Posted by: Dr Churchill | October 8, 2019

The Lincoln party

Five million plus, grassroots voters, may have a different opinion than the mainstream Media about what is real America.

And here is the truth.

Dr Churchill is a transformational Leader.

The Lincoln party is a transformational party.

And the Lincoln party’s fundraising numbers for 2016, and the sea change they represented in the otherwise staid American politics are also transformational tools for our country.

The fact that we raised $15 million from college and university students in the last election of 2016, is impressive in and of itself.

That we raised all this dough, at $13 a pop, from overwhelmingly poor & starving students, working class supporters and Independents is stupendous, and should make the two main political parties, quake in terror.

Because our top donors are university postgraduates in the STEM fields of science studies.

Think about that…

These are the young people who will take leadership of our world in a few short years.

Because today they are already the people who make sure that the wheel of progress and knowledge keeps rolling forward.

These are the people who make your new StartUps and their great disruptive innovations a reality for all Americans, and who define America as the pioneer in all things.

These are the people who are the Life Science providers and the medical doctors with a greater understanding of the cellular biology, organic chemistry, and genetics, than any Doctors in history, and they can put all that knowledge to good use for the improvements in the health situation of all of us.

These are the people who quietly get up in the morning to work and study, and in the snipers of time in between — are organizing and are funding a real War of Independence once again, the tyranny of the two-party monopoly, and are starting a political revolution against Mental Slavery.

Actually, in my mind, they are the greatest generation ever. And if you just listen to their voices — you shall hear tones of optimism, courage, & real awareness, and that is what gives me hope…

Here’s the other thing though for those who would like everyone to just play nice and pretend working class funders really underscore what is at stake in the battle between the two main parties…

None of them is a real progressive, because they always carry on top of their humps; the ever present legacy of slavery and the clear complicity of the two main parties in that miasma and murder. Because both the Republicans and the Democrats acted first for their political parties’ interests, and then for the people.

So, none of them deserve your Independent vote ever again, because I make you a promise here that we will field Independent candidates for all top positions from now on…

And this is the “something” that the mainstream mass-media intentionally misses in every electoral contest. Because Dr Churchill of the Lincoln party, stands alone as the only candidate with a shot at fundamentally realigning the electoral process of this country and bringing out the Independent voters as the strongest political block, ever.

Because today Americans identify as Independents at a 57% clip and rising, simply because the other two main political parties are made up of evil jackasses and stupid rhinos — literally…

And as we all know, that the Democratic party, since the Clinton era, has become more of a white folks’ golf club to mirror the Republican party, and thus they have become unbeknownst to you, the party of the professional classes, where the mostly white upper middle managerial class of the DNC, drives the agenda and where the working class people of color are simply allowed to pray at the altar of their hubris, and thus they are kept in the fold — simply for their decorative value. They are certainly not kept there because the other side is so blatantly racist — as the Dems like to claim. They are kept there simply because the Democrats are so blatantly racist that they still keep the Slave plantation running at the expense of the people of color. And that’s why unions have been sidelined and bad trade deals have been championed and Donald Trump’s uncouth behavior seems to be of the utmost concern — amongst the bloviators of the Democratic party…

So, if you happen to be a progressive, an independent, or even a working class person of color, or not, and one who is certainly feeling comfortable with the Democratic party becoming the party of the professional white collar classes, and of the Tech billionaires who have been Obama’s champions because he gave them license to “rape and pillage” our Republic and our Democracyd to “slash & burn” our markets — all for a few dollars more — then Ms Pocahontas, or uncle Joe, or even grandpa Bernie, are all great choices.

But, judging by the amount of contempt that I have seen for the young white Silicon valley class of mini-Zucks, micro-serfs and mini-Gateses, and mini-Googlers, out there, and for the white managerial class of the DNC and of Obama’s banker-wankers class of torpid idiots — it is a self evident fact that the Democratic party candidates would essentially preclude the possibility of uniting a multi-racial working class coalition.

And that makes the choice of Dems over Reps a rather difficult one, because it makes all of them, essentially unelectable.

And as you can understand the Independents are sick and tired of having to go to the polls and try to vote while holding their noses shut with the right hand, to protect themselves from the smell of the shitte, emanating from both he Republican and the Democrat presidential candidate….

So in attempting to perform that feat of circus dexterity and double jointed manual ability — they recall that they now have a choice all of their own. An Independent candidate for President — that they can call their own.

Because it takes a real Independent & Transformational Leader, to break with the tyrannical norms of this two party oligopoly that resembles an arranged monopoly, where power alternates regularly between the two parties, at pre-arranged intervals, which is what defines the current Status Quo of our Democracy and of our body politic.

So in order to break with the tyrannical norms of this two party oligarchy, and if you want to see a realignment of the spectrum of Politics in our country — then that is why you need to vote for the independent Lincoln party.

Screen Shot 2019-09-11 at 2.10.49 PM

Go vote for Lincoln and the Great Emancipator will come down from Heaven up above and hold your hand as you are voting this time around, because we are the only ones putting our Republic back on a trajectory where it can work again for all the Peoples of this Great Country under God.

And because we work just as well in rural America, as we work in Silicon valley, or as we work in the big cities — nobody will be left behind when we can begin to rebuild the ties of all the races and creeds with the working classes, and with the Plebs and the Commoners, the levelers and the Progressives, and will be able to offer something other than “we’re not blatantly racist” to working class people of color, that the Dems like Warren, Sanders, & Biden say that they could potentially offer to you, by simply reminding you that the President Donald Trump is not your guy, and somehow by osmosis, they are.

The Republican party on the same hand, suffers from an acute case of Trumpiasis, and are going to bed with a hot bottle and a gin bottle, just to combat the head ache, and the massive itch that this disease like psoriasis brough on by the advent of this baby-mangrove-orange-orangutan-man, who represents a throbbing headache for most of us.

There’s nothing to laugh at in this dismal situation…

Ha ha ha.

And of course the working class people will never support these Dem stooges, as they will never support “The Donald” of the Reps, because today’s working classes are far more Independent than anyone outside of the Lincoln party of Independents realizes, and they are going to surprise everyone since they have escaped the plantation of mental slavery through the underground railroad operated by the Lincoln party Independents since the beginning of our party’s history.

Indeed, the strength and the composition of the Lincoln party grassroots coalition tells the tale and it’s also why I believe Independents in 2020, are truly the most electable candidates, because not only their progressive values excite the type of independent voters who stayed home in 2016, but it’s also because Yours truly, Dr Churchill, is the best candidate to flip Trump and Obama voters back to the Golden Center.

Plus we’ve got God on our side, and as we know, he is all-powerful, and able to perform miracles of deliverance, and methinks that’s the One who will determine the results of the next election.

End of story.



Dr Churchill

“The American Churchill”

Dr Pano Churchill
Candidate for President of the United States
in 2020 on behalf of the Independent Lincoln Party

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This is why I run for President of the United States as a third party Independent Centrist candidate…

Latest book titled “WINSTON” linked here:

We are Christian, Independent, Centrist, Conservative, Environmentalists, and we work hard to liberate all People from physical & mental Slavery, both in the United States of America, and across the World.

The LINCOLN PARTY is the Independent Principled Party, that places Integrity, Liberty, Country & Ethics, over and above the Cults of Personality, Political Ideology, and Dogma.

“Truth will ultimately prevail where there is pains to bring it to light.”
-George Washington

Dr Churchill

“The American Churchill”

“Many people, especially, ignorant people, want to punish you for speaking the truth, for being correct, for being you”

AMERICAN ANGELS is a Non Profit network, for Entrepreneurship Education for the Inclusion of the underprivileged minorities, youth of color, and women, in the Tech Startup world. We teach minorities how to “belong” in the World of Technological Innovation, how to be Entrepreneurs, how to access Angel Capital, Venture Funds, ESG, VC, and how to create successful StartUps in the space of Early Stage Technology & Science, Life Sciences, Medicine, Telecoms, FinTech, Internet & Mobile Apps for Internet & New Media etc. Our goal is to create millions of Great New Tech Startups, and many millions of Great Jobs for the underserved & underprivileged, through Educating and Open Sourcing the Tech of Science, Medicine & Technology Innovation, through the mighty DOTs of the American Angels Network of Great Visionaries, Entrepreneurs, and Business Angels.

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