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Dr Churchill, teaches his famous Innovation Master Class at Harvard University this weekend…

Dr Churchill, teaches his famous Innovation Master Class now at Harvard University in Cambridge Mass, this weekend of September 28th till the morning of the 30th, when the StartUps created over this long weekend will present and receive funding from the assembled Boston area Venture Capitalists and Boston triangle area Business Angel Investors…

To express your interest and register — please go here:

Tech & Green Sustainable Innovation in America — Start Up Weekend:
How USA’s Top Tech Entrepreneurs meet the Green Tech & Clean Energy Challenge, Solve Big problems, and conquer the Global Marketplace. This is another iteration of Dr Churchill’s ongoing Global Innovation Tour and Solutions Summit of the last few decades, and we are now on the 31st year for 2019.

Big Global Problem Solving is what we do, and this causes worldwide demand because the evolution of Dr Churchill’s Master Class, around the world for the last thirty one years, brings to life many and varied Start Up companies to solve Big Problems.
Over the course of the years, more than two thousands of New StartUps have been created. These solutions orientated Start Up Companies, combine incredible talent with the Method of creating long term valuable products and services, through the marriage of Technology and Social Entrepreneurship. New Companies that offer Clean Energy Services, Green Technology Solutions, Environmental Remediation, Financial Services, Social Network services, Communications solutions, Mobile Tech engineering, Infrastructure engineering for Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation and also for Agricultural and Food production advances, Biotechnology, Medicine, Economic investment, Financial Innovation for Green Energy and Clean Tech, and Public policy nudges.

Dr Churchill has been speaking and teaching this unique Method for Green Tech Innovation, Finance, and Entrepreneurial Start Up practices, during his global public engagement tours honed over the last twenty years continuously — and now in 2019 he has launched another global tour of Green Tech and Science Innovation, Fin-Tech, Medicine, Pharma, and Mobile App, and TeleCommunications Start Ups.

Dr Churchill is starting his 2019 global tour this auspicious year, at the Far East end of the globe in China’s Beijing Tsinghua [Qinghua-Xinghua] University over the weekend of January 12th and 13th and then continuing eastward to the US for the second half of January and the first part of February 2013. Next in Europe for the month of March. This is the best time to learn Green Innovation, enrich your government & enterprise with agile innovation and also connect with Green Capital for business opportunities and with the Environmental Parliament for arranging other public speaking engagements of Dr Churchill in the approximate territories covered in this public Teaching & Speaking global Tour 2019.

The Green Tech Start Up Innovation Tour of 2019 is on with Beijing Tsinghua University as the starting point this past January. It is a very auspicious year for Green Tech and Clean Energy Entrepreneurship, because in the year 2019 we expect to break many grid parity records and launch the thousand new Green Enterprises that will mark the dawn of the New Era of No-Carbon Energy.

This is a Master Class addressed to the Leaders. Because there is no more important issue for today’s and tomorrow’s business and society leaders, nor for the problem solvers, or for the engineers, the scientists, the business people and all the entrepreneurs — than climate change. And there is no more important country in the effort to control greenhouse gas emissions than the United States of America.

Dr Churchill will teach this abundant resource of his Innovation Master Class at Tsinghua – Beijing, and then at the University of Washington in Seattle. Then at Stanford University Engineering School in Palo Alto, California during the following weekend, and then at Harvard and MIT in Boston, the weekend after that on February 2nd and 3rd of 2019 and again in the end of September on the weekend of 28th and 29th, at the start of the new Academic year.

Screen Shot 2019-02-06 at 11.10.29 AM

This Green Tech Innovation Start Up Master Class @ Harvard bookends the globe trotting Innovation Tour of Dr Churchill teaching at the most prestigious Universities across the Globe and it also provides the global Start Up ecosystem network with the necessary and pivotal moorings in Sustainability of Business, in Resource Conservation, and in Green tech, Renewable sustainable energy, and Clean Technology, that all together not only foster monumental growth of business, but also foster the expansion of ideas and out of bounds lateral thinking about Dr Churchill’s & the Environmental Parliament’s founding proposition “People. Planet & Profit” as the important entrepreneurial leap of faith in our fast evolving world.

Because of this, on this iterative version of the Tech & Green Innovation in Harvard Start Up Weekend Class is themed “How America’s Top Tech Entrepreneurs meet the Green Tech & Clean Energy Challenge, Solve Big problems, and Conquer the Global Marketplace.”

And because there is no more important lesson for today’s leaders, for the problem solvers, for engineers, scientists, business people and entrepreneurs, than to “solve” the riddle of climate change, and because there is no other more important country to lead the global effort to curtail & control greenhouse gas emissions, than America — Dr Churchill’s intense Start Up weekend on Greentech Innovation at the most prestigious scientific University of the United States, will focus on shifting the mindsets of Business leaders, towards reevaluating the Resource, the Energy, the Power and the Utility business landscape in the USA, and shifting our businesses towards a more balanced, more sustainable and far more resource constrained & yet renewable future, by scaling the solutions the we are already using and by innovating through validated Physics, through Cybernetics, and through science and technology based applications of iterative business practices.

And that’s where the best specimens of innovation happen as well… because our goal is the literally help our ecosystems heal and thrive with the ideas of a balanced environmental approach that allows our People, our Planet and our Business Profits, to coexist naturally in a balanced and fair way.

Screen Shot 2018-11-02 at 2.23.15 PM

Innovative engineering solutions for the Big Problems of today, and designing the future, is Dr Churchill’s expertise. And he basically plows through our unease to change, through entrepreneurship’s value and leveraging the Ecosystem of Innovation and Profit making in Business. This is the hot topic that Dr Pano Churchill, has on offer in his Innovation Start Up Master Class this weekend, to all the Harvard MBA and Engineering graduate students who have signed up for his class.

And this is the same Innovation master Class, that he offers ten times a year, at the Top Ten Universities across the world, and is exactly what Dr Churchill is doing again at Harvard’s Dr Churchill’s Innovation Start Up MasterClass weekend tomorrow September 28th – 30th of 2019 with the new academic year upon us.

This Master Class is offered annually starting at Harvard and then going on to Stanford, and UW, to MIT, and then to NYU in New York, and in other places in Europe and Asia, where Dr Churchill offers his Master Class in many prestigious Schools such as Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial in London, ESCP, Sorbonne in Paris, and EZE in Barcelona. And in Asia, he has taught this Master Class at Tsinghua University in Beijing and at Canton and Shanghai Uni.

This world changing Green Innovation Master Class is fitted in the format of a Start Up Weekend and has spawned over two hundred successful companies. It is a process orientated Methodology of Starting Up companies and it is a must attend and a go-to event, for all aspiring and technically able techies, geeks, engineers, web and mobile entrepreneurs and even academics interested in Innovation and the proliferation of innovative practices throughout the organisations.

Of course this is a great MasterClass – MasterMind Seminar course for the chemistry, physics, and nanotechnology graduate engineers, and for all the scientific discipline graduates, because it formulates the neural networks and links the pathways to product orientated thinking. Post graduate Academic credits available.

Yet this is also a great evolutionary Master Class for those involved and innovating in government, public policy and bureaucracy, as well as for those working on the C-level executive suite, of large and middle enterprises of America and the globe.

America is the greatest coal producing nation in the world – hungry for coal energy to run its power & utility industry, and exporting coal to other countries in order to help provide cheap electricity. This coal bonanza along with hydro-fracking and cheap gas, provide a boost of energy and maintain US’s position as the number one fluorocarbon producer globally.
America is also the Top Carbon emitter [when counting it’s outsourced emissions] and the number One polluter in the world. This follows being the world’s largest consumer and fluorocarbons producer overall. Yet with solar and wind achieving grid parity, and scaling fast — we have a conundrum of innovation…

However it also follows that CO2 emissions are an engineering and scientific issue, and the problem is solvable through the powers of Innovation. It is impossible to continue to waste so much energy and pollute the planet so blatantly, any longer.

Coal is this incredible storehouse of energy manufactured in nature over 230 million years and containing the incredible resource of photosynthesis in a fantastically efficient nano structure. And what we do? We burn it and ultimately get only less than one percent of it’s energy delivered to the mains and coming into your home to fire up the kettle and heat-up water to make a cup of tea…

We are better than that.

Because we have chemistry and nano-technology, and other engineering sciences and physics that allow us to extract far more energy form coal than what we get by burning it up. And we can also arrest the emissions from the coal burning plants and turn them to something useful thus cleaning up the air of the cities that is polluted to an unhealthy degree, diminish the greenhouse effect polluting our atmosphere and changing our climate and also freeing up resources to address climate change mitigation and adaptation.

US and California in particular already boast a world-class Renewable Energy industry with many inventions like solar cells and photosynthesis nanotechnology taking place right here in California, along with many other ground breaking and pioneering efforts that promise to make low-carbon technology continuously more affordable and available to all.

Because of that, we are conducting a Master Class on solving the Big Problems via Innovation as an empirical application for America’s transition to a low carbon economy.

This is the aim of this Weekend Seminar. Coupling American ingenuity with entrepreneurial innovation in advance of sustainable Green Technology innovation modelling — successful locally and iterated here and across the globe.

In this Master Class we can add greater depth to a practical understanding of America’s technological innovation landscape, business and government systems and the country’s current and future role in a globalized Low Carbon economy.

Dr Churchill focuses on America’s specific methods of low carbon and No-Carbon Energy generation and industrial Green Technologies as well on international technology transfers, along the lines of its existing forms of international cooperation and competition in business, and its implementation of effective policies that promoted the development of a home-grown Tech Innovation, Green Tech, and Green Energy Industry via science based Tech Start Up development.

After all in just a little more than a decade America claimed the number two spot after going on a massive built out of operating Solar plants – some utility size. Today, the country is the third largest solar cell maker and yet still the greatest Solar Energy potential power market in the world, with photovoltaic cels of all types of technology, most still made exclusively in its own factories. However the commoditisation of the solar cell markets through Moore’s law taking effect in the manufacture and capacity of these simplest of microchips, we face a crisis…

Crisis always precipitates a shift and a possible change.

Studying this shift reveals how we respond entrepreneurially. Yet to understand the geo-political and economic parameters we need to look at China. Because in the last decade, China’s Political and Business leaders have responded to domestic energy challenges, environmental imperatives, and clean air concerns, and how they focused on Solar Energy generation in order to bring Grid parity to the system. Now having achieved GRID PARITY at 66 cents per kilowatt — the nation may confront climate change, more effectively. And this is good news for America too.

Scaling up this manufacturing capacity and still making it cheaper following Moore’s Law effect on the manufacture, capacity, and marketing of semiconductors — is the greatest Innovation challenge going forward for the Solar industry as well as all the other sustainable renewable energy sciences because the potential for leap frogging is tremendous and the entrepreneurial rewards enormous.

The nation’s ability to escalate its use of solar power also demonstrates USA’s ability to leapfrog directly to the latest of the available clean energy technologies — a path equally viable for developed as well as developing countries hoping to bypass gradual industrialization and the “technological lock-in” of hydrocarbon-intensive energy infrastructure.

America will innovate it’s way again in Solar technology even though China has come to dominate the current State of the Art global Solar Cell manufacturing and the Sales cycle for such Solar plants by becoming a hub of technological innovation and a major instigator of low-carbon economic change.

This is real competition and the Innovators will win. Yet this is not a zero sum game but rather a large cooperative effort to address the big problem of a warming planet by shifting to low carbon and no-carbon energy resources. We are in it together and the smartest minds are innovating along these lines currently at the top schools and labs across the world.

So come join us on this intensive Master Class Seminar so we can foster the second wave of Innovation to keep the momentum going forward.

Screen Shot 2019-07-23 at 1.57.06 PM

INFO: What Do We Teach and practice during the Innovation Start Up Master Class Weekend:
How to create a new Start Up to solve the big problems of the world today.


The starting talk is at the Harvard Auditorium, and the Master Class in the engineering school.

An INNOVATION of the Mind is taking place as we gather to attend the opening plenary remarks and speech of Dr Pano Churchill – Chairman of the Environmental Parliament and as we follow his Master Class for Tech & Science Entrepreneurs. The Master Class opening talks are at the Auditorium. And the Master Class is at the ENGINEERING school and after its convening and the completion of the StartUps, on Monday morning Dr Churchill is assisted by the leading Business Angels, and the local Venture Capital representatives, and the Private Equity firms, to support these StartUps gain early stage investment that will help them win and thrive across America and the World.

Dr Churchill will be speaking and sharing the methodology of building companies for Clean Energy, Clean Tech, Green Tech and Green Innovation, as well as for Public Medicine, Innovative Pharma, Science and Mobile App and for the TeleCommunications Technology revolution.

Dr Churchill is famous for building companies that are keen on solving the Big Problems and tackling the serious issues pertaining to Climate Change, Biotechnology, BioMedicine, Biogenetics, Geoengineering and all things Green.

This Innovation Revolution will not be televised and all the Entrepreneurs along with the great Scientists wishing to build the businesses of the future and willing to participate in this New Revolution are invited.

Please share this invitation with your circle of friends and email contacts, and especially with the young people building Start Ups across America and the world. Then come to this must attend Master Class that will be cosponsored through the Engineering Student Association and the EP university team. You can volunteer to help for this event and thus earn your tuition fees and attend gratis.

We offer this Master Class at Harvard University in America, because innovative Start Ups are now urgently needed in order to amend our world, solve the Big Social Problems ahead, and help adaptation by creating a future worth living.

This is the only way. We must innovate in order to be able to adapt. And this along with solving Climate Change and the Resources dilemma might just allow us to create economic growth in the midst of a dismal economic crisis.

And we shall also make the financing case for these innovative Start Ups because there is a lot of money available from the American Angels, and all the VCs from Palo Alto and Sand Hill Road all the way to Boston and Wall Street, as well as in Washington DC, and from others like the Environmental Parliament and the Green Capital Incubator, that can all be aggregated in order to augment your chances of future success.

Come Join us…. because it is Your Future, and You better care.

The Methodology starts here:
In order to create new innovative Start-Ups, we must first consider what exactly we mean by the term “innovation”.
Innovation is “the introduction of something new”. We differentiate innovation from both invention and improvement as follows:
Innovation differs from invention in that innovation refers to the use of a better and, as a result, novel idea or method, whereas invention refers more directly to the creation of the idea or method itself. Innovation differs from improvement in that innovation refers to the notion of doing something different (Lat. innovare: “to change”) rather than doing the same thing better.”
These new and different things come about in varying degrees. There are different levels of innovation such as “core”, “adjacent” or “transformational” towards new Start-Ups and strategic enterprises, towards existing company’s current products and brand new assets.
Innovation needs collaboration, and feeds into three levels of innovation: “incremental“, “breakthrough”, and “transformational”. Meanwhile, the three levels of “incremental”, “substantial”, and “radical” can be easily transplanted with the three stages above
There are many more ways to depict these stages.
Yet for our Innovation purposes, we want to CREATE: SO we start here in three simple Panoism steps:
Ask the Questions and Answer them for yourself:
1) You can do anything you set your mind to, with adequate perseverance, intelligence, passion & skill.
2) Everything that can be converted from an atom to a bit, will be and you can create products based on this premise all day long.
3) Do you want to live a life pushing paper around or do you want to build products that change people’s lives?
So Go Forth & Innovate.

After all, Innovation Excellence is what it’s all about for both Public and Business Creation, Entrepreneurship and Management or Administration.

To your best future…

Dr Churchill

Please Network and Share openly on your Social media and Networks for Sustainable development, Business Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Engineering, BBMs etc.

Logistics & Details:
Post Graduate and Graduate Student Participants for this program are solely selected by the University and their Professors. The criteria of selection are to bring together the best & brightest entrepreneurial spirits on he basis of willingness and talent to create a Start Up enterprise.
This Facebook event page is just for information purposes only. Thus if an entrepreneur affiliated with the University, wants to join the Green Innovation Start Up Weekend, @ University — he/she must apply properly.
However there are few spots available for working volunteers and EP practitioners or Green Capital members who will be admitted gratis. Please let me know here, if you want to volunteer for this Start Up weekend.
Thank You.

Sample Class Keynote:
Dr Pano Kroko Churchill– LeWeb Student Warm Up ’12
Dr Pano Kroko Churchill (chairman of the Environmental Parliament) keynote during LeWeb from ESGI University Paris Dec 2012 LeWeb — Here is a view of the kind of class I give — Fresh off the Youtube press…:

Start Up Innovation Creation Record:
As you know am a legendary Angel investor and I write more than one hundred X-large checks each year.
Usually more than 100 checks all across the world.
Over the course of times, we have founded over two hundred Start Ups and a good thirty percent of them are still alive and kicking. That’s some record…
Here are some Examples of some other Big problem solving Start Ups I support and the program, we work through the Universities across Europe, Asia and the US…
Forbes magazine reviews our Start Ups in Paris:
Paris Startup Weekend Goes Green: Winner Wants to Sell Insects as Food for Kids

Each person given the opportunity to be assigned by the University Professors to participate in the Open Innovation Master Class by Dr Churchill, has to bring a list with his/hers ten [10] most likely Start Up ideas he/she wants to pursue or wanted to pursue since childhood. Fill one page with a short paragraph describing each potential Start-Up and write two lines describing this start Up in some detail of execution. An Executive Summary type of description in two short lines at most, for each startup idea, and a total of ten ideas all together. All ten must be written in a single piece of paper printed double spaced. This is the final ticket for admission in the Master Class and please come prepared to defend those ten precious ideas with your peers and meet your dream team as well…

So come and Camp this Weekend @ school with the best of us: Grab your laptop, your toothbrush, vitamins, your sleeping bag, your best positive mind and entrepreneurial zeal and come spend a weekend with me and become enlightened with all of us and pursue the most lofty goals you can think of. Ahhh and don’t forget to bring your laptops and mobile phones and Wi-Fi enabled devises — ROFL — just checking to make sure you are still reading this far…

Why we do this?

Because — we can…

“One should not pursue goals that are easily achieved. One must develop an instinct for what one can just barely achieve through one’s greatest efforts.”

—Albert Einstein


Dr Churchill


Looking forward to this with great anticipation.

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