or will be; the freedom to say what you feel and think, instead of what you “should” feel and think; the freedom to feel what you feel, instead of what you “ought” to feel; the freedom to ask for what you want, instead of always waiting for permission; and the freedom to take risks on you own behalf, instead of choosing to be only “secure”.

To choose to be thus FREE, is the surest path towards emancipation from Mental Slavery, and towards having an open heart and an open mind…

And I also spoke about raising our Consciousness level and becoming peaceful warriors, so that we can solve the problems that we created from when we operated with the simple reptilian brain of ours … without resorting to bloodletting, violence and civil war.

I spoke thus, because America faces big challenges right now. Challenges and issues of our own doing, and unfortunately it is the custom of people when faced with awfully big problems — to look for someone to blame outside and away from ourselves.

The blame for whatever ails us is usually foisted upon the stranger, the outsider, the different one, who almost always becomes the scapegoat of the community…

And this only happens because our leaders seek to intentionally misguide the people into looking at conveniently weak targets, to apportion the blame, to stomach the easy answers, and to ride their anger, and thus they never bother to seek the root causes of their problems or accept responsibility for any of the potentially self revealing answers…

And that’s the problem in America today.

An America tired from infighting, where the two warring political parties, the Dems & the Rebs, who themselves cause the divisions in the first place — now fan the flames of the looming Civil War. And they engage in this dastardly deed, in order to solidify their base, knowing fully well that nobody wins in a fratricidal conflict, and yet they keep pushing for it, as if they are a bunch of blood thirsty zombies who keep-on pushing our country towards another uncivil, civil war.

Civil War 2.0

Please recall and contrast the state of affairs today, with the way in which the Cold war ended, and that moment of rupture, when a new international system was being born. And right now it seems that we collectively feel like we’re at a moment like that — except pointing in the opposite direction…

In the direction of a civil war.

A looming cloud of war that will make the long Irish civil war, or the Yugoslavian civil war, or the one in Sudan, look like children’s games.

You might think that I am overreacting, but I’m afraid that we are already there, simply because I think that the system that was essentially built after World War II, a system of free trade, free markets and free people, living in an international economy that was not a zero sum game, and of a system based on rule of law and the UN, and all the NATO alliance, all of the great institutions of that period, that really then proved themselves in 1989, 1990, 1991, through her Good Friday Peace Accords in Northern Ireland, and also when we were able to unify Germany, liberate Eastern Europe, and precipitate the peaceful and controlled collapse of the Soviet Union, and thus move the World forward, on to what everyone thought was a new world order…

But that system of new world order and globalization is under a lot of strain now, and under a lot of stress, and we’re seeing a real challenge to that system that worked so well for us in the last 70 years.

In fact, this has been coming for quite a long time in the United States. Somebody asked me once, is this a revolution or an evolution? I said, a revolution is what happens when you don’t see an evolution coming, and now we need a Consciousness Revolution more than anything else we seek.

An uprising of our Souls and of our Humanity, is what is now needed in America … and also a generally peaceful rest for our bodies and for our monkey minds, so that all together we find Peace all over again.

The fact is that the global system of checks and balances, won’t operate without the United States of America. And one thing is that, really, without the role of the United States — I don’t think we would have unified Germany completely and totally on western terms, to allow it to remain in NATO, nor done many of the other great things that we’ve come to define this century as the years of PAX AMERICANA…

As a matter of fact, I don’t think we would have seen the peaceful dissolution of the Soviet Union as it took place in 1989-90 and we would still be waging some dystopian war till the end of days…

Just to give you a side note, it took great effort, skill and diplomacy, to bring this peaceful retrenchment of Russia from the old bear — the Soviet Union — to it’s present day far more benign mien — but it also took a faithful reliance on the institutions, the relationships, and the alliances of the United States that had been built over a period of almost 70 years.

I still hope that we’re doing the hard work today. The measures, I think that we took, on sanctions against North Korea and Iran, and so forth, mostly coming out of Congress — were totally right and astute.

As for 9/11, I do wonder how much we’re doing to make sure it doesn’t happen ever again.

We appear to know a lot about how they did what they did, and so then, the real question is, are they going to be able to do it again?

Because shame on them the first time, shame on us the second time, if we allow terrorism on our soil ever again…

The terrorists of 9/11 were exploiting deficiencies that are very real in the United States, and that is why we are a free country and can’t change that, but now it’s much more efficient with social media, where you can get recruits for any type of jihad, from the social networks of people who have some disaffection with society and their role in it, and you simply dial up the rhetoric, rile them up, and foster their anger so that they are willingly become suicide machines.

And in turn that was the game that all the terrorist recruiters are playing.
Headhunters of suicide vest wearing adolescents are animals and ought to be treated as such, so now, we know a lot about how they did what they did, we should be trying to stop that pattern of actions and not just the specific events. That will buy us some time in advance to recognize the patters of behavior and stop them before they mange to get on the airplanes or trains or ships and other means of transport.

Yet, we should also be dealing with the divisions that are real divisions in American society.

Because one of the reasons that America is turning against itself, is that these divisions have something to do with sort of people who have fallen through the cracks of globalization and of the elites of the western world, and they feel like they’re looked down upon by the city slicks, the denizens of the two coasts, the dwellers of the richest cities, and all similarly downtrodden people.

But some part of that also is a way of telling certain groups of people, that they are being constantly discriminated against, and that a lot of the working class Peoples in particular are being played, by their leaders demeaning er working class people as deplorables, or racists — as Hillary Clinton famously said when she put half of America into a basket of deplorable racists and such speaking on the stump when she was running for President in the most inept, corrupt, and rigged electoral campaign ever…

And of course, the other side demonized the Latin immigrants and other people, because Donald Trump had to blame someone “easy” for the opioid and crime addictions of America.

Now, there clearly is some hugely divisive language coming from both sides of the aisle, but this level of virility has been unforeseen in our history after the Civil war, and it harkens to the old awful days of the 1860 when the clouds of the civil war were gathering steam…

And there is some language that calls-up the other side’s old ghosts of war, hate, and division, that we ought to best leave buried. I have seen brewing Civil Wars in many places of this earth as a “Reporter” for the United Nations and for my own NGOs and Philanthropic organization, and I know and understand the language of that kind of virulent hate very well.

But I’ll tell you — even that hateful rhetoric, wouldn’t have an appeal if there wasn’t something far deeper going on.

And I think that I can recognize that there are two important things going on.

Some vast numbers of people have been left out of our economic development and they are struggling alone out in the cold. And as a leader, you cannot tell the unemployed steel worker in Pennsylvania, or the unemployed coal worker in West Virginia that their life has actually been made better by all of this globalization, and especially, if elites say, well, just listen, because it is better for you. See all of those cheap goods you can buy at Walmart? You couldn’t buy the cheap plastic bath toys, if it weren’t for us exporting your jobs to China…

That kind of conversation is the wrong kind of conversation, and it certainly isn’t working.

And so some people really do feel left out. And there are ways to address that. Better job skill training, better employment matches than we have now, and certainly more compassion, kindness, and courage to do what is right by those people that are left out in the cold.

But something else far more sinister and complex is going on with our culture as well…

The fact is, we’ve lost the notion of a common American narrative.

And that was a narrative in which all people had a buy-in.

We sometimes call it the American dream, because at any point someone could migrate internally in our vast country and find a good job shifting from Oklahoma to California, or from the wilds of the badlands and the plains into the coastal work heavens…

And then it was also accepted that many Peoples, could come into our country as immigrants and of course, at some point, with the exception of the aboriginal Native American Indians, everybody came from some place or other, and so there was that sense, that people could come seeking and through dint of perseverance and hard work — they would get to buy into the American dream.

So, it wouldn’t matter where you came from — all it mattered was where you were going.

Today that dream has been replaced with a static story, where there is a sense amongst many Americans, that they are trapped in some form of severity in a certain under-class of society, that they cannot escape through hard work or through perseverance at upwards mobility.

And that is what has broken down the American dream. The sense of most American feeling literally “stuck” in a rut and playing for crumps left over after the meal of the uber-wealthy is finished.

And so, I do think that some of that is also identity politics, for all the right reasons, groups that were disadvantaged, groups that had been left out, and groups that needed agency and voice – were never heard and certainly were never being given a seat at the table.

So we have to be careful that our current state of wanting to “stick it to the elites” from one side, or “stick it to the working class” from the other side, doesn’t become just another convenient expression of a politically useful idiots’ trope, that simply sets of a hand grenade of outrage and outrageous grievances based on of a false narrative that is one that pits one group against another group of Americans in some nightmare of stupid intersectionality and identity politics.

Because in that case, you are going to see the rise of identity politics expressed fully in a civil war, and that’s something that I think we really don’t want to see.

And of course, both the President and those young idiots in Congress need to be a lot more careful in the way they speaks about these things, because race, identity, and affiliation — are a very delicate issue, a rather dangerously stressed chord, and raw nerve winded up as a rock guitar tensioned string, in America today, and if anyone of them breaks — we are in for some deep hurt.

Because as a nation, we also carry the stigma of that birth defect of slavery, as we have a large number of people that are being constantly treated badly, and we carry also the biggest incarceration rates of any country on God’s good earth — so we need to be very careful and stop overtuning this chord because our narrative as a country is made up of this nostalgic mosaic of various Peoples from all over the place that have come to form a simple, yet dramatically altered life from the place they left behind.

Our founding dictum after all is this: “E Pluribus Unum” = Out of many One.

But all of these divisions and the hateful rhetoric of today, is not all coming out of the White House or from the top down of the right wingers, because I see a lot more of hate, divisive rhetoric, and violence, coming out of the left and out of the 24/7 awful hate talking heads propagated by the news media propaganda machine organizations, and from the cultural icons of the Hollywood and of the Democratic party — on all of these issues too.

I know, because I shed blood for this country, and yet I was attacked to be killed by those hateful Antifa evil spawn… on another speech given by me inside Microsoft headquarters in Redmond WA on February 28th of 2017, only because as the leader of the Independents and after supporting Bernie Sanders whose primary was stolen by Hillary and the DNC, we shifted and supported the orange man, the “bathing ape” as I call him, only because we couldn’t abide by the rather virulent corruption of the Democratic party, and wanted a disruptor to shake things up…

And although its clear that I don’t like the language that is used about any American people by the “Orange man” or the notion propagated by the whole Democratic party, that because somebody looks a certain way, or is of a certain color, they ought to think a certain way, and if they don’t think a certain way, then they’re really not black, or not intelligent, or not educated, or not American enough, etc, etc.

It seems to me that we all need to fvckin back off. We need to watch the language we use towards one another.

We need to treat others as we would want to be treated by them.

And if we start to apply that golden rule — we will go a long way towards reconciling with each other.

Screen Shot 2019-07-23 at 1.57.06 PM

Don’t say something about somebody that you wouldn’t want to be said about you. Follow this or a Congress project, or some political party, or Coast, or even a city project. Please do this, and I think we’ll all be better off.

So I think this is a national project, not a White House project, not a congressional project, it’s a national project.

It is an American project and we ought to keep at it — until we are good and ready to love each other once again…

And because our founding fathers gave us a Constitutional Republic, and a president of the United States who is going to always try and fight for the right things from whatever perch one hails from — we have within, and without, enemies that seek to tear us down, and bind us asunder, So however you wish to do this project of national reconciliation, truth and forgiveness must be part of it.

I’ve said this time and again, and I think that everybody understands, that I don’t like a lot of the language that this president uses, and I especially don’t like the language he uses about immigrants, because, in so many ways, immigrants are an easy target and who knows what the next group of targeted people shall be.

But the reason that I emphasize all of our collective responsibilities, is because if we just point fingers at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, we’re not going to solve this problem. This is a very deep set of divisions in America, in which we’re all looking at each other through a lens of our own tinted glasses, of our own particular narrative and of our own grievances — thus killing off the common narrative, the beautiful story of what America is and has been for the last couple of long, hard working, and successful centuries … in building this American dream.

And because our Project is far from finished, we know that the divisive new narrative is not only demeaning to the other side — but it is going to backfire terribly in our multi-ethnic democracy, that is not held together by race, ethnicity, nationality, or religion, for that matter, but it is only being held together by the super-glue of the simple narrative of the “American Dream” and of the twin ideas of Liberty & Independence.

So, we had better back off the thinking that any one side is going to win Civil War 2.0, and let’s get back to that unifying and supreme idea of what it means to be an American.

Let’s do that now urgently, or we are going to be in very deep trouble.

As Martin Luther King said, “We either start loving each other and survive together, or we start fighting each other and perish together like fools…”

Thank you.


Dr Churchill


We shall speak again together at the Berkeley University Barrows Hall, in Room 581, this Wednesday the 25th of September, at 5pm … so that you could participate and share your thoughts.

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