Posted by: Dr Churchill | October 1, 2019

Let’s not roll out the Guillotines quite yet…

Today’s politicians, journalists and even academics are taking the various political and economic theories and presenting them to an unsuspecting general public for the same self serving reasons that they offer biased and partisan commentary and editorial bias all over the mass media means of communications…

Sadly, they all seem to forget that the greatest strength of our Republic lies in repudiating all these socio-econo-political theories, because our strength in this America of ours, lies in innovating and pioneering the method of living our lives in this indisputably great American Way.

And the American way is all about the accessibility and relatability of the “American Dream” to all and its application to our everyday lives.

And so long as we are all part of that mosaic of America “E Pluribus Unum” we are going to be fine because we can all do well in this country together…

But when we forget that founding motto of our Country “E Pluribus Unum” we will all perish like fools on a boat to nowhere.

Or as Dr Martin Luther King said: “We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools.”

Still our politicians, our studied economists, our political theorists and journalists, and certainly most all of our TV pundits and talking heads — find wide appeal in the nuances of Socialism or even Red Communism, as it appears from their proclivities to air these views often, and regularly in a supportive fashion of these authoritarian ideologies of hate.

Yet, it is quite clear that the average American will not find in Socialism or even in Communism, the freedom, the love and will certainly not find even the recreational returns, that they wish to get from the “Blood Sports” that they prefer to watch daily, and perhaps that is the greatest vilification and the “why” these tyrannical systems will fail on this side of the World.

And also because these talking head ideologues of hate, division and discord, feel that they are well educated about economic, social and political systems — the reality is that their case is completely lost for the general public, because the people sense that these talking heads are quite lost in the socialist weeds themselves in the first instance…

And mainly, because people are thoroughly convinced that the road towards Socialist Utopia, will provide a broad foundation and a springboard for the economic and political thinking, that leads directly to Tyranny and Communism when applied in government — they run away from the mere mention of the word Socialism as delivered by the harpies of the New Left in polite and nuanced tones, like European Socialism or Scandinavian model of Socialism, or whatever…

So, even though the New Left Socialist suffer from a deep misunderstanding and misrepresentation of Economics — sadly all three classes of supposedly informed leaders of the Media, Journalists, Politicians and Pundits of political and economic theory, all show up as talking heads all over the television sets of America and the World, promoting these failed ideologies.

Sadly, this representation of some kind of Socialist Paradise is the popular Utopia that leads innocent people down the garden path towards destruction, and it is the very “Road to Hell that is paved with Good Wishes” of well meaning folks that has brought hundreds of millions of dead people, killed in the altars of a “Better World.”

And this an idea which has fascinated me for many sleepless nights…

How can well meaning and altruistic people always get it so wrong and willingly drive their people to the Guillotines…

Because in our increasingly polarized, post-truth world, and narcotics fueled dreams, such ideas as Socialism today can be extremely attractive, even though totally irrational, improbable, and downright impossible.

Naturally, the economic theory debates are not quite as simple as all that, but as the old Prime Minister Disraeli of England noted: “There are three types of lies: lies, damned lies and statistics” because naturally, behind any statistical seductively clear and simple account, there lies a process of selection and exclusion, and thus there is no such thing as a neutral statistical fact.

Today the neoliberal “economization” of political life, and of other heretofore noneconomic spheres and activities, informs the neoliberal economic dogma and therefore, there is not a single suggested societal change which is not primarily justified by economic benefit for someone somewhere along the line.

In short there is, no doubt, in my mind that through considered ,reasonable, and realistic economic theory — one can prove anything goes because economic dogma is an inherently mutable, moveable concept.

Yet, if we want to truly inspire folks to change the world, that means inspiring everyone, not just those who look like and think like us, or the base of our political party, or even those currently holding power — but it means inspiring all of our People.


Dr Churchill


Yet for centuries, whether through dreaming up one’s own personal vision of heaven on earth, or by choosing the philosophy of a prescriptive dream for a perfect egalitarian society,

Or even by embracing the Confucian, or the Levelers’ or even the Christian value systems of fully sharing everything with your human brethren — sooner than later you end up with Pol-Pot, Stalin, and Moo Zedung, and they inevitably roll out the Guillotines.

Wanting to share everything in an egalitarian fashion, as is today’s fashion of the Left that is suggesting broader principles and ideas for the amelioration of our present, unequal collective lot — one can argue that such things as giving free money to everyone, a 25-hour work week, and completely free movement of people across national borders, would have not only a moral and social benefit, but an economic one too.

Yet, as we already know about the Guillotines of the French Revolution — we shall soon find ourselves running out of Marie Antoinettes, and we will revert to eating our own children literally and figuratively.

Screen Shot 2019-10-01 at 10.07.04 AM

Suggestions such as these are hard to disagree with, but everything in the past was worse and why we now live in the land of plenty, has got to do with economic Capitalism and the Free markets for Free people.

All the rest is hogwash.

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