Posted by: Dr Churchill | October 6, 2019

All this noise surrounding the President’s impeachment is quite deafening, but rather healthy for the Independents who are not drowning in the muck of the Two-Party bigotry, hate & division fest…

Today, the Democrats’ top three issues are impeachment, impeachment and impeachment.

And obviously, the Republicans top three issues are exactly the same, albeit on the other side of this Operatic spectacle par excellence, that is brought to you courtesy of the 24/7 bloviators of the news media…

Yet, the two main rival parties, apparently fail to see that none of those three issues of “Impeachment, impeachment, impeachment” really affect the daily lives of the normal American people out there, who are working most of the time, to make ends meet and keep their families together and who they do not like the increasing volume of the Hate mongering and Division across political lines of battlements…

And since both lawmakers and strategists of both parties say that whatever else impeachment brings — it will be a boon for their side; it appears that the two warring sides in the theater of the absurd, are drowning out all other conversations for reconciliation and civil dialogue, and for the necessary discourse to keep our country together for a little longer.

Because what is lost to all of the main pundits of the main parties is that the Barbarians are no longer outside the gates of our fair country — but they have breached the gates and are now firmly ensconced inside agitating for evil doings and treachery against all of us.

And as every issue except impeachment is drowned out by the awful cacophony of noise, relating to next year’s elections, all issues, all asteroid impacts, and terror attacks along with all the byelections, and congressional and senatorial races for the House and Senate — will be nothing more than a referendum on President Trump’s impeachment or not…

Isn’t that kinda like the Apprentice playing on the big screen TV?

Are you going to fall for that tired bit of reality television, all over again?

But aside from the obviously theatrical adaptation of politics, it behooves us to remember that all elections on presidential election years — end up mostly being driven by the high stakes battle for the White House, but now it is the high-stakes impeachment battle, that is threatening to eclipse all other issues, as the two party combatants ratchet up the hate, the awfully disturbing noise and the divisions, to a whole new level of cacophony.

Screen Shot 2019-10-06 at 1.03.43 PM

Obviously these idiots, do not understand that Democracy is a fragile thing, and if we break it — we can’t;’ put it back together again, like the perennial Humpty Dumpy who fell and broke and all the King’s men and all the king’s horses couldn’t put him together again…

Is that what we want?

Is that what the main political parties that are responsible for this mess want?

Maybe this exactly what they want.

An oligarchy, where they share power forever alternating between evil & stupid, and vice versa. Evil Dems and Stupid Reps, causing the rest of us to retch in disgust…

But obviously this is what they see to establish in their tyrannical mode, because apparently both daft political parties believe that the impeachment fight could work to their advantage, by solidly gluing together their base, enslaving the people further into their broken promises and plantation politics, and maybe also driving the frothing in the mouth partisans, out to the polls to vote in the primaries and the general elections of 2020.

And that is exactly what is creating some real concerns for Civil War 2.0 and some useful uncertainty, for previously considered “safe seats” of Senators and House lawmakers in swing states or districts.

And although the Chinese torture of “drip, by drip, by drip” of impeachment stress dripping onto the President’s head, appears that it will hurt president Trump in the polls, with the independent voters, the reality is that it might actually help him, because the Independents always love the underdog, and he will earn that title in spades, after the dastardly attacks by the fake impeachment letter… that was sent to Secretary Pompeo and to the Justice department by the errant committee chairs of the Democrat party.

And the more that the national dialogue becomes about whatever the President said, and how he said it, the more the national mood of reconciliation will be soured… and the President’s agenda will be defeated.

But it could also hurt all the Democratic candidates in all states and especially those with populations more friendly to Trump, such as Alabama, Georgia and North Carolina, and it will bring out the Independents in droves to “vote out the bums” of hate and discord and thus we will see the Dems being trounced and losing the House too.

Since there are about 18 Democrat House seats that are in districts that Trump won — this impeachment battle, is going to be a tough vote for those swing-district Democrats, because they’re going to have to really think deep and hard about this: Are they going to take care of their base or are they going to try to understand and even attempt to consider the issue of the Independents?

Because today the Independents are about 57% of all Americans and this is why the party poopers of the two main parties are shitting their tight little girlie panties right now…

There is a flight of people away from both parties and it is proven by a flurry of new polls show growing support for the Independents of any stripe, color, or creed — since the two big parties are only giving us “bread & circuses” fit only for the jackasses amongst us.

Because this impeachment inquiry, is not even a warning sign for Trump and his party, as it is not even a rallying flag for the Democrats, either. Nobody cares about impeachment and the red flags associated with that, are already burned out ones at that.

Yet the vast majority of Independents still oppose impeachment, while the Dems and the Reps are totally splintered.

Republicans like to point out that the impeachment of former President Clinton backfired on their party in 1998 when Democrats defied historical trends and picked up five seats in that year’s midterm election.

But Democrats note that while House Republicans paid a political price in 1998, impeachment left a stain on the presidency that may have cost Democrats the White House in the 2000 election, when Vice President Al Gore lost to Texas Gov. George W. Bush.

Obviously, that particular impeachment didn’t help to elect another Democratic president, but it might have helped to elect the Republican one…

That’s what happened in 2000, and that is the consensus of all those who worked on Gore’s White House campaign, such as yours truly.

Because in the congressional battle, the Republicans argue that the Democrats’ obsession with impeachment and removing Trump from office, has pulled them away from the mainstream and are now traversing Indian country, quite a ways from the reservation. Partisan insanity and chaos, follows the lack of concern about the business of governing in Washington, that the Democrats seem to embrace, and the resulting chaos will not hit the GOP lawmakers for not standing up against the president’s possibly unlawful actions, bit it will squarely blast the Democrats out of the water and send them back another fifty years, since they will surely lose even the House of Congress, that they now barely control.

And although the Republicans are notoriously lazy, obtuse and stupid, they are already rolling out the easy to make arguments that the House of Congress “impeachment putsch” is crowding out the legislative agenda, it is cutting into the economy, and it creates civil war level divisions and hate amongst the populace.

As an example of that plan, just this Monday, the Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) said that: “if I were Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), I wouldn’t want to go into next year’s election hearing credibly said, that all you did for the whole Congress was harass the president and try to remove him from office” and that is exactly the guaranteed sentiment of the 57% of Americans who are now solidly Independent and of course of another wide swath of voters who identify with both the Reps and the Dems…

Asses and Elephants aside this awful Zoo shit-show will continue to bedevil our Republic, and as Senate Republican Whip John Thune (S.D.) said: “Democrats are pursuing a risky strategy, that will surely backfire upon them, and they will not like the results when the smoke clears because their behinds will be burned badly. So, if you’re the leadership over there, you got to think long and hard about what the implications are if it looks like you’re overreaching.”

And obviously, if there’s an economic downturn between now and the election, all Americans and especially all the Independents, will place the blame squarely at the doorstep of the Democrats, and further blame them for their peculiarly evil approach in their “impeachment putsch” that is now grinding all of the business of our Capitol Washington DC, to a standstill, and into a permanent stalemate as this “Impeachment Inquest” appears to be just another instance of their failed Coup D’ Etat. A Coup D’Etat engineered and in the “making” since Obama’s last days at the White House, where he engineered this “insurance policy” directive, in order to stop his challenger by using the powers of the State and it’s rotted Agency heads. Because we all know that the dirty “Putsch” was engineered by the DNC, Hillary and Obama, in order to strip our Democracy from the regularity of CHANGE at there helm that is necessary for renewal and rebirth that our country thrives upon.

So since it was Hillary and the Democratic apparatus of electing only their own party dogs, it follows that the non corrupt Americans will have to bow out and allow only corrupt politicians, be likely to succeed the Obama-Hillary duet, and that is all that Obama tried to ascertain, because he wanted to ensure that only pot-heads and stoners like himself, will rule for ever the “Failed State of America” that they wanted to create…

And as per Obama’s directive, all of that had to happen by the book…

And that is the directive that Clapper, Brennan, and James Comey followed to the letter, in their attempt to sabotage our elections of 2016, and to subvert the will of the voters.

What a moron…

We dodged a real bullet there when we send Hillary to the outhouse instead of the White House in 2016, but of course, the past elections are not a road map of what will happen in 2020, because there are also grievous political risks for the rabid Republicans who are screaming insults against the other side, when defending president Trump.

But that is only a small risk based on the unlikely event that any more damaging evidence and allegations from the President’s conversation with his Ukrainian counterpart, might emerge.

Surely, there’s always a risk in anything we do…

But we always have to take decisions and do something forward looking.

After all, what’s the bigger risk?

Is the biggest risk that minuscule possibility, that the Dems in their witch-hunt, might find that somebody, someday, somewhere, within the White House, might have done something marginally incorrect, wrong, or even intentionally evil, or that the crazed and frothing at the mouth Democrats, have decided wholeheartedly, to spend the next year, focusing on impeachment, and not on the economy, or even on the pivotal issues of the 2020 elections themselves?


Dr Churchill


Obviously, I hope that both main parties and both main presidential candidates will continue to focus on the impeachment, and stick with that fake fight, until election day 2020, because by it is through this “internal” fight between the two main parties and through the resultant divisions thereof, that the Independent will finally ave their day in the sun.

And it is exactly this once in a lifetime political circumstance, scenario of serendipity, or an act of God and a miracle of deliverance, that allowed President Abraham Lincoln to become the Great Emancipator as the 14th Predient of these United States of America — same as myself will do now, as both Dems & Reps, help me to squeeze through them, as they are killing each other and thus I can emerge as the victorious Third party candidate and the Independent “President of Choice” and “Free Will” and thus the American Churchill can get into the White House virtually unopposed, as the wild Asses and their Elephantisis suffering counterparts, tear themselves apart… in this battle to the death for impeachment.

And I thank them for that because if you want to know what is the one silver lining in this ominous dark cloud pregnant with the memories of a looming civil war like the one back in the 1860s… it is this. An Independent for President once again.

God Bless.

Thanks for the Miracles…

Thanks be to God, because it is high time finally, that a real Independent like Yours truly, can become the President of this country because I will be representing all Americans, and not just the party that put me there.

And God willing, perhaps I shall be able to be brave and much like my Grandfather Winston Churchill did when he chose to fight for all the Peoples of this Earth, and not just for the Englishmen… or like President Abraham Lincoln did when he chose to fight for the Emancipation of all the Peoples — I shall be brave enough to fight for all Americans and all the Peoples of this God’s green Earth.

So by taking a step back — us, the Independents — we will propel ourselves in front of a national audience that will be riveted by this impeachment charade for the next twelve months, the president, his party, and the rival Democrats all together, will see, feel and recognize, that the things they gambled for — were all all lost, for both sides of that tricksters coin, and what will be the only positive outcome of this, is that the next President will be an Independent one.

Of course, if God has his way, the next President of the United States will be the American Churchill whose destiny predisposes him to help liberate us from mental slavery because he is the one who can heal the wounds, the tears and the divisions that the main parties have caused to the fragile body of our National Union.

Screen Shot 2019-07-23 at 1.57.06 PM

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