Posted by: Dr Churchill | October 12, 2019

Covering up for Joe Biden’s corruption in Ukraine is a form of National Socialist propaganda, coming from the Media and the DNC Democratic voice machine… but Trump isn’t out of the woods for his impeachable offenses, either.

Covering up for Joe Biden’s corruption in Ukraine is a form of goose-stepping in lockstep, as if in a National Socialist propaganda skeet, coming from the collection of the mainstream Media in the American political discourse of today…

And this is proven handily in an opinion editorial piece written on the digital newspaper, “The Hill” by Saagar Enjeti.

It is masterful, because in a few simple words we can clearly see how the shoe fits on the other side of the aisle, where corruption and power intersect in the face of the Democrat candidate Joe Biden, and how the mainstream mass media try to hide the Truth by being simple propaganda mouthpieces of the Dems and of their DNC corruption machine… and where even the rest of the Democrat candidates fall in lockstep behind the “holiness” of Joe Biden who has been a career politician for 46 years with enough baggage of corruption and wrongs accumulated in that half century of doing little of honest value, and plenty of questionable self-dealing.

And here are Saagar Enjeti’s own words to the subject at hand:

“Former Vice President Joe Biden came out swinging yesterday, or I guess his version of it, in his strongest worded statement to date calling for the impeachment of President Donald Trump.

The impetus for this call is of course Trump’s own highlighting of Biden’s son Hunter and his past role on the board of a Ukrainian energy company and his involvement with a private equity firm that received a large payment from the Chinese government.

Screen Shot 2019-10-12 at 10.33.39 AM

According to Biden’s statement, Biden’s borrowed from a common woke Democratic refrain by likening Trump and his critics highlighting of Hunter’s past business dealings to Nazi propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels. This is a disgusting smear. Are there people who are using Hunter’s past business dealings in bad faith to damage him? Sure! But branding anybody who dares question the holy Vice President’s motives and that of his family as a Nazi is the lowest of low blows.

Worse the media is covering for him. They are united in their total and complete belief that there is absolutely nothing to see here at all to see when it comes to Hunter’s past business dealings and its intersection with Biden’s own Vice Presidency. Just look at the words that The New York Times uses in its own story about Biden’s speech.

“There is no evidence that Hunter Biden made millions of dollars from his overseas work or that his father intervened inappropriately with Ukraine or China, the other country Mr. Trump was alluding to in his tweet.” That is an incredible statement, given that The New York Times own reporting confirms that Hunter was paid $50,000 a month by the Ukrainian energy company Burisma. Furthermore, you all may remember my monologue from last week detailing the connections between Hunter and Joe Biden.

Screen Shot 2019-10-12 at 10.34.05 AM

Well guess where I got all that information?

The New York Times people!

To recap that case Hunter accompanied his father on a 2013 trip to Beijing catching a ride on Air Force 2. Days later a private equity firm called BHR Equity Investments raised $1 billion, later raised to $1.5 billion, in funding from the Chinese government. The company’s largest shareholder is literally the bank of China. Hunter at the time sat on the board of BHR Holdings.

While in China, Joe Biden shook hands with the future CEO of BHR Holdings and he also met with Hunter Biden on a so called “social call.” Hunter by his own admission continues to own 10% of the company, even though he assures us all he’s yet to make any money for it?

Screen Shot 2019-10-12 at 10.33.06 AM

What the hell is The New York Times talking about? There is evidence in their own paper I just laid out that Hunter Biden made untold sums profiting off his father’s Vice Presidency. Is there any evidence that his father intervened solely for the purpose of saving his son’s company from his investigation? No there isn’t, but that’s why it’s called a conflict of interest and why ethical people avoid them. To spare even the question.

Even worse, Biden’s Democratic opponents are covering for him. Kamala Harris has told us all that we must leave Joe alone.

Elizabeth Warren in a recent interview said that “What happened in Ukraine is about Donald Trump.” Again this is the candidate who just bought $10 million in ads touting a pledge to crack down on corruption in American politics.

Why is it so hard for people to admit quite clearly that what Hunter Biden did was shady as hell. Why is the paper of so called record putting unfounded claims to borrow, from their language, of defense for Biden which are easily proven false by their own reporting. The answer is that Donald Trump will be the undoing of both the media and the Democrats if they continue down this path.

And by the way?

That’s what Nazism actually looked like.

Having a message pushed by powerful people with a lot to lose and the media gobbling it up in order to preserve their status with the powerful.

Screen Shot 2019-10-12 at 10.32.32 AM

The media and the Democrats, they hate Trump so much that if he says something with a grain of truth, it becomes their job in life to gaslight the American public to believe he is lying. The thing is, though, is that Trump says things which aren’t true all the time. They could stick to just those and have enough for a lifetime, but they just can’t resist and it leads to gaslighting like this.”


Just amazing.

Yet, president Trump’s solicitation of Ukraine and China to investigate Joe Biden can no longer be disputed.

Aware of that inescapable fact, Trump pivoted from denial to open admission, and therefore, Trump’s own admission that he asked Ukraine and China to investigate his likely opponent in the 2020 election goes quite a big part of the way, toward establishing a violation of law, that will warrant impeachment…

But it doesn’t go all the way.

Asking a foreign country to undertake an investigation of alleged corruption, by itself, isn’t necessarily illegal—or even wrong.

Screen Shot 2019-10-13 at 5.38.40 PM


Using the power of the United States to push allies and adversaries to fight corruption can be a good thing in appropriate circumstances.

For example: When a U.S. president urges neighboring countries to fight the corruption created by drug cartels, this is an entirely appropriate use of executive power.

What isn’t good, or legal, is asking a foreign country to interfere with a U.S. election.

And it doesn’t take a quid pro quo—“you help me politically and I’ll do something for you” — to make such a request illegal.

With, or without, a quid pro quo, requesting foreign election interference is both egregiously wrong and illegal.

This is not a matter of opinion.

It is a case point and the letter of the law: “No person may “solicit, accept, or receive” a contribution of money “or other thing of value” from a foreign national.”

Which is why Donald J Trump was left with no other options, and thus unable to deny the fact of his solicitation of Ukraine and China, Trump had to deny the purpose of his requests.

Because it wasn’t help in the 2020 election that Trump was seeking, when he asked Ukraine and China to investigate his political rival — but it was just all part of Trump’s War on Corruption…

Now, if you believe that one particular whopper coming from the Orange Man — you really need to get out from under your rock more often, and make an effort to see the sun spinning around the Earth, as you probably believe that is the sequence of the celestial bodies going around the flat earth that looks like a pizza pie and is stacked upon turtles all the way down…

As usual, the bathing ape, did not disappoint with this one.

Well done Donald — well done.

We be entertained, and “The Apprentice” is waiting for your imminent return to the TV set, because what you’ve done with your calls to Ukraine and China, isn’t a War on Corruption — it’s a War on Biden. A contestant of the 2020 presidential elections…

And the purpose of that “War on Biden” is to solicit foreign governments to contribute something of value — such as propaganda material and useful fodder against a likely opponent to the Trump-2020 presidential campaign.

And that’s clearly illegal.

And easily provable beyond the realm of reasonable doubt.

Therefore my friend — impeachment cannot be far behind.

Dr Churchill


Honest politicians ought to be more like Seneca, Cicero and Marcus Aurelius, than they should behave like Nero and Caligula.

Unfortunately, what we’ve got here in America’s political class, today, is more of the latter than of the former type of persons…

Maybe a war against corruption ought to be started here and now… starting from the high streets of Washington DC, the “Whore of Babylon” and going all the way down to the main streets of your own state, city, town, hamlet, and community…

Because methinks, that’s the only way to make America great again, by making her just, honest, and pure — all over again.

A rebirth of sorts seems to be necessary for our Nation and for our People.

Ready for a dip?

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